Home Tutor

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Number three of my short one shots.

~~Hi. y'all. A-nother update for NaughtyRosie. ;)

°®°®°®°®°®°®°®° ® °®°®°®°®

"Since X is your main variable, and you are trying to find the surface area of the-"

"I'm tired and my head hurts. Break time." I say slamming my pencil on the desk.

"Felicia we just got started. It hasn't even been ten minutes." James said flashing me a frustrated look.

"I'm tired and math hurts my head. Good night. You can go home." I say waving him off and walking towards my closet. Leaving my childhood friend and math l tutor in my wake.

"Felicia, your father hired me because you are failing nearly all your classes. And I've been coming here for nearly two weeks now and you always blow off your studies." He growls, spinning around in the chair to face my retreating back.

"I'm not blowing off my studies, I just always have better things to do with my time. Alan is taking me to some new club downtown that is suppose to be bomb." I say puling my shirt over my head. This left me in nothing but my bra and jeans but I could really care less.

I'd known James since we were four and his mom became my nanny. Now she's returned back to Mexico for her Vacation and won't be back till late next year. Besides, at eighteen, I'm way too old for a nanny anymore. We just kept her because I told my father I wanted them here. And since James is the only male on the planet my father trust to stay home with his only daughter, he became my tutor and sort of live in guard. So yeah, he's basically my fathers "eyes" when father is away on one of his never ending businesses trips.

"The same Alan Bernard who left you in the middle of Moscow two weeks ago?" I look up in my dressing mirror to have our eyes collide. His jaw was clenched, eyes narrowed with his hands crossed over a broad chest. He looked intimidating and sëxy as hell.

Being four years older than me, James Rodriguez was a whooping 6ft 3. With a lean but muscle induced frame and looks that never disappoint in making girl's pantries drop. His mixed Latino heritage showed in the long steads of thick black hair that fell down the sides of a chiseled chin.

I'm temporarily stunned before quickly averting my gaze and turning back to the closet.

"It wont happen again. Besides, he apologized and it's over with, I broke up with him and he's taking me out tonight to make up for it." I shed my pants leaning forward to pull them off. I hear James groan behind me and I look to find his eyes glued on my as§. He quickly turns away muttering swear words.

"Dios mio! Felicia you have no sense of privacy." He groans turning around as he dug his hands in his jeans pocket. I'm shocked by his reaction l. Because frankly, since I hit puberty, I've had a major thing for James. I've given him all sorts of hints. From the hair flipping to the dating others so he would get jealous. I've full on gone to second base on our couch, in front of him. Just to make him jealous. But all I got was a lazy "remember to use protection" from him as he sipped his coffee and headed upstairs.

But this was completely different. And goddãmmit, I was not going to let this opportunity slip away.

"I'm not bare as§ naked James. And we grew up together, there's nothing here you didn't see during our shared bath times when we were kids." I say walking around him to stand directly in front of him. Immediately, his eyes averted away from me, to the side as his jaw clenched shut.

I placed my palm out on his broad chest and leaned forward so my protruding hardened nïpples lightly grazed against his chest. He didn't say anything but the sharp inhale from him was enough to let me know my body was affecting him.

Pushing closer, my feet went up on my toes as I lightly bite his ear lope,gaining a deep groan from him. I smirked knowing he was practically mine to do with as I wish for the night. And boy oh boy, did I have plans for him. I'd fantasized enough over the years of this night to know exactly how mind blowing it would be.

"I'm hungry James. I want a taste" I moan out as my hand traced up his thigh, itches from his main steel.

My fingers barely graze the growing bulge in his pants when a song blast from behind me, making us stiffen at the random sound. The mood is wrecked instantly as his hands come up and grip my shoulders and he shoves me away from him. Keeping me at arms length.

"We are not kids anymore Felicia, now put on some clothes dåmmit. I'm going downstairs to start with dinner. And your not going anywhere tonight." He finalized with a 'no objection' tone that had me growing pïssed as he turned to go pick up his phone.

