Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


(Previously listed as The Brochure) I overhauled it quite a bit and wanted fresh opinions whether good or bad. A promiscuous Aaron takes his new wife on a honeymoon only to discover his playboy ways are not behind him.


(Previously listed as The Brochure)

I overhauled it quite a bit and wanted fresh opinions whether good or bad.

A promiscuous Aaron takes his new wife on a honeymoon only to discover his playboy ways are not behind him.


Submitted: March 03, 2012

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Submitted: March 03, 2012



The Brochure

As Aaron's success in the courtroom elevated his economic status his social status followed suit. Encouragement from his partners, their wives and his ostentatious mother, Aaron concluded that a wife seemed the only reasonable step on his stairway to death. So he made Rebecca, the only significant woman in his life besides his mother, an offer no intelligent woman could refuse. Nearly drowning a Thai prostitute in a toilet as he randomly filled her holes with his cock or the foursome he had in Vegas with a midget and her much taller sisters seemed pleasures of the past.

The new Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Swedberg danced their final number after an exhausting day. During the dance both agreed eloping might have been the better alternative. However, Aaron reassured Rebecca “We only get married once.” A comfort Rebecca longed to hear repeatedly. If a broken record were to skip on “we will always be together” or “I will always be faithful” she’d never fix or purchase new vinyl; she wouldn’t need to.

Rebecca, a plain woman from Indiana, never expected tofind herself a contemporary, trendsetting socialite, but Aaron and his associates always presented the opportunities with persistence. Aaron, at times, challenged her physical and psychological abilities with his overly adventurous spirit. Of which she almost suffered an anxiety induced seizure when he persuaded her to go spelunking into the Tham Nam Lang cave in northwestern Thailand. But it is because of his tenacious and venturesome spirit that she feels more alive. And with this new found liveliness he has earned her unrestrained trust.

With her high heels off Rebecca’s head fit comfortably in the crook of Aaron’s neck and her buxom chest pressed firmly against his tight abdomen. They rocked back and forth on the dance floor until their friends and family depleted the open bar. Aaron remained relatively sober and mellow. She believed it was a sign of his maturity, but in fact it was his partners from the law firm that kept him in check.

Worn out, they left the overflowing table of gifts in the hands of their wedding planner and rode the limousine back to their condo in Manhattan. Aaron carried Rebecca over the threshold and tossed her onto the bed. He pulled her on top of his erection as her dress enveloped him.

“That wet snatch of yours now belongs to me,” Aaron heaved.

“And your hard dick belongs to me,” she moaned in return.

The next afternoon, the newlyweds settled in first-class. “A tropical island cruise without the nauseating boat” was the phrase he used to describe their honeymoon plans. She doubted it and he refused to give her more details. So she dozed off with her own fictional image of the next ten days: shark hunting, mountain climbing, cobra charming, Quidditch tournaments.

As soon as Rebecca’s foot stopped twitching Aaron knew it was safe to peruse the resort’s brochure without waking her.


“Check this out,” Aaron’s co-worker said handing him a brochure after a tennis match one afternoon. “I did some of my best boning of my life right here.” Theodore flicked the corner of the brochure as he attempted to pass it off. "Although, that time we tag teamed that seventeen year—"

"Shh, not here man. Besides that chickadee said she was twenty-two. But seriously man I'm good. I told Becka its not going to be adventurous at all. And no offense but I don't trust your judgment on anything at all."

Theodore and his wife Charlotte adhere to a verbal contract. One evening Theodore walked in on his wife and the gardener fucking under his silk sheets. Theodore, slightly agitated sat down on the foot of the bed, his back to Charlotte and Ron or Dan or whatever laboring name the man went by and said, “For the sake of our aristocratic persona we should stay together, but my faithfulness ends today.” By the time he reached the doorframe she had agreed. Ever since the two participate in the best sexual relations any feuding married couple can: anyone but each other.


Rebecca stirred so Aaron tossed the brochure in his carry-on.


At the office: “Hey man I know you’re not looking to get crazy anymore. Cough, cough pussy. But this is a relaxing resort with clear oceans on all sides, pure sand as far as you can see, and beautiful flowers at every turn.” Theodore smashed the brochure into Aaron’s chest. Just check it out and call the number to make reservations.”

