One Unforgettable Evening

One Unforgettable Evening

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Rachel has recently made a friend named Stephanie, who happens to be a lesbian. She doesn't mind because Stephanie seems like a good person regardless of her sexual orientation. Could an increasing amount of time that they spend together unlock any repressed feelings that Rachel has held over the years?


Rachel has recently made a friend named Stephanie, who happens to be a lesbian. She doesn't mind because Stephanie seems like a good person regardless of her sexual orientation. Could an increasing amount of time that they spend together unlock any repressed feelings that Rachel has held over the years?


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Rachel just walked through the door of her one-bedroom townhouse after a long day at work. She closes the door behind her as she places her bag on the chair nearby. She lets out a long relieving sigh, happy to finally be back home. Suddenly, Rachel feels her phone vibrate in her pocket. She pulls it out to look at the screen. Upon closer inspection, she sees the name of her new friend, Stephanie, on the screen. Rachel slides the green button to the right to take the call.

"Hey, Stephanie."

"Hey, girl! What are you up to?" Stephanie asks. She seems like she's in a very good mood this evening. Her voice sounded very vibrant and chipper. Rachel has noticed that Stephanie normally talks this way, but this particular instance, it sounded exceptionally chipper.

"Oh, nothing much. I just got home. Like, literally, about a couple minutes ago. What about you?"

"I'm just chillin' at the house."

"Oh, you didn't have to work today?" Rachel inquires as she removes her black windbreaker jacket and places the hood on her bedpost.

"Nope! I don't have to work tomorrow either."

"Oh, wow, that's cool."

"You okay, girl? You sound kind of down." Stephanie asks, seeming genuinely concerned.

"Yeah, I'm good. I just had a really long day. Plus, I have actually been feeling kinda down lately. I'm not sure why. I just have," Rachel explains. 

"You sound like you could use some company. I'll pick up some wine and head over, if you want." After hearing Stephanie's suggestion, a smile began to creep across Rachel's face. "Yeah, that sounds nice. How long 'til you're here?"

"I'll be there in about 30 minutes."

"Okay, sounds good. I'll see you soon. Be careful."

"Girl, you know I'm always careful! See you soon, babe." After Stephanie said that, she hung up. Rachel could feel her heart skip a beat when she heard Stephanie call her 'babe', for that was the first time that she had done that. I suppose that means that she's getting more comfortable being around me. That's good. I really like her. She seems like good best friend material. Rachel sighs with contentment until she realizes that she's still kind of sweaty from work. Oh, man, I should really shower before she gets here. I'll go ahead and text her and let her know that I've left the back door unlocked in case I'm not out by the time she gets here.

Rachel pulls out her phone to send that text message to Stephanie. After she types the message into her phone and presses the send button, she puts her phone down on the countertop in her bathroom and turns the shower water on. 

Rachel begins to undress. She grabs the bottom of her work shirt to pull over her head, followed by her reaching around behind her back to unclasp her black lacy bralette, releasing soft and tender C-cup breasts. She undoes her belt buckle and pulls down her jeans, revealing a pair of lacy grey underwear coupled with a pair of thick luscious thighs. Rachel reaches down to scratch her pubic area and notices how hairy her legs have gotten. Yeah, I think it's time to shave again. 

Suddenly, Rachel hears her phone buzz on the countertop. She sees that it's a text message from Stephanie. It reads, "OK, boo!" followed by a thumbs up emoji and a wine glass emoji. Rachel sends a text message saying, "Please tell me you're not texting and driving." After she sets her phone back on the countertop, she removes her underwear, revealing a pair of pink lips hiding underneath a dirty blonde bush. Rachel hears her phone buzz again. It's another text message from Stephanie saying, "Hell nah, I'm at the store! LOL. I'll be a little longer than I thought, but hopefully, not too much longer!" followed by a heart emoji. Rachel texts her back saying, "It's okay, girl. I'm in no rush! Can't wait to see you!"

