When You Touch Me

When You Touch Me

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


R&B singer Brandy Norwood, finds passion and romance during her stint on Dancing With the Stars with her dance partner Maksim Chmerkovsiky.


R&B singer Brandy Norwood, finds passion and romance during her stint on Dancing With the Stars with her dance partner Maksim Chmerkovsiky.

Chapter1 (v.1) - When You Touch Me

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R&B singer Brandy Norwood, finds passion and romance during her stint on Dancing With the Stars with her dance partner Maksim Chmerkovsiky. <br /> <br />

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 16, 2011

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 16, 2011



The Cast:






Val (maks lil Bro)


Ray J (Brand’s lil Bro)



Errin Andrews





Kelly Rowland (Brandy’s Best Friend)





Chapter One


“Brandy, did you forget that tonight we were going to the studio to finish up your CD”, asked Ray J.

“No I didn’t Ray, but something came up, and I have to go out of town tonight”, replied Brandy.

“Come on sis. We have been putting this off long enough, I endured your Dancing with Stars BS, but this shit can’t continue, Brand”.

“What the Fuck is that suppose to mean Ray? That you endured my BS on the show. We discussed my reason for wanting to do Dancing with Stars, and you were in support, so what’s the problem?”

Ray J paused and contemplated his next words, “I’m just worried that your head is not in your music sis. You have been tripping lately, acting real weird. Are you upset about not winning?”

“No I told you I’m cool with what went down, but I have to go.” Brandy sighed.

“Where are you going?”

“New York”, she whispered.

There was silence on the other end, and then Ray J replied, “Are you going to see my boy Makism?”


“When will you back?”

“On Sunday, I have to be back for Sy’rai to go to school on Monday”.

“When you get back Bran, it’s got to be about your CD, understand?”

“I know and I will, I love you Ray, just be patient right now, okay.” She asked him.

“I love you to big sis. And tell Maks, I said what’s up playa”.

“I will.” Brandy ended the call and looked around her bedroom and closed her eyes, remembering the night she and Maks had made love in this very room.


She and Maks were at the dance studio, finishing up their dance promo for tomorrow night’s show, when Maks asked,

“So has it really been six years since you were last intimate with someone?”

“Yes it honestly has, but I wanted to do it. I was so tired of thinking sex was the answer to keeping a man, when I was giving 110% of myself, and going over and beyond to make a man happy, when I wasn’t being satisfied”.

Maks looked her up and down, and then stared at her intensely, and said. “I can satisfy you, if you let me.”

“Boy you are so silly, quit playing, before I call Errin and tell on you”, Brandy joked teasingly, and playfully shoved him.

However Maks grabbed her hands and pulled her close to him, and whispered in her ear. “Let me show you how sexy you are, and when we perform our Rumba tomorrow the world will also know how sexy you are.”

“Maks we are going to go on a pretend date, so you can romance me.” Brandy was a bundle of nerves all over from the sensation of Maks touching her.

“That is what we will put on for TV, but I want you to feel sexy in your mind and your body, baby”. He whispered in her ear.

“Maks don’t do this, we are friends. I like being your friend; I don’t want to ruin that. Besides you are with Errin, so stop playing with me”. Brandy Shouted at him and turned and walked out of the dance room, angry that he would try this.

“Brandy, wait!” Maks shouted. “Let me explain”, but Brandy had escaped behind the closed door.

“Fuck, Fuck, why couldn’t I just keep my hands to myself?” He asked himself. What am I thinking? I don’t want to mess up my friendship with Brandy, but this chemistry they share was overtaking his judgment. Just the thought of her smile, her scent, her voice and her sexy body and him jacking off every night since they been on DWTS.

Maks was so determined to have her, they he didn’t care what anyone thought, or said about him & Brandy.

He closed his eyes and fantasized about him and Brandy, when the door opened and Brandy walked back in the room, She stood by the door and watched him for a few moments and the ran into his arms.

And whispered in his ear, “I am not going to run anymore, I do want you desperately and I want this… you.”

Maks looked into her eyes and then drew her face to his and began to softly kiss her ear, and then her closed eye lids, he planted feathery kisses on her cheeks then he softly kissed her lips, he didn’t want to scare her off by how he was truly feeling inside, but when his lips touched her full pouty lips all sensibility left him and he crushed his mouth to hers and began to devour her mouth, his skilled, arousing mouth moved slick and hot against hers.

Fire, heat, and awe were the potent mix of their kisses. Brandy wrapped her arms tighter around his neck, arching her back to press her tender breasts against the hard planes of his well defined chest, tilting her head back to give him better access. He did not disappoint. He broke away from her mouth, his breathing harsh, and kissed his way down to her neck. His mouth was like hot silk against her skin.

“More, I want more of you tonight,” he whispered.

“Maks we can’t do this, this is wrong on so many levels, What about Errin?”

Maks interrupted her and said, “I told you for the last time Errin and I are just good friends and nothing else. We played around with the media last year just to keep them guessing, since all the rumors were flying off the press, that we were dating.”

“Just like they’re saying about us?” She spat sarcastically.

“Brandy, they accuse me of having a hot romance with all of my partners, hell they even said that me and Laila Ali had a thing going, but that girl was crazy, madly in love with Curtis. I can’t help how sensual some of the dances come across, but I have never felt this way about any of my partners the way I feel for you.”

“But you told me no dating; no sex, ‘just stay focused’, and now you want to take it there?”

“I told you that because; I can’t handle you being with anyone else.”

