Glutton For Punishment

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Part 2 of Just A Taste. A lick here, a pinch there and a little spanking…


He stood up and kissed her. His tongue enveloping hers, making her taste her cum on his lips.

"That was just a taste of what is to come."


"Oh really?" she said her eyebrows raised. She kissed him hard, lightly nipping his lips before her lips  up his jaw and lightly sucking on his earlobe."In that case," she whispered in his ear "I'm ready for the main course."

He felt his cock harden at her words.

"In that case" he said repeating her words, "what am I waiting for?" 

His fingers curled around her ass as he lifted and ground himself against her bare, wet pussy, the rough material of his jeans scraped her sensitive skin. Tingles of electricity shot through her still sensitive clot. She gasped from the friction. 

"Stop teasing,"  She fumbled with the button of his jeans. "I want that fucking big cock of yours fucking me now."

"Aha ah ah," he swept her hands away and whispered in her ear, his tongue shot out and tasted salty skin beneath her ear. "I have a better idea."

He tore the rest of top off her and carried her naked to the bathroom.

Putting her down, he turned her to face the mirror. One finger lifted her chin so she was looking directly at her bare form. Then the finger trailed lightly down her neck to her breast.

"Such pretty tits," he said as he swirled his finger up her breast until it it reached her right nipple." Watch me play with them."

Her eyes trailed down the mirror, watching him lift one breast and give it a bounce. His other hand cupped her left breast, his fingers rolling the nipple. He covered both her breast with his hands and began kneading them. Her nipples pebbled against his calloused palm. Eyes closed in pleasure, slowly she began rocking herself against the hard ridge pressed against her ass. 

"Are you wet for me yet?" he whispered

"Mmmhmm" she nodded, her head fell back against his shoulder, as he began tugging her nipples. Ripples of pain and pleasure flowed through her body.

"Show me. I want you to touch yourself. Put this finger," he lifted her middle finger and put it just above her cunt, "all the way into that hot pussy of yours and show me how wet you are. But don't touch your clit. Understand?"

She nodded, not moving her hand, still rocking her bare ass against him.

Suddenly, there was a sharp pain. Her eyes shot open and saw his fingers pinching her nipples hard. 

"Understand?" His finger pressed harder. " And watch yourself in the mirror."

She moaned, and watched her hand trail lower. She spread her legs wider as she put her finger into herself all the way up to her knuckle and pumped it a few times. Unable to resist, her thumb brushed against her clit a once, her pussy clenched around her finger.

Smack! He spanked one cheek. She touched her clit again. Smack! Smack! The hand came down again and spanked both her cheeks Her behind began to burn. Oh yes! Each smack had made her pussy clench her finger harder.

"I told you not to touch your clit. Now you're going to get punished. Every time you touch your clit, or look away from the mirror, this plump ass of yours is gonna get spanked. Now show me that finger of yours."

She lifted her finger, glistening with her cum. He grabbed her hand and brought her finger to his lips. His tongue darted out gave her finger one long lick, before puttingg into his mouth and sucking it hard.

"Oh God, I love the taste of your cum". She closed her eyes from the sheer eroticism of the feeling. Smack! Her Pussy tightened in pleasure, and her eyes remained closed She leaned down slightly, raising her ass in the air. Smack Smack! 

"You like this spanking don't you? You like it when I" - Smack - "paddle " - Smack - "your ass with my hand" - Smack - Smack.

Hot, red and tingling her ass burned with his hand prints. She couldn't help her moans as she arched her back, lifting her ass higher for each spank. 

"I don't think it's fair that you get to have all the fun," he said, dropping his jeans to the floor. His hard cock jutted out proudly as he held her ass and lined himself. Slowly he pushed into her tight pussy, her wet heat enveloping him. He pulled out and thrust into her again, harder this time.

"Oh yes, just like. Fuck me hard." she groaned as she felt him filling her completely. HIs thrusts became faster and harder. With each thrust her tits began bounce. Both of them stared fixated at her breasts as they bounced in tandem with each pump. Her hand inched its way to her clit as they watched her rub circles around her swollen nub. The only sounds in the bathroom were the constant slapping of flesh against flesh

"Oh yes… Yes…. Faster…. Harder….. Fuck Yes!!" she screamed, rubbing her clit furiously as she came, milking his cock. She tossed her head back and closed her eyes asBolts of pleasure shot through her body, making her skin tingle. Behind her, he pumped himself into her hot pussy once, twice and spilled his cum inside her.

Panting, they looked at each other in the mirror, sweat streaming down their backs, cum dripping down their thighs.

"That was amazing," he said, moving her hair away from her neck and nipping the salty skin.

She turned and and gave him a sultry smile, "What can I say, I'm a glutton for punishment."


Check out my other story Just A Taste to find out what naughty things happened earlier.

Submitted: November 16, 2014

© Copyright 2023 Nights. All rights reserved.

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