Alphas Redemption

Alphas Redemption

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Genre: Fantasy



Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy






Chapter1 (v.1) - Desiree

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WARNING. YOU HAVE JUST OPENED AN EXTREMELY SEXY BOOK! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.<br /> <br /> Hey people's<br /> <br /> New book and I hope you like it. =)<br /> <br /> *°*° ALL MY WORKS ARE DRAFTS. EVEN WHEN THEY SAY "Edited", IT'S STILL A DRAFT.*°*°<br /> <br /> !ALL RIGHTS RESERVED!<br /> DO NOT!! Copy my ideas because I WILL find out and when I do I WILL cut YOU!!! Deep and gruesome to the point where you will shit out your vágina and eat it!! And guys if you dare, I'll give you a lifetime of your dîck bleeding for at least seven days every month and excrutiating pain in your gut because your insides are rupturing! <br /> <br /> Thank you. :D

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 21, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 21, 2016



My breath comes in harsh gasps as I thrash through the undergrowth of the wood's. Heart slamming against my chest as adrenaline surges through my system, propelling me forward. A wide grin stretches across my face and I can't help the anticipation that courses in waves throughout my system.

Trampling over tree roots and shrubs, I make random uncoordinated turns. The full moon hovering above was my only faint source of light. I duck through low branches that thrived on yanking at strands of my disrayed, black hair. Each step taking me farther into the dense woods. Each step is meant to take me away from him.

But even as I run as fast as my legs can take me, I know he will catch me eventually. Even if I were freaking Usain Bolt. With his possessive impulse towards me, I am as good as fücked. Oh that word, it had the most sinful images of the things he would do to me running through my brain. Oh good god! Just the thought of it has my clit pulsing in ecstasy and need.

A loud wolf howl slices through the cold fall night echoing up to the full moon. I jump, letting out a yelp at the sound, instantly regretting it as my feet stumble over a low branch and I come crashing into the forest floor.

No no no NO! Need to get up! Need to run! I can't let him catch me.

I try pulling myself up on quivering hands. But my body has been exhausted to it's breaking point. I can barely pull myself off the ground. I'd been running for god knows how long and my muscles were aching from fatigue. My breath came in fast, panicked puffs of vapor disintegrating into the cold night.

A low rumble behind me has my eyes widening as waves of pleasure runs straight into my damp panties. I scramble around to face him, still sitting on the wet, dewy plants. My once silky, white dress that reached my knees are now a muddy, ripped mess. With a gaping hole from my knee all the way almost to my hips, exposing my right thigh to the cold night.

Well...I am so fücked.

He stalked forward, his frame concealed in the shadows of the giant, deciduous trees that encased us.

Everything about him was screaming predator. I gulp realizing I am his pray. And damn does that turn me on or what? I stagger back on my hands and feet, oblivious to the pain as something grazes against my open palms cutting through skin.

All I can think about now are the waves of lust coursing through my system. The constant, persistent throbbing of my core, to be filled and violated by him. I bite my lip holding back a moan at the thought. Goodness, my brain isn't helping my aroused situation.

My pulse seems to pick up at the very deliberate steps he takes towards me. Soon it was the only sound pounding against my ear drums as he stops, a step away from the moon's beam. Slight anger rises in me as I realize he'd done that purposefully so I wouldn't see his features. I frown, gaining a deep chuckle from him that vibrates straight to my aching clït making me bite back a whimper of pleasure. Crap. I am hörney as hell.

"Told you I would find you. You can't get away from me." His husky deep voice purrs bringing my nipples to instant attention. The smirk I saw on his lips; barely visible in the darkness, showed he'd noticed. That has them hardening even more to the point of almost being painful.

"I was waiting for you to catch up. Don't want you lost in the woods now, doIl?" I breathed out, shifting backwards only to freeze when the friction of my panties against my clït has me creaming harder. His eyes lock onto the motion and they seem to grow darker as his tongue darts out to lick his full bottom lip.

"Really?" He purred taking a step forward.

"I can still run. Don't think I'm done yet." I say, my voice breathy, not stubborn and determined like I intended.

"Can you now? I'd love to see you try." The playful tone was gone replaced by a hard threat that had my clït screaming for his touch. I fell the wet trail of my liquid pleasure run down my leg. Almost instantly, his nostrils flare and a loud groan erupts from his chest.

Time to run!

I spin around, jumping to my feet as I make a fruitless attempt to run. I take two steps before he pounces on me and I am tackled back onto the ground, face down. I barely have the chance to register any pain before a loud growl erupts behind me, sending it's delicious vibrations down into my bones and my drenched panties.

Heat radiates from behind me, and tingles encased wherever this man touches me start to combust. His scent wraps around me driving my senses into bliss.

A hand envelopes my waist, and yanks me up on all fours with him pressed behind me. My legs are in between his with one of his hands on the ground by my left hand holding the full force of his weight off me. He glues himself onto me so that I can feel the outline of well defined abs on my back.

"MINE!" was the only growl of a warning I got before the large hand rips off the remnants of my dress. A whimper leaves my lips when a hand claps onto my dripping sêx and pries off my panties, his knuckles grazing against the sensitive flesh.

"Wait-" I cry out. But it is too late. I've ridden all his patience out, leaving only raw lµst and hunger behind.

With a harsh thrust of his hands a piercing scream leaves my lips as he rips into me with an audible "slush" from below with two fingers. My head snaps up into the air, my pupils dilate with my mouth hanging open. Only one thought rang through the remnants of my disassembled brain.


