Take a Guess

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  No Houses

Cammie is a college student, living with her brother in his apartment due to its closeness with her college. His brother, being older and employed, is rarely at home and when he is, it usually ends up with a little get-together of his friends. Having already gotten used to it, Cammie innocently enjoys the company of her brother's friends until alcohol gets involved and the night end a little differently for Cammie...

Having spent almost the entire day at the college library, Cammie hurried towards the comfort of her home. Knowing herself, Cam knew that spending the entire day at home wouldn't help with getting her assignments done considering all the tempations lurking around the place (food, pc, couch, etc.). So rather than dwelling on it, she got up saturday morning and headed straight for the college library.

She had spent almost 8 hours at that place before finally finishing everything, a sense of accomplishment washing over her as she walked up to her, or more likely, her brother's appartment door. Due to its closeness she had decided, along with her brother's permission, to stay at his place rather than spend extra money on rent.

Opening the door and going in, she heard laughs coming from the living room.

She had almost forgotten that saturday was a get-together for her brother and his friends. If this had happened almost 4 years ago, Cammie would have just spent a half hour with them out of sheer politeness and head to her room afterwards, but not now. Not when her crush of 3 years was in the same room.

She had known Xavier since she was 14, when her brother started bringing his friends over. He was nothing but someone she knew at first, then he was her crush but as she got to know him, more and more feelings started to get involved until she couldn't look at another guy without comparing him to Xavier. She was 18 now but still, in spite of her numerious tries and no matter how much she flirted with him, he didn't seem to budge.

Dumping her bag full with books on the floor, she quickly fixed herself up in the hall mirror and waltzed into the living room like it was no big deal. Her eyes darted across the familiar faces, finally landing on one of them. It was Xavier.

Cammie mentally slapped herself to keep from drolling. Smiling genuely, she greeted everyone and sat down on the arm of the couch, right next to Xavier. Gulping down her anxiety as he put his warm palm on her knee and leaned slightly against her, her heart almost felt like leaping out of her ribcage with happiness given that he rarely touched her.

"Cam, there's some beer in the fridge, can you get us some?" Her brother, Cameron turned towards her, giving her his puppydog face as she rolled her eyes. He was generally good-looking with his sandy blonde hair and piercing green eyes, his body toned from all the work-out he'd been doing over the years, but in Cam's view, he could never compare to Xavier. If Cameron was the happy-go-lucky, bubbly handsome, Xavier was the 'intense handsome' with his dark brown hair and almost black eyes that constantly had a mischevious glint in them.

Getting up, Cam headed towards the kitchen and almost snorted at her brother's definition of 'some beer'. Half of the fridge was filled with beer bottles, the rest of the food squashed together to make enough room for the full bottles.

"You might need some help with that." Cam almost jumped as her head whipped around, startling her into almost covering into the fridge from how close Xavier stood behind her. When had he even gotten there? The glint in his eyes made her want to squirm but Cammie kept herself still by sheer willpower.

"Yeah, I wouldn't mind. Even though Cameron is supposed to be getting theese.." Cammie mumbled the last part to herself but Xavier's deep chuckle told her that he had heard her. Grabbing as many cold bottles as she could, Cammie pulled them against her chest, their temperature making goosebumps rise on her skin.

"I'll help." Taking the bottles from her hands as she picked up some more, the back of his hand brushed against the side of her breast, making her shiver as she tried not to show his affect on her. Her nipples were already hard from the cold, Cam wouldn't be surprised if they were poking through her shirt since the bra she wore was rather sheer.

Looking up, she caught Xavier staring at her with a look Cammie couldn't quite desipher. The moment she looked up, it was quickly replaced by the usual crooked smirk of his, tricking Cammie into thinking that what she saw earlier was nothing but her wishful thinking and imagination.

Lost in her own thoughts as they made their way back to the living room with beer bottles, Cam didn't notice the way Xavier's expression darkened once again as he watched the little tease walk ahead of him, his eyes glued to her plump rear. Groaning internally, he willed himself to think about anything but her as they reached the living room.

Finally. Distraction.

