Trip to Your Bed

Trip to Your Bed

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica

No Houses


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica

No Houses


Nina is 18, 5'2 tall. her class goes to a trip to Rome. having a crush on her classmate and close friend, Nick, she decides to use this trip and seduce him and "fuck the attraction away" but as the opportunity shows up she changes her mind from the fear of losing him. But things still don't go the way she had planned when she wakes up in the same bed and in Nick's arms in the morning...


Nina is 18, 5'2 tall. her class goes to a trip to Rome. having a crush on her classmate and close friend, Nick, she decides to use this trip and seduce him and "fuck the attraction away" but as the opportunity shows up she changes her mind from the fear of losing him. But things still don't go the way she had planned when she wakes up in the same bed and in Nick's arms in the morning...

Chapter1 (v.1) - Trip to Your Bed

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Nina is 18, 5'2 tall as her class goes to a trip to Rome. having a crush on her classmate and close friend, Nick, she decides to use this trip and seduce him and "fuck the attraction away" but as the opportunity shows up she changes her mind from the fear of losing him. But things still don't go the way she had planned when she wakes up in the same bed and in Nick's arms in the morning...

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 29, 2014



i couldn't believe it. not the fact that i was going on a trip to Rome, but that i was going there with my whole class, which almost never happens. There are like more than 30 student in my class the most that has gone on a tour is 18 people. I don’t know why the group going on the trip was always the same group of people since in our class everyone knows each other and we get along pretty well. But now look at us, the WHOLE of our class, 32 students were already on the plane, joking around and being too loud, bothering everyone around us. This already felt so natural. To others, including our parents, friends and teachers the noise we made was, as they said, ‘unbearable’ and it always gave them a head-ache. Well, it’s not as if we needed all 32 people or even 18 to make noise, even around 6 of us was enough, especially if the ‘most handsome and funny guy in our class’ Nick was with us. You could never get bored around him and even if you did, he would start tickling you and I have to say, I have been tickled by him once and along with laughing it stirred some other feelings too and not only in my stomach or neck.

the stewardess announced that we would soon be flying and told us to get ready. The plane went suddenly too still once my class went quiet and I heard some sighs of relief from older people as I chuckled to myself. We wouldn’t be giving them much rest once we would have reached the safe zone.

"Nina, look at that old man he’s actually sleeping.” It was Nick, sitting behind me as he tapped my shoulder and pointed towards a man that had his eyes covered with a cloth and a blanket wrapped around him, sound asleep. Now that it was so quiet and I listened closely, I could hear him snoring too.

"leave him alone he must be old already. No wonder he can actually sleep while we’re here.” I grinned up at him. I knew that he would still do something to wake up the poor man even if he wouldn’t do anything now. Miranda, sitting next to me, snorted and looked away as a smile still managed to break out on her face. She was acting all proper and like a well-behaved lady even since we got on the plane and it was annoying the hell out of me. She was the craziest one out of girls in the whole class. Well, the one that showed that craziness. I’m mostly the quiet type, holding myself back when I have the opportunity to prove myself best or something like that. I don’t like drawing much attention to me but hell was I going to enjoy the trip and I had even made some plans with Miranda that would immediately take place once we got the hotel.

"Miranda, switch seats with me?”

"what? Why, you want to steal my baby again? No way, I’m the one having her lap today.” Miranda looked up at Nick, annoyed and grinned in victory. These two were probably the only ones I was fine with touching. Let me tell you one thing. Even if I’m 17 I’ve never really had a boyfriend, therefore I could get incredibly shy around a guy once it involved touching but not with Nick. He would always get angry at me when he gave me a hug and I just wouldn’t hug him back cause I felt awkward, or not say ‘I love you too’ when he would wink at me across the whole class and mouth ‘I love you baby’ to me. I couldn’t help laughing when he did that and I ended up outside the classroom quite a lot because of that but Nick always came out right after me and we would spend the rest of the lesson outside the classroom, laughing and talking with the school guard. It was no use taking us the principal. He knew what our class was like and knew Nick better than others, me as the best student and Miranda as the funniest one as she would go and greet everyone (even the teachers as they got used to it) by their first names.

"oh come on, don’t be a bitch. Only for half of the flight and we’re even.”

"ugh.. okay fine.” Miranda rolled her eyes and Nick smirked at her and sat beside me.

"hello there beautiful. May I know your name?”

