His Claim

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: FANTASY EROTICA

I am his. His Claim.

Table of Contents

His Claim

__________________ «*°*°~{™®™}~*°*°»   His Claim ~ One «*°*°~{™®™}~*°*°» ___________________ "I ha... Read Chapter

His Contract

Hey Guys. Guess who updated?? =) Recap: Why was he back? Why today? Why was my body flaring up in desire at the sight of ... Read Chapter


~~His Claim 4 Updated! (took awhile didn't it?) sowwy!!! Recap: My smile died however when my eyes collided with Danny's smir... Read Chapter

Party Animal

~~His Claim 5: Party Animal ________________ «*°*°~{™®™}~*°*°» ? His Claim ? «*°*°~{™®™}~*°*°» ... Read Chapter

Date Night

~~His Claim 6: Date Night ?•*•? His Claim 6 ?•*•? Date?! Did he say date? I stood shell shocked looking at him an... Read Chapter

His Touch

~~Recap: It seamed like the entire night had been filled with his kisses and touch. What scared me more was the fact I didn't protest... Read Chapter

Trouble Maker

?•*•? His Claim 8 ?•*•? Recap: I was drowning in it, burning alive as he began to move faster, harder. Deeper. His finger... Read Chapter

Burning Hot

~~?? His ? Claim 9 ?? Recap: Everyone looked up as I glanced down at the pile on the living room table. Pictures. Endless picture... Read Chapter

Hell of a day

~~???His Claim 10 ??? Recap: "Hot...it's hot." I panted through choked breaths. My skin was painfully sensitive and my body was s... Read Chapter


~~?? His Claim 11 ?? Recap: Panic ran cold and strong in my veins as my eyes widened with fear and adrenaline pulsed into my vein... Read Chapter

His Curse

~~R?? His Claim 11 ?? ???????????????????????????????????? READ IT ALL!!!! DONT SKIM! <~ you should never do that anyway. ... Read Chapter


~~R?? His Claim 13 ?? SHORT UPDATE... More coming soon...;) ?? His Claim 13 ?? RECAP: "What's wrong kitten? The nurse sai... Read Chapter

Shit Happens

~~?? His Claim 13 ?? Recap: "You fuçking bastard!" the words were growled behind me as someone ripped me away from her and I was... Read Chapter

Friends and Foes

~~D?? His Claim 14?? RECAP: I wrap the jacket around her, zipping it up and breathing in a sigh of relief when those tempting mou... Read Chapter

Bath Time

~~W?? His Claim 16 ??. ??????????????? ??????????????? RECAP: "Oh, you two can go wash up. Dinner isn't going to be ready... Read Chapter

Lust and Love 1/2

~~???????????? ? ?? His Claim 17 ?? ? ???????????? It all happened so fast I had no time to process it. His lips crashed upon... Read Chapter

Lust and Love 2/2

~~Part Two! W?? His Claim 17 ??. Kelly's POV: Danny's large and very hard shaft was buried deep inside of me and I was teeter... Read Chapter

Cory Mathews

~~IM NOT DEAD!!! Seriously, sorry it too so long to update but I've been swamped with so much stuff happening at once. ??His Claim 18... Read Chapter