Xavier settled down on the couch, picking up an opened beer bottle and taking a huge swing from it. Too bad the little minx sat next to him again, making his body tense up as she leaned forward and towards him. His heart almost leaped, trying to guess what she was about to do. Relief and disappointment settled in his stomach as she took a bottle and started drinking, her lips wrapped around it... the way she licked her bottom lip after putting her bottle down..

Fuck. Focusing on Cam wasn't a good idea when the girl made him hard without even trying, so he tried to pay attention to the conversation the others were having instead.

On the other hand, Cammie felt her self-confidence shrink the moment Xavier looked away. He had barely talked to her for the past weeks, avoiding her the same way he did just a few seconds ago. Silently sighing, she decided to drown her disappointment in alcohol.


Cammie didn't know how many bottles she had drank, but when she looked around to actually take in her surroundings, all the guys were pretty much wasted, Jasper was even snoring slightly on the couch, his mouth agape with droll on the side of it... ew...

Looking down, she looked at the hand in her lap that she had been touching absent-mindly, finally connecting it to a body and barely stopping herself from gasping when she saw that it was Xavier's.

Looking back down, she stared at his hand. His nails were rounded at the ends, looking clean and natural, his long fingers were relaxed as she compared it to her own hand, chuckling at the difference. They were so much bigger. Cammie suddenly thought what they would feel like inside her.

Her insides quivered at the thought. Narrowing her eyes, her expression turned accusatory as she looked at his hand like it would grow a face any minute now,not even paying attention to the fact that Xavier's hand was touching her naked thigh. Her sundress had ridden up long ago but her brain, while registering everything around it, couldn't quite process the information.

Cammie realized her mistake when the hand on her thigh tightened, making her gasp, before pulling away slowly. Cam didn't miss how it lingered on her heated skin for as long as it could, making hope rise in her chest.

Her eyes shone triumphantly and a little smile stretched across her lips which quickly disappeared as she looked up and saw Xavier's expression. Every single muscle felt tense as he stared at her, his eyes speaking for the desire he felt for her at the moment. Tilting her head to the side, Cammie looked around the room. Cammeron was drunkedly babbling with Josh about something while Josh just nodded his head, his eyes looking glazed like ones of a dead fish. The poor guy probably wanted nothing more than to curl up and sleep. Everybody else was pretty much out of it.

Feeling bold, Cammie inched closer, licking her suddenly dry lips as she looked up at Xavier. His face was one of amusement and confusion, etched with a bit of concern. However, his eyes spoke for themselves. Cammie trusted what they were saying, so she didn't hesitate as her hand slowly brushed along his leg and settled on his inner thigh.

Looking in her brother's direction again and making sure that he wasn't looking, Cammie used Xavier's body as a shield, leaning further into him and stopped mere inches from his collarbone. His breath seemed to get stuck in his throat as his eyes widened, his eyes darting towards the place where her brother sat before settling on her.

"What the fuck are you doing." His voice came out as a harsh whisper as he unconsciously moved to hide her better. It wasn't that hard to do since despite her 5'7 frame, he still towered over her with his 6'3 tall body. Her hand moved further up, just enough to wreck havock on his lower body with anticipation but never quite reaching the destination.

"I think that's pretty obvious.."Her hot breath fanned against his skin, her face moving up towards his neck. Her lips kept on brushing against his flesh at irregular intervals as she spoke, making him want to take the little minx somewhere more private and tease her until she was begging for his touch.

Smirking, Cammie felt a surge of confidence at his reaction. Reaching further, her hand came in contact with something hard and her eyes quickly darted down as her mouth fell into a small 'o'. He felt huge...The hardness against her palm made her heart fill with hope and pride. The thought that she had done that to him was intoxicating.

So he wanted her.. He was this hard and she had barely touched him. The answering groan made her feel almost high on the power she had over him.

Cammie snapped out of her thoughts as a strong hand wrapped around her wrist. Looking up at Xavier, his jaw was clenched as the intensity of his eyes almost made her cower in anticipation  and fear.

"Cameron, I think your sister has had enough alcohol, I'll take her to her room." Cameron quickly nodded, not even processing Xavier's words and before Cam could even protest, she was across Xavier's shoulder. A small yelp escaped her as he carried her towards her bedroom. She shivered at the thought of the things they could do in there.

