Giving Up Control

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

Jonathan has to finally face a final hurdle on the course of accepting the demanding control of his partner Kingsley.

“Jonty, sit down for a moment whilst I explain a few things to your sister and brother-in-law.”

My heart stopped.

I was silently screaming out “no, please!” But I knew I couldn’t. I knew I was facing the inevitable first hurdle.

I had hoped it would be with a relative stranger. It would prove to be far, far stranger with a relative. Kingsley began.

“As you are both fully aware, Marjorie, Giles - your brother Jonathan and I have been in a relationship for more than two years now.”

“Yes, of course we know that, Kingsley,” Marjorie interrupted. “I knew Jonty, as you call him, was gay before he did. We may be thoroughly provincial in your eyes, but in spite of what to you doubtless seems a pedestrian lifestyle, please believe me when I can assure you Giles and I are both far from narrow minded.”

I groaned inwardly and looked at Kingsley’s slow spreading smile.

“Thank you for that, Marjorie. What you have said just now has probably gone a long way in reassuring Jonathan, as you call him, in the steps he has to take.”

I tried to swallow down the hard lump in my throat as I listened to the blood pulsing in my ears. I began to tremble, and the palms of my hands were sweaty. I wiped them on the trouser fabric covering my knees – for how much longer I dreaded to contemplate.

“All right, Jonathan, old man?” Giles leant forward and addressed me as if I were the family Labrador. I half expected him to give me a scratch behind the ears. I gave him a thin smile and fixed my eyes on the carpet. Kingsley cleared his throat.

“During our two years we have grown together, learning from each other and developing a closer more intimate relationship, as you might imagine. In that time, we have gained a much greater assurance of our various wants and needs, our individual strengths and weaknesses, and where we can support and nurture our desires and dreams.”

“Yes, that’s very nice, and indeed as it should be,” Marjorie interjected.

“But that is only something that happens with time, I’m sure you’ll agree, Marjorie. It takes that length of time to build sufficient confidence in ourselves and each other in order to enable us to explore and indeed reveal what depths we wish to evolve within the relationship that perhaps we should not have been comfortable with in the beginning. It is only now that those needs can be expressed and developed and fulfilled.”

“Yes, Giles and I think that,” Marjorie offered.

Giles shot a surprised and bemused look at her but said nothing. Kingsley smiled at them both and continued.

“To give you an example, it soon became clear that Jonty had a reluctance to commit either himself, or indeed ourselves, to a clear decision, yet he always appeared perfectly happy and relieved when I arrived at one – even if it was not one he would necessarily have arrived at, left to his own devices.”

“If ever!” Marjorie exclaimed with a short bark of a laugh.

“At one stage, he accused me of being a control freak, and to a degree, I suppose I am. In admitting to it, however, I made Jonty acknowledge that, in fact, he quite enjoyed abrogating the responsibility himself and leaving all such aspects to me. He was entirely comfortable with my ideas and suggestions rather than having to come up with one of his own.”

“That was Mother’s fault,” Marjorie interposed. “She never ever let him think for himself, and Dad wasn’t what you’d call a decision-maker either. I must admit, I’m a bit like her. I’m afraid I rather take after her in that way, don’t I, Giles?”

Giles smiled and said, “Go on, Kingsley. What were you going to tell us?”

“Well, it started quite slowly to begin with; little decisions made for him by me, and accepted unquestioningly. The right tie to wear for a particular occasion; stuff like that. Then it got to my picking out the sort of shirt he should buy, accompanying him on all buying expeditions, choosing his jackets, trousers. I even made him change his style of underwear; from baggy boxers to snug briefs. And he was quite happy to go along with all of this. In fact, he went so far as to say he liked the way I was taking control.

“The more he seemed to like it, the further I decided to take it and he accepted it all. Indeed, I genuinely think it excited him, didn’t it, Jonty?”

I met Kingsley’s penetrating gaze and felt myself tremble.

“Yes . . .” I said. My throat closed before the ‘sir’ I should have added.

