Lyra's Secrets

Lyra's Secrets

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Machiavellian secrets are revealed and suspicions aroused when interstellar anthropologist, Akasha Sirius, learns Necromonger Commander, Lord Vaako, is on her home planet, Lyra


Machiavellian secrets are revealed and suspicions aroused when interstellar anthropologist, Akasha Sirius, learns Necromonger Commander, Lord Vaako, is on her home planet, Lyra


Submitted: September 11, 2015

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Submitted: September 11, 2015



A/N: Wrote this while sick in bed with a cold. This short story is about two of my favorite characters: Akasha from "Queen of The Damned," and Lord Vaako from "The Chronicles of Riddick." Akasha is human in this story. The chapters alternate between Akasha's Pov and third person narrative. 

Chapter One - The Visitor


She’s a young girl, no more than eighteen years old; Bantu knots adorn her head. I watch as she cautiously places each gown on my large bed.  A sheer black dress catches my eye. Strolling over, I run my hand lovingly down the silken fabric. It’s dark, yet transparent. It reflects my personality perfectly. 

Lyra is my home; a thriving planet rich in resources and power. I was born into privilege. My father, Herc, a highly respected general in the Meridian army, married my mother, a princess, from the planetoid Osiris. My father and his soldiers had been summoned by King Orion, my grandfather, to battle a destructive alien species that had invaded Osiris and threatened to enslave its citizens and bring forth religious persecution. My father not only won a victory for the weakened planetoid that fateful day; he won my mother’s heart and respect.

Akasha! Are you still in your undergarments?”

I turn and smile at the frustrated expression on her face. Maliah is my oldest and dearest friend. Our bond has caused a few tongues to wag since she’s from a family of lower social standing than mine. I’m very much my father’s child in this respect. I’ve never been impressed by status.

“Goodness, hurry.” She rushed over to my bed and looked intensely at the selection of elaborate dresses. “This one,” she held up the black gown, “This will definitely be pleasing to the eyes of a particular commander.” She gave me a salacious smile and wink.

“And what commander are you referring to?” I slid out of my robe and raised my arms allowing the young servant girl to slide the luxurious fabric down my body.

Maliah placed her hands defiantly on her hips as she eyed me. “Commander Vaako. You know very well whom I speak of.”

Sitting in front of my mirror, I chose a rich red lip stain made from sinella berries. The berry is rare and quite expensive. Its hefty price tag is of no concern to me. Silently, I apply the color to my lips while staring at Maliah’s amused reflection in the large mirror. Commander Siberius Vaako, while delectable to the senses, was married to Dame Vaako. With a steady hand, I applied rich black kohl to my eyelids. Creating scandals is what Maliah thrived on. I was the kind of woman that desperately tried to keep her life as simple as possible.


 “First and always, I am a Necromonger commander. So, if you’re here to test my loyalty, you succeed only in testing my patience.” – Commander Vaako 

Akasha accepted the crystal glass of wine as she watched the plethora of guests dance and mingle in the large hall of her family’s palace. Large windows revealed Lyra’s two moons in the night sky. Bringing her glass to her lips, she looked over the balcony at her handsome father. He was a gentleman with a fighting spirit. During his youth, there were those who had wondered if he had the heart to be a soldier. Thankfully, he had proved the naysayers wrong.

As she walked towards the winding staircase that led to the lower level, her father waved to her flashing his bright smile. The smile she had reflected back to him quickly faded when she saw a tall figure dressed in black. His midnight eyes looked up at her stone-faced. 

Commander Vaako. 

Placing her glass on a passing tray held by one of the servers, she held the hem of her dress with her left hand while gripping the banister with her right. 

Her father shook Vaako’s hand firmly as she reached the bottom of the stairs.

“Akasha, Commander Vaako was gracious enough to join us this evening,” her father beamed.

“You’re a bit of a legend,” Akasha said dryly, as she stood next to her father.She was in awe at how dark his eyes were. His jet black hair boasted shaved sides and his lips, while tightly pursed, were perfectly shaped. There was no denying his sex appeal and mystery.

“Your father is a man I respect,” Vaako said, calmly, “and there aren’t many men I respect.”

“So, what brings you to Lyra, Commander?” Akasha inquired.

Straightening his back, Vaako made direct eye contact with her before he spoke. “Your father invited me, actually.”

“I love to discuss military strategies with like-minded souls,” Akasha’s father, chuckled. “Will you be joining us for dinner, commander?”

“If the young lady of the house approves,” Vaako nodded in Akasha’s direction.

A slow smirk crawled across her lips. “My father has never needed my permission when it comes to his personal relationships, commander.”

Please,” Vaako closed his eyes briefly as he shook his head slowly, “I know how demanding and persuasive the female species can be.”

Laughing, Akasha linked her arm through her father’s. “You must have me mistaken for you wife,” cocking her head to the side curiously, she looked him up and down. “Speaking of your wife, where is Dame Vaako?”

Akasha’s eyes burned into Vaako’s in defiance. She knew mentioning his wife had struck a raw nerve as she watched his jaw clench tightly. It was no secret that Dame Vaako was power hungry and kept her husband on a short leash; at least she tried to.

“My wife has taken ill; she wasn’t feeling well tonight,” Vaako said.

Dinner is now being served!”

Akasha looked over her shoulder as one of her family’s servants stood in front of two colossal doors that were being slowly opened by security guards dressed in black. She smiled at her father as she tightened her grip affectionately on his arm.

“Are you ready, father?” she playfully kissed his cheek.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.” He said.

Akasha looked over her shoulder at Vaako as she casually strolled towards the dining hall with her father. “I hope you brought your appetite with you, commander.”

Her mouth was slightly agape when she saw Vaako’s intense gaze on her rear. Her eyes met his and he smirked at her.

“My appetite is always with me, Akasha,” he countered.

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