This man was impossible. I'm practically throwing myself at him and he is thinking about dinner? And not even the kind of dinner I had in mind either. Actual food!

My mood wasn't made any better when I recognized the voice on the other end of the phone as some desperate chic we had met at the mall the other day and she'd practically seized his number. He turns to go downstairs still on the phone with his hand running through his hair. Something he did when he was uncomfortable or nervous.

I glare as he leaves and the door shuts behind him. What the fücking hëll!? Are you serious? At this rate we were never getting anywhere. How could somebody be so dâmned set on refusing me. I was Felicia Dronewald dámmit! My father owned more than half of the worlds oil reserves with enough money to buy whatever the hell I wanted. And trust me, if I want something, it's practically mine. No questions asked.

And right now, I want James Rodriguez and its about f?cking time I get what I want.


I reached the top of the stairs, taking a deep breath as doubt started to set in. Did I really want to do this? This was beyond crazy and practically screamed "Desperate to get fücked". I should just swing a sign over my head in neon lights and a giant arrow pointing down at me with those words. That's how bad this was.

Down in the kitchen, something was already boiling on the stove and James had the phone between his shoulder and cheek as he chopped up some spices on the counter top. My eyes bugged when I notice he even had on the apron. My goodness, I'd love to see him with only that on, and a giant erection!, parading around the house.

The visual image was both stimulating and unforgettable. I had to rub my thighs together to soothe the aching that started between my legs. Taking one final deep breath, I decide I do been this. This was the only way to get cold emotion void James to become mine.

"James what's for dinner?" I ask on the top floor of the stairs as soon as he tilted his head back and gulped down some coke.

"Spaghetti and-" a spluttering sound followed as coke sputtered from his lips. His eyes were planet sized as he stared at me wide eyed with soda dripping down his chin.

"What -what in the world are you-" he spews unable to find words as the phone lands loudly on the tiled floor. Irony think the even notices cause his eyes are still glued to my body, l?stfully.

I smirk with triumph at the hungry look in his eyes as he took me in all my bare as§ naked glory. All the way from my slightly erect nïpples that felt sensitive even against the chill indoors air. Down my bare stomach to my perfectly waxed clean mound that had nothing to hide what lay underneath. The only thing I'd kept on was my six inch red stilettos that made my slender long legs look longer and sèxier.

His Adam's apple bobbed up and down as I take a step down, watching his eyes flash down to my t?ts as they bounced slightly from the step. I continue down the giant staircase, making my steps more of slight jogs as each click of my heels against the floor had my t?ts bouncing against my chest and more of my wet essence flowing down my thigh.

By the time I reached the bottom, my nïpples were as hard as steel and I was breathless as my sticky clear cream ran down the inside of my thighs from my weeping cünt. One glance at James had my eyes widening at the obvious bulge making a dent from beneath his apron.

"I'm here for dinner of course. You have a problem with that?" I smirk walking towards him with bold determined steps,swiveling my hips from side to side.

He visibly gulped, his hands clenched by his side's as his eyes traveled up and down my frame. The tent in his pants was perfectly visible through the apron and I couldn't help the genie pride that settled within me at the thought that I'd done that to him.

"You look slightly uncomfortable there James. Do you need some help?" I question already teaching forward and grabbing his fully erect bulge, through his pants and the apron. He takes a step back only to run into the fridge behind him.

His hand grabs my wrist in protest as my hands tightened around him and I pulled up closer so my chest was pressed against his and my face inches from his.

"Felicia..." he groaned my name out as I pushed the apron aside and dug my hands down his slack pants. It didn't take much effort before his hot pulsing hard member was completely in my grasp.

His hand on my wrist tightened again but he doesn't push me away. I feel the light wet moisture of his precµm on my fingers as my thumb chuckled his tip fast as my other hand pumped up and down his mushroom.

His eyes widened and he mutters more curse words in both Spanish and English.

"You're so big...and hard." I breath tugging his pants the test of the way down as my hand continued to bobb up and down on him.