Her disappointment was unimaginable when all Xavier did was throw her onto the bed and start walking back towards the door.

"Wait, where are you going!" Leaping to her feet, Cammie felt her heart hammer against her ribcage. All that and he still didn't want her...

Her eyes watered at the thought for a second but she quickly brushed it away. Now wasn't the time to get emotional.

However, Xavier immediately noticed the hurt behind her words, the way her expression fell as he turned to walk out of the room. It made him feel guilty, both for wanting to do all sort of things to Cameron's little sister, and refusing Cammie for the very same reason.

Pleading with his eyes, Xavier remained quiet, watching all sorts of emotions flee across Cammie's face. Stuffing his hands in his pockets, he didn't trust himself to have enough self-control not to touch her. Her body seemed to beg for his touch and he couldn't help but rake his eyes over the luscious curves, his jaw clenching at the sight.

"Cammie, what you're asking for... I can't do something like that, not to Cameron's little sister." Stepping closer to him, she felt hope rise again.

"Does that mean that you wouldn't hesitate if I wasn't his sister?" Her voice was soft as she stopped less than a meter away, close enough to touch him if she reached out, but far enough not to intrude on his space. His expression fell as he took a few steps away and shook his head.

"It doesn't matter."

"But it does! what does it take to make you see me as a woman? I've liked you for years! Can't I at least have a night? Just one goddamn night!" Growling almost in anger, Cammie watched Xavier's expression morph into one of surprise and confusion. Observing him for a few seconds, her tongue quickly darted out to swipe against bottom lip. The action didn't go unnoticed by Xavier. His eyes seemed to glue to her lips. He obviously wanted her. Why couldn't he just save them both from the trouble of having this useless conversation?

Internally groaning, she decided to just throw everything out of the window.

Quickly walking up to him and grabbing onto the collar of his shirt, she had surprised him enough to yank him towards her and crash her lips against his, kissing him with abandon as he remained still as a statue.

Slowly, he started to respond. His hands settled on her waist, his lips opened enough to let her deepen the kiss as her tongue swiped across his bottom lip. Her grip on the collar on his shirt slowly loosened as she wound her hands around his neck. Tugging at the bristles at the nape of his neck, Cammie pressed herself against the length of his body. Almost immediately his arms tightened around her, his hand caressing up her body and cupping her face as he deeped the kiss, his control slowly slipping through his fingers.

Growling in frustration as the little minx kept rubbing against him deliciously, Xavier grabbed onto her inner thighs, hoistening her up and wrapping her legs around him as he walked towards the bed.

Cammie internally cheered as she finally broke through Xavier's control, tightening her legs around him. Moving her hips against his erection, her breath hitched in her throat as Xavier groaned, pushing her down onto the bed with his body.

Looking up at him through hooded eyes as he straightened up to take off his shirt, Cammie decided to tease him further to cut anymore possible chances of him escaping.

Undoing the button on her shorts she pulled down the zipper just as Xavier threw his shirt onto the floor, his eyes immediately latching onto her fingers. His gaze seemed to follow her every movement as she lowered her shorts just enough to give her enough space to move. The way Xavier's expression darkened with desire was more than she had ever wished for as her fingers slipped into her panties.

Her breath seemed to hitch in her throat as she felt her wetness, a breathless moan escaping her lips as her eyes closed. Finally getting direct contact after being aroused for so long was incredibly gratifying. Overcome with the desire to cum, her other hand slipped inside her shirt, cupping her chest as she circled her clit. Opening her eyes, she saw Xavier watching her expression as she touched herself. His desire seemed to arouse her further as she moaned and arched her back, her insides coiling with the approaching orgasm.

Cammie was snapped out of her little show as Xavier jerked her hands away from herself, crashing his lips against hers. He wouldn't be able to pull away from her now even if he wanted to. The way she seemed to lose herself in her pleasure made his dick harder than it had ever been. It made him want to monopolize it, see her orgasm from his touch and nobody else's, even her own.

