Stahr Rhunners

Stahr Rhunners Stahr Rhunners

Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


While locked in deep battle, there came a cry that only A'lan and Baslisk could hear. Immediately they are pulled against their will into a vortex that would take these two enemies to the woman that pled for help...but in a different Galaxy over a different plane of time?


While locked in deep battle, there came a cry that only A'lan and Baslisk could hear. Immediately they are pulled against their will into a vortex that would take these two enemies to the woman that pled for help...but in a different Galaxy over a different plane of time?

Chapter1 (v.1) - Stahr Rhunners

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While locked in deep battle, there came a cry that only A'lan and Baslisk could hear. Immediately they are pulled against their will into a vortex that would take these two enemies to the woman that pled for help...but in a different Galaxy over a different plane of time?

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 02, 2014




What’s out there, sometimes we wonder, is another world that lives in another time and place than we do. Granted there aren’t many who are concerned with the mysterious of the galaxy, but whether concerned or not, there are life forms, planets and lives of different means of existing that dwell hidden in the darker regions of space, or blared out by the luminous glow of stars and planets. Cosmic miracles that would baffle scientists and strike the usual fear in the hearts of all mankind when introduced to something other, something conceived outside the box. Perhaps that is why they hide. Perhaps they were aware of the thoughts and actions, the uncontrollable instincts of man to capture, torture kill and destroy and in its entirety crown themselves victor and conquer over that which was not theirs and that which they do not comprehend. Yes mankind could only be the outlaw of the universe; the rebel that found better unity in chaos; the ones that nearly tipped the scale of balance and let evil reign completely. And it is not so much fear that makes them hide, but sheer desire to avoid the destruction of such a race. Still, there were a few that fought to keep order; those that had toiled through man’s history to find that ‘better tomorrow’ that their forefathers kept preaching. A better tomorrow…that could cause their extinction given the mind that steered them or the ones that dabbled in them.

“I can’t reach him sir!” A voice yelled to the captain of the Nasx Rayllus, the mother ship of all mother ships that had nearly seen more galaxies than that the sun of The Milky Way had been rotated about. The fleet was vast in structure and staff and given the current emergency, all hands were on deck. He looked up at the hologram of the battle that was quickly turning into defeat for he and his crew against their enemies. Captain Traz felt a headache resonating from the center of his forehead and knew if he didn’t find what he was looking for on that monitor soon, he would have to fly out and join the battle himself. Nasx was a sturdy vessel that could take just as much as she could punch, but compromising homestead could cause the lives of too many if the war kept turning in their enemies favor. The teal blue of his eyes gleamed from behind the steel like mask that left his mouth shapeless. His muscles jumped with tension as he watched his men fall prey to the Argruyians. The race reminded him much of the humans they had studied when he first started his training, way before the Nasx was a blueprint. They were hungry for war and desperate to lay claim of their planet. Where they were trained to kill The Heilyans were trained to maintain peace at all cost. Though sometimes the cost was many lives.

Captain Traz focused his eyes on an explosion that had taken out one of his newest recruits. Geyz was a first time recruit who he’d told the Emperor was way too young and not yet ready to know battle. That was not of his concern however, because he’d expected Traz to make the best out of him. But Geyz was elite in womanizing, horrible with a HarperX.9. The mini fleet vessels were tricky to handle and demanded full on attention. You steered them right you live another day for another battle. Geyz had to find out the hard way that focus and stealth was important when he collided with debris from one of the Argruyians’ fallen ships. What was he to tell the boy’s parents now? There was no honor in his death and that had Traz shaking his head in pitiful disapproval.

“Sir! Did you hear-”

“I heard  you. He’ll be here...they’ll all come…” Traz answered the shrilled voice of the cadet that manned the controls before him. Branellius was a panic fanatic and for the life of Anais he couldn’t understand why he let the young Heliyan man his controls. He was afraid of everything, but when he got to touch all the newest gadgets the head Hepins produced, his nerves were manageable.

“Sir perhaps we should-”

“We flee and they will follow us back to Heilia, Branellius. They follow us back and they will surely breach our atmosphere. What do you think will happen then?”

The captain’s question was not in need of a verbal answer when he saw the expression on the young cadet’s face. He’d paled even more and his golden yellow eyes were wide and unfocused as they stared at the monitor.