If two of his fingers were this thick inside me his main steel must be freaking gigantic.

"Tight." He groans behind me as I feel his hot, heated member resting against my butt at full attention making me cream more around his fingers. A loud moan leaves my lips as his head dives down to nip my neck with his teeth, brown locks tickling my burning cheeks. He harshly pulls out his fingers only to slam back in this time with three. A loud cry leaves my opaque lips as I tighten my muscles around his big rough hands.

"Damn, you're so tight. Want more!" he growls twisting those magical fingers more into my dripping center. Shock waves of pleasure course through me as my voice drags out and becomes one loud, continuous moan.

"Ah. Oh God" I moan as he pulls out before thrusting back in, knuckle deep.

"BEEP" he groaned into my ear. I freeze at the random sound that just left his lips.

Wait. What?

"BEEP! BEEP! .." He said getting louder. Okaaay? That's totally not weird at all.

"BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!.." Okay seriously. What the hell is-


"Agh!" I scream jumping off the sheets of my disrayed bed. My black locks fall around me in a mess, green eyes open wide in alarm. A groan leaves my lips as I turn to find my alarm blasting on the bedside table next to me.

A dream? It was all the same stupid dream!? Are you kidding me!? I swear my subconsciousness wants me forever turned on. Same guy, different places, same outcome. Waking up to this blasted room feeling sexualy fruatrated. They are always so vivid. I can still feel the outline of him inside me.

"Ugh!" I groan, falling back onto the silk sheets. I didn't have to check to know my panties were dripping with my frustration.

Maybe it was time to get laid. How long had it been? Four, five years now? At twenty four, I haven't had sêx in over five years. Well, at least that's what my physician estimated. After waking up in a hospital four years ago, with no memory or family, it's kinda impossible to remember details of a life you don't remember.

If it wasn't for doctor Raphael who basically became my father by "adopting me" (which I personally prefer assisting cause who ever heard of a twenty year old getting adopted?) I would probably be in some gutter in the middle of god knows where, shivering and starving to death.

He even went as far as putting me through college and getting me this outrageously expensive penthouse apartment.

I mean, look at this place! It's freakin humongous. My king sized bed dominates my room, with the entire right side of my room being two huge glass windows with an explicit view of New York City below. Next to the windows was a large white door leading downstairs to the living room and kitchen.

The carpet of my room a plush thick white that seemed to kiss your feet with every step. Straight ahead was my flat screen and sound system with framed pictures of my new family on the dark caramel walls. Raphael, Leanne, and I at Ralph's birthday last spring.

Three doors are to my left with one going into a closet the size of another miniature room with various expensive clothes and jewelry from my best friend, Leanne. Things I hardly, if ever, wear. The other door to my bathroom which should be more of a spa than a single bathroom. The penthouse is so huge that it becomes lonely when you stay for too long.

I groan again as I sit up and head for the shower, starting what would become my new routine.

Today was my first day at Maximus Inc. as the secretary. Yes, you heard me right. I'm going to be working and talking to one of the hottest, biggest engineering company in the US, with the CEO being worth around 7.6 billion according to Forbes. On top of that, he's still twenty eight! Talk about a Da-yam moment.

Turns out Raphael or Uncle Ralph, as he insist I call him, comes from a long line of wealth. Maxwell Knight, also CEO of Maximus Inc., is his second cousin's step brother's adopted nephew. And yes took me a while to trace that crazy relationship too.

I'm working there until I'm done with medical school, which is a terrible part time job because it's basically full time. How I'm going to survive balancing school and this is still unknown to me. Ugh.

What can I say, I did insist on getting a job, but this was not what I had in mind. Yet I can't say no because Uncle Ralph is already doing so much for me, I don't want to be even more of a burden. That was the whole point in finding a job anyway.

Throwing this job back in his face and saying "no" would probably kill the old geezer. He's so kind and fragile at the age of eighty nine, I don't want to disappoint him.

This is the reason why I'm getting up two hours early to get ready for my first day. Did I mention I am not a morning person? Which just makes it worst because of my brains recent choice of dreams. For the past week or so I've been having dreams about the same. Damn. Person but never being able to see his features. All I ever see is a defined built that had me creaming from one look, and his voice.

That deep, husky, toe curling, panties soaking, delicious voice that taunted my subconsciousness. Just the thought of him has my hand itching down to my weeping core.

Which doesn't help but gets me more frustrated because I can't find my G spot even if my life depended on it. I'm starting to think maybe I don't have one because every time I have that dream and attempt at anything, it just makes it worst and not better.

Whoever heard of a twenty four year old who didn't know where their pleasure center was? Again, Ugh!

I step out of the shower and I'm greeted by my nude reflection in the full length mirror.

Plumb B cup breast are placed over a slim waist with full hips. I guess you could say I had the full curves going for me with long black hair and flashing green eyes.

I've been on a couple dates before, but those never ended well. With my forever hectic schedule it's basically impossible to date, not to mention having any sort of relationship.

I wrap a towel around myself, walk through my room, and to my closet when I hear something.

I freeze instantly as I hear footsteps echoing towards my door from outside.

No one told me they were visiting, Uncle Ralph always called before visiting and no one will ever visit me at six thirty in the morning.

I didn't have any close friends that would barge into my home without calling beforehand.

The footsteps stop right outside my door. I gulp, taking a step backwards as the door swings open. My eyes widen at the image before me.

No. No freakin way.

A loud scream rips from my throat as I make a run for it.


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