Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A story about needs. Perhaps how one need can fulfill another. Or am I just taking the piss....?


A story about needs. Perhaps how one need can fulfill another.

Or am I just taking the piss....?


Submitted: July 29, 2018

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Submitted: July 29, 2018



Christina Ridgley pushed a hand through her thick mane of ginger hair, her freckled face shone in the dim lights of the quiet bar. I tried not to stare, but I was entranced.

“You know what, Kevin?” said, staring at me with those sparkling green eyes, “I had a great time at the movie, the dinner yesterday was lovely, and I have enjoyed this drink tonight. I think the next step is in order, don’t you?”

I coughed on my beer and nodded. But she must have seen in my eyes that I didn’t quite get it.

“I’m talking sex, Kevin, fucking. You’re a cute guy, you’ve gone out of your way to be nice to me. All things considered, I think I’d like to fuck you.” She grinned at my confusion, “If that’s okay with you…”


Okay? It was a dream come true! Jeez! I’d fancied Christina Ridgley since we were in school – I used to walk behind her in the corridor just to look at her bum. At sixteen, she had a gorgeous bum, now, six years down the line, it looked even better. I had a good view when I put her on the bus last night.


“G-g-g-g-great….um….wow!” was my response.

“That’s settled, then.” she kissed my cheek, “Finish your pint, lovey, there’s a bus in two minutes.”

I had just started, but I sank it in one at the prospect of going back to Christina’s.


She was wrong about the bus. We were at that bus stop nearly half an hour. I’d had three pints already, and it was a cold night, so I was beginning to feel the need to pee. But I daredn’t go back to the boozer for fear of missing my chance.

Christina took my mind off my bladder by kissing me. She didn’t bother about the other people in the bus queue, she had her tongue down my throat and her hand, surreptitiously, on my cock.

These tender ministrations lasted the whole bus journey: snogging, ear-nibbling and making me hold my coat over my hips so that she could stroke my hard-on through my chinos.


The bus took another twenty-five minutes; although Christina was now fiddling with my zipper, I was still wishing I’s used the pub toilet. I felt one finger toy and tickle the hard, sticky head of my penis.

“Oooooh. Lovely!” said the vision of red-haired beauty beside me.


I was desperate. But what for? To have my way with Christina? Or to have a piss?


Her flat was on the second floor, I walked up the stairs behind her. Her arse looked amazing under her tight skirt. I was hypnotised by its rhythmic swing as we ascended. I found myself hoping that she’d let me….no. I stopped myself. We need to get acquainted before I can start asking for that particular treat. “Time enough, Kevin.” I told myself, “It will be worth waiting for, even if it takes months for her to agree.”


When we got into her flat, it was getting unbearable.

“Christina, love,” I asked, “Can you tell me where your loo is?”

“Sorry, Kevin, said she, “I can’t let you go just yet.”


She picked a cold can of cola from the fridge. “I need you to drink this first.”

“Christina, I am about to burst.”

“Good,” she replied, there was a sparkle of mischief in her glorious green eyes. “but if you can hold on for bit, I promise you can do anything you like with me. Anything. Sound good?”


Anything? A brief heavenly vision of Christina’s ass flew threw my addled mind.

“Yes. Absolutely!” I panted.

“Well you drink your pop, while I undress.” That ‘anything’ banished all other thoughts or discomforts from my mind. The can gave a fizz as I opened it.

“I’ll start with you,” she purred.


Christina pushed up my t-shirt and gently kissed and nibbled my nipples. Fuck! That was so sexy. Passing the can, I got the shirt off as she knelt down and unbuckled my belt. She looked up as me, her eyes shining as she popped the button of my trousers, then slowly pulled down the zip. My cock sprang into her face, poking through the fly in my shorts.

“Oh Kevin,” she breathed huskily, “Is that all for me?”

“Y-y-y-y-ye..Fuck!” I yelped as she squeezed my balls.

“Hmmm-mmm,” she murmured appreciatively, pulling down my pants and nuzzling my sack.


Standing up, Christina began to undo the buttons of her blouse. I finished the can. I began to move towards her, but realised my trousers and drawers were around my ankles.


“Stay there, Kevin. Good boy.” Christina commanded as she shed the blouse, then the skirt, and stood before me in in a pretty black matching bra and pants set, her hair like a ginger halo around her beautiful face. “Let me explain.”

She pulled the bra straps off her shoulders, “Wank for me while I tell you, Kevin,” she husked, “show me how you do yourself…”

I gripped my shaft and pulled. I was so wet with pre-cum, my foreskin slid easily over my glans. Another huge clear bead grew on my cock-end.

Christina pulled down the cups of her bra, her pale breasts were dappled with freckles, her nipples small and very pale pink. “I need you really hard in my cunt, Kevin. I mean really hard.” She squeezed her breasts gently with her hands, “Need it. It’s the only way I can get off with you in there.” her fingers rolled and pulled her nipples. “And you get harder, much harder, when you have a full bladder.” One hand went behind her back and the bra was off. “You also feel more, much more.”

Captivated by her sultry strip, I slowly stroked, rolling my rumpled skin over my shining bell and back down my shaft. “You’ll be so fucking hard and you’ll feel so much….It will be the most amazing fuck you’ve ever had.” I was unsurprised to find that I did feel extra hard.


