Star Fucked

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

One of my many sexy one shots.



I stared at the person in front of me, stunned to silence and unbelieving that this was actually happening. Of all the freakin people in the entire world, my father had to pick freakin Demetri Feriato.

Not to mention the mans ego was already blown giant by the fact he basically won everything in the Grammys mere months ago and is currently holding the top four most successful records since Michael Jackson.

So of course my father would sign him to his lable which also happened to be the biggest recording lable in Hollywood. And now I'm forced to go through an entire Thanksgiving dinner with him.

"Naomi Bornatelle, been a while hasn't it?" he chided, those piercing green eyes looking predatory. The all to familiar smirk was in place as he leans forward, wrapping a hand around my left hip as he pulled me forward. Tingles run down my spine from the contact of his bare hand against the exposed skin on my back. The backless red dress I had on didn't help either. He then proceeded to place a chaste kiss on my cheek, his lips lightly brushing the side of mine.

Heat surged through my system at the contact and how he'd practically crushed me against him. His hand wrapped around my waist as the other moved down my back all the way to my asš. He gives it a squeeze, making me jolt against him and a small moan to escape.

His heat was like a warm cloak around me, wrapping all my senses in, and making my knees go week. I make the mistake of breathing in and my brain cells were instantly swimming in the warm fragrance that was Demetri Feriato.

My hands on his shoulders were the only things putting some amount of distance between us. As much as I tried not to give a reaction, I couldn't help the slight gasp that escaped when I felt his tongue dart out to flick over my upper lip.

What the hëll am I doing? I can't just let him parade in and out of my life as he pleased. Why the hëll am I letting him do this in the first place? Oh my god, my family is here!

I shove him away instantly returning back next to my fathers side who was currently having a light conversation with Demetri's agent, Miguel.

My mother, younger sister and aunt Clarabelle on the other hand, had their mouths half hanging open as they stared at Demetri and I with shock. Hëll, even baby Andre had his eyes wide and his pacifier just fell out of his mouth. All four unbelieving that the usual work proned and high class Naomi Bornatelle just did that with the biggest celebrity to hit the music industry since his debut album eight years ago. Freakin great, I'm going to be drilled to my grave later from that trio for details.

I looked away trying to hide the light blush rising to my cheeks. A light chuckle from him had me turning to shoot a glare at my ex. That only had his smirk coming back full force, Ieaving me half hypnotized by how truly gorgeous this male specimen was. But what do I expect. He was claimed sexiest man on earth two years in a row.

I don't realize I'm basically eye rapping and undressing him until someone cleared their throat behind me and I spin around to find my brother Chris.

He was the only one who knew about my history with Demetri. About how when I still lived in England with Gramps, we dated junior and half way through senior year in high school. That was before I moved back here and he went on to pursue his dreams. That was eight years ago when we were still seventeen and eighteen not twenty five and twenty six.

Demetri moved up behind me, his hand wrapping around my waist as he pulled me back so I was flushed against him.

My eyes shot wide open at the bold move in front of our family when they knew nothing of our history together. It didn't help much either that I could feel the beginning of an erection poking my asš.

"Chris, long time" he smiled up to my twin brother and his old best pal as his head settled on the crook of my neck. I shiver as his breath fanned out onto the skin on my neck raising goosebumps.

His hand reached out from behind underneath my right hand deliberately brushing against my breast instantly making my nipples begin to harden. In no time, they are trio hard studs sticking out of my shirt bluntly obvious four anyone to notice.

"Sup dude, haven't heard from you since back in the day." Chris beamed taking his hand and doing some fancy fist bump thing like it was perfectly normal and something they did regularly.

"Yeah, lots of stuff happened since Highschool." Demetri smiled. "but I'm back now and decided to catch up with old times." He said his other hand moving up too close to my core got comfort before moving down my thigh again. Each time getting closer and closer.

It was a rather innocent act but extremely dangerous with his throbbing dïck shoved against my asš and my quickly getting drenched panties. The caressing motion had me squirming to stop to throbbing in my cµnt and a low groan coming from him behind as I felt his member grow more behind me. All that kept me distracted from everything else. At least until his last words had me freezing with shock in his arms.