“You can’t even cough for real. Okay fine I’ll check it out.” Although rectangular, the brochure looked like a pineapple; green blossoming leaves on top and a thatched burnt yellow bottom. Aaron tried to delay his best man’s efforts by telling him he just got engaged and that Rebecca and he had not even set the date. Theodore pressed the issue anyway so Aaron, promising to look at it later, deposited the flier in his office desk thus appeasing his devoted friend.


The plane arrived in Miami where a limousine hauled them to a nearby dock.

Awaiting the island’s charter boat, Aaron stood outside the bathroom door for his wife. There in front of a large diagonal wooden shelf of pamphlets and brochures he scanned the rows looking for the pineapple brochure Theodore gave him almost a year ago. Sticking a few fingers into an empty slot he concluded that the resort must be extremely popular or the brochure too enticing to resist. He favored the former.

Rebecca and Aaron departed the boat, walked down the lonely pier, and scanned a deserted island.

Triple canopy jungle, a wall of colorful plant life thrived before them. He started to regret taking that brochure, but more so for procrastinating when it was one of only a few aspects of the wedding he was responsible for. At the end of the pier green leafy palms as large as banquet tables fanned out before them opening an elegant passageway.

“Thank you Teddy!” Aaron proclaimed under his breath.

Thick powdery sand covered almost every inch of the resort grounds. Tropical plants and fruit trees blossomed over hammocks and bar stools. Barely clothed bodies were stretched out on lawn chairs sipping umbrella-topped drinks. Coconuts, etched symmetrically around the sides with aquatic symbols, lit the green marble pathway leading to a door-less entryway. Archways, like rolling hills, opened up corridors tunneling tropical air throughout the lobby. The sun sank into the calm ocean water forcing an orange glow around fleeing feathery clouds.

A bellhop led Aaron and Rebecca over a wooden, rope suspended bridge. A large, straw and bamboo bungalow rested just below the green foliage of the jungle crown. A boardwalk surrounding the bungalow supported ropes and pulleys leading to movable awnings and alternative exits. The Swiss Family Robinson’s did not have it this good.

Once inside, the quant bungalow resembled a penthouse suite at the Waldorf Astoria and not the beach house the exterior portrayed. The smell of fresh exotic flowers scattered in vases throughout the rooms filled the air. A crystal chandelier illuminated the entryway.

Rebecca and Aaron tipped the bellboy and settled in the bedroom. A curved glass wall at the foot of the bed overlooked the moonlit water. The newlyweds, sticky and jetlagged, curled up on the bed and kissed. Not a sloppy kiss seventh graders do in cramped closet basements, but rather a gentle, content kiss like an elderly couple on their fiftieth wedding anniversary.


Rebecca slid from the warm embrace of her new husband. Heading toward the bathroom she undid her blouse buttons allowing the fabric to slide halfway down her back. In the daylight her skin looked pale and blotchy, but here in the moonlight it glistened with confidence. She glanced back over an exposed shoulder catching her husband’s eye as she started the shower. Her get-naked stare brought him to his feet. Steam billowed against his bare legs as he kicked his sandals to the corner and aimlessly tossed his clothes behind him.

Their naked bodies intertwined. His large hands pulled her body close by the ass cheeks. They kissed. Rebecca bites his lower lip letting it snap back before sucking his tongue. His cock is hot and hard against her wet thighs. Her breasts rub against his chest.

He props her on the shower ledge and laps up the water that dribbling off her pussy. He loves that taste so much he has to have more. He rams his tongue deep inside her pulling out occasionally to roll it around her asshole. Rebecca's knuckles turn white holding onto the shower head and soap tray. She climaxes. Aaron's mind, being crushed between her smooth thighs in the process, drifted off to the memory of an Indian girl he had in a similar position and who begged him to piss on her tits. Rebecca would never do that.

The couple’s love feast carried on into the bedroom and, after appeasing their pallets with fresh melons and berries, ended in the kitchen. In the morning, in silence, Rebecca and Aaron intertwined one more time before preparing themselves for a day of tropical pleasures and outlandish gratifications.

Lightheartedly the couple created wooden waves on the bridge leading from their bungalow to the hotel corridor before moving into the dining hall. After a light breakfast they made their way to the couples massage tent. Curtains made up the three walls while the forth was left open to view the ocean. A warm gentle breeze twirled a fan above their heads. "Please remove as much or as little clothing as you'd like and get comfortable on the table, our relaxation specialists will be with you momentarily." A young woman said backing out through the thin, white curtains.

