I can't be taken (Nikita and Mark)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Mark is Nikita's little boy toy. Although she has great control over her urges, she will find herself give into him. In other chapters, we will learn how Nikita starts surrendering to her friend, and future lover ;)

I know men need to feel like they have a power over women. The kind of power that, when touching them, makes them writhe under their touch, making them beg for more and more. That ignited man further... But me? They never had that power over me, the couldn't make me give in, writhe and beg... But then... Then I met Mark.

Oh dear Mark.. No matter how many times I force him to his knees and make him cralw, he keeps coming back, hoping I might faLl into his arms and give in. How can I when I hid my desires in such a dark place, not even light could find it.. His light started shining where I hid my most utter secret. How can I block it out?

I recall meeting him at my best friend's house one night, and dear lord he was handsome. He wasn't exactly 'ripped', but underneath those clothes I could see him built strong,he hid something , something that made my whole body ache and shake. It made me tingle in all the naughty places.

His eyes were gray, but sometimes they would turn into a deep blue. When he looks at me, its like they are impaling me like an arrow impales a deer. He's the hunter, and I am an animal at his mercy...

He screwed me mentally.

His hair was dark, not chocolate, but neither was it black. It made his face seem darker and more dangerous, but then you see his eyes. His eyes makes him lOok like a sweet devil.

Poor Mark.

I left him tied up in hotel rooms with chocolate covered sheets, for room service to find. I've left him alone in a car with clothes completely discarded. And I left him hard and wet after a hot make out session in a pool one night.

But now? Now Mark is sprawled nakid with only his boxers, tied up on my bed. I drugged this poor man, knowing that when he wakes up, I'll be confronted with blue eyes staring back at me. Today he's mine... XXXX

When he started pulling at the cuffs, I heard him curse out loudly. " Nicky, what the fuck is this about this time?". I came stroling into the room, wearing his favourite little outfit; a black and red chemise, just long enough to cover my panties, but cover little of my thighs. With stockings and a pair of four inch heels. The chemise slightly lifted my bust but it only covered them with a thin, see-through layer of thin lace.

He looked up at me still pissed that I tied him up. I only smiled at him and walked to the chair next to the bed, swaying my hips to Beyonce's Naughty girl. The music wasn't loud, and barely audible, but between our silence it was loud. I never took my eyes off of him, and that made him move about. I loved making him uncomfortable this way. The closer I got, the more I could feel his eyes roaming over my body, stopping at my thighs barely covered by lace. "What do you think" I asked coyly, turning around shaking my ass.

He grinned, but it soon disappeared. His eyes were dark "you drugged me, didn't you".

I sat across from him on a chair, crossing my legs and giving him an abscured view of my lacy black panties. "You know I don't normallly do that, but you left me no choice lovie", then I stood up walking to him, slowly getting onto the bed and straddling him.

I leaned over him and softly licked his ear, breathing over it "Only being in your company gets me so wet Marky, you know that" He took a deep shaky breath, "and why do you think it will help to tie me up? Scared I might take control over you? Beat you in your own game?"

My body shook at the thought of his hands on my body. I kisses down his neck, breathing softly over his skin , making him shiver. " No lovie, I atmit I might give in, but you'll never beat me. You just make me uncontrolably naughty". I bit his skin hard, sucking softly at the skin and left a purple mark behind.

He groaned softly and pulled at the cuffs " damn you nikita" he said gritting his teeth. I sat up slightly grinding against his growing hardness and untied my hair letting it fall messily over my shoulders. He loved seing me dishevelled and sweaty from the tempting desire growing in me. And I loved playing with his head, torturing him slowly and bringing him slowly to a peak, just to stop.

I arched my back and slid my hands down my neck and chest, shivering and biting my lip. I felt him move under me, pressing his hard member against me. "Please leT me touch you, please Nikita". He groaned under me, but didn't let his eyes wonder.

I smirked then slowly slid my hands up my thighs, sliding the chemise higher, bit by bit. He closed his eyes clenching his hands into fists.. Oh he would ruin me if his hands were unbound.. He would take me hard in so many ways possible... It made my body ache for his touch.

I slid the chemise off, exposing my nakid skin to him. My legs spread over him, my lovely hips and flat tummy.. Then my small but ferm breasts and hard nipples. I squeezed my breasts pinching my nipples and playing with them. I felt him tugging at the cuffs harder. He was groaning and writhing under me, begging to be released.

I moaned and asked him "Do you love my body Marky? The way it moves and reacts to your hardness against me? The way it begs for you to touch it, even though you can't?" He bit his lip and closed his eyes " You're ruining me Nikita, and I will fuck you up with the same intention"

I circled my hips and pressed down harder on him, seeing his hardness straining in his boxers. I hummes " you love this Marky?". I kept grinding on him,, feeling my panties get wEtter and wetter by the minute. Then, my body started reacting. I was so close to cumming it killed me. I felt my skin tingle, bburning, and that was too much to take. I arched my back pinching my nipples painfully hard . I gave in ontop of him... I moaned hard when the first wave hit me. I shook and fell over the edge hard...

I felt his hardness pressing against my sensitive rose, and moaned from the preassure between us$

If it was possible, he grew harder. His eyes were closed and his breathing?... It was hard and hidden by moans and groans. He was begging me with words and with his body. That's when I knew , me teasing him might come to a sticky end.

I got off of him, hearing him breathe a sigh of relief. I wasn't done yet... I sat between his legs and pulled his boxers down exposing his length and girth. He could split me in half if he had the chance. I clamped my legs together stopping the burning sensation I felt. Damn did I want him to.... Hell yes....

I licked his length, again and again like it was a spoon covered in my favourite icing. Then I slid the head onto my mouth, encircling it with my toungue. Once... Twice... He lifted his hops, but I pushed him down.

"Not now lovie" "Please Nikita". His voice trailed away when I sucked harder at the head. He groaned. Making tighter fists with his hands.

I wrapped a hand around the base, squeezing him, then slid him all the way into my mouth. I sucked a bit harder, then came back up covering him with my salyva. He was so hard..

Syncing my moves with my hands, I bobbed my head up and down while stroking his hard member. I went back to sucking the head, teasing it with my toungue, wrapping my lips tightly around it. I kept stroking him with my hand, up and down and harder, then faster. He was slick with my salyva , and that only added a sensation I guess he loved, because he moaned " Nikita, fuck please don't stop". I kept going harder, and felt a hot sticky mess fill my mouth, running down my troat

His knuckles were white and his breathing ragged.

I swallowe all he gave me, licking him clean. Aganin, up and down, dipping my tongue when I came to the head covered in cum. I started sucking him hard again.

I smiled and got up with my back facing him, then bent over, showing him my ass. Then slid my soaked panties off. Now bare to his gaze, I slid my fingers slowly to my wet rose, spreading the folds before slipping them deep into the wetness. I heard him shifting, then stopped and stepped out of my panties, bundling them up while walking to him.

"Well love, I would love to stay, but you already know me" I stuffed the panties into his mouth before he could argue. He was as hard as a rock again. I smirked. Walking seductively out of the room in only heels and stockings. I heard him groan just before closing the door on my way out.


Submitted: February 21, 2015

© Copyright 2023 naughty nicky. All rights reserved.

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