His entire body grew tense as his climax came closer and closer. I yank my hand away moments before he reached, gaining a deep, loud frustrated groan from him.

"Goodnight James" I winked before swinging around to head up stairs. I smirk when I hear a low rumbling resurrect behind me.


A hand grabbed my wrist spinning me around. Soft yet firm lips crushed mine in a demanding, harsh kiss that had everything within meewing with pleasure.

Soon our tongues were dancing in an intoxicating rhythm that only we could comprehend. Pleasure seeped into my system as I missed against him and my hands came up to wrap around his neck.

His hand smashed around my waist to grab my ašs in a firm grip that had me moaning into the kiss add my toes curled.

He pulls me up against him and my legs immediately wrap around his hips as my fingers thrust into the thick luscious blank hair at the back of his head.

Stepping out of the bundle of pants at his feet, we are soon moving and before I know it, we are in the living room. His mouth unclasped off mine as he threw me into the couch. I'm laying on my back, breath coming in pants, as nude as the day I was born.

"Shït!" he hissed spinning away as his hands thrust up into his hair. "Dammït Felicia!" he growled pacing around with a semi erection bobbing up and down. "Your father entrust me with helping you with your studies. Not fµcking his only daughter. " He groaned.

I try moving my legs slightly to ease the storm of need pulsing through my brother regions to no avail.


"But, James"I breath out, half panting as his eyes took I my erötic position and a deep groan left his chest as a thick tongue swiped out to lick his lips.

"I'm so wet." I whimper as my knees bent up and I opened my legs to his widening pupils. He was directly in line to receive an excellent view of my drenched, freshly trimmed pµssy.

My hand moved down my stomach to open my pµssy lips for his scorching gaze. A loud groan seeped from his throat from across the room.

"Help...me..." My other hand squeezed one if my breast as I inserted my middle finger to slick into my throbbing cµnt. My back arches off the couch as my eyes closed shut and my head shot back to let out a loud moan. I pull out, slowly reading my finger again inside as I pinched one hardened nîpple. I bite down in my lower lip add I moaned again at the surge of pleasure building within me.

My eyes open again and the first thing that greeted me was his fully erect libido pointing directly at me. But the look on his face was priceless.

This time, I didn't have to count before he was upon me, mouth capturing my other nîpple and his fingers capturing my clït in a tight grip. I jolt up, letting out a moan as his hand pinched and pulled at my clït roughly the same time his teeth bit down in my nîpple.

"James!" I cry out as hand was pulled out off my cube but was instantly replaced by his thick fingers. He thrust them knuckle deep within me fast, pulling in and out with no patience whatsoever.

"Fµck. No foreplay. Just Fµck!" he growled pulling out and grabbing my hips. He flips us over, suddenly so I was on my knees in the couch, grabbing onto the back with my ašs sticking out towards him.

I turn my head to the side, trying to look behind me. A loud smack resonated through out the room add Iain shot through my ašs making me jolt and cry out.

"James, what the fuc-" another smack, Harder than the last had me screaming bloody murder. His hands grabbed fist full of both of my ašs cheeks and he spreads them apart, making me arch my back so he was in perfect view of my drenched pµssy.

His tongue reached down and lapped at my juices making me moan out. This was closely followed by a loud smack on my already throbbing ašs.

"Fµcking hell James. If you-AHH!" He slammed his dïck suddenly without warning all the way into my cµnt making me scream as my head shot back. But that didn't slow him down from pulling back and slamming into me yet again.

But he never halted, continually slamming in and out, rocket fast as his and came around and grabbed handfuls of my tïts in both hands as he pumped in and out if me faster and faster.

"James! Oh yes! Fµck me!" I scream as he slammed in and out of my tight cµnt. I contract my nether muscles as I feel my climax approaching. He lets out a groan as he suddenly flipped me over so  my back was against him and I was starting him backwards. His hands reach around to grab fist full of my tïts; so hard I'd probably have bruises later. My hands hold onto his knees as I thrust my hips up and down onto his shaft. the sane time he thrust up every time as he continued to screw up my insides with his huge cöck.