Yes, Traz would wait and he would help hold back the Argruyians until he found them, until they all came to their rescue. Traz straightened his stance and flexed his wrist as he prepared him self to take action. There was a cold resolve there in those teal eyes that stole the glimmer of diamonds they usually held. This could be the captain’s last mission if his faith was in vain. He closed his eyes and bowed his head as he whispered a prayer to Anais for his people and their safety. It was their belief that to ask a selfless thing of her was always wise.

Traz opened his eyes and made the sign of their goddess across his chest. He met the eyes of Branellius and knew the moment the young Heliyan figured out his captain’s plan.

“No, sir you can’t. You said they will come. Anais will see us through please…”

His words trailed off with the resounding thump of Traz steel toed boots. Crew members looked upon him with disbelief and fear of his demise, some even begged him to stay. When Traz sat the tests for Heliyan Stahr Rhunners, he made certain that he was prepared to meet his death. The Nubius would be his final resting place if that was where this battle led him. As people parted to make way for him, soldiers flanked him and showed their loyalty as they prepared themselves to dispatch with their captain. Traz stepped onto a platform that stood in the center of the room and waited for the comfort of his armor materialization to occur. The female voice of C.A.R.A’s welcome and initializing his armor came over bustling voices and beeps of the machines about him. C.A.R.A was just short for Complex Audio-sync Regulating Android. The Hepins loved everything to be flashy and complicated. Time had made them more complex than C.A.R.A’s mother board. A flash wave of energy ran through Traz as his muscles contracted and heat built up under his skin. Hard armor that was stronger than any metal but as light as air appeared on his physique and molded into the shape of the captain. Just as he chose his weapons on the display screen before him a force rocked the fleet so hard that it sent many tumbling off their feet. He balanced his weight and remained up right as he continued the task of weapon choice. It was a quick and efficient. Taking all he needed from laser fire arms to detonating devices and Aro-Swords. Aro-Swords were made from the same metal his mask was made of and the material was nearly unbreakable. The metal was cultivated in the hills of Heilia; its very existence was one of the motives for war. It was automatic to carry one, but Traz had trained himself to wield two and none like a few morons he knew, he didn’t sever a limb in the process.

“May Anais smile great fortune upon you and your men Captain Traz.” C.A.R.A said as the engine to his HarperX.9 revved up and blasted blue flames from its exhaust. Traz hopped into the fleet and switched on the dash. The black shield of the roof materialized over him and set the windshield to night vision. He felt the safety harness attach its self and adjust to his width then the sound of the steering wheel sliding out of the dash had him reaching for it. His seat adjusted itself and he was ready to fly.

“You are clear for dispatch Captain.” Branellius said over the intercom.

“Be our eyes Anais.” He murmured as the craft hovered then blasted out of the hanger into the deep darkness of space and even deeper into the battle that raged against the two races.

Immediately Traz was in pursuit of a very skilled pilot who carried his mini vessel as if his life depended on it. But the captain was too fast for him as he experienced a swift explosive death. He didn’t waste time celebrating one victory when there were too many others eager to avenge the life of their fallen brother. The soldiers that had followed him out into the battle covered him as he headed into what could be called the center of the battle. Fleets zipped by all around him from both sides of the fight and it made it harder for him to lock on targets, but he was not without training and he proved why he was called Captain and a BarBian of a his race. BarBians were male Heilyans who had not only passed as a Stahr Rhunner, but who had been born with special abilities that were enhanced through the surgical implanting of a Cerbelus Micro chip. Cerbelus chips were implants that grew and upgraded as the BarBian did. They were placed directly in the cerebellum of a new born Heliyan, particularly two weeks after their birth. If a child was born with a special mental or physical ability, the chip would not only be a conduit for that ability but allow him to learn how to control it and channel it when needed.

Traz focused, channeling that energy that was constantly pulsing through his blood like lightening bolts begging to be used. He felt the build up of it underneath bronze skin, climbing from beneath it and over the unyielding metal that covered him. His eyes were brilliant orbs of metallic that shone like Venus just at dawn. Suddenly the battling fleets about him came to a halt and those marked as enemy became canned meat in their ships under the pressure of his mental ability. He was a metal bender and the most skilled one through out the entire kingdom of Heilia; none was born with the level of skills he possessed.

Small little blood filled balls of metal and fire floated in the dead sky as Traz took a moment to recover. Mental abilities were always more strenuous than those of physical based origins.

“Captain? You still with me?” Branellius yelled over the mike.

“You’re screeching doesn’t make my head ache go away…” He said as he turned his fleet towards approaching enemies.

