Torchwood: Ianto comes back 'A COE fix it story'

Torchwood: Ianto comes back 'A COE fix it story' Torchwood: Ianto comes back 'A COE fix it story'

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction



The Doctor visits Jack three months after Children of Earth happened and wants to fix things with Jack, so he does something he wouldn't normally do, breaks the time lords rules. Hope you like it, its just something I got thinking about one night and decided to write it down as I didnt like how COE ended. If you like it and want more added let me know and I will add it when I can. Enjoy!



The Doctor visits Jack three months after Children of Earth happened and wants to fix things with Jack, so he does something he wouldn't normally do, breaks the time lords rules. Hope you like it, its just something I got thinking about one night and decided to write it down as I didnt like how COE ended. If you like it and want more added let me know and I will add it when I can. Enjoy!

Chapter1 (v.1) - Torchwood: Ianto comes back 'A COE fix it story'

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The Doctor visits Jack three months after Children of Earth happened and wants to fix things with Jack, so he does something he wouldn't normally do, breaks the time lords rules. Hope you like it, its just something I got thinking about one night and decided to write it down as I didnt like how COE ended. If you like it and want more added let me know and I will add it when I can. Enjoy!

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 24, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 24, 2013



Chapter one:

Ianto holds up gun "If there's a virus, there must be an anti-virus. Release it now, or I'll blow a hole in that tank, and we'll all die together."
Jack, joining Ianto after running out to warn the guards outside to get everyone out, holds up his gun at the tank.
"You've made your point now stop this and we can talk!"
"You are dying. Even now." Was all the 456 replies.
At that they both shoot the tank, a screaming noise stops them.
Jack speaks first beginning to panic now "What's that noise? What's it doing? We gotta get you out of here. I can survive anything, but you can't!"
Ianto looks at Jack as Jack grabs hold of his arms. "It's too late. I've breathed the air."
Jack, desperate now, begins crying. "There's gotta be something, there's gotta be an antidote!"
The voice behind the glass speaks then interupting. "You said you would fight."
"Then I take it back, alright? I take it all back, but not him!" Jack says willing to do anything to save Ianto
Ianto falls to the ground, and is caught by Jack. He lies in his arms.
"No! No, no, no, no, no. Ianto? No, no, no..." Jack says, "It's all my fault."
"No it's not..." Ianto manages to stay not wanting Jack to blame himself.
"Don't speak, save your breath." Jack cries.
Ianto replies crying now "I love you."
"Don't." Ianto closes his eyes. "Ianto? Ianto? Ianto, stay with me, Ianto, stay with me please." Jack shakes him, desperate, "Stay with me, stay with me."
Ianto opens his eyes hearing the pain in Jack's voice and forces himself to stay alive as long as he can. "Hey, it was...Good, yeah?"
"Yeah." Remembering the night they had caught Myfanwy and all the other memories leading up to this moment.
Ianto struggling to breath now but determined to get this out, "Don't forget me."
Shaking his head, Jack responds with all he could say "Never could."
"In a thousand years time, you won't remember me."
"Yes I will Ianto. I promise, I will."
Ianto closes his eyes for the final time. "Ianto? Ianto? Don't go, don't leave me, please. Please, don't--"
"You will die. And tomorrow, your people will deliver the children." Said the 456 not at all phased by what was happening in front of it.
With one last kiss to Ianto's now cold mouth, Jack gives in to death and falls backwards still with his arm around Ianto.

6 months later, Jack is standing inside the ship that he boarded after leaving Cardiff and the last Torchwood member behind. He couldn't be there without
his Welshman and knowing that he had ruined everything with his daughter Alice after what he had done to Steven. He didn't blame her though, hell he would
hate him too. Killing her son, his grandson, to save millions of children. He feels a tap on his shoulder which brings him away from his thoughts and he