He decided to catch up with "old times"?! Apparently I'm part of the "old times" now because I hadn't seen or even heard from him since highschool.

I rip his hand off my thigh, right before I jam my elbow into his rib cage. A gasp and wince of pain left him as his hold on me weakened and I stepped out of his grasp. The slight pained sound he made had everyone glancing over which he quickly covered up as a cough. I didn't bother waiting to hear the rest of his excuses as I turned into the kitchen fuming and pissed as fµck.

That dïck had some nerve. He left me for eight goddamned years without so much as a "hello" and then decides to walk back into my family dinner and act like nothing happened. That might work when he planned on re-acquainting with my brother considering they had been best friends but I sure as hëll wasn't going to take that shït!

Caught up in my anger towards him, I didn't realize the kitchen had gone silent until I turned around and my eyes collided with a pair of familiar deep green. He was leaning against the door, eyes trained on me. They move down my body taking in the mid thigh red dress that clung to my form and my black heels. My long blonde curls had been pulled into a long braid down my back exposing me more that I usually would like.

His eyes burned with an incredible amount of lµst; the same look he had always had moments before he pulled me into some closet and proceeded to plunged that giant rod of his into my sweet, tight, pµssy. I gulp as my core awoken and throbed violently at the memories.

Biting my lower lip, my eyes involuntarily moved down to what my body wanted so badly. It had been eight years and still just him standing in the same room as me had me more wet than any of the two guys I'd attempted to date after he left.

The protruding bulge quickly growing in his dark pants had me sucking in my bottom lip and biting down as I imagined how he would feel in my mouth when he shot his seed deep down my throat. I could practically taste him.

A low groan had my eyes shooting back up to his as he took slow, intimidating steps forward towards me a smirk plastered on his features. My cheeks were flaming up with embarrassment when I realize he'd caught me starring at his junk while mentally giving him a blöwjob. I take a step back from his approaching frame glancing around to find all the maids and helps gone from the kitchen.

Oh fµck. I'm alone with him. Crap crap crap! Our history together whenever we were in secluded areas guaranteed me being fücked. Literally, this was going to end with his thick cöck in my cµnt while I gripped his shoulders as he plunged repeatedly into me. I could never resist his charms or deny him because anyone who knows Demetri, knows he always gets what he wants. And no matter how much I might refuse at first, I always end up giving in. And denying him first will only result in me begging on your hands and knees later.

Fµcking hëll! The one time you actually need those blasted maids for backup they aren't here.

Within moments, he was across the room and upon me. His hand moved up to my cheek as he other wrapped around my waist, pulling me forward so I was crushed against him. He pushes a strand of loose blonde hair to the side, cupping it behind my ear so it flowed down the long braid I'd set up my hair into. I slap his hand away refusing to succumb to his charms again as I sidestepped him moving away from his hold on me.

"What are you doing here?" I demanded crossing my arms as I try to ignore the flames of desire roaring within me. I also couldn't help my eyes moving to the giant swell of his dïck in his pants.

"Meeting up with my girlfriend." He said his hand wrapping around my wrist. "From the last time I checked you we were in a relationship." He says with a lazy smirk.

"I don't know if your drunk or just that fµcking stupid Demetri, but we are done. We have been done for the past eight years. You left me and I've obviously moved on and I'm with Matthew now so quit it." I hissed untangling myself from him and turning to walk towards the fridge.

"Sometimes you're blonde roots really do make an appearance in what you say." He frowned as I turn to leave.

"Excuse me?" I spin around to face him. "Did you just call me stupid?"

"I'm just saying that based on the bull you just spat. But hey, if the shoe fits-" his sentence was cut in half by the sound of my hand colliding with the side of his cheek.

At first he's frozen, eyes wide with shock with his head still snapped to the side and a quickly forming print on his right cheek.

Then he pulled his head back and...laughed? He laughed loud and hard like I'd just told him the most hilarious joke ever.

I give him a look of absolute disgust as he roared with laughter, his deep voice filling the kitchen and bouncing off the walls. Crap, even the mans laugh sounded sexy as sin. It vibrated straight to the insides of my panties making hot cream flood out and my core awaken.

"Look Demetri. I don't know what sick game you are trying to play here but it's not amusing and it definitely is not funny." I glare swinging around to take the rest of the dessert out of the fridge.