“Was it me or was that shower ledge a little too convenient?” Aaron said looking at the sand covered floor of the gazebo. "I think we're going to have to pay for that shower head you bent."

"Oops," Rebecca’s cheeks were pulled back by the headrest, slurring her speech. “And those kitchen counters were just the right height too.”

“Yes they were.” Aaron paused to reminisce. “And the oils and lotions in the headboard...” Aaron stopped as he noticed painted toes cross his line of sight, withdrawing his comment on how fun titty fucking is when she’s covered in lubricant.

A sensual voice spoke, "Hello, I'm Ingrid and this is Celeste. We'll be relieving any left over tension the rest of the resort could not free."

"Really," Aaron replied enthusiastically.

Aaron's masseuse appeased him with harmless dialog during his scheduled hour, while Rebecca and Celeste remained silent. Upon finishing the two women left the couple to dress.

"You were totally flirting with her," Rebecca accused. "Is this what you do to all beautiful women?"

"I'm a lawyer I talk to everyone." He defended. "Besides I never saw her face, I was looking at her feet the whole time. We just got married and you're nagging me already."

“I think most women would agree with me. You shouldn’t be so friendly to beautiful strangers when your wife is laying naked right next to you!”

“If I wanted a woman’s perspective I’d stand in the kitchen!”

Even though the firm never encouraged fraternizing, Aaron often admired some of their clients and employees. Theodore’s secretary frequently slobbed his knob. The amount of time she could hold his hard piece of meat halfway down her throat never got old. But he didn't want Rebecca to find out about that or he'd be in the same boat as Teddy.

As for this relaxation specialist, he admired her legs—the dark brown tint and smooth texture—like a fine painting or delicate wine; nothing a man could live on, but well worth a lick. Her toenails shimmered with a scarlet nail polish and he pictured them in his mouth while she rambled on about some shit her didn’t care about. One toe in particular carried a pewter ring stamped with a dragon blowing curling flames. It added something slutty to his image of her.

While the masseuse stroked his muscles, his blood raced with impure thoughts of slamming her against the table as his wife lay obediently on the table.

Aaron turned their discussion by placing the blame on Rebecca’s jealousy. It seemed a little contemptible, but he justified it by mentioning a few of her past misconceptions of him. His verdict, out of respect for his wife, was to avoid the massage tables altogether. She concurred and rewarded him with a little make-up sex on the pool table back at their bungalow thus ending his polluted thoughts about the alluring toe-ringed cock garage.

Parasailing and snorkeling distracted him a bit in the evening, although he hoped to catch Rebecca scoping out the instructors so he could point out that all people experience some sort of lust. She did not seem to notice them.

As the moon rose the two began sipping Mai Thais and Pina Coladas faster than the bartender could make them. So by midnight the inebriates were removing their clothes before even reaching the bungalow.

“I’m going to spank your ass so hard you’ll have to stand to take a piss you dirty little whore.”

“You’re a fucking pig! Get over here and suck my tits.”

Aaron shoves her into wall. His forearm held her there dangling above the floor. His fingers slipped inside her vagina. Over and over he slammed them into her. He then rolled them over her lips, teeth and tongue. She sucked them clean and he put them back inside her. He let her go and she crumbled to the ground. He dragged her by the hair and bent her over the couch.








Her ass turned bright red. He flipped her over so her head is hanging down off the couch and slides his dick down her throat until she gags. Rebecca’s eyes poured tears causing her mascara and eye shadow to run across her temples. Her saliva and his pre-cum trickled down the side of her face and into her ears.

She loved it.

She reached around and stuck her finger in his asshole. He can’t contain himself any longer and empties his load on her face and tits. She scooped it up into her mouth, swished it around and stretched his semen across her lips as if it had laced her lips together. She sucked it back in like a popped chewing gum bubble and swallows it with a smile.

They passed out on the floor.

Aaron arose first and made his way to the craps tables so Rebecca could recover from the night before. He liked how exciting she can be when she's drunk out of her mind and he hoped to get the chance to do it again soon.

Aaron, rattling the dice, eyed a few ladies wearing no more material than his tuxedo’s handkerchief. A blonde, holding a tray of drinks for a group of ladies at the Roulette wheel catches his eye longer than the rest. Her high heels shift her hips to and fro, quivering her butt cheeks as she heads to the bar. Relinquishing the ivory, he moved her way to see if he could get some better service. He placed a couple hundred on the table not really paying attention to which numbers he played.

