Erotic One Shots

Erotic One Shots

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Just some awesome one shots I realized were too sexy to keep to myself. ;)


Just some awesome one shots I realized were too sexy to keep to myself. ;)

Chapter1 (v.1) - Erotic One Shots

Author Chapter Note

Just some awesome one shots I realized were too sexy to keep to myself. ;)

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 20, 2014

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 20, 2014



Face down, ass up

That's the way I love to fuck

Face down, ass up

That's the way I love to fuck...

The lyrics blasted in my ears as my steps quickened and my heart raced to the fast beat. I had, started out jogging but was very much sprinting down the deserted dirty path now. The tall, woods surround me as I ridged down and through the faint path for my night jog, going on complete instinct through the unfamiliar terrain. The weather was hot and sticky, the humid late August heat of Carmdier, Northern California clinging to my flushed flesh.

Sure I had no idea where on earth I was heading but dammit, it was better than being cooped up in that dorm for another two weeks. Give me another week in there until school started and it would have driven me insane.

I liked my freedom and this new town I'd moved into to go to college wasn't very easy to live in. A college I'd  worked damn hard to get into since I was a kid. I still remember when nana showed me the pictures of my mother back when she went here. Before she had me and her life turned into a nightmare.

But despite that and the fact Carmdier Private is way out of my league, both budget wise and socialclass wise, I still studied my butt off to get that 4.0 GPA and advance placement courses to get me in here. Right smack in the middle if it's high class everything and snooty rich kids with parents holding enough money in their wallets to feed all of Africa and Asia for a week.

Which is why I hated it here already. I love running and without it, I just might go crazy. Almost did too, after almost two weeks here. I didn't have tome to do anything but filling and processing final transcript documents and running to and from various management offices. The about of shit this school requires just to get in is ridiculous.

I didn't have time to do anything for the past two weeks but fill papers and run around campus like a retard, getting lost in it's various facilities. And the town had allot to do, from movie theaters to malls and a giant library, even the tall never ending array of woods that called to me, leading up about twenty miles north of town.

So the second I was free of work at the campus dinner or filing out applications, I was out and into the woods. Which conveniently enough was right behind the house I'd been given as mine since the school dorms cost per week was beyond the amount of money I make in six months. So I was given a small house on the outskirts of town as my own "dorm" for a much more reasonable price. Sure the thing was looked like it had been build and  in the late eighteen centuries and allot worn down but it was bareable.

I make a turn down a slightly more narrow path, my breathing controlled and the familiar burn in my chest making me grin widely like an idiot. The music which was currently still playing in my ears, drummed as my steps went with the fast beat.

Good god, I love this! This burning in my lungs after mile eleven and the clinging of my clothes against my heated, wet flesh. That all too familiar burning sensation all over my body that has me aroused as hëll while my drenched slit thrived and my erect nipples stood, sticking out through my clothes bluntly stating of my arousal for the world to see.

Poor nana would be doing cartwheels in her grave if she knew her little cookie was listening to something this rebellious and out of character.

Heck, none of my previous friends back in Main would believe the shy, perfect grades, eighteen year old, Miranda Groolier would be caught doing something as scandalous as running through the woods this late when the sun was barely still haging over the horizon. Not to mention, while listening to a song that suggested any rating beyond G.

But, here I am, running down a narrow path through the woods in nothing but tight black spandex, tennis shoes, my ipod and a sports bra five times smaller than me. My nipples harder than rocks, were both straining against the tight material against my chest. My C cup breast bounce and jiggle slightly, with every step which just drove my arousal to new heights. I'm half panting half moaning, down the path with my skin damp from droplets of sweat running down my flat, tan, torso.

The lyrics blast in my eardrums through my ear buds with each step as I pick up the pace. Strands of golden, blonde hair slip onto my face to cling to my damp skin from the loose ponytail I'd thrust it in before dashing out of my new home.

Two weeks. Two damn weeks it had been since my last run. Since I moved to this town for the prestigious Carmdier Private, leaving everything of the life I knew. Two weeks of stress about the move and the never ending pile of applications. And now finally, I can run and run until my muscles give out from exhaustion.

My breath was already coming in gasps through parted lips while the sensation of my spandex rubbing against my throbbing cl!t, had me squirming and throbbing with need.

The friction created by my spandex  which were currently digging into my pµssy, as the graced against my raw, sensitive core had me panting and creaming with each step.

The lyrics echo in my head, as the faint light of the sun finally dipped below the horizon and the darkness of the night creeps in. But the high silver, full moon tonight streamed in bright rays through the tree tops down to give the woods an airy glow.

My arousal clogs the air I breath and before long, the throbbing ache in my pµssy has me coming to a jog, my breathing coming in harsh pants. My body was on fire and I couldn't concentrate on anything except from my pulsing cµnt.