"call me ‘your highness’ you lowlife, you should earn it not just ask for it.” I chuckled and looked up into his black eyes. He was probably the only guy that didn’t intimidate me as I was only 5’2 as Nick was around 6’1 tall. Nick chuckled as he took my hand in his and kissed my knuckles as he looked up at me with that ‘I’m gonna look at you and you’re gonna soak your panties’ look. I barely held that shiver that went down my spine and hid it behind that laugh that I couldn’t help whenever he touched me. It was a nervous one as I realized once. I liked when all of his attention was on me but it also did all sort of things to my body, as he was always touching me in some kind of a way when he sat next to me, or in front or behind me. This time he wrapped his arm around my lower back and put his head on my shoulder. Funny how he had to bend even while sitting when he did that and I realized that it must be quite an uncomfortable one. I leaned towards him as he straightened and I put my head in the crook of his shoulder instead of him, which was quite easy to do for someone my height. He chuckled and more than hearing I felt it, the vibrations making his chest rumble.

"well, that is more of a comfortable position to sit in but you still won’t get away from letting me borrow your lap.” I didn’t understand why he and Miranda had this almost an obsession with lap but I didn’t mind it. Not at all. His hand tightened on my waist as he tried pushing me more towards him, the handle getting in his way as he lifted it up and now I was really pressed up against him now. I sighed and snuggled against him, closing my eyes as I almost felt his smile and looked up. “you do that almost like a cat, rubbing your head like that.” And he mimicked me, which looked incredibly funny, with his pouted lips and puppy dog eyes.

"there's no way I do it like that. I bet I look cuter then you.” I smiled back up at him as he laughed and nodded.

"yes, it would be a shame if you didn’t since you’re so tiny.”

"someone mentioned Nina? Hey where is she?” Miranda looked across from the back to Nick as she faked looking surprised. Well she was 5’6 tall therefore I was the shortest one. My height was almost like an inside joke already.

"no. where is she?” nick let me go and looked into his bag then under his seat and called my name out loud. “Nina, are you there?”

"ha ha ha. Very funny.” I raised my eyebrow and looked at Miranda, who was grinning and probably knowing what was coming, and then at Nick who looked at me, smiling and pulled me hard into his chest kissing my hair and made those sort of noises when you see a cute puppy and you have this sudden urge to choke it with your hug. Which was exactly what Nick was doing right now as I tapped his arm and groaned “can’t breathe” as I felt almost crushed with his hug. He chuckled and apologized, easing on the hug but not letting me go. I guess I was almost like his pet as he treated his dog Baby the same exact way.

"Ninaa… help me I’m sleepy…” I knew he wasn’t. that was his usual excuse when he wanted to lay his head on my lap. He let me go slightly and put his head on my shoulder, almost rumbling the words out as his breath kept on brushing against my ear.

"you know that excuse is not working anymore.” I raised my eyebrow as he looked up at me, grinning and made Eliza, the geek of the class (she was second in grades, after me but with those glasses and baggy clothing) get up and Miranda share her seat with her. Poor girl, I knew she had a crush on him, she told me herself and I asked all sorts of questions Nick, if he liked her and other stuff (which I didn’t like at all but I couldn’t say no) and while Nick never hated anyone, he didn’t really pay her any attention.

Nick put his legs up on the seat and put his head in my lap, sighing and closing his eyes.

"I could seriously fall asleep in your lap even if I didn’t want any actual sleep.” He chuckled and opened his eyes, playing with the strand of hair that fell on his face. I almost felt like kissing him at such moments, which was incredibly hard to hold back as he looked up and stared almost questioningly at me.

"you know… one of my friends saw our photo in my phone and he asked if you were single and stuff… do you mind meeting him? He’s a really nice guy, will treat you well and stuff… “ He stared at me innocently, not even knowing how much his words hurt me. They always did whenever he talked about this subject and it wasn’t the first time he and Miranda wanted to hook me up with someone. I agreed once under the condition if they went with me but I ended up with that guy alone in the cinema, in pitch darkness, my heart racing with nervousness and I almost vomited when I actually felt his hand on my thigh, going up to feel me. I immediately got up and left him there, without saying anything. I guess my thoughts were showing on my face as Nick sighed.

"listen, I’m sorry about what happened with Jason ok? I didn’t know he would immediately make moves on you but trust me TJ is different, he really is a nice guy and I promise he’ll treat you good. I just don’t understand why is it that you still don’t have a boyfriend while your friend that’s ears-dropping on us has had..  I don’t know, eight of them probably.” You’re the reason that’s why. I couldn’t possibly say it out loud thou so instead I just smiled at him.

"i don't know I just… don’t feel comfortable. I feel as if since you guys are hooking me up with him I have no other choice but date him, and I always feel as if the guy also thinks that. I really don’t like that, what if I won’t like him and end up disappointing him too? I don’t want that to happen.”

"oh baby, you won’t disappoint anyone, you just had to say so. I almost thought you were lesbian and liked Miranda.” He chuckled and pulled my head down for a kiss, which made me both happy and disappointed since it was only a kiss on the cheek.

