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I am his. His Claim.

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Submitted: October 22, 2014




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  "Thirty more minutes until the game starts. I wish you could come" Cory smiled, standing in the driveway outside my bedroom window.

I was on my knees, hands on the windowpane, looking out the window at my boyfriend for two years now.

The Towns very own Cory Alec Matthews. Well known Quarterback and star student at Westwing High school. Straight A and 4.0 GPA student. Not to mention he was jaw dropping gorgeous and the perfect boyfriend anyone could ask for.

Today was the big homecoming game which was made a bigger deal by the fact people from three different colleges were coming to watch him play.

If they thought he was great-which he is-then he would get tuition admittance to college. But other than that, today is also our one year anniversary together as a couple.

"I'm sorry baby. I really wish I could come too but I'm so sick, I think I'll-" My eyes widen and the words die on my lips as I felt a hand lift my asš up.
Someone's head slides under me from behind making me gulp as dread filled me. Without looking, I already know who it was.

But despite that, I look down between my legs to have my eyes collide with the cold hard gaze of Danny's cold blue spheres as he flashed a wicked grin at me.

He was on his back, on the floor with his head positioned between my legs, in perfect view of my naked cµnt, exposed to his prying eyes.

"What the hëll Danny? Stop! He will notice" I hissed down at him as his eyes zeroed in on my wet, throbbing core which he had recently been fingering on the bed. When Cory had called me earlier, I'd barely had enough time to yank on a t-shirt and run to the window to great my boyfriend.

Danny's think tongue swiped out to lick his lips as he smirked, admiring my soaking wet slit.

"Getting some milk for nutrition" He winked as his finger started circling my folds. I grip onto the window edge eyes widening.

"No. Not now. Danny please, not now" I plead biting on my lower lip to hold in my moans as my body started heating up yet again.

"What?" Cory asked from outside instantly snapping my head back towards him.

One of his hands up and shielding his eyes from the sunlight as he looked up at me, looking confused. I'm temporarily confused at what he was talking about.

"Sorry, I-I didn't hear you." I call down at my boyfriend as Danny started to rub my clït. I clench my teeth shut as my entire body started shivering from the pleasure building at my core.

"I asked how you are feeling. Is your fever getting better?" Cory questioned from below. I feel two of Danny's fingers penetrate me without warning as he instantly started to pump them in and out of me.

My eyes widen as my hands fly up to my mouth, trying to hold in the moans leaving me.

"D-Danny." I gasp lowly down at him as he shoved his thick tongue inside me.

As soon as he was in, he went strait to swirling and thrusting it within my core, eating like a starved beast. His hands come from around my back and grips my thighs, holding me against his talented tongue.

"Oh! Oh God!" I cry out as my body shook and converged with waves of pleasure. My breast pressed against the window pane and I moaned out loud as my nïpples hardened into buds.

"Are you okay?" Cory called from below. "You need me to come up? What's wrong?" He asked already heading towards the front door.

"No! No! Don't come! Don't-Ah!. Fµck. I-I mean don't. I'm okay...just...Oh!" I stutter my head falling forward as my hands clenched over my mouth to hold in my voice.

"Are you sure? You are turning red and you sound like you are in pain." He said coming to a stop. Inside, Danny was feasting on my pµssy like there was no tomorrow. Like it was the most delicious thing he had ever tasted.

"Cramps! I'm having-Ah!-cramps. It feels...so...oh God!...Ahh!" I moan my eyes falling closed as my head falls back and I clench my teeth shut. My hands pressed over my mouth as my entire body quivered and shook.

Cory was in perfect view of my erect nïpples poking at my shirt.

Well he would be, if the sun wasn't glaring in his eyes.

"I wish I could help babe. It must suck bring a girl, having to deal with that." He said his voice genuine and caring.

"Suck! Yes! Oh yes!" I cry out lowly as Danny attacked my clït and pulled it into his mouth.

My hands clench into the window as my head fell forwards and my teeth clenched shut as I made a futile attempt to hold in my moans.

I look down at Danny and the image just about drives me over the edge. Snapping my eyes away, one of my hands go down to grip a handful of his thick, silky midnight locks of hair as he devoured my cµnt.

In fact he was all over the place down there. Like a wild animal, eating and sucking and licking and so much more.

"I can go get you pain killers before heading to the game." Cory calls as I started to reach my climax. I shook my head from side to side in refusal not wanting to risk speaking.

"Then I'll see you after the game. If you feel better you can come watch" he called.

