Hotel Temptations

Hotel Temptations

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Sex story


Sex story


Submitted: May 03, 2012

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Submitted: May 03, 2012



Nigel couldn't take his eyes off of her as she walked into the hotel lobby minutes to midnight. Way more prettier then what he imagined her to look like in person. She was waiting on line to check into "The W Hotel", her Micheal Kor purse in one hand and multi colored carry bag in the other. Wearing a dark pink Dereon fitted sweat suit that fit her body like a glove, with black and pink Pastry sneakers to match. Her hair pulled up in one; wrapped in a messy bun, bangs hanging right above her eye brows & her Kedar Sunglasses covering her eyes.

*Keith elbows Nigel*

"That's her. Don't act up man." Keith scorned Nigel.

"That's her? She's gorgeous."Nigel responded surprisingly with his mouth wide open.

Nigel's mixed with black and puerto rican, 7'2 medium muscular built, John Jay College basketball star. He worked at the "The W Hotel" as a clerk at the front desk along side Keith for the last 3 years juggling college & basketball.

"Keith I got this. Fall back. Imma take real good care of that pretty thing. Let me tuck her into bed. I mean ...I'll show her to her room. Imma make her my baby mama!" He said jokingly groping his manhood. Nigel pats Keith on the chest gazing at Sky's every body movement as she waited on line.

"Weren't you just about to clock out? It's after midnight. Nigga's don't know how to act when they see pussy." Keith said shaking his head, knowing that Nigel wouldn't be clocking out no time soon now that "Sky the Porn Diva" had arrived. Truth be told Nigel was one of her biggest fans. Anytime he seen her featured in a magazine or dvd he would buy it. He was turned on by her exotic sex appeal. In her films or posters she would always wear a thong with matching breast pastries covering her nipples only. Her racks were 32C, small waist with an ass that could sit a cup on it.

Nigel waited for her to check in while putting her remaining luggage on the trolly.

"Right this way Miss Sky. I see you have the penthouse suite on our 16th floor. Great choice, even better view of the city. "He smiles pointing towards the elevators leading the way.

Sky smiles and nods.Checking him out from behind her shades.

"I watch your ...your dvds all the time...I mean I'm a huge fa... fan of yours." He stuttered nervously shaking his head, in the elevator trying to check her out discreetly.

Sky still quite, ignoring Nigel's small talk. She received similar remarks like this all the time from fans and/or admires. Only thing on her mind at this moment was a hot shower, a massage and her bottle of Moscato.

*They exit the elevator and proceed to walk down the hall to her room.*

"This is your room 1625. Is there anything else I can help you with before I leave?" Nigel says while opening the door for her,handing her the room key.

"Yes, can you ask the masseuse to come to my room in about an hour?"

"Yes, Miss Sky. Will do. Have a good night; nice meeting you, please don't hesitate to call downstairs for any assistance while staying here at the W."

Sky thanks and tips him $50. He exits the room with a huge smile on his face returning to the front desk about 30 minutes later.

"She good bro?" Keith asked.

Nigel flashed him the $50

"Yes sirrr. I can't believe I just talked to "Sky The Diva"! That bitch is bad! Oh the Diva is requesting Juan's services in an hour."

"Juan just went on break and the couple in room 1492 requested him 1st. I'll call up to her room to let her know it's gonna be over an hour before he comes to her room."Reggie worryingly said.

Nigel stopped Keith from calling to Sky's room by clicking the phone receiver.

"What are you doing!" Keith asked puzzled .

"I'll do it." Nigel stated excitedly.

"What are you talking about?! Nigga get off the phone. You want to lose your job?" Keith barked at him.

"No one would have to know. I got this." Nigel pleaded imagining how her body would feel against his.

Keith pushed Nigel's hand out the way proceeding to call Sky but got interrupted by a customer calling into the front desk from one of the rooms. Nigel took this opportunity to sneak into the staff lounge, steal Juan's body oil that he uses on his clients, one of his body tables and quickly changed his black button up long sleeve into a plain white t-shirt. Swiftly moving towards the elevators ensuring that none of his co-workers saw him.

*tap tap*

"Who is it?" Sky muffley said.

"It's Juan. You requested a massage?" Nigel said.

"One minute." Sky shouted through the door as she hurried up out the shower & dried off.

Nigel growing nervously by the minute, praying not to get caught by Keith off the hotel surveillance cameras.

"Come in."