"ok lover-birds, cut it out you’re making me sick. Nick, you kiss my baby again and I’m cutting your lips off, don’t you seduce her with your playboy tricks.” I looked up and saw Miranda raise an eyebrow at Nick as I chuckled. This flight was going to be long.

i don't know when I fell asleep but when I woke up I had my head on something hard and solid, which was Nick’s chest as I realized. I sighed and snuggled up against him. I liked how his body was almost always hot and hard, making me feel safe and warm. I felt a deep rumble and rubbed the tip of my nose against his chest. I heard Nick draw a sharp breath and pull up a little as I looked up at him sleepily.

"baby don’t do that again you got that?” Nick rubbed the sleep from his eyes and looked at me, his voice sounding even deeper than it usually is from sleep, deeper and sexier. I felt like I almost had an orgasm when I heard it and realized he was still touching my waist and was drawing little circles with his thumb absently.

"but why? What time is it anyways?” I looked at him innocently. Oh, did I mention? When I talked about the plans I had. The biggest one was to seduce Nick. Even if it was only once, I wanted to have him. Mainly when he got drunk since I once saw how he didn’t remember anything from the night before when I went to his place and saw that he was having a hang-over. Yes. That’s dirty. But I have had a crush on him for almost 3 years now, ok I admit it. I was almost sure that I loved him and I was suffering seeing how loving he was with his girlfriends even if the dated them only for a week. I wanted him all to myself and at first I was furious when I realized my feelings towards him. I hated it. I hated him for making me fall for him even if he didn’t do it on purpose but now I was fed up with it. Maybe if I slept with him it would be enough for me. Maybe he wouldn’t be that good in bed, which I wonder about but I wanted it. I wanted my first time to be with someone I really cared about and even if he was half unconscious from alcohol while we did it.

"i don't know. Wait a second I’ll ask.” He called for a stewardess who replied that we would be landing in an hour. He got up as I immediately missed his warmth and shivered. Nick must have seen it and sat back next to me, smiling.

"you cold?” he wrapped both of his arms around me as I at once snuggled into his chest and breathed in his manly scent, putting my hands around his waist and grabbed his shirt. Nick nuzzled his nose into my shoulder and whispered in my ear.

"i wish any of my girlfriends had wanted to cuddle with me this much. I bet your boyfriend would love it.” I almost groaned in frustration. I could be that girlfriend damn it!

i fell back asleep and I woke up to Miranda shaking me, Nick no longer sitting next to me.

"Nina wake up. We’ll be there in 10 minutes.”


"there would be 4 girls in each room. Me and Miranda were put with Eliza and Kate. The two girls got along just fine so Miranda and me could have as much time to ourselves as we wanted. It was already 8PM when we finished unpacking and the teachers wouldn’t let us take a night walk so instead we sat in the garden the hotel had in the back. In 50 meters there was a pool and the only thing I wanted was to jump into it, not listen to Miranda’s another story about her and her boyfriend.

"Minranda listen, I love you very much but if you don’t stop talking now I’m gonna take you into the pool with me.” She didn’t know how to swim so that shut her up but I couldn’t help but laugh at her puzzled look.

"WATCH ME!!” I got up and sprinted towards the pull and shrieked with joy when I jumped into the cool water, diving deeper then coming up at the surface as I laughed at Miranda running towards me with a worried look. “God this feels so GOOD!” I laid back on the water but it wasn’t salty enough so It couldn’t hold me up for long. Instead I started doing laps in the pool and dancing to some random beat that came to mind each minute. “Come on! Hey look, there’s something at the bottom!” I exclaimed and swam towards Miranda, pointing to the lighter beneath. She came closer and ducked, looking into the water and laughed.

"stupid, that’s just a lighter.”

"are you sure it’s JUST a lighter?” I sneaked at her, grabbing the hand she had closer to the water  and pushed her towards me. She screamed and I helped her come up.

"hey don’t worry I got you.” I laughed and grabbed her sides tightly. I couldn’t help but laugh even harder when I saw her angry face that slowly faded when she saw me have so much fun and started laughing along with me.

"well well. Aren’t you ladies having a lot of fun and you didn’t even remember about calling us!” I looked behind Miranda. I could tell that voice anywhere.

"Nick!"I exclaimed and grinned at him, the others standing behind and next to him.

"i thought Miranda didn’t know how to swim.” Josh ran towards us with an amused look on his face. He was the youngest in our class and I’ve known him since kindergarten. He took off his shoes and shirt and jumped into the water causing a wide splash. I laughed again, helping Miranda straighten herself up and grab onto something as I swam towards him. As he was coming up I grabbed his head and pushed it further down into the water as I heard another splash and this time I was the one grabbed and thrown into the water. I screamed and laughed, swimming towards whoever had thrown me and tickled my way up his body. It was George, laughing and grabbing my hands, spinning me.

"you don’t plan to have fun without me, do you?” I looked towards Nick, now standing half-naked, with his 8-pack and large shoulders on display as my mouth watered. I dared my eyes to actually look anywhere except his face as I grinned.