The ball spun around the wheel, but Aaron’s head spun around the room. Within seconds of entering a man can always point out the most beautiful woman in a room. Opinions vary, but every man has one regardless of his location. The dorky man in the pleated Docker’s at the blackjack tables keeps eyeing the Goth chick hugging up on her sloshed boyfriend. The bald black guy watches the chick with too much junk in her trunk entertain her friends by popping and locking to the faint dance music played overhead. Aaron’s waitress was his room beauty.

“Winner, red fourteen.” Clapping and a firm pat on the shoulder brought Aaron back. A pile of chips were pushed in front of him.

“Nicely done, sir,” a raspy voice spoke from behind him. “Can I get you a drink?”

Aaron turned quickly almost catching his face on her tray.

“Easy fella,” She said. “The well hasn’t run dry, yet.” Her breath was hot and sweet. He wanted to feel it on his balls.

“You’re my lucky rabbit’s foot,” he said.

"You're welcome then. Drink?" Her face caught the vibrant lights from the casino on the bridge of her nose emphasizing freckles down her high cheek bones. Ocean blue eyes competed with, and defeated, her long curled lashes.

“I could use a vodka tonic.” Aaron dropped a fifty dollar chip onto her tray.

“Thank you so much.” Her voice dropped off. “Sorry my voice is shot from screaming all night,” Aaron’s eyes opened wide, “Over the loud music at the island's night club. I’ll be right back with that drink.” A yellow bikini string danced on her back as she strutted away. He felt an urge to grasp the ponytail and drag her to his cave and force his seeds of life into her womb.

“Are you winning?” Rebecca’s voice said as a hot arm wrapped around his neck followed by a peck on the cheek. Her sun glasses covered her blood shot eyes.

“Not yet,” he said watching the waitress pick the bikini bottom from her crack. Sexy.

“Let’s go back to our little bungalow and…” Rebecca bit his earlobe. Aaron moaned, collected his chips tossing one to a grateful dealer and slid into Rebecca’s embrace. He thought momentarily about his drink, rather his drink’s gorgeous mode of transportation, before giving Rebecca his full attention.

Heading out of the casino a college kid eyed his wife; clearly she was his most beautiful woman in the room.

By the time Aaron and Rebecca entered their bungalow the sun disappeared behind the horizon. Placing a few blankets on the deck, they made love under the stars as they listened to waves crash the sandy shore.


The following night Aaron changed for the island masquerade. Digging through his bag in search of lip balm (a full round of golf in the hot tropical sun will do that) he came across the brochure. He pulled it out and grinned. Theodore was right. Aaron had been having more fun and sex than he could remember. And although Teddy never mentioned it, Aaron always thought Teddy wanted him to stay single so they can get hammered and fuck innocent prey without having to answer to anyone or meet a curfew.

Rebecca entered the bedroom dressed in frill and lace shaking a feathered mask over her eyes. Fluorescent purple feathers flourished above the eye holes, while a small lily bloomed above her dangling earrings.

“You look stunning,” Aaron said twirling his finger forcing her to rotate her body in a similar motion. She could not resist his orders.

“Here,” she said handing him a ceramic mask. The black cryptic mask resembled something out of The Phantom of the Opera.

“Cool thanks.”

“What’s that?”

“Oh, it’s the brochure for this place,” Aaron said holding the disguise against his face.

“Oo! Can I see it?”

Aaron handed her the brochure hesitantly. He hid it from her for so long he forgot they were already living the brochures promise of a fun filled retreat.

Rebecca opened the pineapple-like folds. A picture of a woman sipping drinks near a tranquil waterfall reminded her of yesterday. It looked like a well planned brochure; every caption suited its picture. She especially liked the bungalow’s photo with a couple spooning on the balcony looking at the setting sun dip into a shimmering ocean.

“Where’s the last page?” Rebecca asked.


“The last page is missing. It looks as though it was cut off.” She ran her index finger down the jagged edge.

“I don’t know.” Aaron, easing the brochure from Rebecca’s grasp, turned it over as if the other side held the answer. “It must have ripped off before Theodore gave it to me.”

“Theodore!” Rebecca snorted. “He’d be the last person I’d trust with vacation planning.”

“His morals are skewed, but his choice in luxuries is not.”

Aaron licked his dry lips, a habit he uses to help him think, and recalled why he came across the brochure in the first place. “Do you have any Chapstick?”