The new position had him hitting places no one had ever hit before and before I could help it, I was screaming into my biggest O ever. With one final thrust, he emptied load after load of his thick cµm inside me. My head shot back as my back arches and I exploded into my second climax, screaming his name.

After emptying himself within me, I fell back against his body with him still kicked inside me.

I finally gain enough energy to pull off him and slip off the couch until my knees were on the floor and my head against the seat, still panting.

"Felicia." He called making my eyes look up, still glassed over with miniature after orgasmic explosions still going on within me. "Get over here and clean your pµssy juices off my dïck." He said spreading his legs wide open. I scrawled at him, eyes narrowing.

"Who the hëll are you talking to like that? Don't forget I could get you fired just with a snap of my finger you fµcking dïckhead." I growl pulling myself up to my feet.

What a jerk. This is exactly what I hated about men. Fµck them once and they think they own you.

"No one special. Just the owner of  a sêx tape that features you practically throwing yourself at me." He beamed, flashing a wicked smile. My eyes widened I horror.

No way. No freakin way. He wouldn't do that to me.

"Say hi to the camera princess." He nodded grabbing the t.v.remote and turning it on. On the screen, was a Skype like image of me ašs naked, staring shocked and pale at myself, eyes wide.But what truly had me going completely askew was the person he'd been skyping the entire ordeal to.

The asšhole had hacked my father's office computer during what looked like a boardroom meeting during a presentation. And apparently I was the presentation. What a show I'd just put on for my father's main board.



~~Home Tutor - Part Two ®

"You are quite the star, aren't you Princess?" he smirked. I was shell shock and couldn't move a muscle. In fact, I couldn't process anything besides the look of dread on my father's pale face and the winked  of what was lúst on some of his male co workers and others, mostly the women, disgust.

Standing next to my pale father was Claudia Birtch, his secretary also known as the reincarnation if the devil himself. She had a self satisfied look on that instantly had me knowing she had a hand in this.

But, I couldn't awaken myself to do anything other than watch as Claudia Bîtch linked her arm with his and the piercing look of disappointment exerting off my pale father.

He shoots me another disappointed look and unlinks his hands with hers, as fury took over his face. I gulp, at the sight of him so angry as he turns and storms out the room.

"Dad" I finally find my voice and squeak out. But it's broken and barely above a whisper.

Fµck. I'd really fûcked up this time.

"Want to watch the replay?" James smirked raising the remote and pushing a red button. The screen went white for a second then the room was filled with my moaning and screaming as an image showed up on the screen.

It's of James sitting on the couch with me ašs naked on his lap as he thrust his dïck in and out of my cµnt. I'm facing the TV which gave perfect view of my bouncing tïts in his hands as he rammed into me over and over. He'd planned the entire thing so perfectly, even our position gave great access to the hidden camera above the TV.

What sickens me most is the fact that the image had me getting aroused again. The view of my pink pulsing clït and his full, thick dïck ramming in and out if me had wet heat slipping out of my cµnt and my nipples going rock hard. Not to mention the look of absolute bliss on my face in the video.

I scream I'm frustration, grabbing the remote from him and chucking it towards the TV. It crashes into the screen, creating various giant cracks as the sound of static filed the air. The screen flashed broken images before the force of my throw had the entire set crashing backwards with a loud boom into the floor.

Swinging around, I let all my rage and anger explode as I leaped onto a wide eyed James screaming and kicking and clawing.

"You fµcking dïck James! How could you! Die in hell you fµcking dog fluffer, Fµck you!" I scream now strangling him on the couch and hitting any and everywhere I could get.

At disarray, I caught him off guard and hit a few good blows before his hands could fly up to shield him. I went wild with the insults and called him just about any name I knew and a couple that didn't even make sense.

"Felicia!" he hissed flinging me over as I'm flipped and we somehow end up in the floor a tangle of limbs and fist.