"Cµm! I'm gonna cµm! Ah!-Cuuuummm!" I scream as I burst against Danny's mouth. He swallowed and slurped up everything, grunting his approval through it all.

"That will be great if you do. But don't push yourself too much. I'll call you when the game is done" Cory yelled outside but I'd already fallen over and to the side from exhaustion. I hear the car door slam shut outside and moments later, the roar of an engine as he left.

I fell, panting, on the floor as tears poured down my cheeks at what I'd just done. What I was doing to our relationship.

What have I done? In front of Cory none the less. My goodness, if he ever found out about this...

"You are amazing." Danny laughed as he sat up, off the floor. “My dµmbašs twin brother didn't suspect a thing. I always knew he was a blockhead but dämn. Talk about clueless" he laughed lickng his lips.

"Please. No more. We have to stop this. It's not right." I cry as he picked me off the floor, and pushed me up against my bedroom wall. My legs wrap around his waist as my hands clenched onto the material of his shirt for support.

"Please Danny, no more. I can't continue to hurt him like this. It's been almost a month since you returned and this started. It has to stop." I push against his chest trying to get out of his fierce grip.

His eyes met mine and something within them snapped. The soft gentle Danny I knew was gone and replaced by piercing cold eyes.

He frees his fully erect dïck from his pants, and positioned the giant rod against my opening.

"Stop? And why in the world would I do that Kelly? When I get to fµck this pµssy whenever I WANT!" He thrust up, slamming into said pµssy all in one harsh thrust. I scream as his huge dïck ripped into my tight cµnt.

My hands grip his shirt as pain and pleasure surged through me.

"I'm getting. Really. Sick. Of your pretending" He growled out with every slam of his dïck within me.

My hands wrap around his shoulders as I grip onto him like he was my only life line. I scream and buckle with each fast thrust as his balls slap my asš. The sound of his shaft slurping in and out of my cµnt filled the air along with my cries of pleasure.

"Always...Acting so perfect and innocent...when in fact...Fuck!" He picked up the pace as he hit my womb with every thrust making me scream and moan harder as he wrecked my pµssy with his enormous shaft.

"Yes! Oh yes! Fµck me!" I scream as he continued to plunge harder and faster into me. My breast whack up and down painfully with every harsh thrust.

"Mine! He always gets everything! Not this time. Not you. You are mine! Mine!" Danny growled as his mouth latched onto my left breast and he bit down hard on my nïpple, never slowing his fast pace in and out of my core. I scream at the pain as dark spots danced in my vision and my mind goes completely blank. My body and senses are thrown into overdrive as I start spasming in his arms.

My eyes roll to the back of my head and a piercing scream leaves me as I shatter into a million pieces. All through my orgasm, he just keeps pounding in and out. His teeth never letting go of my breast as loud animalistic growls erupted from his chest.

He keeps growling out 'mine' as he continued to deform my insides with his massive dïck.

I screamed and screamed as my orgasm is followed by three more before I finally feel him pulse within my walls as he let loose a tsunami of hot cµm inside me. Flooding my womb and forever engraving himself within me.

He pulls out his dïck and lets me slide to the floor. I slide down on my asš, knees bent up and legs askew. I look down as thick creamy white cµm poured out of me, creating a puddle on the floor.

"You are mine Kelly. I claimed you first. Then he walked in and you dropped me and went to his side like I was trash" he growled looking down at me with a hard cold look.

"D-Dan-ny..." Was the only thing I could get out. His words had me remembering when we used to date. Before his brother moved here and everything changed.

"I loved you. And I thought you felt the same. But you never trusted me. You let them to us apart Kelly." He grabbed my shoulder pulling me up.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry" I plead through a waterfall of tears. His eyes widened at the tears streaming down my cheeks.

"Shìt Kelly." he cursed looking panicked. Gentle arms wrap around me as he pulls me close. Sitting down on the bed, he placed me so I was straddling him. He sighed softly as his hand came up to cup my right cheek.

"Kelly" he uttered my name gently sounding almost like a prayer on his lips as he slowly eased his cöck back inside me.

I grip onto his shoulders with shaking hands as he kissed away the tears streaming down my cheeks.

"Goddamìtt Kelly, what are you doing to me?" he mutters hands holding my head in between as his blues burned with passion and torment. More years burned down my cheeks as captured my lips in a deep captivating kiss that had me whimpering and falling apart in his arms.

What have I gotten myself into?

Hope you liked it.

This is of a preview. Will be writting the rest soon.

More votes and comments = more updates. ;)


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