“No, but we can pick some up in the lobby if you like,” Rebecca said curiously scanning the pages in her husband’s hands.

“Nah, I’ll be alright.”

Masked men and women filled the resort grounds and overflowed the open ballroom. Aaron and Rebecca crashed near the ocean water after coming off the dance floor. The roaring bon fire along with a full moon cast enough light to see each other’s outline.

“I love you, but…” Rebecca began after a moment of cuddling, “I have to pee really bad. I shouldn’t have sat down.” She hopped up, kissed Aaron’s forehead and scurried inside.

A few minutes later a hand slid over his shoulder holding a some generic lip balm. “Thanks dear,” Aaron said grabbing her wrist pulling her onto his lap. A glittering red mask and a one-piece black swimsuit covered the stranger. “Oh, I’m sorry, I thought you were—”

“I know,” the hoarse voiced beauty said while fluttering her legs.

“My good luck charm. Did you come to deliver my drink?” he said applying the lip balm. “Mmm, watermelon,”

“It’s mango,” the waitress said. Reflecting the bon fire’s flames the woman’s blue eyes looked like burning ice. She laughed. “I brought you that drink, where were you?”

She climbed off his lap.

“You are quite stunning in that suit, I'd fuck you.” Her demeanor flipped. “Yes it is a lovely night, can I get you a drink?”

“What?” He said confused by the change in her mood.

“Do you want a drink?” she said.

“I will,” Rebecca said falling at Aaron’s side.

“Yes ma’am?” The waitress said pulling a pen from behind her twisted hair allowing her silky strands to fan across her back.

“Ma’am?” Rebecca mocked. “I’ll have a Bloody Mary.” She never cared for them, but thought it would send a subtle message if that girl was smart enough to receive it. The waitress returned a smirk.

“And you sir?” She went through the formality of asking, but earlier committed the vodka tonic to memory.

After kissing Aaron’s lips Rebecca licked her own and shot a look at the waitress waddling to the bar. Rebecca put on a fake, effervescent exterior for her husband while telling herself not to start anything.

Aaron tongued his incisors as the waitress floated to the bar. He felt his canines grow. He longed for the stranger. To leap in a single bound across the sand, force her down, pin her wrists with a single overpowering grip, belligerently grope with the other, and gnaw at her exposed flesh before slamming her pussy with his huge cock.

Aaron thought nothing of Rebecca’s kiss; he couldn’t even remember applying the mango gloss. Rebecca led him away before the drinks arrived, but this time he could not shake the woman’s scent.


Aaron settled in poolside to soak up some sun and swim an occasional lap while Rebecca received the full spa treatment: pedicure, manicure, mud bath, and facial.

He dozed off for a few minutes, when he woke a vodka tonic, wrapped in a napkin, was in his cup holder. He took a sip of his drink and caught sight of some lettering through the ice. He peeled the napkin off and read the loopy cursive words:



He went without thinking. A tender ding, a wrenched arm, and a closed door all happened in seconds. He stood beside her in the elevator. Without looking at her or speaking he admired her delightful aroma. Unaware of the destination he conceded to her power. Once the elevator door opened she dragged him down an unfamiliar, boring hallway and into a plain room.

Aaron spoke, “Is this the employee—”

She jumped, straddled his waist, wrapped her arms around his shoulders and locked her lips to his. The sudden attack forced him to fall backward onto the bed. Hundreds of golden strands tickled his unshaven face as her tongue grazed his upper lip. Pushing his shirt up to his neck she licked his chest from naval to nipple before biting. Aaron reacted to the pain by ripping her blouse revealing a faint tan line around small yet perky breasts. Aaron’s pressed them into her chest.

Flinging her hair back she arched her spine placing her left hand on his abs and the other under her butt to cup his cock and balls through his swim suit. The fingertips of her right hand vibrated down his rippled stomach before yanking the swimsuit string. She released her weight falling into his embrace. Their heaving chests, rising and falling in succession, pressed into each other. Their tongues fought for a place in the other’s mouth.

Pinning him down, she slid to the edge of the bed. She took him in her mouth; running her tongue in circles as her eyes looked up at him. She slurped so loud he was afraid they’d be caught. He clutched the bed posts thrusting his pelvis to skull fuck her. She took it with pleasure.