Rachel sets her phone down one more time and picks up a black hairbrush. She brushes her hair before stepping into the shower in order to make conditioning her hair an easier process, for it is very thick. When she steps into the shower, she can feel the steam hit her body from the vapor emitting from the hot water. She turns around to soak herself in the warmth of the water pouring from the shower head. She grabs her pink loofah and drizzles her new "Winter Wonderland" body wash on it. Rachel massages the soap into her loofah and rubs it all over her body, ensuring that she gets the areas underneath her breasts, the area between her thighs and between her outer lips, the area in between her bodacious ass, and everywhere else in between.

After she has washed her body and hair to her heart's content, she turns the shower off. She twists her hair around to wring out some of the dripping water. After that, she grabs one side of the shower curtain to slide it over so she can step out onto her bath mat. She grabs a towel from her shelf on the opposite side of the bathroom and uses it to dry her hair some more. She then uses the towel to wipe the water droplets from her freshly cleaned pale skin.

Finally, Rachel wraps her hair in the towel and grabs the clean pair of black lacy underwear that she picked out for herself. Rachel pulls the pair of panties over her freshly shaved pussy and juicy ass. Then, she picks up the grey bralette that she picked out for herself. She looks at it with a second thought and puts it back on the shelf. Nah, I'm not gonna wear a bra. It's my house. Besides, I'm sure Stephanie wouldn't care. After that, she picks up a grey T-shirt that she picked out and pulls it over her head and body. Finally, she picks up the last article of clothing that she picked out for herself, a mid-thigh length pair of denim shorts, and pulls them up. She then walks over to the bathroom counter to brush her hair again and ties it in a low bun.

She checks her phone to see if Stephanie had texted her. Upon closer inspection, Rachel realizes that she did. Stephanie sent a text message 6 minutes ago stating, "Hey, girl, I let myself in and locked the door back. I'll be chillin' in the living room until you're ready! I put the wine in the fridge" followed by a winking face. Glad she made it. Rachel opens her bathroom door, which leads into a hallway that is connected to the living room.

Stephanie turns around to face Rachel. As soon as their eyes lock, Stephanie expresses a wide grin. "Hey, giiiiirl!" Stephanie stands up and shuffles towards Rachel to greet her with a hug. "Are you feeling better?"

"I am now," Rachel replies.

"That's good!" Stephanie leans closer to Rachel and smells her. "Ooh, what body wash is that?! It smells so good!"

"It's called "Winter Wonderland". I got it from Bath and Body Works."

"Ooh, nice! I like it! So, do you wanna go ahead and drink? It's 5 o' clock somewhere!"

"Yeah, sure. I'll get the wine glasses." Rachel walks over to the kitchen and reaches up to a cabinet that is diagonal from the kitchen sink. She opens the door and reveals her glassware: plates, bowls, cups, and glasses. She stretches her arms to reach to the very top where the wine glasses are, but she can't seem to reach them, so she climbs up on the countertop to get them down. Stephanie starts chuckling.

"Yeah, yeah, I know; I'm short," Rachel chuckles back.

"It is funny, but it's cute!"

Rachel playfully rolls her eyes and replies with a sarcastic, "Yeah, okay!" She grabs two wine glasses and sets them on the countertop. She then climbs back down and open the door to the chrome refridgerator littered with magents, a calendar, and a few family pictures. Rachel looks around the inside of the refridgerator when she spots an unopened bottle of wine placed in the door. "Ooh, you got strawberry moscato?! Wow, I had no idea that that was a thing."

"Yes, girl! I remembered us talking about what kind of alcohol we like, and you said you prefer sweet stuff that doesn't have as much of a kick to it, so I got this. Trust me, you'll love it. It tastes just like soda, and it's potent!"

"Alright, I'll take your word for it." Rachel goes to remove the cork from the wine bottle with the corkscrew. After she and Stephanie hear the pop, Rachel fills both glasses halfway. She sets the bottle back down onto the countertop and carries both glasses to the living room. Rachel sits down next to Stephanie and grabs the remote with her other hand.

"Is there anything in particular that you wanna watch?" Rachel asks. "Hmm..." Stephanie ponders. "Have you ever seen Brooklyn 99?"

"No, I haven't. What's that about?"

"It's a sitcom about a detective agency in Brooklyn. The main character is this silly white boy; oh my God, he's so hilarous." Stephanie starts giggling halfway through her explanation. "He's so stupid, but I love it. They got a new captain, who's a really stoic black man, who's also gay. There's all sorts of other characters in the show that are really funny." 