His laugh died, almost immediately and I don't have time to question it. Before my digger tips could graze the door of the fridge, he spun me around and his body was back against mine, a mere breath away.

Mint and light champagne fan from his breath onto my cheeks making my head buzz. Before I know what is happening, his tongue have found it's way into the caverns of my mouth. The second his tongue comes in contact with mine, everything evaporated and carnal pleasure and the searing need to taste him took over.

My hands move up on their own accord to wrap in his hair as the kiss quickly grew frantic and heated. He lifts my legs up and I quickly comply by wrapping them around his waist so his giant rod was digging into my core making me moan into his mouth. A loud 'Thud!' designated through the room as he slammed my back onto the door behind me. I moan tightening my fist painfully I'm his hair as a loud groan resonates from his chest, straight into my throbbing core.

Oh yes! I've missed this to fµcking much!

His hands start roaming my body, as he grabbed my B cups within both hands and squeezed hard. I half moan and whimper, partially in his mouth at the force of his tongue thrusting against mine so violently.

Oh fµcking god! I didn't know how much I'd missed his wild, passionate kisses until that moment. He always was the greatest kisser ever, because the man could move his tongue in the most arousing, completely erotic ways possible within me. Not to mention everytime he used to go down on me. Oh god! That ever talented tongue, fµcking my pµssy until I was a babbling brainless mess. Oh fµck yeah!

I groan pressing closer onto him as I started to grind my hips do his dïck would dig farther against my weeping cµnt. My dress was riding up and his hands kept fondling my tïts roughly as he groaned against me.

What the hëll are you doing? The last shred of self respect and ego demanded as I pushed my chest father into his grasp and grind my hips even more against him. But all I can think of is the hot, pure bliss of pleasure surging through me like the flares from an erupting volcano.

He thrust his hips up so the tip pushed straight against my clït making me cry out into his mouth. His hand grabbed hold of the neck line and he yanked, ripping the luxurious dress to have a gaping hole in the front. I gasp my eyes shooting open as I start to protest over what he just did.

But all that died when his large, hot palms grabbed my tïts in a death grip making me wince at the pain. He continued on by grabbing and starring to fondle my chest fast and harshly in both hands. Grabbing the sensitive nipples and yanking or twisting hard at unexpected times. I unclaimed my mouth from his breathing harshly into the air as my moans filled the room.

He grabbed the silky fabric in both hands and yanked harder instantly filling the air with the sound of the rest of my dress ripping all the way down the middle. My entire body was now exposed to him and he didn't hesitate to pull back and groan with appreciation.

"Fµck. Your so beautiful." He hissed as he grinds his throbbing cöck against me again making me cry out.

While his hands hastily ran over my body, my hands had popped all the buttons on his dress shirt. I'm half freaking out with anticipation to touch him so much that my hands wouldn't stop quivering as I ran them over his hot, hard flesh.

The feel of Demetri's hot skin beneath mine combined with his hands groping my bare mounds while he leaned back down to claim my tongue again with his was intoxicating and had my core begging for attention as well. We were both practically wrestling to fµck each others brains out.

My hand traveled over his well defined muscles and chest all the way to the hem of his pants where the belt was already off and his bulging member stood in his pants proud and ready for my pµssy.

'Naomi! Freakin get your hands out of his pants!' That voice within me screeched as I reached in between us and found what I'd been looking for. What my body had craved and longed for the past eight years.

My hands are shaking like crazy as I grab the giant length of his hot rod. A sharp intake of breath left him when my cool fingers came in contact with his giant dïck. I squeeze barely slightly as my thumb ran over his tip and he groans as his entire body shakes and quivers against me. Fµck. I forgot how sensitive the tip of his cöck was.

I moved my hand up my handful of his thick, long shaft before slowly moving down. The same time, my other hand came in too and grabs and plays with his balls as I flick and rub some prëcum over his tip. A loud hiss leaves him as he jolts away from me making me crash onto the ground on my asš.

A hand grabs a fistful of my hair as he yanked my head up making me whimper at the pain as I flinch back. The tip of his long, thick cöck is shoved to press against my lips as I look up at him with surprise.