Slurping her saliva from his shaft she hovered over him and sprayed his chest with spit. She stood on his chest with her ass facing him. Her heels dug into his nipples. She admired her own beauty in the mirror on the far wall before squatting on his face. She rubbed her snatch on his outstretched tongue. Her flavor offended him a little so he pushed her off his face.

“Stick it anywhere you want!” She yelled while crawling on all fours to the end of the bed. Her face looked deep into the mirror as he kneeled behind her. Lifting her skirt up, he parted her drenched panties and slid right in.

Screaming, she rocked forward before slamming back into him over and over. Aaron’s hands, gliding on a moist layer of sweat, caressed her lightly freckled back. Her hot, wet ridges of her fuck hole slid across his tip of his dick. The more he thrust the louder she got until her muscles, strained by the rush of climax, buckled around him in complete surrender. Her beaming face turned to the side. Her eyes slowly closed followed by a silly grin catching Aaron’s attention. The expression made him cum. His weak orgasm left him annoyed. He wilted fast leaving him with strange, unfamiliar feelings: guilt and regret.

Sitting on the edge of the bed her long legs bent around him. Aaron caught a glimpse of red off the mirror in front of him. He looked down to see red toenails with one toe in particular sporting a fire breathing dragon ring.

“Thanks, you’re incredible,” she said. The sweet voice and the sight of her pewter ring brought him to the massage table. Rebecca suspicions came true without him even knowing.

Clothing covered him once again. He reached for the handle of his escape. “Wait!” She said. “Aren’t you gonna pay me?”

“You’re a prostitute? But you work here,” he said. His face turned pale. Betrayed by lust he reached for his wallet. “How much to keep this quiet?”

The woman, after-glowing with satisfaction, giggled. “Free. I do this for fun. I was just messing with you. I work here, but tips are graciously accepted.” She laughed at her own amusing banter.

Aaron shook his head. He wasn’t sure if he was disgusted by her blatant covetousness or his own unfaithfulness.

“I won’t tell if you don’t,” she said from the bed as he closed the door on her.

“Aaron?” A familiar tone caught him as he turned down the hallway.

“Ra, Rebecca.”

“What are you doing in the employee wing?” She asked.

“Looking for you,” he said knowing he could not support the lie.

“How did you know I was up here? I just finished my appointment and I met Debra here,” she pointed to a woman behind her. The round face looked down. He could tell the woman knew the truth. “We were talking about books and Debra,” again a finger reached over her shoulder, “Said she had a fantastic book I should borrow while—wait how did you know?”

“The uh…sales lady down at—” a door opened behind him.

Making eye contact with the waitress, Rebecca began to hyperventilate. She looked down in shame as if it were her fault. She wanted him to reprimand her for catching him being a man. Her eyes caught the ring and the confidence he helped bring out in her surfaced. She lifted her head and delivered a firm slap across his face.

“I can explain.” Aaron searched for a reason for being in her room but nothing came.

“Screw you!” Rebecca dropped the book and ran.

A voice behind him spoke gently, “Sorry.” The mistress, a term she’d grown accustomed to, looked to the ceiling. Her palms opened as if carrying two large drink trays and her forehead wrinkled as if innocently puzzled.

Aaron showing reluctance gave chase. He watched as a door rattled against the rubber stopper. Catching the handle on its way back, Aaron entered a dark passageway. Track lighting, like in a movie theatre or airplane, narrowed to a vanishing point. He lost sight of Rebecca. On his right a closed door. Aaron rattled the handle. Locked. He checked door after door until a pale glow revealed a narrow slit.

A rave beat resonated through the crack. Feeling a little uncomfortable, voyeuristic even, Aaron leaned into the door. He could see a pale, naked and bruised man suspended by hooks at a forty-five degree angle. Drying before reaching the next hook, blood trails ran jagged courses over the man’s stretched out skin. A metal cage trapped him inside like an animal. A strobe light of horizontal and vertical shadows thatched his naked body. An array of colors lit his flesh changing location, contrast, and hue in succession with the techno beat.

Curiosity, controlled by confused emotions, led Aaron inside. After sliding in he returned the door to its original position and looked at the man’s eyes and erection pointing to a wall of flat panel monitors laid like shower tiles. Warmth flushed from Aaron’s veins. His well of saliva dried, leaving his dehydrated, curling tongue helpless. Piercing needles poked at his heart. Lightheaded he watched as images flashed one after another.