"Wow, that sounds like a really awesome show. We can watch it, if you want."

"I'll drink to that!" Stephanie and Rachel clank their glasses together and take a sip.

"Wow, you were right; this does taste like strawberry soda!" Rachel takes another big sip and places her glass on the coaster on the coffee table in front of the couch. She turns on the TV, followed by her PS4 so she can access Brooklyn 99 via Hulu.


After binging a few episodes of Brooklyn 99, drinking several glasses of wine, and laughing boisterously together, they eventually got to the point where they are no longer paying attention to the show and are instead having a deep and personal conversation.

"Hey, Steph, there's something that I wanna talk to-- *hiccup* --you about. It's part of the reason why I've been feeling down lately." Stephanie slowly reaches her arm out over the table to put her glass on the table. She then slowly retracts her arm and sinks into the couch a little bit. "I'm sorry, girl, what's wrong?"

"Well... I've been thinking a lot about who I am as a person. Not just over the last couple of days, but I've been thinking about that for as long as I can remember. Over the last couple of days have been where they hit me the hardest, where the thoughts hit me the hardest. Like... who am I? I don't know, man, I feel like I'm living a lie." Rachel's eyes begin to fill with tears. 

"Oh, honey, please don't cry." Stephanie leans in to give her a hug. "It'll be okay. Look, if you're feeling like you're not being true to yourself, then just start being true to yourself. Life is way too short to live it in fear of the world around you. I promise you will be much happier."

Rachel lets out an exasperated sigh. "If only it were that easy."

"What do you mean?" Stephanie asks. "Well... I think I'm bisexual." After Rachel said that, Stephanie's eyes gleamed. She raised her eyebrows in pleasant surprise. "How do you know?"

"Well, I've dated men in the past, and I genuinely loved them, and I was genuinely sexually attracted to them. However, I've come to realize that I have the same feelings towards women. It's just that I'm so freaking awkward when it comes to trying to court a woman. Mainly because since women always tell each other 'oh, you're so pretty' and stuff, they all think that I'm just being nice. Like, no, I'm trying to hit on you. Please respond in that way."

Stephanie chimes in with, "Girl, I know exactly how that is! That's why it's hard out here for lesbians, man. Plus, my gay-dar is pretty defective, so I can't really tell if a woman would respond well to me flirting with her or not."

"Yeah, I agree. So, that's why I haven't really bothered with it and just stuck to dating men. However, as I've gotten older, men have become more... suck. Like, they just suck, and I have no idea why. They have no reason to suck because you would think that men above the age of 25 or so would be ready for a serious relationship, but a lot of them don't want that, and the ones that do don't want one with me."

"Have you ever been with a woman before?"

"No, I haven't. I want to, but as I said, I'm awkward around ones that I'm attracted to. Not to mention that I fear of what my family would think if they found out that I was dating a woman. They are pretty conservative. I know they love me, but I don't know if they would love me enough to accept that."

Stephanie then grabbed Rachel's hand, looked her in the eye, and said, "Well, you know what, Rachel? I think you're great. I know we've only known each other for a few months now, but I can tell that you're a really good person, and you've got such a good heart. A good heart is so rare these days, and I'm so glad to be able to call you a friend. If your family disapproves, then they didn't really love you to begin with. I mean, can you imagine how I felt coming out to my family? I was so scared, and I did lose a few family members along the way, but now I have a new family. I have my friends, which are family that you actually get to choose." Rachel placed her other hand on top of Stephanie's hand and said, "I'm glad to have you, too. Thank you."

Rachel then starts to feel turned on by the intimate moment that she's sharing with Stephanie. What's happening right now? Is this what sexual tension feels like? Because I'm really turned on for some reason, and things are a little tense right now! I don't feel scared at all, though. I feel kind of safe with her, but I'm just so nervous. Oh, God.

Stephanie suddenly leans in to kiss Rachel's lips. Rachel is initially shocked at the surprise kiss that her friend gave her, but then, she grows to enjoy the way that Stephanie's soft lips feel on hers. They kiss for a few seconds longer until Stephanie separates herself from Rachel. "Oh my God, I'm so sorry. I don't know what came over me," Stephanie said.