Me throwing and kicking anywhere I could get while he tried to protect himself. My knee jams into his lower gut, missing the true target by pure luck on his side.

"Felicia! Calm the he'll down dämn-it!" He hissed as my fist collide with his jaw. Pain shoots through my hand making me cry out.

Holy crap, was the man's jaw made out of steel?! That hurt like a-

"Felicia, calm down!" he growls. But I start clawing and manage to get some cuts on his lip and arms.

He lets out several words in Spanish that don't sound very friendly or appropriate.

His much bigger frame and overall male physic won over and he soon had me pinned down under him. Both if my hands in his death grip above my head with him in between both my legs so I couldn't move.

"Crap. Your nails are lethal." He cursed as he noticed the several scratches on his arms I'd left behind. All already starting to form angry red lines up and down his arms like he'd just gotten done wrestling with a wild cat.

"Get off me you jerk! I'm gonna kill you!" I scream fighting against his hold on my body against the ground.

"Felicia you-"

"How could you? Do you have any idea how much that video is going to Fµck up my life?! My father is probably having a heart attack right now."

"Your father is fine Felic-"

"Don't you freakin call my name James. I thought you were my friend. How could you do this to me?! My father trusted you! I trusted you"

His eyes suddenly got hard. Then both of my hands were pulled up and held into one if his as his other hand clasped into my neck not hard enough to choke me but dämn hard enough to get his point across.

"Friend? Trust? Oh please Princess. You treat every one around you either like shït under your five thousand dollars stilettos or a personal slave. It was about time you learned your lesson" he hissed as his hands tightened around my wrist and his burning gaze traveled down to my still naked form.

A cold shiver run up my spine as I realize the truly grueling situation I was in. He had me trapped and could do whatever he wanted with me for however long he liked. Even if father were to get on the next plane here, he wouldn't be reaching until around tomorrow night at the earliest. That left me in James hands for entire day and all this night to do as he pleased.

My eyes widen as I swallow a hard lump. I need to get out of this.

James was one to be silent. In fact, he'd always been the silent type which is why I persuaded my father to let him stay with me in this house as a driver, cook-basically whatever needed doing when the cook and cleaners weren't here. And he never told my dad about all the parties I'd thrown or the trouble I'd found myself in on various occasions. So he was good.

Then this had to fµcking happen.

But I was Felicia Dronewald dåmmit! I want going to let this lowlife see me panic or sweat. I'd be five foot under before the day he saw me shed a fµcking tear.

"What? Are you going to räpe me now too? Haven't you caused enough damage to my family as it is?" I demand glaring up at him. A wicked glint came to his eyes causing a shiver to run down my spine.

"Oh, I'm not going to hurt you Princess. And I'm definitely not a rapïst. You seduced me earlier with that passion and erotic body of yours.

It might have been used as part of the show but this time, it's going to be just me and you." He purrs grabbing a handful of my right breast and starts squeezing and playing with it in his palm.

I bite back the moan threatening to slip past my lips as he pitched one nîpple roughly.

“And by the time I'm through with you, you'll be begging for mercy and on your knees like a bîtch, pleading for me to pound my fat cöck into your sweet tight pµssy.

Oh Princess, I will make you cüm and cüm until you can't cüm anymore." He smirked as my eyes grew wide at his words and my head tilted back as soft whimper left me and heat flooded my body. Shivers of anticipation and lúst run rampant through my body.

"I'm...I'm not scared of you James." I blurt refusing to swallow my pride or acknowledge his words.

"Oh don't be baby girl. It's much better that way. I like them feisty and you Princess, are passionate. I live your spirit.

Now, let me feast on these perky wonderful tïtties you brought out to play." He moaned as his lips landed on my neck and he nibbled, sending shivers all through my body before slowly easing down my cleavage area.

Soon, he engulfed my right nîpple completely in his mouth and sucks it into his warm mouth, flicking it with his tongue as the other hand not holding me down pinched and tweaked the other breast.

