Untamed Desires

Untamed Desires

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Genre: Erotica



Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica



Two sexy men. One girl. One pool.


Two sexy men. One girl. One pool.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Untamed Desires

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Two sexy men. One girl. One pool.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 21, 2014

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 21, 2014



?•*•? Swimming Tutoring ?•*•?

I'm going to die.

Fact, the way my erratic heart was thumping in my ears. Not to mention the ever swirling world in my vision was proof. I was mere seconds from collapsing in his arms. Not just any arms but the arms of one of the sexîest male specimen the world will ever know.

"You like that Kitten?" Ivan's deep masculine voice purred by my ear sending goosebumps down my spine, straight to that sensitive bud in-between my legs.

Holy crap.

Hell yes I liked it! My hard nipples and the pulse of arousal thrumming through my core was prove of that.

But I would never admit that to his arrogance and already overinflated ego. He was my best friend but he could be a huge tease and flirt. This right now was beyond anything I'd ever let him do.

Before was just simple things like him cupping my breast or smacking my ass. That usually ended with him hunched over after my elbow jammed into his gut.

One time he had gone as far as slipping his hand into my panties in the middle of class. The memory has more heat flaring up within me and my cheeks darkening. That ended with me coming in the middle of class, barely holding in my voice from the professor and the rest of the college class.

"Sh-Shut up-ah" I say bitting back a moan. He chuckled darkly knowing the truth.

I bit down harder on my lower lip stiffening yet another moan. Blushing hot red when it still managed to slip out anyway as a low hum of delight.

I had to stop this. What was he doing to my body?

"I-Ivan-ah...I...don't think t-this will help me swim f-faster..." I stutter between gasps and moans as my hands tightened their vice grip on the metal stairs in front of me, leading out of the pool.

"Mmmm but you have to get used to the water first. In any situation..." he purred. A breathy plea left me as his hands around my hips loosened and he continued the torturous trail up my sides.

His full male lips trailed hot kisses down my neck, that had heat pooling in my neither regions. His heated, big, strong palms molding and invisible trail of fire up my thighs and stomach and under the curve of my bosom.


His hands seemed to cover and caress every part of me, and yet never truly touched my core or my breast. Still, the man showed no signs of stopping anytime soon.

And how the hell did it turned out that he would be "teaching me how to swim"? I had been merely kidding when I told my childhood friend that I wished I could swim like him after he won yet another golden medal.

That was earlier today back on college campus after the assembly that welcomed them back home after the Olympics.

And yet his eyes had darkened as they had zeroed in on me and he'd smirked. He had then grabbed my hand and pulled me forward so I fell against his chest in a daze as a hush fell over his group of friends.

His hand trailing down to cub my butt as he had told me to meet him later that night at his house in hushed tones. His breath fanning my throat as my pulse exploded and he lightly nipped on my neck. The action had made me blush hard and barely able to conceal a moan.

Before I could react, he had left and was gone.

His 'house' being a giant mansion of a palace with this huge indoor swimming pool and one outside as well.

It had been a spur of the moment to say I wished to swim like him because we hardly spoke anymore.

Well apart from me half stuttering like a parrot in a vibrating chair, caught in a blank and white movie with a bad case of the hiccups every time I saw him. Yes, let that image sink in your mind. Can you even picture it? It's that bad.

Or when I wasn't stuttering like a weirdo, I was flooding the hallway with drool when he wasn't looking. And this was just about anytime I saw any of my two sexy hunks of childhood friends in general.

I mean it was a common thing that everyone on campus knew and either worshiped or was jealous of the duo Ivan and Vlad. At least I tried to ignore it by acting cold towards them. Despite Ivan's blunt advances and Vlad's heated gazes.

One heated look from Ivan or Vlad had any girls insides turning to butterflies with a chance of guacamole sauce. Which is how I ended up in his house first time in over five years.

"Ivan, I thought you were teaching me how to-"

"I said I'd teach you some tricks in the water Kittykat. I'm doing just that." his tongue darted out to lick the back of my ear, sucking on the lobe as that sensually deep voice thrilled through my entire body.

My eyes widened as I spun around to meet his deep blue orbs. A stormy dark blue like the ocean right before a huge storm. With light sparks of baby blue and silver surrounding the iris.