"No, Steph, please don't be sorry! It surprised me, but it felt really good."

"Are you sure?" Rachel leans in closer to Stephanie and replies with, "Absolutely." Rachel then bends down and takes Stephanie's lower jaw in her hand to gain access to her neck. Rachel begins to kiss up her neck until she reaches her cheek and then goes back down to give her neck a soft lick. Stephanie lets out a soft moan.

"Are you sure you wanna do this, Rachel?"

"I've never been more sure about anything. I'm ready to start being true to myself. As long as you're totally okay with it, of course. I don't wanna make you feel pressured into doing anything." Stephanie leans closer to Rachel and says, "I don't feel pressured at all. This feels good. This feels right." She then plants another kiss onto Rachel's lips. They begin to make out as they place their hands on each other's waists. Rachel runs her fingers through Stephanie's curly brown locks. Rachel separates herself from Stephanie's lips and asks, "Do you wanna go into my room?" Rachel asks. "I imagine my bed would be a lot more comfortable than this couch."

"Yeah, sure."

"Okay." Rachel grabs the remote to turn the TV off, and then take Stephanie by the hand and escorts her to her bedroom. It's an average-sized bedroom, the walls painted blue with a light pink and blue comforter set. They lay on the bed next to each other and resume making out with each other. As time passes, the making out grows more intense. They start kissing each other harder, slipping each other some tongue, caressing each others' bodies. Stephanie rolls over on her back, and Rachel straddles her. The way that Stephanie's pussy felt pressed against hers felt so good that she let out a soft moan. Rachel removes her grey T-shirt to reveal her bouncy C-cup breasts. Stephanie's eyes widen with delight.

"Wow, I didn't realize you had such nice titties!" Stephanie goes to cup her breasts in her hands. She starts to rub Rachel's nipples, causing Rachel to let out soft moans. "Oh my God, I can't believe I like that."

"You didn't like it before?"

"Well, it's not that I didn't like it. I just felt neutral towards it. When you do it, however, it feels so good." Stephanie smiles and brings Rachel down to her level. Stephanie places one of Rachel's breasts in her mouth and begins licking her nipple. Rachel's moaning grows louder as she places her arms around Stephanie's neck and strokes her hair. Rachel reaches down to grab the bottom of Stephanie's white tank top and pulls it up to remove it. Stephanie is wearing a cute white lacy bralette, her beautiful dark breasts bulging through her bralette. "Damn, Steph, I didn't realize you had such nice titties either!" They both begin laughing as Rachel unclasps Stephanie's bra. They begin to rub their breasts together as they grin at each other with delight. Rachel climbs into Stephanie's lap to wrap her legs around her waist as they continue passionately kissing one another. Stephanie leans down to kiss Rachel's neck. Rachel's body begins to twitch with ecstasy.

They reposition themselves so Rachel doesn't fall off the bed. Stephanie goes to remove Rachel's shorts. She unbuttons them and pulls them down, revealing her cute lacy panties. "Daaaaamn, girl, I see you. Look at you with your cute little panties and your thick thighs!" Stephanie goes to grab her thighs and slaps one of them. She then pulls down Rachel's panties to reveal her swollen wet pussy. "Oh my God, your pussy is so cute," Stephanie exclaims. Rachel giggles and thanks her.

Stephanie reaches her hand down to Rachel's pussy and gently touches her clit. Just one press of her pink button, and she lets out a louder moan than her other exclamations of pleasure have been. Stephanie draws some lubrication from Rachel's pussy and usese it to massage her clit further. Oh my God, she's so amazing. I don't think I've ever felt this good before. I guess it takes a woman to know how to pleasure one. Stephanie then inserts her pointer and middle fingers into Rachel's hot wet pussy while massaging her clit with her thumb. Rachel's body quivered with euphoria as she giggled with excitement. 