“Sorry sir…” Branellius murmured.

Traz didn’t have time to assure him that it was okay, because what he’d been hoping against had just appeared. Just as the Heilyans had the Stahr Rhunners, the Argruyians had warriors of their own that had special gifts of their own that rivaled Stahr Rhunners. At the head of the pack of eight hovered Bazlik; the most feared of the eight with a ruthless heart in battle. He never showed mercy to any of his opponents. If A’Lon would only arrive now as he was the only who could take on Bazlik.

“A little old to still be fighting, wouldn’t you say Traz?” He yelled to the captain. Traz sighed and turned on the speaker so that he would hear him.

“Only the young think themselves  strong  but lack wisdom to see differently.” Traz replied and at the same time tried to think of a plan that would help stall the fight with Bazlik. The man threw his head back and laughed whole-heartedly as if Traz had told him the sweetest joke there ever was. From what the captain could tell, it was a true effort for Bazlik to recover.

“Ah yes, that was a first, and rather cute If I may say so, but we both know why I am here. Its not every day I roll out of bed for a fruitless battle with puny Heilyans.”

Traz watched him flex his fingers and knew that the Argruyrian was going to ask the same question he had earlier.

“Where is A’Lon?” A cold frost seeped like a phantom from Bazlik’s fingers and Traz could sense there was a cold stare to go along with it.

“Why not fight me Argruyrian? I am right here.” Traz baited.

“Please,” Bazlik held up a finger and his head went down as he spoke. “I can’t take another joke like the last. It was cute before but I wouldn’t want to rip my armor from laughter. Now, A’Lon…where is he? And I’ve know intentions to ask again.” A blue light glowed sphere-like in Bazlik’s palm as his head came back up.

There was no more stalling then. Traz sighed and flipped the switch that slid the ceiling away. He released his safety harness and floated out of his fleet. It hovered there in wait for him to return and he used his mental strength to stand still in space.

“Looks as if you’ll have to settle for second best…”

Bazlik chuckled at Traz’s reply and with little time for the captain to react, he tossed a blue sphere of energy at the man. But Traz was still fast enough. In one motion his right leg slid back with both knees bent, both arms came up over his head in tight fists and he took a short leap. With speed and strength, Traz slammed his fists downward into the sphere and sent it below him and into an enemy fleet. Two birds…one stone. He looked up to the sound of clapping and chuckling. Bazlik was the one clapping with the other seven finding humor in the show.

“Brilliant! You didn’t even think of dodging and look at what you did to our comrade. Perhaps I’ve underestimated you Traz.” Bazlik praised but Traz wasn’t planning on letting the compliment go to his head. Bazlik was quite the sarcastic mind assassin that craved the game more than the battle.

“Let’s do it again, shall we?” Bazlik taunted and just as before, his right palm grew cold and blazed a light hue of blue. Traz was ready for the attack but the second and third were harder to predict and the fourth had him diving out the way. Every time he evaded one attack another was but a split second behind. If this kept up-

Traz took to long flipping backwards and caught a curveball in his back. The force made his teeth rattle in his jaw and his head loll on his neck. He braced for another but instead was greeted by a swift knee to his face, sponsored by Bazlik. He’d already had a mini migraine before the blow, now it was massive. He floated backwards and knew his face was bleeding but it was too numb to feel where the bruises were. Bazlik gripped the captain by his throat and held in a tight grip.

“I’ll have to deduct points for the hits you took but again, I’m impressed…well sort of.” His playful persona changed and Traz watched him become serious with evil intent in his eyes.

“ Glad to see you’re entertained.” Traz replied.

“Yes but I’ve grown bored again. So here’s what I’ll do while I wait on A’Lon.”

Bazlik drew his fist back and struck Traz hard in his stomach. The captain choked up blood. All along his head felt as if at any moment it would explode. It was a downside to having acute mental abilities. The Hepins, being the geniuses that they are, had created a serum that prevented such side affects especially in the heat of battle, but Traz had rushed out without taking it and without thinking. Truthfully he’d thought A’Lon and his team would’ve showed up by now. Perhaps he’d been too confident, maybe even arrogant to believe victory was that easy. There was simply no bracing himself for Bazlik’s next blow. The Argruyrian shattered four of his ribs with another vicious blow. Traz felt his vision getting dull and fuzzy around the edges; he was going to pass out. He didn’t want to because as it stood right then, he was the only thing that kept Bazlik from finding interest in the Nasx Rayllus even if Bazlik was pretending he was a punching bag.