His long, wet jet-black hair was finger combed back showing the small tattoo right behind his right ear, leading down to his neck.

The man was sex appeal impersonated. Swimmers body and all. Hard ridges of muscle that weren't freaky steroid induced with giant lumps like some of the gym freaks on campus. He had muscle but still looked human with his tall lean form.

And those lips...I could suck on them all day. So deliciously full and ready for my taking. So...

The lips in question pulled up into an amused smirk as he leaned forward, crushing his chest against mine.

Oh boy.

My eyes widen as I try arching back only for my back to come in contact with the side of the pool. I know he can feel my hard nïpples pressed against his broad hard chest. The thought has me blushing even harder.

I licked my lip as he arched his head to the side. Those sinfully delicious lips nearing mine.

The thought of how they would feel pressed against mine. Were they soft or hard? Gentle or demanding? With Ivan I knew it would definitely be the


They freeze last minute before they touched, and he inhaled deeply. I'm left blushing madly as my eyes snapped open and shot down away from his. His hand wrapped around my waist, crushing me against him.

"T-This isn't swim tricks...-" I gulped as he chuckled smirking up at me. All my attention shot up to those sensually hypnotic lips yet again.

"Mmmn, no it isn't Kitten. This is me finally claiming what is mine." the authority and seriousness in his words had me stiffening as a bolt of static ran down my spine. Heat exploded within me at the depth and command in his words as his hands continued to roam and tease my body.

The heat currently surging through my body was enough to make all the water in this damn pool evaporate if it were to come out.

I had to get out of here. This was unreal that Ivan would do any of this to someone as plain-Jane as me. I snapped my head away from his burning gaze and turned around, reaching for the stairs to pull out and away from this temptation.

And yet I felt the heat radiating off him in waves against my back as he held me against him gently.

"Don't..." he breathed out as he pulled me closer from behind.

"You are ours Leona. Stop running from me. From this. Just give us a chance." he breathed hands settling on my hips.

"B-but-" I began turning my head to look up at him.

"Please Love." he interrupted gently. Turning to look at him was a big mistake. I was instantly captivated by those eyes all over again. The untamed need and lust and something else. Something gentle and warm and consuming.

I gulped snapping my gaze away. This was dangerous.

"I-I I'm sorry. I came to swim. I cant do this." I jolt back shutting my eyes as I wrapped my hands around me.

My eyes snapped tightly shut and I thought he would either lash out and get angry or storm off. Ivan could have quite a temper on him sometimes. At least he always did when he was protecting me. I squeezed my eyes shut, tightening my arms around my body.

A gentle, warm hand touched my shoulder. I looked up slowly and hesitantly.

"I understand. It's okay." he said as he wrapped those thick, powerful arms around me. Slowly easing me forwards so I was completely in the sensual hug he clasp me into.

" Don't look so scared. You know I'd never hurt you." he breathed as he placed a light kiss on top of my head. The guy was tall enough to just lean slightly and do that. I mean, the top of my head only came to his chin!

His heat wrapped around me and that familiar thick musk had my head reeling.

All the stored energy in my bones to escape and run decimated. I loosened my hands and instead wrapped them around him- at least as much of him as I could get- holding on tightly. Letting out a breath as my body relaxed against him. His body molded against me so intimately. Heated hard ridges of muscle and a six pack pressed against me.

Something hard and hot pushed against my lower thigh and I stiffened slightly realizing what it was.

"Sorry. I can't help it." he said feeling me tense slightly in his hands.

He was aroused. I made him aroused. I didn't know I could affect him like that.

I lick my suddenly dry lips, looking up to find his throat was directly in my gaze as a trail of the water ran down tempting me to catch it with my tongue.

Well...Why not?

My nîpples were already painfully hard and I was certain he could feel them pushed against his broad chest. He felt so good,

I watched, mesmerized as the drop of water slowly make its way down a tendril. I couldn't help leaning forward and catching the droplet with my tongue. Moving closer to wrap my lips around the spot on his neck as I sucked slowly.

He was stock still as he inhaled sharply. His slightly cooler skin and his natural musk, made his taste against my tongue like no other.

