The Slave

The Slave The Slave

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


After years of great sex in their marriage, a wide decides to experiment in her husband and see just how insanely good their sex can get.


After years of great sex in their marriage, a wide decides to experiment in her husband and see just how insanely good their sex can get.

Chapter1 (v.1) - The secret challenge

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Be kind with feedback. ..this is my first attempt.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 23, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 23, 2016



She stood at the kitchen counter, scrawling return to sender messages on the mail she's retrieved from the mail box. They'd only been in this house for three months and the deluge of mail for old residents was irritating. Hearing the gentle rain outside and her two small children playing happily soothed her irritation. As did the pair of heavy hot pink balls she'd inserted earlier.

Not exactly your average housewife are you? She smirked to herself. Her husband Richard had been away overnight, and in between caring for the children and housework she'd decided to read some erotic fiction - not get usual fare, but she could feel the tension of having her usual willing -to-service husband away.

He had sleepily reached over and run his hands over her hips the morning before he left.

'Babe the kids are up and playing in the playroom!'

He grinned knowingly at her

'Then we need to be quiet...'

They'd been fighting constantly lately. The pressure of her illness and impending surgery combined with their insanely busy life and having two small children was wearing on them. But Rachelle had made a decision. She'd noticed that the more frequent and crazy their lovemaking, the better they got on. She pushed her bottom towards him and felt his hot throbbing erection eagerly pressing against her warm back.

Reaching back, she wrapped her fingers around his very large girth.

'I see your man-flu isn't affecting your cock' she giggled

He snorted as he grabbed her thigh and lifted her leg 'On our sides?'

She snuggled her bottom back into him in response. She wasn't really in the mood, but she wanted their marriage to heat up - when they were newlyweds they'd been ravenous - they'd screwed each other at least three times a day on a normal workday.

She lubed her fingers with her saliva and lifted her leg to guide his long hot manhood into her - she was already starting to drip, it really didn't take much.

He groaned as he pushed his length in, and she started to rock on him. His pumping was making her horny, and so she started whispering over her shoulder 'oooh Richard. ...I've been a very naughty girl. ..'

He growled and pumped harder

' ..naughty...'

He paused. 'Oh really? How bad?'

'Very very bad'

She got her desired reaction, he pushed against her with his penis, pinning her to him, as he maneuvered them into the new position, her buried flat on her belly whole he knelt over her, slamming his manhood into her from behind with a smooth regular rhythm.

'So bitch, how bad have you been?'

'So naughty, I deserve a spanking.'

He gently swatted her bottom.

'No. ..I've been really bad - spank me!'

She heard his chuckle and his pumping of his massive manhood pounded against the end of her, while he reasoned slaps on her glowing bottom.

She started moaning as she felt her climax building.

'Oh god babe' he groaned 'I'm gonna cum'

She giggled and pushed her bottom back on him harder

'Pound me then'

She felt his urgency grow as he physically drew her hips up off the bed and buried his need in her harder and faster. A moment passed and he pulled out- spaying his hot cum all over her back, stroking himself as he finished. She smiled to herself as he walked to their ensuite, and gently wiped her off with a damp towel.

'Fingers' she commanded - he obeyed, inserting two fingers into her vagina - it wasn't anywhere near as big as him. 'More'. He smirks and buried three rock hard fingers up to the knuckles as she rode them and brought herself to climax. She lay there stroking his muscular arms for a moment - noticing the kids were becoming rowdier in their playroom.

'I guess we'd better start the day huh?

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