Brandy stared at him, and then turned around and grabbed her bags, she walked over to the door, hesitated and turned back around, she looked up at Maks, and said simply, “Tonight, Maks at nine.” And walked out the dance studio.

Chapter Two

Maks sat in his living room of his rented condo, and listened to Brandy’s Full Moon CD, he loved the song ‘When you Touch Me’, this is how he wanted Brandy to feel about him, he wanted her to sing these words to him.

All I can do is sit and think about
the way you used to love me
the way you used to hold me
and the way you used to touch me
and all I want is another moment
I’m waiting and I’m ready
touch me

Verse 1

wish I could hold you
just for a little while, let me
I wish I could see you right now
but you're so far away
it's driving me crazy
I’m missing you baby
and the way you touch me
it's not like anything, I’ve ever felt before
that's how I know I am yours


now is the time to
relax your mind and
go and unwind
I’ve waited for too long, I’m ready
tonight's the night
for loving you right
you know what I wanna do
I wanna give in to you


really miss you baby
and ways you touch me
I can't hardly wait
til you touch me
how I want you so
thoughts of you make me lose self control
soon as I see you baby
I’m gonna ask you for sure
could you please touch me?

Verse 2

I’m coming to see you
I’m wearing the dress that you like
I’ll be on the first plane
I’ll call when I get there, I promise
I haven't been sleeping, noooo
I’ve been thinking 'bout the way you touch me
I’m losing all self control
feels like I’m letting go
and I’m loving every minute


now is the time to
relax your mind and
go and unwind
I’ve waited for too long, I’m ready
tonight's the night
for loving you right
you know what I want to do
wanna give it to you baby


really miss you baby
and the way that you touch me
now I can hardly wait
til you touch me
how I want you so
all of a sudden make me lose control
soon as I see you baby
I’m going to ask you for sure
will you please touch me?

I’m still here
I’m still waiting
what time are you coming?


day and night I’m yearning for you to touch me
I’m thinking of you only, you are my everything
said I gotta be your lady
there is nothing that I wouldn’t do for you



He had such a strong yearning on the inside of him, about this beautiful young lady, that went back to the very first time he seen on her hit TV show,

Moesha. It was just something special about her that spoke to him through the TV. He knew that this would probably sound crazy to some, but it became even more intense the very first time they met at the restaurant Katsuya, for the DWTS partner introduction. He was so captivated by her smile and her sweetness, that they stayed two hours after all the cast had left the restaurant just talking and getting to know one another. In fact he had never been this easy and comfortable with someone as quickly as he did with Brandy, not even Erin. Don’t get him wrong he and Erin are close, but she feels like a sister to him, and they did try dating but he just didn’t feel any true romance with her. She was a great friend and will always be a part of his life. However, with Brandy there were sparks from day one.

Maks is a slave driver when it come to training and teaching his partners, but with Brandy she brought out a gentler, more caring side of him that he thought was gone, since his break up with his ex-fiancé, professional dancer Karina Smirnoff.

Maks walked over to his entertainment system and began going through his CD’s, he was going to make a special CD for him and Brandy.

He loved all kind of music, but he especially loved R&B. Maks had vast collection of music and he began searching for the right songs. He picked up a mixed CD of Donell Jones and knew instantly he wanted the song, ‘Love like This’. That song spoke to the very heart of what was between him and the chocolate beauty. He next chose an oldie but goodie, ‘Between the Sheets’, by the Isley Brothers. He wondered how Brandy would feel making love to her song ‘When you touch me’ (here is the full play list Maks chose for his night of passion with Brandy)

With You, By Chris Brown

Ne-Yo, Sexy Love

Love like this, by Donell Jones

When You Touch Me, Brandy

Between the Sheets, the Isley Brothers

I Love Me Some Him, By Toni Braxton

Hands Tied, By Toni Braxton

Neighbors No My Name, Trey Songz


Maks grabbed his bag and his keys, and walked out the door. And got into his car and headed to Brandy’s.



Chapter 3


Brandy stepped out of the shower and grabbed a bath sheet off the sheet warmer and dried her body. Next she applied her favorite moisturizer all of her body and sprit zed her body with I Love Love, by Maschino. It made her feel so sexy, Rapper Flo Rida had told her it was made for her body chemistry, and Maks always told her how sexy she smelled.


Brandy walked over to her full length mirror and stared at her body. She used to be so body conscious, growing up in Hollywood and the public eye, that she never felt pretty enough or skinny enough. When she was on Moesha the media use to say mean things about her body that spiraled in her having an eating disorder. But now she loved her body, and she especially loved how dwts has toned up her body. She did a body check made sure everything was smooth and stubble free. She had gone to the spa after leaving dance rehearsal, because she wanted to get a medi, pedi, and a Brazilian wax.


Her thoughts were interrupted by her phone’s ringer ‘Like this’.


She picked up her phone hit the send button and said, “What’s up chick.”

“Girl you.” Laughed her best friend Kelly Rowland. “What are you doing tonight? Let’s go to club Trousdale, I’m in town for a couple of days and I want to spend some time with my girl, Brand NU.”

“I wish I could Kel, but I’ve got plans tonight with Maks.”

“More practice for tomorrow’s show, girl I don’t know you work with that fine ass man and not want to take all that practice to the bedroom”. Kelly gushed.

Brandy paused she licked her dry lips and said to Kelly. “If I tell you something will you promise not to tell anyone?” she asked her.

“Yeah I promise, so what is it?”