After a few minutes of that, Stephanie lowers herself down while removing her thumb from her clit. "What are you doing?" Rachel asks. "Something that you're gonna love," Stephanie replied. Before Rachel knew it, she felt an overpowering sensation of pleasure coming from Stephanie's mouth. Rachel is practically screaming at this point. "Don't disturb your neighbors, Rachel," Stephanie giggles. "Oh, no one's... home right now....," she breathes heavily, "My neigh... bors work... overnight... shifts..."

"Awesome," Stephanie says as she resumes giving Rachel the cunnilingus that she deserves. Rachel's body continues quaking, her toes curl up, her moaning grows more high-pitched until she finally lets out the loudest orgasmic moaning she has ever let out.

"OH MY GOD! OH YES YES YES YES, OHHHH!" Rachel tries to catch her breath. Stephanie comes up. "Wow, I've never made a girl come so fast before." Rachel's lubrication drips from her chin. "Come here," Rachel says. Stephanie crawl up to Rachel and they make out passionately while Rachel tastes herself. Rachel rubs her hands all over Stephanie's curvaceous figure, grabbing her ass and wrapping her legs around her. Rachel then reaches down to rub Stephanie's pussy over her sweatpants. Rachel could feel Stephanie softly moaning in her mouth. After some time passes, they let go. Stephanie asks, "Do you wanna try?" Rachel smiles and says, "Sure, I'd love to!"

Rachel lets go, and Stephanie rolls over on her back. Rachel sits in front of her and undoes Stephanie's drawstring on her sweatpants to reveal her engorged chocolate pussy. "Wow, your pussy is really cute, too, Steph." Stephanie giggles and thanks her as she caresses her face. "I don't think I'll be as good at this as you are."

"Oh, girl, don't sweat it. You'd be surprised. Just lick it as if it's an ice cream cone, or do the alphabet with your tongue. Can't go wrong there. Also, don't forget that other parts of the vulva need love. The clit is very important, but be sure to give the other parts some attention as well."

"Okay," Rachel says as she lowers herself down to Stephanie's pussy. She gives her clit a broad lick. "Wow, you taste so good." Rachel continue licking her clit like an ice cream cone. She licks Stephanie in between her folds as well as her vaginal orifice. Rachel inserts her middle finger into Stephanie's vagina as she continues tasting her delicious nectar. 

"See... you're a lot better at this... than you think..." Stephanie says breathily. As time passes, Rachel gets more into it. Rachel places her arms underneath Stephanie's thighs to bring her pussy closer to her mouth. She licks every crevice and fold of Stephanie's pussy while simultaneously massaging her G-spot. Stephanie's moaning grows gradually louder as she holds onto Rachel's hair. Rachel, in response, shove's Stephanie's pussy deeper into her mouth. She lightly sucks on her lips and give her clit broad licks.

"OH! OH! YES, BABY, YES! OH MY GOD!" Stephanie exclaims and breathes heavily as she comes all over Rachel's face. Even the force of Stephanie's orgasm doesn't deter Rachel from eating Stephanie out. Rachel moans with great pleasure as she tastes Stephanie's newly generated lubrication. "Oh my God, I'm so sensitive; I can't take it!" Rachel immediately lets go and says, "Oh my God, I'm so sorry, are you okay?"

"Oh, I'm perfect. You just gotta know when to stop."

"I'm sorry, Steph. Your pussy just tastes so good, I couldn't help myself." Stephanie brushes Rachel's hair out of her face and responds with, "It's okay. I remember I did the same thing during my first time. Do you wanna try something else?"

"Sure, what is it?"

"Have you ever heard of tribbing?" Rachels faces perks up with delight. "Yes, I have. It's one of my favorite types of porn to watch, to be honest."

"Well, how would you like to turn that into a reality?"

"Yeah, that sounds awesome!" Rachel then climbs on top of Stephanie once again and places her pussy on top of Stephanie's. "Does it work like it does in porn?"

"Yeah, it's pretty close to the real thing. Just do whatever feels good." Rachel begins to grind her clit onto Stephanie's clit. Rachel's mouth fell agape at the astoundingly wonderful sexual pleasure that this act gave her. After 2 or 3 rubs, Rachel had another orgasm. My God, I never thought that this level of pleasure was even possible! Holy fuck... I could do this all night. "Steph, I can't tell you how good this feels. There aren't any words good enough." They continue grinding and screaming with ecstasy until Stephanie has an orgasm. The wetness that oozed from her vaginal orifice felt so good against Rachel's clit.