  "I want those sweet lips wrapped around my cöck as you suck me off like a lollipop." He commanded, through a half groan dark eyes starring down at me.

Oh. My. Gosh. That is so fµcking sexy!

I looked down at the dïck pressed to my lips my tongue as I feel myself cream harder just from the sight. Darting out to lick a drop of precüm from the tip, my lips wrap around the very tip as I moaned at the slightly salty taste of him against my tongue.

"Mnnhh!." He groaned deep in his throat as my mouth opened and I licked down his erect rod, circling my tongue at the base and coming back up the pulsing vein underneath.

I do this a couple more times as one of my hand pumped his tip and the other fondled his balls. Then my lips fully clamped onto one side of his cöck and I sucked as I traveled down the bottom of his shaft all the way to the sensitive skin that connected his dïck to his balls. He hissed as I suck on that his hands shooting down to digg into my hair.

"Holy fµck Naomi. Stop teasing, I'm bursting here." He groaned as he lifted my head back to his and plunged the tip of his member straight into my mouth. I frown up at him, wanting to enjoy my time more down here. But decide I wanted to taste his cµm much more.

I slowly start taking him in, little little into my mouth as I moaned out loud at the feeling of him filling my mouth completely. I pull him more and more in until I'm feeling his tip on the back of my throat making me slightly gag against his great length and size.

I look up to find the stained look on his face as our eyes collided. His hands in my hair gripped tighter when I intentionally let my teeth graze the sensitive vein beneath his shaft.

He hissed as his hands tightens more in my hair and his hips thrust forward, slamming the rest of his dïck into my mouth unexpectedly. I partially groan as my eyes shot wide at the giant rod now all the way in my mouth.

My eyes slowly closed in pleasure as I moaned, tasting him on my tongue. The vibrations from my mouth has his shaft hardening even more in my mouth as I move him out, rolling my tongue over his tip before moving all of him back inside me. Tears fill my eyes at the strain it took to keep control over my gag reflex as I bobbed up and down, rotating my head now and again with his shaft throbbing in my mouth. Loving it. The power that surged through me at the thought that I was making him quake and combust against me this much.

Oh god. I was getting off while sucking him. He precede to grasp both sides of my face, and wad soon thrusting harshly in and out; fµcking my mouth throughly as my eyes rolled up to met his once again. I moan as I feel my own orgasm building.

"Fµck. Holy fµck! I forgot how great you are at this. Oh, your mouth feels so good. I'm gonna....Naomi fµck!. " He groaned as he fücked my mouth nice and hard. Then he slammed all the way inside me making me groan as I feel him throb within the caverns of my mouth right before his hot cµm shot down my throat. I groan in complete ecstasy as I watched his head shoot back and every muscle in his body tense up. His teeth clenched closed as he hissed out my name. The look on his face has my own örgasm wash over me as I gulped down his hot cµm.

My pµssy won't stop weeping continuously and I could already feel the juices pouring out of my cµnt trailing onto the floor in a puddle. I moaned deeply as I climaxed making him hiss as his cµm came harder into me. My hands grab his balls and I squeeze making his knees buckle as he cried out a deep, sound of pure ecstasy.

He ripped my head off his semi erect shaft yanking me up to my feet.

Before I can react, he grabs my wrist and I'm soon being yanked forward as we leave the kitchen through the back stairway. He suddenly turns a sharp right and opens a door so we were suddenly in the bathroom. He pulls me in, slamming the door shut behind him.

"Demetri what are you doing?" I breath out my voice breathless and panicked. I was confused at the sudden change in scenario as he approached with the grace of a panther. Eyes down in slits and his already fully erect, giant erëction jutting out. My core seams to triple over in need as my nipples stood at instant attention and my breathing rushes out of my parted lips.

My heart is racing at a million miles an hour and my core won't stop throbbing with need for this man. All those times of having him deep inside me over and over and over had turned my body into a wanton chamber never getting enough of his big, hard dïck inside me. Even after eight years apart, I couldn't fight off the desire that erupted from deep within with his mere presence.

"Demetri, what are you-"

"Doing something you've denied me for way too long" He chided stepping forward as my back comes in contact with the far wall. His height towered over me making me have to cran my neck up so I wasn't starring at his lips. Those full luscious lips calling for me to taste again. So. Tempting.