Her thumbs were in the waistband of her knickers. I found myself hoping, for the first time I could remember, that she didn’t shave. If her pubes were the same colour as her hair that would be such a turn on.

I wasn’t disappointed. Down came the panties to reveal a burnished copper bush, the hairs long and curling, as if her fanny was on fire.


My jaw dropped, she gave a giggle, “You like hairy girls, Kevin?”

“I fucking do now!” I gasped.

She laughed in response and moved toward the bed, where she lay down and spread her legs, “I want you to fuck me Kevin, fuck me hard with your lovely big hard cock.” She fingered herself, as I struggled out of my pants and shoes. Her gash was glowing pink with shiny wetness.


I took her hands in mine and pushed them over her head, I kissed her lovely mouth and shifted my hips so that my cock-head was slipping up and down her hot, sticky slit.

“So hot…,” she moaned, as my head dropped to her neck and my cock began to push into her folds of flesh.

I kissed her dappled chest, moving to her hard little nipples. I had to bow my back like a cat to keep my cock inside her as I sucked and nibbled those sweet buds. Her fanny was like a furnace around my bell end as I pushed deeper.

“Good,” moaned Christina, “more, give me more!”

I felt an odd, unfamiliar, almost pleasurable pain in my parts as I finally got as far I could. Then I yelled out loud as I felt Christina’s core grip me, like a hot damp vice.

I looked at her face, she fixed me with a wild green-eyed stare, “You like that, boy?” she hissed through gritted teeth, “How about this?” Again the pressure on my prick. I gasped. She gave a rasping laugh, “Fuck me now, Kevin, fuck me like there’s no tomorrow!”


Slowly I pulled out, right past the ridge of my cock-head, then I pushed in hard. Christina yowled.


I did it again, slow pull out, hard thrust in, and again.


Getting quicker, I repeated this movement, until Christina began to move with me, meeting my down strokes with brutal pushes against me.

Faster and faster we fucked, sweat was pouring off us both. In the small light of the room, Christina’s body seems to shine with its own pale light..

“Yes!” she howled, “Yes! Now, Kevin, fuck me hard. Hard, you bastard!”


I humped for all I was worth, my cock solid, but almost numb. Christina began to twitch and spasm, her body stiffened, her cunt became so much more wet that I could hear it slap and slurp with my thrusts. A roar erupted from deep inside her. “I’m coming!” she keened, “coming now!” 

Her body jerked and danced as I pounded away. I was so turned on, but I couldn’t come, not yet.


I felt her hands grip my buttocks, pulling me towards her, encouraging me. Without warning she shoved a finger up my arse. My balls started to burn, my cock began jump and clench without any effort on my part.


My ejaculation came hard and hot, almost painful. Christina writhed and shuddered under me, her pale freckled skin now flushed dark pink. I kept pumping my hips – even although I had come, my cock still felt hard; I couldn’t stop myself.


Suddenly Christina arched her back, right off the bed, screamed and collapsed in a dead faint. I withdrew, my cock was sore and steaming, finally beginning to slacken off a bit; I lay by her side and took her in my arms, rocking her gently.


It only took a few seconds, then Christina opened her eyes and gasped for breath.


“Oh fuck,” she panted, “What did I say? Fucking brilliant, eh?” She started to giggle and I couldn’t help but join in.


“Christina, I swear to God, it’s never been so….intense,” I told her.


She kissed my mouth, fiercely, passionately. I pulled her to me tighter. As we kissed and cuddled, I began to feel the pain in my bladder growing.


Breaking the tongue tangled kissing, I said, “Baby, I really have to go.”


She fixed me with her beautiful green eyes and asked, “Do you want to do it on me?”


“What?” I was shocked.


“Kevin, I mean it. You can if you want to. Piss on me.”


“Do you want that?” To be honest, I was kind of disgusted.


“No. Not really. My last boyfriend thought it was his right. Since I’d made him suffer for me.”


“Christina, sweetheart. We just had the best sex ever. You didn’t make me suffer. And I really don’t want to spoil it by…well you know.” I couldn’t even say it.


“Thank fuck for that!” she beamed, “I hated it. But you, poor love, need to go. Toilet’s just on the left there.”


I bounced off that bed like a jack-in-the-box. The last thing I wanted was have this gorgeous girl see me pissing myself.



The toilet bowl bubbled with the jet of urine that came bursting out of me. Just when I was shaking the snake, I felt Christina’s breasts against my back, her wiry pubes against my bare buttocks. Her arms came around my waist, one lascivious hand crept down to my relieved but flaccid penis.


“If you’re feeling better, big boy,” came her voice, “we can carry on…” she kissed my back.


“Oh yes, I’d like that.” I faltered, “Um…….Do you have any more Coke in the fridge?”


Christina Ridgley turned me around, her ginger hair was tousled and wild, her pale freckled skin, still flushed and sweaty, but her eyes sparkled green with a promise of mischief.


“I like your cock that hard in my cunt, Kevin darling, need it even. But my mouth- mmmm - that’s another matter,”

She kissed me again,

“and as for my arsehole…”

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