Pulling her shirt over her head, his breath grew labored as he undressed her, pulling off every single piece of clothing just to kiss the newly exposed flesh. Her creamy skin, the  way she moaned his name as his hands caressed her body made him want to both take his time teasing her until she was drentched and take her right then and there.

Cammie seemed to read his thoughts as she pushed him back, guiding him to lay down on his back. Straddling him, she kissed down his chest to his stomach, her fingers hooking around the waistband of his jeans and boxers. Getting annoyed at the completely unnecessary pieces of clothing, she quickly undid the button and the zipper on his jeans, pulling them off along with his boxers. Her eyes seemed to glue to his member as it sprang free, making her insides quiver with anticipation. His size made her feel glad about all the times she had masturbated with a dildo given his size.

Wanting to get the edge off to enjoy the night even more, she quickly bent forward, her tongue darting out to lick at his mushroom head. The answering hiss made her look up to find Xavier watching her. Smirking up at him, she kept on licking his length, occasionally taking him into her mouth just to let go and tease the underside of his cock. The slow teasing, along with the view of Cammie made him slowly lose his patience. Growling, Xavier wrapped his hand around the back of her neck just as Cammie pulled his length into her mouth. Her tongue lashed against the underside of his cock  as she bobbed her head, making shudders run up his spine as he groaned.

"Stop. I'm going to cum." Guessing that she wouldn't like him cumming down her throat, Xavier was surprised to see that rather than pulling away, she doubled her efforts, cupping his balls and tugging on them as he instinctively thurst up, the base of his cock pulsing against her tongue as she swallowed every drop of his cum.

Finally pulling away, Cammie watched his expression, trying to guess if he'd leave after getting his realize.

Pulling her up by the nape of her neck, he lips caressed her own he pulled her on top of him, his kiss slow and precise as he laid her down on her back. Kissing down her neck, he nibbled and sucked around her collarbone, her body pushing against his. Having been teased and denied an orgasm, Cammie felt like she was about to combust, her legs rubbing against each other, trying to soothe the ache at least a little but Xavier quickly realized what she was doing. Pulling her knees apart and kneeling between them, his tongue lashed out to lick at her nipple, pulling it into his mouth and biting down on it.

Her back arched as she gasped and her insides clenched.

"Oh god Xavier... Please..." Her voice came out breathless as her nails dug into his shoulder-blades, her hips humping dry air.

"A bit of a pain slut, aren't you." His fingers twisted her other nipple and Cammie couldn't help moaning, answering his question but judging by the tone of his voice, he didn't seem to mind. On the contrary, taking her nipple into his mouth again, he tugged it away from her body, making her back arch as she groaned.

"Please, please, please..." She couldn't even form a proper sentance, her body begged for realize and Xavier seemed to find pleasure in denying her.

"Please what"

"Touch me.." Her eyes searched for his, her back arching as he kissed down her stomach, watching her expression intently.

"I am."

"Moree.." Her voice came out as mewl, her nails dragging across his shoulders as she humped her hips. The head of his cock brushed against her wetness and she shuddered, closing her eyes in pleasure. "Yeesss... again."

"Open your eyes." Her eyes fluttered open, her mouth agape as she watched him. His length nudged against her slit again and she resisted the urge to moan, a whimper escaping her lips but never tearing her eyes away from his.

Her hot wetness seemed to surround him as he slowly pushed in, barely stopping himself from thursting into her tightness. Pushing in more and more of his cock, he watched her lustful expression, her pink cheecks and pleasure glazed eyes, her lips seemed to get redder and plumper the more aroused she got and he couldn't seemed to be able to stop kissing her. Her moan snapped him out of his thoughts and he felt her hips pushing back against his, making him grit his teeth. For some reason he felt like he had to go slow, but she was making this incredibly hard on him.

"Xavier.. pleasseee..." He seemed to lose this self control the moment he heard her whisper his name, all breathless, and groaned, burying his member in her tightness with a hard thurst. Grabbing onto her ass, his fingers seemed to dig into his skin as he started pumping, making her moan loudly into his neck. His cock seemed to brush against her g-spot more often at this angle, his public bone hitting her clit with every thurst.