He leans forward his hand coming up to cup my cheek sending heat waves throughout my body as his finger tips traveled down my neck.

"I-I didn't deny you anything Demetri, you left." I say my voice coming out shaky as my head leaned back, my eyes closing shut and a small moan escaped. His knee pushes in between my thighs, a gasp leaving me as it pushes up against my core. My back arches as my hands came down to rest on the knee pushing me up with only the tip of my toes on the ground. The only thing between being my drenched silk panties which were currently digging into my pµssy.

"I only left because you were already pushing me away." He growled against my right ear as he captured my ear lobe in between his teeth making me wince and moan at the pain and pleasure.

"The second you heard I might be moving to California you just shut me out. You didn't give me a chance to explain anything." He said grinding his knee against my core. I whimper and purr from the friction as my cµnt throbed for more.

"Y-you were leaving me-" He shoves harder so his knee dug more against me making me cry out as my head jolted up to the roof. My entire body was set aflame with desire and passion as his lips settled on my exposed neck.

Oh god.

"You didn't let me explain anything. Instead you ignored my calls." His teeth nipped at the sensitive flesh on my neck making me whimper as shivers ran rampant through me.

"I-I didn't think you-"

"You avoided me like I was the plague" his nails dug into the flesh on my hips as he ground his knee yet again against my drenched pµssy. My hands on his thigh twitched as I moaned and grasped at once.

"Then I found out you had changed your number and wasn't even on the same fµcking continent anymore."

"You were leaving anyway, I couldn't imagine continuing living there without you-"

"I wasn't leaving!" He growled his eyes flashing up to meet mine, rage and lµst flaming within them.

"W-what?" I gasp stunned to silence. Then suddenly the knee is gone and I'm crumbling onto the floor in front of him as he towered over me, looking angry and frustrated so fµcking sexy. His hands were thrust into his hair as he let out a frustrated growl. He spins around pacing away before turning back to me.

"I was going to refuse their proposal. I was going to say no so I could stay with you!" He growled swinging around to glare at me.

"W-what? But that would mean-"

"I know, and I knew back then what it meant, Naomi. It ment not moving to California to record an album that framed who I am today. It ment not having a chance to make it big." He approached me with each word his voice getting louder and louder. "But you know what? I didn't care. Because I would have you with me. I would have you there by my side and I was willing to refuse fame and wealth and fortune for you! But you didn't even give me the damn chance to explain all that. You didn't let me say anything. You just got up and left!" By now I'm a sobbing mess on the ground with my hands pressed against my mouth as tears spilled down my cheeks.

"I-I didn't know....I'm so sorry...I was scared and...oh god" I cried my head falling into my arms.

How could I have been so stupid. He was willing to give it all up for me. Hëll I would have never let him but the fact he had been willing to go so far...

"You didn't trust me." His voice was much calmer now but still sounded hurt beyond believe. "You didn't trust us"

I pulled my knees up against my naked, quivering frame as my entire body converged with the tears streaming down my cheeks.

It's silent except for my tears and I cry even more not wanting to check if he had left. A sinking feeling washed over me atty the thought that I'd fücked everything up so badly.

A hand moved through my hair as he lifts up my head so our eyes connected. I look down and away from his eyes not wanting him to see the hurt and pain in them or for him to see me so broken. But his hand tightened in my hair, keeping my head up as his eyes burned into mine.

We were like this for what felt like forever but was probably a couple minutes. Then he sighed deeply and his eyes closed.

"You're so lucky I love you too much to let you go. But don't think thus is over Naomi. I'm still pissed as fµck and I will punish you for what you did to me. What you did to us. The only reason I'm giving us another chance is because I'm a clingy demanding jerk who is currently addicted to you, and eight years of rehap didn't help. Not to mention your blow jobs are out of this world."

"I love much... sowwy." I choke through tears.

"I know. And I never stopped loving you Naomi." He smiled right before his lips met mine in a searing kiss.


No actual sëx in this chap just a kickass blow job and a heart warming get together. Hope you guys like it.

Next update will have more sëx for you sexy hörny pips.

Humps and Kisses

XOX~ NaughtyRosie

Submitted: October 26, 2014

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