“Maks and I have decided to do just that, he wants to help me get ready for my Rumba and he asked me if he could make love to me.”

“OMG!” Screamed Kelly into the phone. “Are you kidding me? This is so fucking hawt Brand. You have got to tell me the details when it’s over.”

“I promise to share a little, but not all. A girl has to have some secrets. Listen I have to go and finish getting ready, so I’ll call you later. Bye Girl.”

“Girl just meet that man at the door naked, and get it on!”

“Kelly you are so stupid, I am not going to do that, I do have some decorum.”

“Fuck Decorum, Brandy. It’s been SIX DAMN YEARS SINCE YOU HAD A MAN ANY WHERE NEAR YOUR VJJ!” She taunted.

“I get it Kel, but you know I’m too shy for that. I’ll just wear some barely there. Feel me girl. I am about to hang up Kelly, I really have to go. Bye.” She pressed the end button and then turned her phone off, because she knew Kelly would call during the course of the night just to find out what they were doing right at that moment. She loved her, but that girl was nuts.

As if she would really show up to the door naked, she laughed out loud.

She slipped on a tiny black dress and then a pair of red Jimmy Choo stilettos. She added a little blush, mascara, and lip gloss to her flawless face.

Just then the door bell rung and she froze for a moment, wondering if she should answer the door or stay hidden in her room and pretend she wasn’t home.

“Come on Brand, (she said out loud) you can do this, you want this. Just calm down and let the magic of the chemistry take control.” She gently told herself. “You can do this.”

She walked down the stairs and went to the door; she put her hand on the knob and opened the door, and there stood Makism. He looked so beautiful if it was appropriate to call an Alpha male that, but there just weren’t any other adequate words to describe this man.

“Hey Beautiful.” Maks said taking her hand and kissing it and the handing her dozen of Cattleya Orchids. “May I come in sexy?”

“Of course, thank you for the flowers, I love Orchids.”

“I know, you said that at the promo.”

“You were paying attention?” she asked him carefully.

“Always.” He smiled devilishly.

“Would you like something to drink; I have some wine, beer, water and Soda.”

“What are you having?” He asked her.

“A glass of Chardonnay.”

“I’ll have the same.” He replied.

She walked down the hall to the kitchen with him following closely behind her.

“You have a beautiful home, Brandy.”

“Thank you, my mom helped me decorate when I first purchased it a few years back.”

She grabbed a couple of wine glasses from the wine glass rack; she poured the wine in each glass and gave one to him.

“We should make toast. He said, “A night we will never forget.”

“Cheers.” Said Brandy.

Maks put his glass down on the counter and looked intensely at Brandy he licked his lips and asked her to come to him. She put her glass down and walked sexily over to him.

“You are my fantasy come true.” He told her, and then he took her in his arms and held her so gently. He then whispered in her ear.

“I’m going to make you cum, over and over tonight, and when I hold you in my arms tomorrow night while we’re dancing you will be remembering how I made you felt and it will be so believable to everyone who is watching.”

His words made her shudder all over. No man has ever made her feel this good, by just whispering in her ear.

“I made a playlist for you on my I pod, where’s your bedroom?”

“Upstairs.” She grabbed his hand and led him back down the hallway, to a staircase that curved to the upper level.

Chapter 4

Brandy opened the door to a spacious bedroom decorated in black, red, silver, with touches of gold. She then showed him where he could plug in his I pod.

Soon Chris Brown’s ‘With You’ filled the air

“May I have this dance?’ He asked. He pulled her into his arms and they began to dance softly. Maks rubbed her arms, her back and then his hands fell down to her butt and then back to her back where he was simply caressed her.

Brandy wrapped her arm tighter around his neck and gazed softly into his eyes, she could not speak. She only watched him, her body tingling from the sensation of him gently touching her body.

Next the song ‘Sexy Love’ penetrated the room.

“I love this song by Ne-Yo.” Said Brandy.

“I do too.”

Maks used his hands to trace the soft nape of her neck, the sinuous length of her spine, the mesmerizing place where her hips curved gently to her ass. He reached up and drew the sexy dress down over her breasts and slowly down her belly to her long legs. He prolonged the moment, loving the way the dress felt in his hands. He then told her to step out of the dress and tossed it out the way.

“Baby you should have just met me at the door naked, seeing you have nothing on underneath that sexy dress.” He chuckled sexily.

Brandy busted out laughing, she covered her hand over mouth and said jokingly, “The thought never crossed my mind.”

She stood before him, clad only in her black stilettos, and he walked around her body and exclaimed in one single word. “Damn!”

“Do you like what you see, baby?” She asked him sexily.

“Hell yeah! I have been waiting for this moment it seems like forever.”

“You don’t have to wait any more, because tonight I’m yours for the taking.”

Right at that moment Brandy heard her voice saying from the playlist

All I can do is sit and think about
the way you used to love me
the way you used to hold me
and the way you used to touch me
and all I want is another moment
I’m waiting and I’m ready
touch me


“Oh Maks.” She swayed toward him, rocking softly on her feet. Maks lifted up off the floor and carried her to the bed, he laid her down softly and crawled up her body and pulled her in a sitting position and began to kiss her deeply, “Open your mouth, baby”, and then he slipped in his tongue and began caressing her tongue with his. Brandy deepened the kiss and Maks began sucking on her tongue. Brandy had never been kissed like this, she was about to have a mini orgasm from the sensation of his mouth.