Bazlik stopped his attacks and tilted his head as if he were straining to hear something far away. He even lowered his hold on Traz and began to search the starlit sky. Traz coughed as air was finally permitted to enter his body without a struggle. After the spells of coughs he looked around with poor vision but still saw it…hope. Bazlik turned in the direction the captain was looking  and Traz knew there was a wicked grin there.

“Finally…” he said as stars in the distance began to move towards the battle. Their lights grey with intensity and it was almost blinding to watch them approached. Traz closed his eyes because the light, though beautiful, was too painful to bear. Bazlik, however didn’t and he felt his eyes burning from the blare but he refused the invitation of his eyelids.

“Hello A’Lon.” Bazlik said in a cheerful tone.

There was a low yet loud hum that was quick and vibrated. The sound was only heard when they moved at the speed of light or somewhere near it. One minute there was no one there, the next, five men and three women stood before an individual foe and Bazlik got the one he wanted. A’Lon, all 6’5 262lbs of lean yet sculpted muscle and hard exterior of him stood almost chest to hard chest with Bazlik.

“Still crying to play with the big kids aren’t you Bazlik.” His voice was painfully deep and just as cold yet there were raw flames in his eyes as he stared down his enemy. Bazlik chuckled and showed no fear but mere excitement for the fight he was about to indulge in.

“Poor A’Lon; just because your potty trained now doesn’t mean you’re a big kid yet. Now…you kept me waiting. You came late and you are still keeping me in wait.”

“I’ll make it up to you.” A’Lon promised and without a second wasted, energy crackled and exploded between the two. The fight had truly begun and this battle was going to be one the two would both enjoy.


Milky Way Galaxy. Earth. July 4th 2009

The sky was a spectacle of colors that were rarely seen on an ordinary day; streaked with warm colors that were painted by the sun. It seemed as if the sun wasn’t the hot mess it had been predicted to be on the local weather report this morning. It wasn’t hot just balmy though to her that word always belonged on commercials for exclusive tropical resorts with dramatic sunsets and straw hats. The air was fresh, crisp; all types of words that played beautifully on the senses and made one sigh in bliss. Birds were competing for the best songs, butterflies fluttering to the melody, children playing with proud parents as they picnicked and lounged in the shade of over casting canopies. It was all sickening and all wrong. How dare it be a physically beautiful day? Every one and everything acted as if it were a happy holiday filled with celebrations of life and all that happy crap. Then why did Milan have to be the only unhappy cheerleader at cheer camp?

One trip to the doctor and the world had shifted so violently beneath her that everything was now destroyed beyond repair.

Sick…no cure…dying…three months, perhaps less…

Her mind couldn’t manage any other original thoughts to save her from morbidly pitiful ones. No one in her family had ever died of a terminal disease; some of old age, maybe OD’s and car accidents…but never anything as serious as- heaven help her – Cancer. Granted, she was so good at screwing shit up, this just shouldn’t be a surprise to her.

Milan gingerly ran all of her fingers over her face and dragged them through her golden curls till her neck and back tingled from the cold caress of her fingers. The doctor had been very professional as he’d given Milan her death sentence, stating that there was:

“…absolutely nothing to be done but wait now as the disease has spread too far to be treated…”

As she looked over the post card of a scene of the park from the freshly painted forest green bench, she reached for her box of Marlborough’s and knocked a slim, white three inch pacifier from it. Cigarettes had been a major part of her day and the only thing she could think to have ever shown a long term, faithful and dedicated commitment to. A chain smoker for the past twelve years; she’d never gone a day without a pack since she was fifteen. To think she’d finally manage something right and her reward was this.

Her nerves were frayed; a mess leaving her quaking from a cold chill that obviously only she could feel. Her lighter was in her hand, waiting for her thumb to roll back the little wheel that would give her the flame she needed. She did just that but nothing happened. Five more attempts and she had to inspect the little tube of fuel to check its level. It was full. Of course it was; it was a new one. Her hands shook with an urgency that made it near impossible for her to ever keep a grip on the lighter. Was she crashing already? Milan had felt suspended over a deep hollow darkness that was bottomless before the visit to the doctor. After, it was as if she was free falling in it with only the whistling sound of wind passing her ears and the thrum of her heart to beat off total silence. Would she crash now? Was she going to break down here, right now before all these happy people?