Nigel entered her room. The lights were turned down real dim with Changing Faces "Stroke You Up" coming from her ipod speakers, not to loud but not to low. Sky was standing by the bed wrapped in a white towel that exposed her ass cheeks. Her eyes on stuck on her phone, checking her emails. Nigel proceeded to set the table up in the middle of the room, trying his best not to raise his head too high. Sky took a sip of her Moscato; walking over to the table, loosen her towel. It fell down to her mid back and she placed her sleeping mask on her face before laying naked face down on the table.

Nigel froze feeling his dick growing through his pants; idolizing her thick toned tatted body, feeling his veins jumping in his dick because of the way Sky's towel rested on her ass. Envisioning her doing all those freaky things to him that he had seen her do via dvds.

"I'm ready. Can you please make sure you get my lower back. It's really been bother me for the pass few days."

"Yes ma'am." Nigel said trying to keep his talking to a minimum disguising his voice.

Pouring the body oil in his hands, rubbing them together he begins with her arms and shoulders, then towards the middle of her upper back...working his way down...kneading, rubbing each inch of her upper body. Sky begins to let out low moans of pleasure from the sensation of his hands and the warmth sensation of the body oil on her skin.

"Yes. Right. There." Sky tells him pausing in between each word.

He continues to massage the spots he feels are tensed on her body. Her towel begins to rise exposing her fat pussy. Removing the towel he pours oil on both ass cheeks.

"Ahhh." Sky moans

Rubbing her ass cheeks together in circular motions.Sky is turned on, opening her legs more. Nigel drips the oil in between her ass cheeks rubbing his fingers up & down in between.

"Hhhmmm" Sky let's out.

Her pussy begins to throb. Which brings Nigel's dick to full attention seeing it jump like that. He gently inserts two fingers into her asshole.

"Aahhh... Aahhhh"

"Shhhh" Nigel whispers.

Working his fingers slowly in and out of her asshole, he pulls them out, goes back to massaging her ass cheeks. Sky slowly spreads her legs wider, feeling her pussy juices bubbling from the way he set her body on fire with each touch. Nigel then begins to rub on her moist pussy with one thumb. Then glides his middle finger into it.

"Mmhhhh ...Aahhhh." Sky groans out biting her bottom lip, sticking her ass out.

Sky is so turned on by what Nigel is doing to her she silently wished that he didn't stop. She has never had someone so boldly do what Nigel is doing to her. For the first time she was the one being dominated.

Nigel leans over kissing both her ass cheeks, licking her pussy like a dog on a hot day licking the water from it's bowl after its been walked. Sky raises her ass allowing Nigel to have full access to it. He spreads her ass cheeks with both hands, begins sucking lightly on her clit, massaging his dick at the same time through his pants. Bouncing her ass to the rhythm of his tongue, enjoying every lick. He wraps his arms underneath her legs burying his head in her ass, licking and sticking his tongue in it. Sky raises up on her knees extending her ass. Nigel takes out his dick; mounts on top of her from behind and begins to penetrate her with the tip of his 10inch mushroom shaped dick.

Even though Sky was unable to visually see it, she knew that he had a huge dick by the way its tip felt and the fact that he had to thrust multiple times just to get the head in.

*knock knock*

"Shit. That's Juan. What the fuck". Nigel said to himself.

They both ignore the knock at the door. Nigel pulls out promptly and continues to suck firmly on her now dripping pussy. Faster trying to taste as much of her juices as possible.

*knock knock*

"Yea Yea Yeaaaa" Sky screams out holding his head in place between her ass with one hand reaching from the front.

"The masseuse madam. May I come in?"

Rapidly grinding on his face. Nigel covered her mouth with one hand. Draining her pussy juices in his mouth.

Sky burst out "Right there. I'm coming, I'm coming." As her body shakes collapsing on the table.

*Two minutes later the door opens*

Juan enters thinking she said "Come in, Come in."

"May I turn on the lights Miss Sky?"

Sky still in a trance from what just occurred, she couldn't even respond.

Juan with a puzzled looked on his face to see Sky laying on his body massage table already.

"I see someone set you up already. Sorry to have you waiting so long." Juan said putting down the body massage table he had brought to the room.

Sky sat up flabbergasted " What are you talking about? You just give me a massage." Grabbing her towel off the chair wrapping it around her naked body.

Looking pass Juan, Sky noticed someone tip topping out the door. As she got up she noticed something on the floor by her feet. An I.D. that read, "John Jay College Of Criminal Justice Fall 2011 Nigel Young"

"The dude from earlier?" Sky smiled and asked herself.

Written by @MsNewShoes


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