I wanted more. I sucked, licked and teased as my hands found their way on his hard chest, marveling at his perfection.

"Your making this impossibly hard in many ways sweetness. I want to claim you so bad right now...ohh" he purred as his hands moved down to cup my áss. He squeezed, a rumble running through his chest as I let my teeth nip down softly.

That seemed to be his undoing.

He suddenly spun me around and pulled me back before pushing me to lean forward, my chest against the wall of the pool. Ass sticking back and towards him.

The water was now settling around my lower abdomen as heat surged through my body at his touch. His hands running up my body he let out a desperate growl of frustration when he cupped my breast.

"I want to touch..." he groaned in frustration. "skin to skin. This has to go. Now."

The next thing, I felt was his teeth pulling on the string of my top behind. A gasp left me as his hand came up to rip off my top in one harsh tug, making the material fall forward, exposed my C cup breast to the world.

I gave a wide eyed squeak at the sudden exposure as my hand shot up to shield my breast. My nîpples were hard and sensitive, very evident against my open palms.

"Ivan! My top-Oh!" I gasp as his hands moved mine to the side effortlessly and he grabbed my breast fully and roughly. My full, plump C cup breast fitting his large hands perfectly as he squeezed.


"Soft! Goddamn Leona all of you is so fûcking soft. And ripe and plumb." he groaned in appreciation as he groped and teased my breast. Sending an endless flow of heat to my core.

I moaned and cried out in pleasure, head falling back as he teased my breast with expertise.

"M-my breast...-oh, you are-ahh!" I moan out.

"You are so sensitive. I could play with these all day. Goddamit woman!" he growled as he continued the rough, unpredictable pinch, squeeze, pull 'massaging' of my breast. Pushing them together then up and around while he squeezed and teased. I moaned out his name with each wave of sensations.

The moans of pleasure leaving my parted lips loud and erotic. I couldn't control the embarrassing sounds or the ever escalating heat in my lower belly.

I'm certain the look on my face at that moment would rival if not exceed a pôrnstar's. Thank goodness he couldn't see my face.

Yes, but the burning green behind those dark shades a few yards from me could. Maybe...?

Vladimir, kept his face as neutral as ever and to be honest I couldn't tell if he was awake or not, due to the thick dark sunshades which shielded his eyes.

His body was stretched out on the white beach chair, propped up. If he really was awake, he would be in perfect sight of me and his best friend Ivan.

I swear there's even a slight bulge in his swim briefs. His hands seeming to be gripping the chair edge a little too tight for a sleeping man.

The thought of Vlad watching as Ivan roughly teased and played with my naked breast endlessly had a mad blush rising in my face and yet another powerful wave of arousal building up higher and higher within me. I liked and craved that thought more than appropriate. My two dream guys in the same room...one pleasuring me and the burning gaze of the other on us.

I tightened my legs together as I gulp in some air. I felt Ivan's lips on the crook of my neck as he lightly nibbled on the sensitive flesh. His gentle lips a complete contrast to the rough treatment of his hands against my exposed breast.

"Oh!....I-Ivan...please. Feels so! Ah!" I cry out as my hands quivered and an unexpected sharp nibble of his teeth against my neck as he squeezed my breast triggered a bolt of static to work its way to my very aroused, very sensitive clît.

He pushed in closer, with his hips until I could feel the familiar hard, hot bulge, digging into the upper curve of my rear. Heat creeped up my face when I realized what it was as my back arched into his erection. Sliding it down towards my butt the more I leaned forward.

And from the size, I knew he was huge. My mouth went into mass production of saliva as a heat wave of arousal ran through me. His aroused côck against me said he was as effected by this as I was. This wasn't some game. And it definitely wasn't a 'massage'.

He restlessly continued to grope and tease my breast roughly. Then he got both my hardened nïpples and tugged roughly making me cry out. He pinched the hard buds and rolled them, making my head fall back on his shoulder as I whimper and moan in ecstasy.

"Does it feel good Kitten?...Tell me how it feels Leona." he growled the husky sensual sound rumbling in his chest behind me.

"Oh, Feels so-ahh! Don't stop!" I cry out.

