Encounter In the Elevator

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  No Houses

Cathy got a chance to work for a huge company after graduation and getting her degree as a journalist. she almost lets the chance slip when she's minutes late for the interview but what happens in the elevator quickly makes up for those waisted minutes...

Cathy hurried out of her car, grabbing her hand-bag and almost running out of the parking lot. She was running late.


 It was all Margaret’s fault, asking her to wait and go out together. She knew Cathy had a job interview today and an important one at that! But still she asked her for favors. And what was even worse, she actually couldn’t say no. great!

She and Margaret had been living together for around 3 years now. Both of them just graduated from college where they studied journalism and today she finally got a huge chance to start her career and she started it by being late!


Cathy tried to calm her breathing and her anger down as she ran into the building, covered in glass from the outside. Noticing the elevator in the far end of the hall she practically ran towards it and through a bunch of people standing in front of it, her heels clicking loudly against glass floor. There was only one person inside. Why didn’t the others go in?

“No wait!” Cathy bumped against someone, murmuring something like an apology as she quickly jumped in, ignoring the, for some reason surprised faces of the people standing there, the doors closing right behind her. She sighed in relief. A minute wasn’t much of a help but still she didn’t want to be even more late than she already was.

Opening her eyes she noticed a man standing in front of her, his dark green eyes wide open as he stared at her. He was around 6’1 feet tall if not more, with broad shoulders, dressed in a black suit with a dark green tie, matching his eyes. He had a strong jawline and straight little nose with dark hair cut short. It was clearly obvious that he was muscular but not in a bulky kind of a way. He was pretty hot, that much was obvious.

Cathy cleared her throat and stood next to him, suddenly feeling nervous as she quietly rubbed her sweaty palms against her short black skin-tight skirt.

“Which floor?” His deep, bass voice rumbled and her knees suddenly felt too weak to hold her up.

“Um… sixth floor I think. Yeah…” She looked up at him, a weak smile on her face and averted her eyes from his face, suddenly feeling like his gaze was too intense for her to hold. What the hell was wrong with her?

He leaned forward and Cathy couldn’t help but flinch, thinking that he was about to do something but he just pressed he button and straightened. Okay great. Now she was acting like a total idiot. The elevator started, the buzzing helping her to calm her nerves. She felt incredibly on edge.

“Nervous?” she looked at him and this time it wasn’t quite as hard to look straight into his green eyes. The corner of his lip was curved up in a half smile, doing strange things to her body as she tried to smile back.

“Kind of.”

“You have a job interview today?”

“Yes, but as you see I’m already… 12 minutes late.” She looked down at her wrist watch, now feeling antsy and even more nervous than before. When will they get to the sixth floor? It felt as if she had been in the elevator since the moment she woke up. The air in the elevator felt pretty heavy too and she couldn’t ignore the, for some reason, sexual tension as she tried not to move around too much. She was about to start pacing in the damn thing from the emotions she just couldn’t suppress.

Suddenly there was a little jolt and the elevator stopped, the lights going out. Her breath got caught in her throat from fear. She had claustrophobia. A blackout? No, please, not now.

Cathy whimpered before pacing forward and touching the door. The click of her heels sounded incredibly loud in the dark. She started breathing heavily, trying to find the place where the doors touched and pull them apart.

“Are you okay?” Cathy heard steps approaching before a hand brushed against her shoulder, coming back to wrap around her wrist. “What’s wrong?”

“Cla... claustrophobia. I have claustrophobia... please get me out of here.” Cathy almost choked on the last words, tears springing to her eyes as a huge lump formed in her throat.

“hey… calm down, close your eyes.” For some reason his hands came up to cover her ears. His words didn’t make a sense either. It was dark weather she her had eyes closed or not. It didn’t make a difference. Tears streamed down her face as she tried to hold back her sobs.

“Oh my god. Don’t cry.” There was both irritation and sympathy in his voice but it didn’t stop Cathy’s tears from flowing. She was trying to even out her breathing when she felt the man pull her towards him, his huge hand wrapping around her wrist and suddenly she was pressed against the hard planes of his chest.

She felt heady from manly scent of his cologne, his hands around her waist as she tried to even out her breathing. Thinking that she was in a field wouldn’t help when there was a hell of a hot guy pressed up against her so she had to think of something else. Anything.