Fµck!..need hot... so hot!

I stumble back onto a tree as my hand comes up to grasp my full plump breast and start messaging. With my back against the trunk of a tree, I find myself sliding down to the ground as my other hand moved down my exposed, toned torso, fingertips grazing the top of my spandex.

I'm slide down along the tree to sit on the ground, knees bent up and spread apart as my hand moves below the short rough curls above my drenched slit. I let out a whimper as my other hand grabs my nipple as my fingers dove lower to spread my folds, lightly grazing against my erect cl!t.

My hand on my left breast yanks the sports bra down making my full

plump C cup bounce out and free. I let out a moan as my fingers came in contact with my hardened nipples and I pinched and twisted the aroused buds.

My head falls back against the giant trunk of the tree, my cries drifting into the night. My ear buds had long fallen off, forgotten along with my ipod, on the ground next to me as carnal pleasure took over.

A long moan leaves my parted lips, head falling back as my middle finger slides into my awaiting, drenched core. Soon I'm sliding farther down the tree until my entire body is against the ground and the trees are hovering over head. My bent knees hold my lower body off the ground as my hair gets tangled out of the ponytail, falling around me in waves, onto the earth and shrubs springing out of the ground. My back arched forward as my finger slowly started inching in and out of my cµnt. The hand on my chest keeps moving and tweaking the hard nipple as my moans fill the silent night.

"Ah..." I moan as my inner walls tighten around my middle finger and I'm knuckles deep in my soaking wet pµssy, thrusting in and out. The pace going faster and faster, as my cµnt tightened around my fingers, squeezing as I imagined it was a thick, hard cøck, moving in and out of my virgin pµssy.

Oh yes, a hard, thick rod thrusting in and out of my drenched cµnt. Yes.

My pace quickened as I slip my other finger in, gasping as I feel myself tighten and shift to accommodate the change. Soon the sloshing sound my pµssy was making, with every rough thrust of my hand had me twisting my nipples harder as my pace picked up.

Without pausing or slowing down the pace, I slip in another finger, a loud cry leaving my lips as three fingers thrusted faster and faster, in and out of me. My system is reeling with untamed desire as my my walls twitch everytime I pull out just to slam back in. Every thrust, knuckle deep into my sloshing, tight cµnt has me moaning louder and louder as they brought me closer and closet to my climax.

"Ah! Ah! Oh god, I'm gonna...I'm gonna...Fffuucckk!" I scream as my butt and lower back arches of the forest floor and my head leans back into the dirt. My entire frame starts shaking rapidly as my juices burst and squirt out of my slit into my spandex. A loud cry of ecstasy rips from my mouth into the air, echoing into the night.

Wave after wave of my orgasm hit me hard until when they finally die down, I'm out of breath and slump down into the ground, as my hands slowly slips out of my spandex, whimpering as they cling back against me, my wetness pressing against my inner thigh. My drenched, sticky fingers comes up and my love juices are encased on them, making me blush.

"What a naughty little mate." A deep husky voice chuckled into the night making my eyes snap open as shivers encased my body. The temperature just about slams down to negative zero as my eyes widen in horror.

"W-who's there?" My voice comes out breathless and barely audible as I scramble up to a sitting position.

"Naughty and so sinfully tempting." another equally deep tone purred from my right, making my head snap there and back to the man who had just taken a step towards me.

Still around nine feet from me, slightly covered by the shadows of the forest, they were both tall, broad, and...half naked. Both were huge men, no less than six feet four, with lean but muscle packed frames.

I gulp as one takes a step forward so the silver light from the moon bathed him in an alluring glow, shimmering across his tanned, bare torso.

Strands of wet, pitch black hair gleamed in the moons light as they fell in long silky strands around his frame almost covering a set of piercing dark grey eyes that seamed almost silver in the moon light. In the faint moon, both seamed to be twenty or no more than twenty three. And the similarities between both men, from their black hair to the same, perfectly sculpted features was incredible. They had to be related if not twins.

But one of them looked almost dangerous with the burning amount of lust radiating off him in waves as he takes another step forward.

Deep ridges that formed a six pack glitter with droplets of moisture, making me lick my lips as saliva pooled in my mouth. I couldn't help picturing me running my tongue down from his neck all the way across those dark pink nipples to the hard ridges and lower. As if to tempt me, one drop in particular rolling down to disappear into his shorts.

Those dangerously low riding shorts that started below the deep V of his abdominals exposing a tiny midget curls of low, black public hair. My eyes widened at the teasing display of about two inches of his gigantic, thick, fully erect, d!ick right before the giant disappeared into a huge bulge in his shorts.

Oh shit. I am so fucked.





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