"Does my playing with your ripe delicious nîpples turn you on love?" Ivan purred, the deep husky sound making my knees go week as he pulled and tweaked my nipples roughly. Rolling them in-between his thumb and index finger with expertise.

"Ivan! Yes, oh -oh!" I cry out his name as he pinched my nipples hard, making my back arch forward and my hands grip onto the edge of the pool. All that left my mouth were cries of pleasure and moans of need, purring out and sounding so erotic, it could make a nun blush and cream.

He took my nipple in his hand and tweaked it roughly. The reply moan that left me as my head fell back on his shoulder echoed throughout the room. Static pulsed from the painfully aroused tips, straight to my drenched core.

My lips parted in a breathless moan as I arched my back, pushing my chest forward into his big, hand and silently pleading for more. I moaned out his name as my hand let's go of the gravel wall, traveling up and digging into his thick dark hair driving a deep moan out of him.

Oh my god! I was going to come. I would come just from him teasing my breast.

"Fûck...You have no idea how much we have wanted this." His deep husky voice moaned as he thrust his hips against my äss.


I'm in no mental position to point this out and hardly even had the time to think much on it.

His mouth clammed down on that magical spot on my neck. Sucking fierce as he pulled hard and pinched and rolled my nipples fast between his thumb and index. Squeezing my breast in those big, expert hands. He bitt down, not enough to cut skin on my throat. The action throwing me over the edge at the surge of pleasure it drove into me.

The sharp pain and pleasure had me quivering as my back arched and I screamed his name in delight.

A wave like no other rammed through my body as I came crashing hard, my climax rocking through me. And all throughout he kept rolling my nîpples.

I came down from the explosive climax panting with not an ounce of energy left.

"Beautiful. You are so beautiful." he purred placing endless kisses on my neck and down my shoulder as my breathing slowly returned to normal.

I sucked in my lower lip, biting down. His hands slowly eased down my stomach, towards my bikini bottom. And no not Spongebob's home town.

The fact a city in a popular cartoon show is named after the bottom of girl swimming panties is beyond me. Who came up with that?

Before I could dwell on the weird, unexpected thought, Ivan snapped me back into reality by the feel of his fingertips slipping slightly under the hem of Spongebob's city.

Spongebob might not live there currently but the juices slipping out of my cûnt made me as wet as Bikini-bottom. Even without the four thousand gallons of chlorine water that surrounded us.

Well damn.

Okay so obviously I was scrambling for any thought that would distract me enough from what he was doing to my body. And obviously it wasn't working.

The sounds leaving me sounded more like something you would hear from a rated movie. My arousal was so evident and thrilling through me, I knew if we weren't in water, it would be running down my legs.

I shifted back an forward, squirming with need.

Every movement an attempt to try easing the growing ache in my core as his fingers moved lower. My efforts to do so has my áss pushing back on his côck as I 'unknowingly' grind my hips against his hard length.

He hissed followed by a deep, primal groan which rumbled from his chest straight to my hardened nipples before shooting down to my quivering pûssy. I mewled in his arms at his hard thick erection digs into my rear.

His hands slipped out of my bottom gripping my thighs as he put an end to my rolling hips.

"Careful with that perfect äss now kitten. Trust me, you don't want me loosing control on you." he breathed against my neck as I felt a shiver of need run through his body, crushed against my back.

I felt his other hand, slip farther south, now teasing and playing with my little low, public hair. This time, giant alarming red lights flared up in warning at the thought of where this all was leading. I froze.

As if sensing my unease, his hand paused and he moved back out of the fabric, still cupping my püssy. His lips began to trail over my throat as he placed soft kisses everywhere.

I bit down harder on my lower lip as his other hand on my right thigh began to slide down and up.

"So smooth. So fûcking perfect." he rumbled his voice thick with his arousal.

He parted my legs and the anticipation combined with slight fear for what was coming had me biting my lip harder as I arched my rear into his hot, thick gröin. This got me a deep husky groan of pleasure.

I bit my lip as the hand against spongebob city eased lower reaching my pûssy lips through the fabric. Not directly in contact.

He let out a loud groan of arousal as my âss cradled his erect, very large, weapon of pleasure. I arched, bending over even more. We were still on the shallow 3 ft section of the pool, else I'd be practically under water.