Barely stopping herself from almost screaming in pleasure as she started to cum, Cammie bit down on his shoulder, only slightly muffling her moans as her insides clenched around his pummeling cock. Pulling her away from his shoulder, Xavier muffled her moans with his mouth, kissing her and thursting his tongue into her mouth the same way his member thurst into her. Having already had an orgasm, he wasn't ready to cum yet.

Groaning, his eyes seemed to bore into her as her sensitive pussy seemed to hit a complete overload after all the teasing. Her nails seemed to dig into his skin enough to draw blood as she felt another orgasm, so much stronger, coil deep in belly.

"Oh god... please, I can't handle another one.." Her words seemed to fall on deaf ears as she whimpered. Her body seemed to slowly adjust, making her crave another orgasm as she groaned.

"Yes you can, baby... wrap your arms around my neck, tighten your legs around me." His face nuzzled her neck, groaning as she followed his instructions. His thursts started coming harder and faster, his cock growing harder and Cammie would have moaned loud enough even for the neighbors to hear, not to mention her brother, if Xavier hadn't covered her mouth with his hand. Her insides clenched around his pummeling cock and finally he couldn't take it anymore. Groaning, he thurst into her a few more times before comming to a halt, the base of his cock pulsing as hot liquid splashed against the walls of her pussy.

Sighing, his weight came down on her, almost crushing but comforting as she looked up at him, still breathless but content as ever. His lips nuzzled behind her ear, leaving butterfly kisses across her skin as he rolled onto his side, his arms wrapping around her to pull her into his body.

Hooking a few blonde strands of hair around his finger, he seemed loose himself in thoughts until Cammie's squirming snapped him out of it.

"What's wrong?" Her cheeks flamed as she looked at him, all her courage gone as she avoided his gaze.

"I need to take a shower." Considering it for a few minutes, Xavier's arms tightened around her.

"No." Avoiding the questionious look on Cammie's face, he continued playing with the golden strands of hair, looking at anything but her eyes.

"Why not?" His brows furrowed, the expression almost boyish on his face as he sighed and looked at her.

"You said one night.." Cammie chuckled, turning around in his arms to face him and caressing his cheek.

"The night isn't over yet, we still have a few more hours." Giving him a warm but an almost melancholy smile, she brushed her thump across his lip. Xavier still remained motionless, watching her with an expression she couldn't desipher.

"I need more." Her eyes widened as a lump settled in her throat.

"What..?" It was nothing but a whisper, but the way his arms still tightened around her was unmistakeable.

"One night is not enough, I need more." His eyes never broke her gaze, his face inching closer until there was barely a millimeter between their lips. "I need all of them." His tongue swiped across his bottom lip and Cammie watched, almost transfixed.

"Does that mean that you like me?" Just to make sure. Just to know I didn't fall asleep.


"Does that mean that you want me to be your girlfriend? Even though I'm Cameron's little sister?" His expression never changed as he pecked her lips.

"I'll talk it out with your brother."

"He might punch you."

"I know." Nuzzling against his shoulder, Cammie grew quiet, enjoying his warmth.

"You are my first." The silence grazed on her ears, not daring to look up to look up at Xavier's expression. It was unavoidable however, as he grabbed her shoulders and pulled her away to look at her face.


"First like... you know.. like, the first guy I've slept with..?" Her cheeks turned red as she watched the play of emotions across his face. His hand came up to caress her cheek before smirking, pulling her closer to him. The devious glint seemed to shine in his eyes as she watched him, confused.

"The last one too, trust me on that one." The redness seemed to spread down to her neck as his deep voice set her loins afire, his lips brushing against her ear as an involuntary shiver ran down her spine.

"Shower?" Cammie nodded her head, accepting Xavier's outstretched hand as she watched the devious smirk still playing on his lips.





A/N: I haven't written anything in a long time I found the first few paragraphs in my drafts today when I was looking at my profile and the muse suddenly came over me. I might be uploading more short stories in the close future (I feel like I lack what it takes to write long stories just yet) so please look forward to that. Also, let me know if you like the story. It's the longest I've written here so far.

Also, I decided to accept requests so if you have any fantasies you'd like to read a story about, I'll try my best to write something that will leave your panties drentched ^-^



Submitted: March 15, 2016

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