realizes that he has tears
running down his face.
"Excuse me sir... are you alright?" The voice behind him says.
Turning around fast, "Don't call me that!" Jack angrily says to the guy in front of him.
"Oh sorry geez was just seeing if you were ok." The man says in his American accent.
Jack doesn't hear his reply as he was thinking about his Welshman. 'Ianto ...' He again is interrupted from his thoughts.
"Fine ignore me then! I'm sorry for caring enough to ask."
Jack sighs and thinks Ianto would be telling him to stop being so rude to the poor guy, so he takes a breath. "I'm sorry .. it's been a long few months."
The other man looks at him looking shooked at the apology. "Wanna talk about it?" He asks nervously.
"Not really. But thank you anyway." Jack then turns back around to face the counter and has a mouthful of his drink.
"Ok then. The names Gareth by the way. Just incase you change your mind." He says quietly in a flirty voice which reminds Jack of the night Ianto had came to
his rescue after trying to capture Janet.

After catching Janet.
"Thanks" Ianto said as he leans against the tree.
"No thank you... and you are?" Jack replies wondering if he will need to retcon this man.
"Jones, Ianto Jones," Ianto says flirtingly.
Reaching forward to shake Ianto's hand Jack says, "Nice to meet you Jones, Ianto Jones... Capt'n Jack Harkness"
"Lucky escape?" Ianto adds.
"I had it under control"
"You think so? Looked pretty vicious... you are um.." Ianto walks towards Jack reaching his hand out towards his neck. Jack pulls away before Ianto can touch

him. "you were bleeding."
"Had worse from shaving" Jack announces trying to not make a big deal about it.
"Looked like a weevil to me..." Ianto says looking down at the creature on the ground now with its head covered and laying still.
"I have no idea what your talking about..." Ianto looks at him strangly at that. "I'll take it from here." Jack bends down to pick up the Weevil
and puts it over his shoulders. "Thanks for the assistance." He adds as he walks away.
"Anytime... by the way, love the coat." Ianto says flirting again. Jack just shakes his head smiling as he continues to walk away.

Shaking himself back to the present he lets a few more tears fall from his blue eyes before turning back to Gareth, who was now looking at him.
"Captain Jack Harkness, can I buy you a drink?" He asks deciding to try to forget about his pain for a while.
Gareth smiles then nodding, "Thanks I will have a ... um what your having." He says and sits down next to Jack at the Bar.
Jack forces out a smile in return and orders two more of what he had.
"So you sure you don't want to talk about whatever is troubling you? I am a very good listener... and it might help to talk about it." Gareth states
Jack sighs trying to stay calm, "I lost two people who I love, my grandson and my...partner."
"Oh man ... I'm sorry, that would be hard. No wonder your a mess." Gareth responds taking in Jack's appearance, he could see the pain in his eyes now.
"Yeah. What is worse is that... I didn't say it back just said 'Don't'..." Jack mumbles more to himself. Ianto had died without knowing how Jack had really
felt about him and he would do anything to have a chance to tell him. Anything.
Gareth stays silent not knowing what to say, watching the bartender pour a drink for a woman two stools down. Sighing he decides to break the silence. "Well

I don't know about you but I could do with some music." He looks at jack watching him carefully. Jack nods slightly and finishes his last mouthful of drink.
"'s long as its not a sad love song..." Jack agrees. "I can't... not right now."
"Maybe you could go choose one then?" Gareth adds pointing to the Jukebox in the far corner.
Jack looks at him for a few seconds trying to work out what this guy is trying to do. Nodding he gets up and walks in the direction of the Jukebox thinking

what Ianto would be doing if he was here with him. Another few tears roll down Jack's face and he quickly wipes them away before someone sees. 'I miss you