Her eyes stung, her lips were developing some form of Parkinson’s and the muscles in her face twitched randomly.

Oh God…she was going to cry.

A forbidden act was what it was. Crying was for weak people. She’d never been weak but classed a survivor rather despite her faults. At least let her keep that. Please. She was pleading with her tears, pleading with her mind to change the channel because the movie it was showing was scaring the hell out of her. Her eyes were emerald jewels drowning in the salty ocean her tears were creating. Milan looked at the cigarette in her hands along side her lighter. She couldn’t blame them for becoming the bane of her sickness. She’d placed the cigarette between her lips, struck the flame and puffed. This was yet again, her fault. There was a feeling inside her as if a giant wave was building inside her chest, swelling and becoming too big for her body to contain it. A whimper came over the rumbling of her heart and rush of blood in her ears. If she kept her mouth tightly pinned then maybe she could avoid crying. Yes, it could be the only reason why her lips were trying to shake her mouth apart. She couldn’t blink or the tears would begin the race down her pale cheeks. Why was her body doing this to her? Revenge…it had to be revenge.

Milan was going to burst. Her breath was irregular spurts of harsh air that burned her already tattered lungs as they exit. A swift wind from no where whipped about her and with wild frantic eyes she watched as picnics were ruined by it. Kite fliers were now finding it a task to control their kites, Frisbees were disturbed from their glides in mid air and dogs barked and whined at some unseen force that spooked them…yet she didn’t register that something was amiss. The scream was just at the back of her tongue, as bitter as bile. She couldn’t hold it. It was going to win. There was no swallowing it down and praying that her stomach would settle. It was too powerful. Hyperventilating. Chest heaving. Lungs burning. Head become light. No air. She had to release.

All sounds were gone. Everything stood still…time had stood still…literally. Milan doubled over and her jaw cracked-no ripped itself downward. The scream that escaped her was louder than loud. It was an atom bomb exploding in the perfect scene about her. Veins popped up in her forehead and neck. She was charged; her body, every cell every vessel focusing on releasing this bellow. It felt so good even though the taste of it had made her sick. The air didn’t even burn anymore as it escaped her; in fact it felt as if she could continue on like this with her one single breath and never need to breathe again. The atmosphere was the sweet smell of ozone and the scent a storm created just before its arrival. It was pungent and charged with energy that felt as if it were running in and out of her. What was going on? She had to end this. It was becoming too sweet.

Finally she could close her mouth but her voice still sent growling screams through pinched lips.

“BREATHE!”  She screamed in her head. She couldn’t and now, she really needed to. She fell to her side on the bench and couldn’t feel the cool, hard wood under her head; she couldn’t feel anything! Her body was numb and quaking so violently that everything about her seemed to be experiencing the quake as well. No air and blood rushing too fast was the cause of her blacking out to the sounds of her scream still echoing about her. She surrendered to the dull darkness and continued to free fall deeper into it.


* * **

Power! It was intense and too strong to fight. A worm hole ripped behind him just as he was about to land a right hook into the jaw of his number one enemy. His favorite Argruyian foe. A’Lon and the Argruyian General, Bazlik had competed for power, besting each other every chance they could. They were meant from conception to battle each other. And even moments before, as they’d deliver blow for blow they’d both sensed the worm hole and knew that neither of them were responsible for it.

“What is this?” Bazlik yelled over a shrieking scream that echoed from the vortex. They were both fighting the gravitational pull of the black hole but it was stronger than it should be. A’Lon’s ears felt as if they were about to explode from the terrifying scream.

“Stop this Heliyan!” Bazlik bellowed over the cry. His tri-colored eyes, ice blue, teal and to the darkest hue, perhaps midnight blue, were blazing in his frustration.

A’Lon’s lips curled back from his teeth and gave Bazlik the look he asked for. His eyes were a tri-color as well only his were shades of honey-gold, yellow and an angry hue of orange.

“You know that I am not responsible for this Argruyian!”

They were both losing the fight; the more they resisted the harder the pull. Bazlik cursed as he sailed- no was yanked into the hole. Despite his never changing status as enemy, A’Lon found him self going after the man…to save him? What in the name of Anais was he thinking? As if he sensed him, Bazlik looked back with disbelief.

“Fool! What are you doing?” His voice broke as he yelled.

“Just shut up Bazlik!” A’Lon didn’t raise his voice but try to focus more energy into pulling the Argruyian out of the worm hole.