“Is it better?” he didn’t know what to do, that much was obvious so Cathy just nodded her head, concentrating on just her breathing and her heartbeat that was echoing in her ears. She tried to think that she was in her bed, sleeping in. Not late for, probably, the most important job interview in her life, stuck in an elevator and in stranger’s arms. Well, a hot stranger but that didn’t really make the situation any better or less awkward.

His hands slowly rubbed her back, soothing in a way as her breathing slowed but her heart still beat wildly in her chest. She wiggled slightly and suddenly was very much aware of something hard pressing against her stomach.

The hands on her back stopped as she stood there, frozen. Her breathing slowly started to pick up again but for a completely different reason now, feeling a familiar stirring deep in her stomach that she had tried to ignore before, going down to places which… well she didn’t have much experience with.

Her ex-boyfriend could never bring her to an orgasm and he blamed it all on her, breaking up with her and calling her frigid but her vibrator thought otherwise.

 Cathy pulled back, looking up at where the stranger’s face was supposed to be, which was completely stupid considering how dark it was.

It was completely unexpected when she felt the man’s arms tighten around her and hot lips pressed against hers. Cathy’s insides suddenly flared to life and she shivered, gasping. Automatically her lips parted, giving him even more access as her hands rubbed against the hard planes of his chest and slid up his neck before she could even think, her body craving the man’s touch.

Her fingers tangled in his dark hair as the hands on her waist tightened before sliding down and grabbing her butt cheeks. A moan made its way out of her lips and the man swallowed it, deepening the kiss even further, his tongue brushing against her lower lip as she wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing her front against him so that there would be not a millimeter of space between their bodies.

All of her senses were heightened because of the darkness, their erratic breathing the only sound as she was pushed up against the elevator wall, the man picking her up and she immediately wrapped her limbs around him, her skirt raising up around her waist. His rigid erection pressed against her inner thigh and she couldn’t suppress her moans anymore when she felt him, his hips moving in circular motion and rubbing against her clit as she tightened her legs around his waist.

His lips pulled back to kiss down her neck, biting the spot where her neck met her shoulder as she gasped from the exquisite feeling, head falling back against the wall. One of his hands let go of her buttocks to fondle her left breast, the sensations making her insides spasm with need and heat and she whimpered.

His hips moved in circular motions, making the pleasure coursing through her body that much intense as his other hand tightened on her ass almost with a punishing force as she gasped, shivers running down her spine.

Suddenly the lights came back on and the man pulled back and away from her almost immediately. What was that just now?

Cathy pulled her skirt down and ran her fingers through her already messy hair, trying to smooth it out as she struggled for breath. Sneaking another look at the man standing next to her she found him looking back at her. She couldn’t make out what his smile meant, almost devilish as he looked ahead, fixing his tie and ran his hands over his suit as the elevator started to move again.

She felt it stop almost immediately and before the doors opened, heard the man’s voice, deeper than before and husky with desire.

“You’re accepted. I look forward to working with you.”

The doors opened and he left immediately, leaving Cathy starring at his back and breathless as her future co-workers followed behind the mysterious man like puppies, asking him if he was alright with no one paying any attention to her.

She hurried down the hall and opened the 3rd door on the right, sitting down in the waiting room with the other applicants she found out that it wasn’t her turn yet. Smiling to herself she tried to suppress it, faking to fumble through her bag as excitement bubbled in her chest.

Yes… There was definitely something to look forward to. 

Submitted: August 18, 2014

© Copyright 2022 NinaSparks. All rights reserved.

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What is it about elevators? ;) hmmm makes me want to go ride in one!

Mon, August 18th, 2014 9:27pm


i don't know honestly but i personally really have the hots for it, too bad i haven't been able to turn my fantasy into reality yet, the ride is just too short :D

Tue, August 19th, 2014 12:11am


Good story... Lot's to the imagination, sufficient to get the creative juices flowing... Well done, you get a like from me...

Tue, August 19th, 2014 5:31pm


thanks for the compliment. i think my imagination is pretty wild and i definetely plan to use it for writing erotica ))

Tue, August 19th, 2014 1:51pm

Justin Fyld

Oooh can't wait for chapter 2!

Sun, October 19th, 2014 1:35am


sequel please?

Tue, November 4th, 2014 4:47pm



Sun, November 30th, 2014 12:10am

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