Oh sweet lord why did it have to feel so good? He knew exactly how to make me cream and my goodness did that feel good.

He had targeted my weakest spot; my nïpples were so sensitive it was almost like having two extra clïts.

My back arches as I bite down on my lower lip and a small whimper left me.

He tugged roughly at the nîpple he was twisting as he caught it between his thumb and index, shooting sensations straight to my aching clït.

"Oh!. Oh- Fµck you James. Ah." I moan out finally when I couldn't hold my voice in anymore. A full cry left me right afterwards as he bit down hard on my nîpple sending waves of pain and pleasure shooting through my body.

I look down, teeth clenched as I try to hold my moans in hopelessly. I watch as he sucks on the sore bud, rolling his tongue around and around. His eyes move up to meet mine and I gulp at the fierce desire burning within them.

"What a hot nasty girl you are. I will wash your mouth out with my cüm if you talk back to me again Princess." He said as he let his teeth clamp down again on my nîpple.

"Ah!" I moan at the pain and pleasure.

So good. He was so good at that. Which just made me that much angry with myself that I was reacting to him so strongly.

"B-by the time my father gets here you're going to wish you never met me." I hiss as his hand traveled down my stomach towards my core.

"Oh sweety you have no idea how many times I've wished exactly that. Actually, if you had any idea how much you've fµcked up my mind-worst of all-these past three years..." He chuckled darkly, with no humor.

"Your sick. Get of me! And what the he'll are you talking about? I saved your ašs from growing up poor and homeless you ungrateful prick! If I'd never convinced dad to let you stay here and even send you to the same schools as me you'd be dead somewhere in the streets!" I scream glaring daggers at my childhood friend.

"That sounds so much more appealing than the fourteen years of hell you've put me through." He growled. My mouth gasped open as I stared with shock at him. That definitely stung and hit a sore spot.

"Don't look at be like that. You know exactly what I'm talking about. From elementary all the way to today. Think Felicia, use that pretty head of yours."

I growl at him wanting so much to rip his head off for that comment.

Memories of growing up together with him always by my side flooded into my brain.

When we were kids and he always did as I said. Always by my side through school even if he was a year ahead. He didn't mind all the embarrassing things I made him do.

Like when I forced him in a dress and put makeup on his face, making him play princess with me when we were six. He'd been embarrassed when his friends had saw him in it but never dared take it off until I told him to.

Or when I made him ditch his date for prom because I wanted him to take me shopping.

Even calling me Princess when I ordered him to which stuck even til now when I could really care less.

He'd never refused or even showed any signs of anger or denial. He'd just gone along with everything I told him, never questioning.

"Even though you treated me like Shït, I actually treasured you all through the years we grew up together." He locked eyes with mine, before shifting down to my lips as he placed a soft kiss on my cheek l.

He continued trailing soft kisses down to my neck and all over me. I shiver at the new sensations that came with the kisses. These were student from anything we'd ever shared. So gentle and loving, like he was worshipping my body.

"Sure you were and are still a spoiled bossy brat, but before I knew what hit me I'd already started growing feelings for you. As far back as I can recall" He moved back up, until his lips brushed the side of mine.

I held my eyes tight and shut as soft whispers escaped from the gentle kisses. He stopped suddenly and sighed I'm agony. His head slumping forward into the curve of my neck.

"What a joke that became. You are so totally out of my league it's pathetic." He gave a dark humorless chuckle as his group on me suddenly grew stronger.

"I couldn't do much except watch as you paraded around with that menace you call Alan. I had to watch him take the girl I'd always loved and cherished. I had to watch him do all the things I'd always only dreamed of sharing with you." encrypted was forced and filed with rage and hurt. So much hurting.

"That's around the time I realized, I would literally climb the tallest mountain for you. I would do anything for you, but you would never be mine. Not in anyway.

No matter how much I wanted you or cared. And that slowly drove me angry and furious. It drive me insane.