Ianto... I would do anything for you to be here with me right now' Jack thinks to himself. Just then a voice inside his head says "Would you really do

anything?". Did I just hear that or have I gone crazy? He asks himself. Shaking his head, he thinks about the voice... wait a minute, I know that voice!
"Hey old girl! Of course I would do anything!" He thinks to the Tardis.
"Oh so you really do love him then?"
"Oh yes ..." Jack sighs not really wanting to carry on this conversation.
"Ok. Thats good to know! See you in a few moments." She says in return.
"What do..." He didn't get to finish that question as there is a whirling sound behind him. Smiling a little he turns around to see the blue police box in

front of him. Jack walks towards the doors getting excited about seeing the Doctor again. Knocking on the door, Jack waits as patiently as he can.
"Come in Jack!" The Doctor shouts from inside. "You of all people don't need to knock, you should know that by now." He adds once jack is inside and the door

is closed again.
"Well you know me... "Jack smiles sadly. " to be polite, sometimes. So what are you doing here?"
"Hello to you too!" The Doctor laughs, "I'm here to fix what happened 3 months ago. I should of been here to help and I wasn't, I'm sorry. I want to make up

fro the last time you traveled with me..." Jack shudders at the memory of being on board the Vallient. "... you know how I don't normally mess with timelines

if I can hlp it, but I want ot do this for you. I owe you that much, especially after calling you wrong."
"Are you saying what I think your saying Doctor?" Jack asks hoping he is.
"If by bringing your Ianto back then yes... I am saying what you think I'm saying." The doctor says, then adds "So what happened to his body?"
Jack, blinks not believing what he has just heard. The Doctor wanting to bring Ianto back? For Him? "What about Steven?..."
"You can only have one back, I'm sorry to have to make you do this Jack but you have to decide who you want back. I am already breaking the rules by bringing

one back..." He frowns shaking his head.
"I want Ianto." Jack doesnt even have to think about it. "He loves me for me, believes in me even when I don't... I need him back please Doctor."
"Right then, lets go and get his body, where is it?" Rushing around the controls in the centre of the room.
"Uh UNIT ... Martha is looking after him. Before I left I made sure she would take care of his body and make sure nothing would happen to him."
"Ok! Will be good to see her again..." The Doctor sighs and Jack feels the pull of the Tardis as she moves. "Feel free to roam around, why don't you go see

your room?".
Nodding, Jack heads towards his bedroom here on the blue box starting to feel good about this. Then smiling to himself, a proper real smile, he realizes that

Ianto will finally be able to travel on the Tardis with him.
An hour later the Tardis stops moving and Jack heads back to the main room. "Are we here?"
The Doctor laughs, "Oh I've missed traveling with you Jack!"
"If this works, this... bringing back Ianto," Jack replies "We can go somewhere for old times sake? Show Ianto some of the places we have been?"
"Of course! I would love to do that. Now come on lets go do this!"
Jack was at the door already opening it by the time the Doctor finished the sentence. Stepping outside, he turns to see where his friend is, "Come on! It's

going to be Christmas soon..." he says cheekily his playfulness coming back.
"Alright! Alright ... I'm coming! Geez you do love this man don't you..." His friend replies smiling
"Old news Doctor, get with the programme! Now stop dawdling and hurry up!" Jack respondes grinning the Harkness grin, happy to be back on Earth. He never

realized how much he thought of this place as home.
"Alright bossy boots...come on lets go get your man." He smiles happy that Jack is back to his normal self again. 'Ianto really is good for him.' He thinks

to himself. 'This is worth it'.
Walking into UNIT, they ask a lady walking around holding what looks like a laser, where they would find Miss Martha Jones.
"Ah try her office..."
"Ok thank you!" Jack says giving her a flirty smile.
"Oh stop it you! You already have a man."
"I know can't I just smile at her?!" Jack asks and carries on towards Martha's office.
His friend sighs but doesn't reply. 'Oh boy! This is going to get worse once Ianto is back, Jack is going to be all over him...'
A few minutes later they reach Martha's office and knock on the door. "Come in!" She shouts out.
Jack looks at the Doctor and makes eye contact for a few seconds, smiling at eachother they open the door and walk in.
"Jack! Doctor! What a pleasent surprise!"Martha says happily.
"Hello Martha! How have you been?"
"Not bad Doctor, yourself?"
"Oh you know... the usual." He sighs. "So you have your own office now? When did this happen?"
"Oh yeah, a couple of months ago now. Actually it was after we returned from saving the world. Bit of a promotion I guess you can call it..." Martha laughs,

