Can dreams come true? If only

Can dreams come true? If only

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Yes I am lovestowrite on wattpad


Yes I am lovestowrite on wattpad

Chapter1 (v.1) - Can dreams come true? If only

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Yes I am on wattpad under the name lovestowrite

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 11, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 11, 2012



I try to have a diverse group of people of a different race in my work


Britt Noels was five foot six with a light mocha skin tone, firm tight average sized breasts, and a slim figure. She didn't have the figure that all the black men craved. Maybe that is why she didn't bother even trying to go out of her way to get one to notice her or it could be that damn crush she had on her seventh grade teacher that didn't go away. She wanted him to be the one to fuck her and take her virginity. Which is way she made a vow that when she turned eighteen she would seek him out and see if she could make that happen. Years later she is now eighteen and is now going to put her plan into motion.

Gray Amorosa was six foot one, all white American male, ex-marine,with a wife that he loved dearly. He was pushing near thirty five. He was a science teacher at the junior high school and the coach for the high schools girls cross country team. He knew Britt from her taking his science class back in junior high. As she ran around the track he couldn't help but notice the way her chest went up and down. He immediately shook his head and got back down to business. This was the last day of tryouts for the team and so far he was glad with the results.


"Okay girls you can stop. You all did a good job for the day and I am proud to say you all made the team. Now hit the lockers and get changed tomorrow we are going to go at it again." Gray said. He watched as the girls all clapped and made their way to the locker rooms to shower and change out of their dirty clothes.


"Thanks for letting me join the team." Britt said as she walked over to him. They were the only ones out there on the track. The sun was going down low.


"Yea. Britt you earned it."

"That 's good to know."

"Hit the showers it's almost time for your ride to be here. You don't want them waiting all night for you do you."

"No I don't." Britt took off running to the locker room. There was no way she could go through with it. What would he do? Would he fuck the shit out of her virgin pussy like she dreamed about or turn her away? She was afraid that he would do just that and turn her away. Hell would he even fuck with someone like her of a different race.


Britt made sure to take her sweet time in the locker to the point where by the time she was done the locker room was deserted. As she opened the door to the locker room she came face to face with Gray.

"Oh I didn't think anyone else was in there. I was just about to lock the door." Gray said as he step back to let her get by. He couldn't help but notice the hard nipples poking out of her white tank top. Britt made sure not to put back on her bra nor any panties under the mini skirt she wore. If he was willing to fuck her she wanted nothing to get in his way.

"I hope everyone didn't leave yet." Britt said in a devastated tone.

"Yea they did. Amy was the last person to leave." He said as he closed the locker room door and locked it.

"Crap." Britt said.

"What's wrong?" Gray said as he looked up at her face not waiting to look down at the hard nipples that he wanted to taste.

"My mother just text-ed me and said she wont be able to pick me up. I was going to ask one of the girls if they could give me a lift." Britt said as she crossed her arms. Grays eyes went down to her chest and his dick jumped.

"Don't worry I can take you." He said as he took his gaze off of her chest.

"Thank you so much coach." Britt said as she smiled sweetly at him. Gray looked at.her lips and couldn't stop the thoughts about her lips around his big cock as she sucked him off. She didn't have the big juicy lips like other African Americans, her lips reminded him of Angelina Jolie's, that bitch had some of the sexiest fucking lips alive.


"Yeah no problem. Lets go." He said as he turned around to the direction of the parking lot. There was only one car in the parking lot and it was Grays ford f one fifty  

pick up truck. Britt's palms begin to sweat she should just forget the whole thing.



"This is it." Britt said when Gray stop in front of the two story house that was pitch black. Nobody was home. Britt was an only child and her dad died two years after she was born. It was just her and her mother who was really working late, on a business trip and wouldn't be back until sometime this Sunday or next Monday.

"I should have left a light on or something before I left this morning?"

"Want me to walk you to the front ?"


"Okay." Gray said as he turned of the ignition and unbuckled his seat belt. Britt got out of the truck and waited for Gray so he walk her to the front door.


"Thanks." Britt said when they stopped at her front door and she quickly unlocked the door.

"You welcome." Gray said with a smile on his face. She smiled back at him and made a decision right there and then. She stood up on her tip toes and placed a peck on his lips. Gray loved the warm lips that were on his that he licked the lips that were touching his. Britt's mouth opened up allowing him access to taste her. Gray stick his tongue into her hot mouth and tasted her. Britt moaned and that was all Gray needed to help him take his next step. Tearing away from her lips, he pushed her inside the house. He wanted a piece of that pussy and he wanted it now.


Britt backed away from Gray who had slammed the door shut and locked it behind him. He strode over to her and pulled her to him and ravished her mouth. Britt's arms wrapped around his neck. Grays hands roamed down her thighs and up under skirt. He fingers brushed the bare skin underneath. He pulled back to look at her. He was not expecting her to not have any panties on. He rubbed her pussy that was already dripping wet. Britt's eyes fluttered closed and soft moans fall from her mouth. She was finally going to have her dream come true.

"You want me to fuck this pussy don't you." Gray growled out at her.

"Fuck yes." Britt moaned out as he rubbed her clit.

"Yea?" He said as he pinched the poked out clit.

"Yes and I am perfectly legal. You can fuck me any way you want."

"Take your clothes off now." Gray commanded as removed his hand and begin to unbuckle his jeans and kick off his shoes.

"Lets' go to my room." Britt said as she threw off her tank top and made her way up the stairs.

Stroking his dick Gray followed behind her.  

When they reached her room. Britt went to her dresser and opened the top drawer and pulled out a condom.

"Here catch." Britt said as she tossed it to him.

"Shit you don't have anything do you?"

"No. Why?"

"I am allergic to latex."

"Well I am not taking any birth control."

"I can pull out."

"I thought that doesn't work."


"It does. Now bring your ass over here and get down on your fucking knees."

Britt's heart begin to beat so fast. She was really going to fuck him. She pulled the mini skirt off and walked her naked ass over to him and got down on her knees in front of him like a good girl.


She might be a virgin but she seemed to know what he wanted her to do. Looking up at him she took his dick in her hand and stroked it a little bit so she could feel the length of him. She begin to worry his dick was not going to fit in her small tight hole. He had to be eight or nines inches of hard, thick dick.

She licked the tip of his dick and chuckled when it jerked a little. Whatever little fears she had went out the window and her pussy leaked more juice. She slowly took his whole dick into her mouth and deep throat-ed like a motherfucker. She watched Gray as he threw his head back. She groaned in disappointment she wanted him to watch her as she sucked that dick. She let his dick slid out of her mouth. She jacked him off.

"Okay that's enough baby. Get your sweet little ass in that bed."

Britt obeyed and got in her bed. Gray walked to the bed and pulled her to the edge of the bed. He dropped down to his knees and pushed her legs apart as far as they would go and dived in. He licked all her juice up. Britt moaned and arched upwards as he licked and sucked her pussy.

"You like the way I lick this pussy? Gray asked as he gripped her legs to keep her from closing them.

"Fuck yes. Lick it just like that." Britt moaned out in gasps. Gray pushed a finger inside her pussy and felt something that made him withdraw his finger.


"Why are you stopping?" Britt said as she saw him stand up

"You are a virgin." He stated.

"Yea. Don't stop I want you to fuck me." She pleaded.

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