I'd given you everything I had, but even that, would never be enough." his entire frame was shaking above me, with emotions. My eyes opened and meet his and I almost choked from the different polar emotions racing through his.

"James, I had no ide-"

“Don't. Don't say a word. I know, I'm pathetic for falling for someone who doesn't even acknowledge me as someone other than her little servant boy."

"James please, I-"

"Besides, by the time your father gets here I'll be long gone after fµcking his daughters brains out." He said looking down at me as he pulled up so his face was inches from mine as his hand below my crötch.

"James wait, I need to tell you-Ahh!" I cry moan louder than ever at the shock of him thrusting two if his fingers into me.

My back arches off the floor as he let started pumping in and out of me.The need burning better my legs made my hips begin to grind against his fingers, thrust after delicious thrust. And I'm so wet I could hear the slurping of my pµssy from up here.

Then suddenly, he twisted his hand and was literally stirring up my insides with his fingers as they pumped knuckle deep, in and out of my cµnt.

I screamed as an onslaught of pleasure ripped within me and my body starts quivering fast and hard as my climax became mere seconds away.

He pulled out suddenly, leaving me along with my cµnt twitching and needing his fingers back in.

"No! Don't stop!" I thrash against him, wanting more. I was literally seconds away from a mind shattering climax.

"Shut the fµck up! I'm fµcking done with your demands! This is for me! Not you!" he yanked my legs as far as they could go apart, and settled within them.

Sharp pain ripped through me as he rammed his fat cöck fully into me, without waiting for me to adjust to his size, inch by inch like before.

I threw my head back and screamed at the violent intrusion as he let go if my wrist and his hand grabbed my neck instead. Not a moment after he invaded me, he yanked almost all the way out and slammed back in fully, his balls slapping my ašs.

Then he was off, on his assault on my cµnt, ramming in and out as his grip around my neck bordered on chocking. I grip onto his arm as he deformed my insides with his giant cöck.

He didn't give a dam if it hurt or what he was doing to me. He just kept ramming that huge dïck if his in and out of me at lightening fast speed until I was shrieking at the top of my lungs add the orgàsm I experience shoots into another level of thrilling satisfaction.

And yet he didn't stop or pause. And I loved it. No one had ever dared to treat me this way. I was so used to always being in control of every aspect of my life but here, now, he possessed me. I was his to fµck as he pleased and he did not disappoint.

Not long from my last, I found myself yet again up on top of the world, crashing down into yet another orgàsm.

When he exploded inside me moments later, I saw the clouds of heaven part and Jesus say "Amen". Or not.

Not a minute after, he was fully hard again as he flipped me so the side of my face was crushed against the carpet and my ašs was in the air. He growled as he impaled me from behind and took off in a fast, fluid rhythm of him slamming in and out of me.

I scream and cried out for more and more and more as he impaled me over and over for hours until I couldn't take more. Flipping me into various creative positions that had his shaft hitting ask the right places inside me.

When his dïck wasn't thrusting and devouring my cµnt, his tongue was swirling as he ate away at me.

I came more times that I'd ever, in my life. So much that I was afraid my cµnt would break from his hostility. And yet he never quit.

No. Not once did he pause his onslaught on my body.

"James!...Please...no more." I cried as he gripped onto my hips, his back on the floor abd slammed up into me. My chest was pushed against his, and I was on my knee , straddling him as he fµcked me harder and harder.

My finger nails dug into his shoulder blades as my eyes rolled back and my mouth gasped open and I can't in a shattering mess.

"J-James-Oh" I can barely croak out against his chest as I feel his dïck pulse within me and his hot seed flooded my insides for the millionth time.

Oh God. Even the birth control pills I was on wouldn't survive all the load after load of the thick, creamy cüm he'd flooded my insides with.

His head was buried in my hair, out of sight as his hands wrapped around me tightly, almost like he was afraid I would disappear if he didn't hold on with all his might.

"Why?...Why isn't it working? I'm suppose to not care anymore...I'm suppose to hate you...Why can't I hate you?!" his voice whispered as his hold on me grew so tight, it was starting to hurt.