Brandy began unbuttoning the buttons on his shirt and then pushed the soft shirt from Maks broad shoulders, letting it fall on the bed, exposing his smooth chest to her view. She let out a long hiss of breath. Maks could feel it tickle across his skin, heading straight to his arousal, making him thicken. He made no move to hide it, only continued to wait, to watch, to see what she would do, Brandy looked up then and their gazes clashed together in a manner that was intimate and passionate as the kisses they’d shared.

Neither one of them wanting to break the moment with mere words, kissed each other with everything on the inside of them.

Maks then began caressing her large melon-shaped breasts, they were soft and full. Maks looked at her, amazed at her perfect body. Hungry for all of her, he circled the tip of her Hershey chocolate nipples with his mouth and sucked them slowly. Brandy moaned, biting her lip and squeezing his body.

It was amazing how hard his body was against hers, his stomach pushed up against her as he kissed her passionately. The intimacy of the kiss created a wave of electricity that rushed through Brandy’s body when she felt him raise her right leg. He bent and kissed her knee and slipped his hand down between her legs.

His eyes were fixed on hers, watching her intensely. His thumb flicked her clit, and she let out a moan that touched his very core. Maks took his free hand on her stomach and pushed her down on the bed. Maks now had a finger inside her drenched pussy. She moaned a husky whimper. He then lowered his head and inhaled her intoxicating womanly scent. His mouth watered, he was suddenly hungry, he grabbed her calves, and pulled her hips off the mattress to his face and planted his head in between her legs.

All Brandy could see was Maks wavy black hair, overwhelmed by the sensation she grabbed a handful of it as he licked and sucked on her pussy. No man had ever eaten her pussy like this before. It was so amazing, a tear rolled down her face. Chills ran through her body as she felt his curious tongue. In and out, he moved softly until she screamed his name.

“Oh my goodness, Maks. I can’t take any more,” she said huskily, and teary eyed. Her body began climaxing, and convulsing on its own, pulsating to her toes.

“You can and you will, because I can’t stop, you taste so good baby, I can eat your pussy forever.” He stared into her eyes.

The sensation was too strong for Brandy that she had to look away.

“Look at me!” he stated roughly. “Look at me eating your sweet pussy, it so good, the best pussy I have ever tasted.”

Brandy moaned and began begging him to stop. “Please Maks, please stop.” She cried.

He released her as soon as she said please. He crawled up to her mouth and crushed his mouth against hers. She could taste her essence on his mouth and it turned her on even more.

Her long hair caressed the pillow fanning out make her look like a sultry angel, lust and innocence mixed.

Brandy looked down at the package nestled between his legs and was impressed. He was large and thick and long, the head shaped like a monstrous mushroom.

“Maks do you have protection?” she asked him.

He grabbed his pants from the floor and reached for a condom in his pocket.

“I’m always prepared.” He smirked, giving her the Makism look that only he could give.

She smiled and simply said, “Thank you.”

Maks opened her legs as far back as they could go and entered her in one swift moment and they moaned harmoniously as they became one.

Brandy closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Open your eyes, he said, kissing her lips. “Look at me, while I make you mine. Brandy opened her eyes, but the sensation of Maks thrusting in and out of her was too much and she closed her eyes.

Maks stopped moving, and commanded her to look at him if she wanted him to move. Brandy opened her eyes and looked at Maks and lifted her hips and began fucking him back.

“Ýeah, that’s it give me all you got baby, let me feel your pussy ride my cock.” He encourage her.

“Oh, Maks this feels so good, soooooooooooo good, don’t stop, you’re making me cum!”

“I told you I was going to make you cum over and over again tonight.”

Maks pounded into her sweet pussy, he had never this intensity before and he knew at that moment he would never let Brandy go. He looked intensely in her eyes and thought possessively. MINE!!

“I Cumming!” screamed Brandy, as the explosive, all encompassing sensation rocked through her body.

Maks swore in Russian as his orgasm hit him in every part of his body.

It took a long time for Brandy to return to Earth, she had never felt so complete after making love with a man before. However she dared not let her heart get caught up in animal attraction.

Maks thoughts were on a different level, he realized that this is what his mother and grandmother had told him about having a full connection with someone. Not only did he Brandy connect physically, but there was a spiritual connection that went much deeper than the physical.

Maks rolled over and stood up, he watched Brandy as she lie on her stomach not looking at him.

“Any regrets?” Softly he asked her.

Brandy looked up at him and replied quietly, “No.”

He walked in the bathroom to dispose of the condom, and wash his hands. He looked in the mirror, and smiled and said to himself, finally.

Maks walked back into the room and climbed back in the bed with Brandy and drew her close into his arms spooning her backside. He listened until he heard her steady breathing indicating she was asleep, and fell into the most peaceful sleep he’s had in ages.






Chapter 5

“So what’s on your mind, Maks? You have been so quiet, and that is so not you,” asked Erin.

Maks looked at Erin and shrugged his shoulders, and replied. “Nothing much, just a little exhausted from all the traveling I’ve been doing. I just got back from Moscow with my brother Val, he had a dance competition there.”

“Maks I know you, you love to have a lot on your plate, because you love to stay busy, but this is different, something or someone is bothering you.”

Maks looked around the crowded restaurant where he and Erin were having lunch, He loved coming to Nobu , because he loved Japanese cuisine and they had the best rock shrimp.

“I am a little disappointed, I’ve been expecting a phone call from Brandy, but she still hasn’t called me back. I asked her to come and visit me, but she said she is too busy this weekend to come.”