"SO what can I do for you both? You wouldn't just come to visit so it must be something you need?".
Jack laughs, "Well congratulations Martha! I'm happy for you, and what makes you think we wouldn't just come to visit?"
"Oh because it's you! Now come on out with it... what do you need? Is it something to do with that Welshman of yours?"
Jack still laughing finally stops and nods. "Yes it is Miss Jones, you are to smart for your own good!" Jack grins at her.
"I'm glad your back Jack. Come on then lets go!"
Jack and the Doctor follow Martha down to the room where they keep the freezers for freezing bodies to keep them in the same way they were when they died.
Martha and the Doctor are discusing bringing Ianto back when they finally reach their destination. Jack rushes over to the drawer where he had seen Martha

put Ianto in when he had asked her to look after him those three months ago. Sliding it out he looks down at the man he loves and lets a few tears drop.
"So Doctor how are we doing this? Are you sure it will work? And he will come back as he was before he died?" Jack wonders hoping he wont be like how Owen

was when he used the glove to bring him back.
"We have to unfreeze him first then I will have to act quickly you don't need the details. Yes it will work and of course he will come back normal ... oh you

haven't been playing around with those gloves have you Jack?"
Jack sighs and tries not to look guilty. "Well ... long story," he says sadly still regreting not noticing how the glove was effecting her.

"...and then my medic got shot and ... died, I wasn't ready to loose him yet so I went looking for the other glove." He adds frowning thinking about what had

happened after.
The doctor shakes his head sadly. "You should know by now that when people die they are meant ot stay dead ... timelines and all that."
"Yeah I know Doc... I just needed Owen. Suzie... well that I didnt know about before she had killed people to use it. She killed herself after I confronted

her about it but not before taking Gwen as a hostage outside the Hub."
Both Martha and the Doctor are standing next to Jack now, "Right are we ready?" Martha asks looking at Jack, watching him.
Both men nod and Martha goes ahead with opening the capsual and preparing Ianto for defrosting. "Right you two, I'm going to need help shifting him onto the

bed over there." Smiling when Jack wraps one of his arms underneath Ianto's back and the other arm under his legs to pick him him up. "Ok then I will just

grab the special blanket we use and then it's your turn Doctor." She says and heads over to a desk to grab out a blanket that is wrapped up in plastic.
Jack places Ianto down carefully on the bed smiling at a memory of the night Captain John went back through the rift after stating he had found Gray. They

had to avoid themselves till timelines caught up so Jack took them all to a hotel in town for the night, he got everyone a room each and decided he would

share with Ianto. They both relaxed while they could and watch some movies and Ianto had fallen asleep cuddled up to Jack. He didn't want to wake him so he

had just picked him up and carried him to their double bed smiling when Ianto had snuggled in while he was carrying him. That was one of his favourite nights

spent with Ianto. Shivering at how cold Ianto feels, Jack looks down again at him wanting to climb onto the bed with him and use his body heat to unfreeze

him. The Doctor must of seen something on his face because he starts to shuffle, "You will have a chance for that later Jack...".
Martha returns then with the blanket so Jack stays silent. She places the blanket over Ianto and he instantly looks warmer, colour returning to his pale

cheeks. "Ok Doctor do your thing! Make it fast I don't want to explain to the boss why you both are down here and why Ianto is alive again." Martha sighs

glancing at the door.
"Its ok Martha you can leave now if you want we will fix the camera so you wont be seen on it with us."
"No not yet Doctor, I want to check over Ianto make sure everything is ok. So stop talking and get on with whatever your going to do to bring him back."
He nods and reaches into his coat. Pulling out a vial of liquid and a needle, he opens the vial and places the needle in measuring out what is needed.

Finding a vein in Ianto's arm he quickly sticks in the needle and injects the blue liquid, then turns to Jack who is fiddling around with his vortex

manipulator obviosly a little nervous. "Jack... stop fidgeting!" Jack sighs and stands still not being able to wait any longer to hear those Welsh vowels,

and talk to him. Sitting down on the bed beside his lover, Jack places his hand on Ianto's left hand holding onto it.

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