I moaned out as he pushed me against the side, with my breast pushed up against the cool, smooth wall and my ass out towards him.

He teased my folds through the thin material, moving to press against my clît. I mewled, head jolting back at the sudden spike of pleasure that shot through me just from him touching the sensitive bud with the fabric between his touch and me.

He didn't stop. My head shot up as he teased it even more, tweaking between his thumb and index finger. I was loosing it.

"Your body is so responsive it's insane. I never imagined you would be so sensitive Leona." he growled arms tightening around me as he held me close.

"I can't hold back much more. I'm almost bursting here. We should stop before it's too late" he breathed out through clenched teeth and a haze of lust as he loosened his hold on me.

I blinked feeling the chill air from the loss of his heat as he began to pull away.

Are you fûcking kidding me?! He chose now, to be a gentleman?!

The feel of his member still against my àss, hard as steel and so hot had more tingles of need shooting through me. He shifted away and I whimpered wanting something I shouldn't. Something I'd never felt before. I wanted it back. The feel of his arousal against me. To feel it. To feel him. Within me.

I couldn't help thrusting my hips back slightly to regain the feel of him against me. But now I wanted more. My hand reached back to feel if he really was as hard as he felt against me.

My fingers wrap around his hard shaft within his swim trunks and he hissed in a breath stiffening instantaneously. I bit my lip as I felt just how gigantically large he was in my hands. My fingers barely circled his length. And the loose swim trunks didn't do much to conceal his arousal which stood high and proud under the thin blue material.

"You are huge" I gasp breathlessly more in awe as I stroked his girth. That hard thick delicious cöck. I couldn't help licking my lips as I looked back at him. My eyes meeting his wide blue which held a raging internal battle.

I breathed out through parted lips, my face no doubt mirroring the need pulsing within me for him. God, I wanted this so bad! If he ended it I'd most likely go insane.

"Ivan...I...need..." I breathed breathlessly, looking up at him through my eye lashes. My hand stroked him up and down through the fabric, thumb rolling over his tip.

An animalistic growl ripped through his chest as he snapped something ferocious roaring unleashed within him. His eyes darkened, all the sky blue disintegrating as dark, stormy blue took over.

He suddenly moved down as he grabbed my hips roughly before slamming up and forward, thrusting his length up and forward. The sudden unleash of power as he slammed forward has me gasping as my hands shot forward to steady myself on the wall.

My arched position had his hard hot dîck now prodding right under my àss, smooched between the soft heat of my core and my thighs. If I were to reach down, right against my core would be the head of his pulsing, hard côck pushing at my clît.

He pulled back and thrust forward again, grunting as I quaked at the intensity of pleasure. The thrust having his côck pushing against my clít.

Oh yes!

My head falling back as I moaned out loud. Eyes opening and locking with a pair of deep moss green eyes with golden flecks.


Oh. My. Fûcking. Gosh!

Vlads eyes burned into mine, making me immobile and frozen in shock.

Suddenly, the fabric of my bikini was ripped off and two thick fingers slammed straight into my soaping wet püssy.

My eyes flashed wide and I jolted back, onto Ivan's erect steel as a harsh ripple of pleasure rammed through me, making me gasp out a breath.

"Oh God!...oh my God!" My head fell back as I screamed. Holy fûck! He did not just plunge two thick digits into my cùnt.

It was so unexpected, with me still rolling in shock that I couldn't hold in the scream of pleasure that left me, loud and clear. Ever conscious of the green eyes above, watching.

The deep growl of pure masculine lust and need that rumbled through Ivan behind me was sexy as fûck. The vibrations running from him, straight to my nipples and clît.

"so tight! Goddamn it Leona your killing me!" Ivan growled through clenched teeth.

The only sounds leaving me were whimpers and loud moans that filled the air around us. My eyes shifted down and widen at the giant bulge in Vladimirs hand as his hand caressed and stroked up and down.

Even more heat poured out of me at the erotic view as Ivan continued to thrust his fingers deeper and faster.

Vlads eyes filled with burning need and lust drank me in as his hand slipped under the fabric, pulling out his giant, hard, côck.


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