“Maks, can I ask you question?”

“Yeah sure go ahead.”

“Why happened with us? You really didn’t try, every time I tried to get close to you, you held back from me. It doesn’t take a rocket sciencetist to know that I love you.”

“Erin don’t do this today, I can’t help the way I feel, I think of you as a sister, and that’s all. Look I don’t want to hurt you, but all I want from you is friendship.”

Erin held her head down, and then she looked up at Maks, and said. “I love you and I think I always will, but shame on Brandy for not recognizing how deep your feelings are for her!”

“Watch what you say about Brandy, she has been through a lot with the accident, bad relationships, and I have to tread slowly or I will push her away completely.”

“I guess what I’ve been through was all fun and games, my life has been no piece of pie Maks. The first thing you see when you Google me is those peephole pictures, I still cry sometimes just thinking how my privacy was invaded.”

“Erin I know you have been put through hell and back, but don’t play the victim. Your career was not affected by your issues, like the accident did Brandy’s. There are people calling her a murderer, and the investigation proved that Brandy did not cause the woman’s death, but people want to still believe what they want. I have been out in public with her and witnessed for myself the cruelty of others, listen Erin….. (Maks was interrupted by his phone, he looked at the screen and saw that it was Brandy) excuse me he said getting up from the table, but I have to take this call.”

Maks answered the phone while proceeding outside the restaurant.

“Hello,” he answered.

“Hey Maks, it’s me Brandy. How are you?”

“Not so good,” he replied sullenly.

“What’s wrong Maks,” Brandy hesitantly asked.

“You know what’s wrong with me, I wanted to see you this weekend, but you’re too busy,” he remarked sarcastically.

“I want to see you, so that’s why I am on my way to LAX to catch a 2:15 flight to JFK. Can you pick me up? My flight lands at about seven tonight.”

“Really, you’re coming?, you are not playing a joke on me, are you?”

No, silly I am not playing with you. I really am coming to spend time with my friend.”

Maks  chest tightened when she said the F word.

“Friends, so is that all I am to you?”

“We are friends Maks, In fact I consider you to be one of my best friends. Why is that a problem for you?”

“You know I want to test the waters and be more than just friends, Brandy.”

“Maks lets just take it one step at a time, I have a lot of baggage, I have daughter who is first in my life, and I want to be a good example for her. Can you please try and understand? I really do care for you, but I have to be careful, I don’t want to get hurt, or hurt you!”

“Baby, I do understand. I can’t wait to see you in a few hours”.

“Me too,” she whispered.

“Bye,” he said.

“Bye, Maks.”

Maks headed back in the restaurant with a smile on his face, he asked the waiter for the bill, and then went back to the table, where a fuming Erin waited.

“What took you so long, Maks? That was just damn rude!” Erin spat bitterly.

“It was an important call, look I don’t have time to argue with you, I have to go, something important came up. I’ll call you next week, okay.”

Maks leaned over the table and gave Erin a kiss on her cheek.

“Wait Maks, let’s get together tonight or tomorrow night,” Erin pleaded.

“I can’t, got plans. See you later.”

Erin sat there dejectedly as the love of her life walked carefree out the restaurant without glancing back. Tears ran down her face, and she knew at that moment she would never hold the key to Makism Chmerkovskiy heart. His heart belonged to Brandy, damn her and Dancing with the Stars, thought Erin.


Chapter 6

Brandy walked to the escalator heading to the baggage claim area. She had already called Maks to let him know she had landed, and needed to grab her luggage. Maks had jokingly asked her how many bags did she bring, he would tease her unmercifully about how many bags she would bring to their dance rehearsals.

When she retrieved her bag, she walked down the long terminal to the exit and looked for Maks; he said he would be driving his Pearl White Mercedes –Benz GL.

Her phone rang, it was Maks. “Hey where are you?” she asked him.

“Right here to your left, I have been watching you look for me, you look so cute,” he laughed.

“I see you, you are going to get it Mr. Bad boy, just wait until I see you!” she said pretending to be miffed.

“You promise?”

“Oh shut up, you are so naughty!”

“You haven’t seen or heard how naughty I can be, but I’m looking forward to showing you; now get your beautiful ass in the car.”

Just then he pulled up beside her, and stopped the car, he then got out came around the passenger side and kissed her and hug her, he opened the door for her and helped her in his SUV, then he put her bag in the trunk, and got back in the car and pulled off.

“How was your flight?” he asked her, glancing at her briefly as he navigated his way out of the congested traffic.

“Long, but I’m glad I made it safely. Thank you Jesus!” She exclaimed.

“How’s your family, your daughter?” He asked her.

“Everyone is well, Ray told me to tell you ‘what’s up playa.” She giggled.

“He’s the true playa; I’m just trying to get to his level.” He joked.

“Whatever dude, you are a playboy in a league all by yourself. You are a jet setter; you probably got hoes in different country codes, let alone area codes. Now that is funny.” She laughed tickled by her joke. She started singing Ludacris song Area Codes.

“You really think that way about me? I thought you knew me better than that.”

He knew she was joking, but a part of him believed she was serious. Maks knew he was good looking, and most people thought him to be arrogant and conceited; but he was just confident and out spoken. He said what most were afraid to say, but were thinking. He couldn’t help if half the female population thought he was attractive, but he only wanted one woman in particular to find him utterly irresistible, and that was R&B sensation Ms. Brandy Norwood.

“I’m just playing Makism.” She said as she gently caressed his face.

