His Turn

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

every girl needs a strong man in their life

~~He thought she looked beautiful like this. Her arms bound tightly behind her back, forcing her to stick out her breasts, which hung freely over the edge of the small table. Her ankles tied to each leg, spreading them a good two feet apart, leaving her tight holes exposed to his mercy. She was already shivering with anticipation, and the evidence of her arousal would soon start dripping down her thighs.
First things first she needed punishing. The black lace thong she had arrived in, which now lay in shreds across the floor, had been cheap, tacky and an insult to him. She knew to present herself in nothing but her best for him.
She twitched involuntarily as he gently ran his hands down her back, starting at her shoulders and continuing lower til he cupped her voluptuous ass in his palms. He began roughly caressing her cheeks, warming the skin in preparation for the blows to come. He wanted her to learn her lesson but he would never outright hurt her. He started gently, a few well placed swats across her ass and upper thighs that caused a flush that was nothing to do with the spanking to spread across her pale skin. As his blows quickened so did her breathing and soon she was squirming in her bindings, trying to press her thighs together enough to cause the friction she needed to find her release.
But this was a punishment, and she wouldn’t be rewarded for going against him. Tonight she would be denied, tortured with pleasure til she begged him for permission and swore she would never forget his rules again.
Her breathing had begun to steady as he affectionately rubbed lotion into her now gloriously red skin. He teased her, occasionally just brushing her now swollen pussy with his fingertips, enjoying the whimper that slipped through her lips every time.
He calmly told her what he intended to do to her, savouring the gasp he elicited from her in the process. She looked up at him, pleading as he paced around the table, drinking in the view of his quivering little slut, so ready and willing to serve him. Having her trussed up and splayed out like this it was hard to remember that outside of these four walls she was fiery and confident, out in the real world no one would mess with her, she was strong and independent. But here, in their world, she was his, mind body and soul, to use exactly as he wished.
And tonight his wishes were to bring her to cruel ecstasy. Without any warning he shoved two fingers deep inside her, causing her to muscles to contract tightly around them. She was so wet and wanting there was very little resistance, and she instantly began writhing on the table top, which did nothing but cause her breasts to start swinging, reminding her how heavy and tender they were now the blood had started to pool around her perky nipples. As he began to flex his fingers against her g spot she hummed softly, almost like a cat purring in contentment. It would take a while for her to orgasm like this, and slow and steady was not on tonights agenda. He quickly added a third finger, stretching her tightly, and began plunging them in and out of her, loving the growing screams of pleasure pouring from her mouth. It took barely a few minutes for her to start tensing around him, seconds from the edge. This was when he withdrew his digits almost as abruptly as he’d entered them. She almost cried out in protest, but stopped herself before the sound became anything more than a squeak. The last thing she wanted to do now was upset him more, she didn’t know how much more of this she could take.
He was doing something in the corner, just out of her sight. She heard a drawer open. Something cool dripped between her ass cheeks and felt something small and hard pushing against the neat bud of her asshole. He put a little more force behind it and the tiny bead slipped easily inside her, pulling the silicone chain with it so the next, slightly larger bead rested between her cheeks. Again he applied more lube and eased the next bead into her, soon followed by the third. Now all that could be seen was the flat base of the toy that housed the vibrator.
After giving her a moment to adjust to its size he turned it on, straight up to full power, making her jerk hard upright, almost lifting the table from the floor. When she had settled again he grabbed the base and started teasing the third, largest bead in and out of her hungry little ass as she panted and moaned his name. It took only a few seconds and she was once again on the brink of an orgasm. The intensity of the vibrations and knowing she was enjoying something so naughty and taboo was sending her mind flying. But once again she had let him see how close she was and he swiftly removed her new favourite toy, leaving her feeling emptier than she had ever thought possible.
Her whole body was on edge, every nerve was on fire. He couldn’t carry on much longer, could he? From the glimpse she’d had of the front of his pants as he walked around her, he was in need of his own release almost as much as she was, and thinking about his hard cock was not helping matters. She had gotten so distracted by her wandering thoughts that she hadn’t felt his breath on the back of her thighs as he knelt behind her. As his tongue flicked her now aching pussy she almost leapt out of her skin, the fire within her suddenly flaring, sending sparks up to her nipples and through to her feet. She hadn’t caught her breath before he began lashing furiously at her clit with his skilful tongue.
She couldn’t hold out much longer and her legs began to shake. She began to beg, screaming his name and crying out for her release. He growled one word from between her legs, ‘come’. And she did, the vibrations of his voice all she needed to send her plummeting over the edge to oblivion, pulling her restraints so hard they would bruise, squirting her sticky sweetness over his face as he continued to lap at her pussy. As soon as she began to come down from the high of such a powerful orgasm he replaced his tongue with his magnificent cock and began thrusting violently into her tight wet hole, her cries of sheer pleasure now echoing off the walls as he brought them both to an earth shattering climax that left them both shaking and desperate for breath.
After a few moments he untied her, swept her into his arms and placed her in their bed, where they lay together. Recovering and both completely satisfied. For now, it was her turn in control next time...

Submitted: November 08, 2014

© Copyright 2023 nighttimenaughtiness. All rights reserved.

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Very nice! I like your BDSM writing!

Sat, November 8th, 2014 4:50pm


Thanks, currently working on the follow up to this

Sun, November 9th, 2014 11:29am


Wow, the things I'd love to do to you...
Fancy swapping some saucy photos via email?

Mon, November 17th, 2014 7:45pm

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