Rachel bends over to kiss Stephanie as she continues to grind her pussy against Stephanie's. Rachel kisses Stephanie on her cheek and makes her way down the right side of her neck. Rachel licks Stephanie's neck as she continues rubbing her pussy against Stephanie's. Rachel moans in Stephanie's ear. "Oh my God, Steph, I think I'm gonna come again!" Rachel rises up and grinds against the slippery surface of Stephanie's soaking wet pussy until she has another orgasm.

"OH MY GOD! YES YES YES YES! OH!!" Rachel breathes heavily and says, "I can't believe I came 3 times now. Holy shit. I've never came this much during sex. I didn't even know I could. Hell, I was lucky if I could even come once." Stephanie laughs and says, "That's the beauty of lesbian sex, my dear."

Stephanie rolls Rachel over on her back and straddles her. Stephanie bends down to lick and gently suck on her nipples. "My God, Stephanie, you're so fucking amazing. I feel like I can do this all night." Stephanie looks up and smiles at her and says, "That's another good thing. You can go for a long time and just keep making each other come." 

Rachel sighs happily and says in a very relaxed voice, "That sounds like heaven." Before she knew it, Stephanie picks Rachel up and lays down, positioning her pussy on her face. "I want you to grind on my tongue," Stephanie commands. Rachel did as she wished and grinded her sweet wet pussy on Stephanie's soft warm tongue. Rachel holds onto the headboard of her bed for dear life as she shakily grinds on Stephanie's mouth. Stephanie then grabs her juicy ass and starts to take control, licking her clit, lightly sucking on her lips, shoving her tongue into her vaginal orifice. Rachel then resumes grinding on her face while grabbing her own breasts. 

"Oh, Stephanie! I'm gonna come again! Holy fu--", her breathing grows heavier, "OH! OH MY GOD! OH FUCK YES! YES! YES! OH!" Rachel's body quakes upon Stephanies face and feels her wetness dripping down. Rachel climbs off of her and falls onto the bed. "I wanna try that on you. Please, Stephanie, I want to eat that delicious pussy again."

"Sure, baby," Stephanie says as she climbs on top of Rachel's face. "Oh, yes!" Rachel exclaims with enthusiasm. She grabs onto Stephanie's ass and begins ferociously licking every crevice of her chocolate vulva. Rachel moans as she feels Stephanie's wetness dripping down her neck.

"God, I love eating your pussy. I just can't get enough of it."

"Oh, baby, I think I'm gonna come!"

"Oh, please come on my face!" Rachel continues giving Stephanie's vulva deep sensual licks as she works her way up to climax.

"OH YES YES YES OH!" Stephanie has another orgasm on Rachel's face. Rachel loves the increased amount of Stephanie's sweet nectar dripping down her body. "You're so fucking amazing, Stephanie," Rachel says as Stephanie climbs off of Rachel's chest.

"I want to keep going, but I'm so exhausted. In a good way, though."

"I don't blame you, girl. I'm getting there, too." Stephanie then lays down next to her.

"Man, I gotta tell you," Rachel said, "I never would've thought that that amount of pleasure and that amount of orgasms over the course of one session was even possible."

"Yeah, it's great. I really enjoyed it." Rachel responds with enthusiam, "That was the greatest thing that I've ever done." Rachel then gets closer to Stephanie and begins to cuddle her. They start kissing softly. Rachel grabs one of Stephanie's breasts and rubs her nipple. Rachel then places her nipple in her mouth and starts sucking on it. After a few seconds of that passes, Stephanie stops to look up at Rachel and says, "You're just so... delicious. I can't get enough of you... but I'm so tired. Do you wanna take a nap?" Stephanie looks at the clock and says, "It's 7:30 at night. I think we're past the point of taking a nap."

"Do you wanna take one anyway?" Stephanie smiles at Rachel and brushes her hair out of her face. "Yes. Yes, I do." Rachel and Stephanie get comfortable under the covers and snuggle with each other until they slowly drift off into slumber.

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