His entire body started shaking and quivering around me. I could still feel his hot hard cöck, throbbing within me as silent tears fell onto my neck and into my hair.

"James..." I breath out wide eyed and shocked as I try to catch my breath.

Never in my life had I seen him shed a tear before. Other than when I left with dad for a month on a trip to Malibu for Vacation when I was five and he was seven. I'd returned with food poisoning two days into the trip. The only time I'd ever gotten severely sick and he cried for days because he thought I was going to die.

"I love you so much...I've always loved you so much...Why can't you see that?" He mumbled against my neck, the position he held me in making it impossible to move.

"All I wanted was to be by your side...But you never let me in...And now, I've gone and fµcked it all up." He was shaking so much, I had to stifle a moan from the sensations against my pµssy considering his dïck was still fully implanted within me.

Crap. He wasn't letting me speak or say anything. I couldn't get him to listen. Not by the usual way of speaking and trying to explain.

I'd never been very good with expressing my feelings which explained why I was naked and trying to seduce him in the first place instead of telling him how I really feel like every other normal person out there.

Wow. I really am a major bîtch. No wonder he said a lifetime in hell would've been better than the time he spent with me.

But no. No more taking the easy way out. I had to let him know how I felt. In the best way I knew how to.

I use the last ounce of energy still left in me to pull up on my arms and crush my lips on his as my hands held and settled on his tear streaked cheeks.

In the kiss, I showed him everything I couldn't say out loud. I pushed everything I'd held within into it until I was lightheaded from lack of oxygen.

I pulled away from his frozen state as I looked down at his wide eyed daze if disbelief at my actions.

"Your not the only one holding secrets James." I breath, my eyes burning into his.

Instantly his hand shot up  and wrapped around the back of my head as he crushed his lips back against mine. The returned kiss was hot and passionate and fast, yet carrying and warm.

He kissed me like his life depended on it. A kiss that held so much emotion and meaning that I felt like I would burst from joy and overdose of his feelings pouring into me.

I pull away when breathing became a necessity and he moved straight down to placing kisses all over my face.

"...So much...love you so...much." He said, hot tingling kisses engulfing me completely. I smile gently down at him, and he request the smile as I start sitting up against him before wincing when I recalled he was still in implanted in me.

The smile on his face crumbled and concern took its place.

"I'm fine. Just-...ahh" I looked down as My hands settled on his chest and I pulled up, watching him slide almost all the way out of me. I pulled him out and electric pulse shot up my spine.

Good lord, I was so used to the sensation of him in me after the hours of him devouring me pµssy, I could still practically feel the ghost of his massive dïck within me.

"I hurt you. I'm so sorry"he said flipping me over so I was beneath him. He stood up, towering over me. I gulp at the view of his perfectly ruined, naked body exposed to my viewing.

He helps me up to my feet.

"It's oka-ahh!" I gasp as my legs gave out under me and I'm falling to the side.

Holy Shït. I can't walk right.

His hands catch me as he pulls me forward and swings me up into his hands bridal style.

"No. It's not okay. I should never hurt you for any reason. I'm so sorry-"

"The more you apologize, the more I'm pissed because you just gave me the best sex of my life and your apologizing for it." I say looking up sternly at him.

"Sorr-" he began but I quickly wrap my hands around his neck sealing his lips with a kiss.


Hope you liked it.


Submitted: October 26, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Naughtyrosie. All rights reserved.

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This should be novel..am intrigued.

Sun, October 26th, 2014 10:54pm


Nicely written in every way!

Thu, January 1st, 2015 11:41am


Thank you! I actually edited this so im so happy!!! hahaha

Fri, January 2nd, 2015 5:21pm


I really liked story. I was so surprised that her daddy was watching. I didn't like that she was only 16 so I just thought of her as an 18 year old girl. I've enjoyed all your stories so far.

Tue, March 17th, 2015 10:02pm

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