Rebecca spread out on a shower ledge with his head in her lap. Rebecca bent over the kitchen counters with him fucking her from behind. Rebecca’s lubed tits wrapped around Aaron’s cock. Night vision caught the newlyweds on the deck making love. An overhead camera caught them in front of a fireplace as he abused his wife’s mouth. Multiple cameras recorded their bodies on a pool table. Every intimate detail of their sexual experiences were caught on camera and played back to this sexually deprived freak.

Suddenly every monitor became one large screen. Aaron watched himself enter a well lit room behind his adulteress. He remembered the woman attaching herself like a leach before giving him a blowjob. He saw her rocking her pussy over his face while starring deep into the camera. Her saw her shoot a kiss and a wink at the monitor. He climbed in behind her and she kept looking into that mirror. She was starring into the eyes of this freak.

He realized she must work for the resort. From the moment he crawled onto the massage table, perhaps well before, he became a mark. This woman worked wherever Aaron was easily accessible; planting her seed to get him to this very place. Every day Rebecca and Aaron enjoyed on the island was monitored; which explained how this temptress knew he needed Chapstick. It explained how she knew his wife’s beauty appointment would give her time to complete her work. It explained the mistresses shrug of disappointment to the camera outside her room.

He looked around the suspended man and found another man chained to a wall. His mouth stuffed with a ball gag. His nipples hooked to electrodes. A large dildo shoved deep in his ass. When the light hit him just right Aaron could see whip marks across his chest. Aaron moved forward and found a woman in a single latex body suit swinging a whip. She cracked it against the back of a man shackled to a wooden horse. The man moaned and bit the leather belt strapped to his head.

As the pixilated Aaron reached orgasm with his mistress, the suspended man climaxed as well releasing fluids through the cage, over the span of the room and down the monitors in grotesque quantities.

Aaron dry-heaved. He burst out the room and fell into the opposite door breaking it off its hinges. Collapsed on the door he looked up to see a woman wearing a strap-on and fucking a man who is being drawn and quartered by a series of chains and pulleys. They too were watching his dissension into adultery. He staggered down the hallway, opened the very last door, and ensured it latched behind him. He leaned his forehead on the Authorized Personnel Only sign in disgust before making his way to the closest bar.

The lawyer in him thought about the illegal operation they have going on. They can’t film spouses screwing without their consent. Not to mention allowing others use it as an aphrodisiac to release built up sexual desires.

Aaron thought about the locked rooms. The freaks he saw got off on S&M and unfaithful couples. What other fetishes were behind those locked doors?


“Gaday mate. Whaddle it be?” A rugged Australian man in a white dress shirt a maroon silk vest said from behind the bar.

“Maker’s Mark,” Aaron answered. The man cracked the wax seal, poured a neat shot and before the bottle found a seat on the shelf the shot glass slammed the bar. “Another.” This time the Aussie waited until Aaron’s hand stopped picking up shots.

“You’re ‘ard mate. Ya dan’t even grimace.” He set the bottle down. “Garl trouble eh?”

A flash of Rebecca’s face pulled him from thoughts of courtroom litigation. He looked at her through throbbing eyes. He felt his bones crack and expand. Massive wings ripped his shirt from his back. Claws jotted out of his hair-cloaked fingers and toes. He flapped his wings and clasped his claws into his wife’s shoulders to carry her from this horrid place. He took the real women in his life for granted. His wife, his mother, the whore who used him, the prostitutes in Bangkok, the midget and her sisters, they all meant nothing.

“Yeah, my wife,” Aaron said reaching for his whiskey.

“Ya gotta get that…” the man paused and scratched his temple. He reached under the bar and unfolded a brochure. Handing Aaron the brochure he continued, “fantasy creator package.”

Aaron looked between his numb fingers holding his head up. The bartender’s finger double tapped the last page of a pineapple colored brochure.

Create and Live Your Fantasies

On Celoso Island your fantasies become realities,

Your sex life explodes with the erotic and kinky,

Your boring thoughts become wet uncensored dreams.

Nothing limits your imagination.

Set yourself free and become the beast within.

Experience your spouse’s deepest desires

And let them experience yours.

Listed below a picture of two nearly naked women kissing a man’s air brushed chest were examples of sexual grotesquerie standing out in bold letters.

Aaron’s heart raced as he scanned down the list. He stopped at infidelity and downed a shot of Maker’s Mark. The bartender’s lips moved, but Aaron heard only his own rampant thoughts. Theodore!

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