Maks loved when she did that it was so endearing to him. He loved how affectionate she was toward him, because he was as well.

“So are we headed to your place in SOHO?” Brandy asked.

“Yes, I know you’re tired, and I just want you all to myself.” He said looking at her for her reaction to his comment.

“I am tired, but no more than you are, and I want to be alone with you also.”

Maks reached for her hand and held it, using his thumb to caress her palm in gentle circles, he then gave her an open palm kiss, he then placed their enclosed hands by his inner thigh.

They drove the rest of the way to his house in comfortable silence.


Chapter 7

****Caution this chapter is extremely hot and explicit, not for the faint at heart!


When they arrived at Maks place, they pulled into the parking structure. Maks got out first and he walked around to open Brandy’s door, then he grabbed her luggage. They walked to the elevator, and he pressed the up button, when the door open she walked on first and then he followed. He pressed the ‘penthouse’ button, and the elevators doors closed. He moved to the back of the elevator to lean against the wall.

As the elevator proceeded up, Maks to the time to peruse her body from behind. Damn, he thought she has a gorgeous ass. He couldn’t wait to smack it from behind this time with her naked. Just the thought of that alone had him instantly hard.

“Do you like what you see? She asked him, never turning around to look at him.

Maks walked up behind her, and put his hands on her waist, and then he moved his hands down to her ass, he cupped it and then he whispered in her ear sending chills down her body. “I’m going to fuck you so good, that you will never want to leave me. I’m going to take your body to places it never been invited too. I’m going to eat your pussy and then I’m going to write my name on it. Do you understand Brandy?”

Brandy couldn’t open her mouth to say a word, her panties were dripping wet just from his words. She could feel is erection pressing into her back.

“Answer me!” He commanded, gently pulling her hair.

“ye… yes.” She stammered.


The elevators door opened and he grabbed her hand and led her to his penthouse. He pressed his code in the key pad, and the security code granted the access into his gorgeous abode.

“Wow”, said Brandy as she entered his home. It was breathtaking just like its owner. It was decorated in Bold colors, of burgundy, gold, and hunter green.

There was large open view of the skyline. It was simply awe striking.

“I really love your place Maks.” Brandy turned to face him, but the look on his face told her was not interested in what she thought about his place.

“Come here,” he said quietly.

She hesitated, but then she reminded herself that this is what she wants.

She moved toward him, nervously. It was something about the look in his eyes, something she couldn’t place. He beckoned for her to come closer, inside the v of his legs. Nervously, she complied.

He did not look up at her. He raised his hands and placed them on her hips, lightly encircling them. She could feel his imprint burn through her clothing.

Brandy let out a soft moan, and he looked up then and, as their gazes met, their lips touched and they began kissing each other with so much pent up passion and desire.

“Take off your clothes, and strip for me,” he commanded.

“Maks I don’t know how.”

“Do you trust me?” He asked.

“Yes I do, but…..

“Trust me,” he interrupted.

Maks walked over to his stereo, and pressed a button and R Kelly’s ‘Your Body is Calling’ filled the air.

Brandy began to move to the rhythm of the music, she closed her eyes and let go of all her inhibitions. She raised her shirt over her head, and then she dropped her body to the ground and raised it back up still moving her hips.

She turned around and dropped her body back down to the ground, and then slowly lifted her ass up and winding her body to the music.

“Damn!” Was all Maks could say as he watched Brandy sensuously move her body for him.

Brandy removed her jeans and rocked her body clad only in her red lacy bra and boy shorts from Le Perla.

She watched Maks with half closed eyes stroking his sizeable erection, and she began to remove her bra. She turned around again and slowly removed her panties. When she had removed her panties, she tossed them over to Maks.

He caught them in mid air, and brought them to his nose, where he inhaled them. Her scent was intoxicating, and unique, and he wanted more.

Maks walked over to Brandy and stood in front of her and said to her.

“Take off my clothes.”

Holding his gaze Brandy felt confident and sexy, she told him to raise his hands and slipped his shirt over his head and tossed it aside. She ran her hands across his chest and she felt him shudder. That made her feel even more powerful. Her hands dropped to his jeans, she pulled his belt free of its buckle and unbuttoned the top button of his pants, letting the backs of her fingers travel across the intense heat of six pack stomach.

Brandy moved the zipper down slowly, careful to ease it over the hard ridge of his erection.

“My, My, My Maks you are so fucking sexy, and you’re all mine, baby.”

“All of me.”

She pushed down his boxers along with his pants freeing him completely.

He mumbled something to low to hear, when her hands grazed his penis. He stepped out of pants, and Brandy began to explore his massive cock. Her gentle soft hands felt good as she stroked him. Maks reached for her, his hands holding her head and running his fingers through her hair.

Brandy raised her head up to meet his eyes, while his hands moved to caress her face, and then she rubbed the head of his cock across her lips slowly, then she licked around his thick mushroom head. She did this repeatedly. Her tongue slid from the tip of his head to his heavy sac. All Maks could do was look down at her and moan. Brandy smiled. And then she took him deep into her mouth.

Brandy heard him moan and it turned her on so deeply that she could feel her juices running down her thighs.

“Enough, he said suddenly, and lifted he to her feet and carried her over to his fireplace, and laid her gently down onto a large fur rug.

“Do you remember what I told you on the elevator? How good I’m going to fuck you, and eat your sweet pussy?”

“I remember every word you said. In fact you said, and I quote ‘I’m going to write my name on it’, she replied boldly.