"three against one? That’s not even close to fair!” I laughed again as he jumped into the water, grabbing my waist and pulling me up in the air as I shrieked and grabbed onto his hands. He was smirking now, water running down his face to his mouth-watering chest. It was the first time I had ever looked down on him. Literally. I heard Miranda’s scream and looked across the pool. Luke was spinning her as Gabriel splashed water at them. She seemed to have just as much fun as I was. Back to my game. Looking down at Nick, I smirked and grabbed his head, pushing it down, trying to drown him a little but instead I was spun around with my back against Nick upper body as George kept on splashing water at me. The water was almost covering my mouth and it was getting hard to breathe so I grabbed onto Nick’s neck and tried pushing myself up, in result rubbing my bottom  slightly against his groin and up his body as he grabbed my waist and turned me around. I acted as if I didn’t notice the shudder that went through him, which was pretty easy since there was quite a lot to get distracted with but suddenly I was looking into his eyes and they had this heat in them which I never noticed. Or it was just the sparkle they got whenever he was having a great time. I didn’t have much time to think about it as my mouth gaped for air and suddenly he had me in his arms, turning me around and throwing up in the air as I fell back into the water once again. I laughed as I came back up, swimming towards George, getting my revenge as I started splashing him back with water, suddenly Nick at my side and helping me.

"what the hell are you doing standing there? Josh! Come help me!” George growled and splashed him with water as it soon turned into a fight and by the end of it I felt totally breathless and drained of energy but happy and content like never before.

"okay now let’s get out and dry up a little before going back or we’re gonna get in trouble.” Miranda laughed and had Gabriel help her out of the pool as she tried to get as much water out of her hair as she could. I grinned but lingered a little, getting out last as I grabbed Nick’s and Josh’s hands, pulling me out of the pool. For boys it was easy to do so, but me and Miranda stared at each other, continuing to squeeze the water out of our clothes without actually taking the off. If I were Kate then I wouldn’t have any trouble taking off my shirt since she barely had something to show but I couldn’t possibly take it off as I was already conscious of my 34B cup breasts and the fact that my black lacy bra was showing through my shirt. I would have taken it off if it were only Miranda, Nick and me but not possibly in front of Gabriel or Josh since they were like the dirtiest ones in our class but to our relief none of them really forced anything on us except teasing us and asking questions like what size our boobs were, funny, as me and Miranda wore the same size. The wet clothes clung to my body, showing the curves I usually hid under slightly baggy shirts but now I couldn’t do anything about it. the thing I probably liked most about my body was probably my butt because of all those exercises I did in the gym, you could definitely see the squats results when I wore bikini, the line on my stomach going between my invisible abs and that little V-muscle I loved the most probably.

"you look ravishing..” Miranda snickered at my ear and whispered in such a hushed voice that I was sure the guys wouldn’t have heard anything and blushed red. The only one I wanted to be ravished by would probably never look at me anyways, so better just enjoy the look Gabriel was giving me that I saw from the corner of my view.


i couldn’t believe that it was the Nina that used to save our asses on the lessons whenever almost the whole class didn’t know the lesson or didn’t have homework done. Now she was the one dragging her feet the most and surprisingly, the one that seemed to enjoy the pool the most. I guess she had been too shy to show that side of her much but I felt ridiculously happy she had done so. She looked so happy, almost glowing with it and giving me the looks and smiles I never saw there. But now I didn’t feel like laughing at all as I just couldn’t tear my eyes away from her curvy ass, her cheeks rubbing against each other with each step she took. i had been having this raging hard-on even since she rubbed that delicious bottom against my groin back in the pool and looked up at me innocently. Her parted lips immediately started doing crazy things with my imagination, those naturally red lips wrapped around me, her cheeks puffy, trying to fit all of me into her tiny mouth…

i barely held back that groan when I noticed Gabriel sneaking looks at her, his eyes alight with lust. My fists immediately clenched and now I felt like groaning for a different reason. I felt ridiculously protective of her now.


i gasped when I felt a hand wrap around my waist and looking up, saw that it was Nick. He looked down at me and smiled that all-sort-of-things-promising smile and my insides stirred at his touch. I leaned into him a little, not really obvious to the eye but I could feel my side brush against his with every second step I took.

you're not cold?” he smiled as I turned towards him a little and my breast brushed against his side. Was it my imagination that he just growled right now.

"no, not really. Just a little.” I chuckled and looked ahead. I bet it WAS imagination, there would be no way he actually wanted me even just a little the way I wanted. Suddenly he scooped me up in his arms and I wrapped my arms around his neck as I chuckled and nuzzled his neck. I closed my eyes, letting his warmth wrap around me and warm me to the very heart as my eyes suddenly were moistened with emotional tears. Maybe I did love him...

good thing I had my eyes closed. And so did he. 

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