“I think it all became a bit more serious upon an occasion when he spilt some food on a new pair of suit trousers I had picked out for him and I decided and indeed tentatively decreed that in future, to avoid any such accidents, he should take them off the minute he arrived home. He went along with the idea quite happily and to my mind surprisingly seemed only too eager to embrace it. I’d already stopped him from sleeping in pyjamas. He’d get night sweats when he wore them, and he was more comfortable without them ruckling up into his crotch all the time as well.

“You see, I think he looks so very smart and handsome like he is now, when he’s all dressed up for going out, but in my opinion, he looks an absolute slob in casual gear. It doesn’t suit him one bit.

“Giles has a lovely pair of very well-cut jeans,” Marjorie volunteered.

“I hate jeans on Jonty. In fact, I won’t allow him to wear them,” Kingsley countered.

“You sound very dictatorial, if you don’t mind my saying,” Marjorie offered.

“I am very dictatorial, I know. And Jonty likes that in me. He actually wants me to be. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say he begged me to be. And so, I do, to please and excite him.”

“Excite him?” she queried with a hollow laugh.

“Believe you me, Marjorie. You will get to see Jonty’s excitement for yourself ‘ere long.”

My heart started to thump painfully in my chest. Giles glanced querulously at me and smiled a shade nervously. I think he was beginning to sense my growing discomfort.

Needless to say, Marjorie was oblivious to my, and everybody else’s, feelings.

“So, gradually, over time,” Kingsley began the denouement, “Jonty got into the habit of discarding his office clothes as soon as he got home, and, because I didn’t approve of his casual stuff, to please me, he forewent putting anything else on.”

“With no trousers on, you mean?”

“Just in his baggy boxers. That’s when I took exception to them and made him take up smart snug-fitting little briefs. He found it rather embarrassing at first, didn’t you, Jonty? But surprisingly quickly he got used to them and actually found them – to use the word again – exciting.”

Marjorie turned and stared at me uncomprehendingly.

“I suppose it was about that time we began to explore the excitement he was experiencing every time I exerted some form of control over him. I found he would simply leap upon just the suggestion of an idea I’d come up with in his keenness to comply. For instance, I remarked on the unsightly sag on the fly hole in a new pair of briefs he’d only just started wearing, upbraiding him for being too rough with them in his haste to relieve himself. I’d said that in future it would be better if he were to push the whole garment right down and sit to urinate like a female.

"Without so much as a quibble, that’s what he started to do, and that’s what he does each and every time to this day, don’t you, Jonty?”

“I do,” I murmured quietly, avoiding meeting anyone’s eye and fearful I was blushing.

“So, of course, with him no longer using a fly hole, we were able to move on to smaller, figure flattering bikini-style underwear. That’s when I suggested that the lower waistband revealed too much unsightly pubic hair and that it would be better if it was shaved.”

Giles shot me another glance and self-consciously crossed his legs.

“And it got to be a bit of a rigmarole getting everything out, scissors, towels, shaving soap, clippers, razor, for just a bit like that I said to him that he might as well do his chest and under arms each time at the same time, to make it all a worthwhile effort and then he could go without a top on in the house as well. And he went along with it quite happily. In fact, if truth be told, I think he got quite a kick out of it. And if I’m to be brutally honest, I have to admit that I did too." 

"Something about the whole system we’d embraced consolidated and magnified our rapport, there’s no doubt about it. We both found ourselves looking for more all the time. I remember we were going to a great big black tie do of Jonty’s in the early spring and I’d got Jonty to buy a brand new shiny D.J. – and trousers, of course, with a lot of silk in it. Lovely feel to it, but of course creases like the very devil. I said to him, we’d have to take an iron with us just in case. He looked fabulous in it but when he bent over in the trousers, even with the snug-fit undies, his V.P.L. was oh so obvious.”

“V.P.L.?” Giles shot a puzzled look at all three.

“Visible panty line,” Marjorie and Kingsley chorussed together.