“But first I want you to do something for me. I want you to play with your pussy, while I watch you, but you can’t cum, until I say you can.”

“Maks, I can’t do that!” Brandy exclaimed.

“Yes you can, baby you have nothing to be shy about with me. I just want you to feel so much pleasure and joy.”

Maks kissed her lips and then sucked and licked her lips and nibbled on bottom lip, while his magical hands played with her nipples. The effect he had on her made her loose all her shyness, and she spread her legs and moved her hands down to love tunnel. She began flicking her finger over her clit and the sensation of her touch and Maks hands on her breasts and his mouth devouring her mouth, caused her to moan deliciously into Maks mouth.

Brandy inserted one finger into her wet pussy, and then another, as her thumb played with her clitoris. The immense pleasure was too much for Brandy, that Maks could tell she was on the brink of Cumming.

Maks pulled her hand away from her pussy.

“Maks I was about to cum, why did you do that?” Brandy cried out.

“I said you couldn’t cum, until I said so.”

Maks kissed her lips, then he kissed her right ear and licked the inside and then he blew in her ear, and nibbled on her earlobe. He licked the sensitive area on her neck just below her chin in soft rotating circles that caused her body to tingle all over.

He continued to lick a path down to the valley of her breast, where he licked and then blew on the spots making her body shudder. He grabbed both of her breasts and pushed them together and sucked deeply on her nipples.

“Oh Maks, baby this feels so good, don’t stop, please don’t stop.”

Maks then proceeded to kiss down to her stomach, he caressed her flat stomach with his tongue and then he dipped his tongue into her navel.

Brandy grabbed a fistful of Maks hair, and moaned at the sensation, he continued to dip his tongue in her navel and lick in soft circles.

Maks moved down to her center and spread her legs wide and inhaled her scent, he then spread her pussy lips apart and put an open mouth kiss on her pussy making Brandy quiver. He licked on the outer lips avoiding her clit.

Maks flicked his tongue on her clit, and then inserted his tongue deeply in her pussy, and then pulling out and back in, his tongue simulating the sex act.

Maks then Inserted a digit into her tight wet pussy, and then he added another, still sucking on her clit.

Brandy was moaning and moving her head side to side, she looked down at Maks and found him looking at her intensely.

“You ready to cum baby?” He asked as he finger fucked her pussy and licked her too sensitive clit.

He bent his fingers and moved faster in and out her pussy hitting that sweet spot.

“Oh Maks this feels so good, oh baby I’m about to cum, oh fuck don’t stop, so good Maks, MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.” And then her body exploded into a tiny million pieces.

Maks lifted his head from her pussy and kissed her deeply. He then lifted Brandy from the floor and carried her upstairs to his bedroom.

He carried her to his Bed and sat her on the foot of the bed.

"Open your legs Brandy." Looking intensely at her.

Brandy opened her legs for him and even though she was dripping wet, nothing had really prepared her for the sensation of him sliding his thick hard cock into her pussy in one quick thrust. It took her breath away. Both figuratively and literally. She winced at the sweet pain and opened her eyes to look at him. He was staring at her, again.

"You like that?" he asked, thrusting particularly hard into her.

She nodded in answer to his question.

"I want to hear you say it." He whispered into her ear as he lightened the thrusts of his cock and reached under once again to flick a finger over her clit. Hearing her moan, he chuckled and rested his mouth on her neck, biting it gently and then not-so-gently. She gasped and clutched at his shoulders.

"Yes, I like it." She managed to say between breaths as the full girth of his cock completely filled her in another one of those powerful thrusts. It was bliss.

When her orgasm overtook her, she was once again, caught off guard. She hadn't been watching for it, nor had she felt it build up. It just came awash over her in a flood of liquid heat. All her nerve endings seemed to almost jump out of her skin in the intensity. She could feel her pussy convulsing around his cock, and his cock reacting to being teased by the pulsations. She rode the orgasm, her finger nails biting chest.

"That feels so good Brandy,” As he exploded deep inside her pussy.

“That was good Makism Chmerkovskiy.” She said mimicking the announcer from dwts.

Maks busted out laughing at her pour attempt and said,”Close baby, but no cigar”.

Brandy laughed and shoved his shoulder playfully. “Whatever dude, it’s all good.”

Maks got up from the bed in all his perfect glory and walked into his bathroom, and turned on the water jets of his king size Jacuzzi, he then walked back into the bedroom and lifted his precious cargo from the bed and carried her into the bathroom and placed Brandy in the soothing water.

He then lowered himself into the water behind her, and laid her body against his.

“How do you feel?” He asked her, as she gathered her hair up and twisted it into a top knot to prevent it from getting wet.

“I feel amazing, thank you so much Maks, I feel so special and cared for.”

“You deserve to feel special and cared for. I love you so much Brandy and I really want us to try at having a relationship. I know we live on two different coasts, and we both have demanding careers, but I’m willing to make a go of it.”

“Maks I love you two, but I need time, This is so overwhelming for me, I need time to process all of what’s going on.”

“So how much time are we talking about?”

Brandy sighed, and then replied. “I don’t Know, but you have to be patient with me.”

“I’ll try.” He said.




Chapter 8


After they had soaked in the Jacuzzi, they took a hot shower together and then dried each other off. Maks and Brandy walked back into the bedroom holding hands; wrapped in bath sheets. Brandy grabbed her bag and pulled out a camisole and boy shorts from the bag and put them on.

