Upon a Childish Whim

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

Parents' Evening encounter

Table of Contents

Chapter One

“So, what do you suggest can be done to remedy the situation, Mr Henderson?” Philip gave a slight smile with an open-handed shrug... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

Philip Henderson was in a state of shock. Had what happened really happened, he asked himself? Was it an accident? Was he being super ... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

That night, as he lay in his bed reflecting upon the embarrassment, he had experienced earlier that evening, Philip Henderson came to a c... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

“Dish! Over here!” Philip Henderson, on his progression down the corridor towards his next lesson, turned to see why on earth som... Read Chapter

Chapter Five

UPON A CHILDISH WHIM Chapter Five   Philip Henderson sat in the Senior Common Room with his usual cup of after school... Read Chapter

Chapter Six

UPON A CHILDISH WHIM  Chapter Six    “Well, here we are, Mrs Maxwell,” Philip... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven

UPON A CHILDISH WHIM Chapter Seven   Holding the two ends of the towel together at his waist, Philip walked out of the hou... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight

Philip Henderson's humiliation reaches a crescendo at the Childs' poolside barbecue Read Chapter