“So, I said to Jonty,” Kingsley continued, “‘No knickers for you tonight, my lad’, and to my surprise he agreed straight away. We got to the car and I said, ‘you can’t drive there in it; you’ll be creased to buggery’, if you’ll pardon the expression, ‘get it off now and lay it out carefully on the back seat’. ‘But I’ve got no undies on,’ he says. ‘Then be very careful you don’t frighten the neighbours,’ I said. ‘Get ‘em off!’ And I swiftly set about his trouser fastenings, didn’t I, Jonty.”

“Yes, you did, s. . .,”

“So, anyway, we had a fabulous time and when we got back I had to oversee him taking the suit off the moment we got in, plus stiff shirt and bow tie and of course, as you know, he’d no pants on under, so he was starkers, and I said that it was a very good look on him and he might as well take it up full time at home when we were on our own. He looked a bit stunned, but I could tell there was something about the idea of my making him live naked all the time that gave him a bit of a thrill.”

Giles cleared his throat rather noisily as he uncrossed his legs and dropped both hands into his lap.

“So, what you’re saying is that Jonathan is always naked here when it’s just the two of you?” Marjorie sought clarification.

“That’s right,” Kingsley smiled.

“But what happened if someone unexpectedly turned up at the door?”

“Well, to begin with, he skedaddled into the bedroom, and, if I invited whoever in, then it would be acceptable for Jonty to dress. Later, he might be only allowed to wear a robe. Then, over time, it developed into his only being permitted a small hand-towel clasped round his waist. And that somewhat grudgingly these latter days which appeared to up the ante for him, I thought.”

Giles turned and looked at me with a quizzical expression on his face. “So why is he not sitting there in just a small hand-towel now?”

“Ah! That’s a very good question, Giles; and one that I’ll let Jonty answer for himself. Jonty, the floor is yours,” Kingsley said with an elaborate gesture.

“The thing is that today, Kingsley has decided we must start a new phase of my giving him more control over me,” I began tentatively. “He wants me to want him to call all the shots, and I think I do want him to. Today is the final test for me to prove to him that I’ve really got there.”

My voice was really shaky and had a crack in it.

“To prove to him how much I love him, cherish him and respect and indeed wholeheartedly expect his complete control over me, from now on I must call him “Sir”, and furthermore I’m required to no longer wear any form of covering in the home, even when we have company - regardless of it being family, friends or work colleagues."

Marjorie gaped at me unblinking. My eyes were strangely hot and wet.

Feverishly, I found I was trying to recall if my sister had ever seen me naked. I seemed to think I remembered some embarrassment about a particular bath time when I was roughly seven or eight. I was certain I had never been less than fully clothed in front of my brother-in-law.

“And the prospect of all this excites you?” Giles asked breathlessly with a look of incredulity.

“If you doubt his excitement at the prospect, Giles, allow me to direct your eyes to the fork of his trousers,” Kingsley murmured demurely.

Both Giles and I glanced down – he with astonishment, I with a pang of shame and embarrassment that my excitement was so blatantly obvious.

Marjorie snatched a quick peek and swiftly looked away again.

“So, my dear Jonty, the time has come for you to truly acknowledge you have willingly given up all control to me,” Kingsley said, steepling his fingers and leaning back in his armchair whilst regarding me closely with his unwavering gaze.

Slowly, I shrugged off my sports jacket and with trembling fingers attempted to unknot my tie.

“Marjorie, and Giles both,” Kingsley addressed my sister and her husband whilst his gaze was firmly fixed upon my undressing, “I do hope the prospect of future visits from either of you will not be unduly influenced by the fact that this is the very last time you will see your brother indoors other than entirely naked?”

Submitted: July 20, 2020

© Copyright 2022 Nder. All rights reserved.

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I think you should know that I wrote my reply to your comment on my story before I saw you had posted this, otherwise it may look like sarcasm, which was certainly not intended.

Gay domination stories are perhaps not quite my 'kink' but it's well written, as always.Please keep posting.

Mon, July 20th, 2020 7:36pm

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