Maks walked over to his dresser and grabbed a pair of silk pajama bottoms to put on.

They walked over to the bed, and Brandy pulled back the white comforter and black silk sheets and crawled onto the bed.

“I am so tired.” Brandy yawned.

Maks walked over to his bedroom window, and stared out into the darkness of the night with his tormented thoughts.

“Brandy we need to talk.” Maks said turning to face her.

“Can’t it wait until the morning, I’m exhausted?” She pleaded.

“No! It can’t”

“What’s wrong, Maks?”

Maks walked over to the bed and lied down beside her and pulled her into his arms so that she was lying on his chest. Brandy could feel his heart beating in his chest and the quiet rhythm soothed her nervous heart.

“Brandy, we never really talked after the show was over, I think we were in a state of shock after being eliminated, and then travelling to do all the press circuits and then with all of the controversy, we didn’t have time to think everything through.”

Maks continued as Brandy quietly listened. “Did you ever notice that during our interviews, and if the question of us dating came up, I never tried to squash them?”

Brandy lifted out of his arms and turned to look at Maks and she replied. “I just thought you were playing a game and so I played along with you. I watched a lot of the footage on you and Erin from last season and you guys looked really cozy and intimate. So I just told myself that this is the way he is; he’s a flirt and he knows how to charm women into falling in love with him. The whole world could see that Erin was and still in love with you, and unfortunately so am I.”

“Do you really love me?” He asked hopefully.

“Maks I do love you and I tried so hard to deny my feelings, I never felt this way with anyone. I was so giddily happy just to be in the same space with you. You have given me so much of my joy and confidence back. I thought it was gone forever, never has a man made me feel the way you do. I was devastated when we were eliminated, and not for the reasons that everyone thinks; it was because I wouldn’t be seeing your gorgeous face every day, your smile, that body, and I wouldn’t feel your touch, because when you touch me I feel complete, I feel loved, and special.”

Brandy continued, “I have never felt this comfortable with any man (besides my father and brother of course) before we met, we had instant chemistry, and it scared the hell out of me. Especially since I thought you and Erin were together, and I thought you could never be attracted to me.” She concluded.

“It was hard for me to keep my hands off of you. I am a touchy, feely person, but I felt the need to constantly touch you, because it made me feel complete. Every time you would touch me I felt little butterflies in the pit of my stomach that I tried to ignore, but it was too overwhelming. I felt this urge to protect you, and I wanted to be a better person just for you,” he said kissing her forehead.

“Maks I’m scared, where do we go from here? You live here in New York, and I’m in LA. I’ve tried doing the long distance relationship and it’s too hard. I don’t want to fail in another relationship, I want to win and be happy. I don’t know what to do, I’m so confused and scared, that maybe we should just be really good friends, and just chalk all of this up as a really great moment in my life.”

 “Do you understand how much I love you, and want you to be a part of my life? I’m tired of playing the role of just being ‘your’ friend; we are not in front of the cameras anymore.”

“I know this Maks, but you just said you will give me some time to try to figure out what this is between us.”

“Figure out what? You’re doing all these different interviews, telling these reporters how you are ready to be in a relationship and be in love. What is all that shit about?”

“Maks, listen I don’t want to argue with you, I didn’t come here for that.”

“Then why did you come?” He said angrily.

“I came because I wanted to see you and spend time with you.”

Maks abruptly pushed Brandy from him and got out of the bed, he began pacing the floor like a caged lion, and then he stormed back over to a bewildered looking brandy and said,

“I think your problem is you don’t know what it is you want, and that you need to grow up. You still act like a little girl, who is sheltered, I am not taking away any of your accomplishments but you don’t have a clue about life, and love. You want a storybook fantasy, and sometimes baby you better take what’s offered, because it might not come around again!”

“Why should I settle for anything less than what I want, I deserve to be happy.” She yelled.

“Because everything that glitters isn’t gold, Brandy.” He whispered, and walked out the room.

Brandy sat on the bed shell shocked in how things so quickly changed from wonderful into a nightmare. Brandy knew everything that he said was true, but to say she was acting like a little girl was a bit much. Yes she had her heart guarded, but so did Maks. He was always guarded and most times she didn’t know what he was thinking or feeling. However, brandy was willing to take most of the blame for why they have arrived here at this point.

Brandy debated if she should go and find Maks or give him time to cool off. She decided to do the latter, and rested her head on the pillow and cried herself to sleep.

Meanwhile, Maks sat down on the couch with his laptop in his lap and navigated to YouTube to watch the video on their Rumba dance. He loved to watch this dance over and over, because this dance was the only time he has witnessed Brandy unguarded and so free. He knew why she was able to be so free an uninhibited, because the night before was their first time making love. He knew it was dangerous to go to the lengths he did to get her to showcase this type of passion, but he couldn’t resist or deny the yearning he felt towards her.

He had been love before with Karina, and he thought they would be married by now with a baby on the way, but Karina didn’t want to start a family, she wanted to wait five years before they had children, but he was ready to be a husband and a father. Maks decided that they wanted too many different things to be married and mutually they ended their engagement.

With Erin she came into his life when he was still hurting from his break up, and she made him laugh, and see life from a humorous stand point. Erin’s friendship had brought some peace and happiness to his jaded world. What he didn’t know was how vulnerable Erin was and how deeply she had fallen for him. Yeah they that it would be cute to play around with the rumor about them being romantically linked, but it was really just get back at Karina, since it seemed so easy for her to move on to the next man, as if he did not matter.

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