 He gripped his shoulders and pulled but it was as if the moment he was attached to Bazlik, the pull became stronger and he too was then trapped in the inevitable.

“Any other ‘bright’ ideas Heliyan? Because I could’ve told you that this was going to happen.”

“Just shut up already! I was trying to help you, you idiot!” he raised his voice this time.

“Oh but I can’t see why, because I for one would not have done the same. Consider that, you moron!”

A’Lon found that ignoring Bazlik would keep him from sending a heel to the Argruyian’s nose.

“Do you feel that?” A’Lon asked, the pull was moving them along faster. The scream was getting closer and louder.  Bazlik’s hands went to his ears and he winced from the noise. Argruyian’s had keen senses of hearing where the Heilyans were better with there sights.  So naturally the sound would hurt him more.

“Ah! Great Anais! Do you hear that? Going to make my brain go splat!”

A’Lon wasn’t enjoying the sound either but when he heard a whisper he stilled and strained his ears further to hear what it was saying.

“Do you hear that?” He asked as if distracted by the sound.

Bazlik gave him a ‘WTF!’ look and asked if his brain had already gone splat.

“I could hear a voice. You’ve got to be hearing the same thing.”

“Oh I hear one alright though it appears to be using one word….ahhhh.”

“Could you be serious and not a dick right now? I hear a female; she’s saying something.” A’Lon said.

“Nope. Trying not to hear anything right now. Which in my case is doing the impossible.’

A’Lon could just make out a few words.



“Help me! Not like this. Don’t want to die…” A’Lon gasped because those words came to him and they did something to his insides. Even in his iron clad suit he felt a breeze. He exposed his face to the elements; his helmet peeling itself back from his face and locking itself into his suit. Long black hair with highlights the same color as the orange of his eyes at the ends, was swept to the top of his head in a high ponytail that trailed behind him as he stared at sparks of lightening that shot around what must be the end of the black hole.

“Someone needs our help!” He murmured.

“I’m sorry what? ‘Our’ help? You’ve got the wrong race kid; I am not the helping type unless it benefits me.” Bazlik shrugged the Heilyans hand from his shoulder and did likewise with his helmet. A long blonde  bang fell over his left eye and it too had highlighted ends only the brightest hue of blue in his eyes. Both mean, despite the length of their hair were too masculine in statue and facial structure to be called feminine.

“Put away the evil intent for a sec.” A’Lon retorted his brows cast low over eyes that were beginning to burn bright with power.

“Sorry, no such luck; in my blood you know.”  Bazlik answered the power call with his own; his eyes steely in the darkness.

“Besides Heliyan, we are the ones in need of help here.”

Bazlik’s voice was beginning to sound warped in the tunnel about them. The whispers were driving A’Lon mad. Both of his hearts were thundering in his chest; aching to locate the female who was crying out for what had to be his help.

“I’m coming…” He said with longing in his voice.

“Ew! What? Not on me you won’t! Sick mother fu-”

“Shut the fuck up!” A’Lon yelled, his fist connecting with Bazlik’s face before he could stop it.

* * **


“Ma’am? Are you ok?”

Cold. So cold. Milan whimpered as a chill ran through her and left her shivering.

“Ma’am?” A man’s voice. And he was standing right over her. Too close.

“Is she breathing honey?” A woman, but she was a bit further away than the man was. Good.

“She made a sound; I think she’s ok.” He said. Was that his hand on her shoulder?

None of the voices were familiar. Was she still asleep? Perhaps dreaming, but her dreams were following a bizarre pattern of late; this was too sane for what she saw and heard at night in her sleep. She saw things she hadn’t been aware her imagination was capable of coming up with. Every night she had shot up with cold sweat dewing her skin. Yeah this wasn’t a dream. She was awake but where was she? Her eyes peeped open and everything was blurry.

“Look she’s awake.” The female said. Milan could make out the relief in her voice but couldn’t understand why it was there.

“Hello? Can you hear me ma’am? Are you in any pain? How many fingers am I holding up?”

Too many questions and none of which she was certain she could answer.

“Give her a minute Don. The poor thing…” There was that concerned female’s voice again.

Milan began to push up from the bench, now realizing that she was still in the park and everything was just as happy and sunshiny as she’d left it before she’d passed out. How embarrassing and even more so shameful was the fact that her banshee cry didn’t disturb anyone but these two to help her. Hands had helped her to sit up-right  as she blinked rapidly to clear the mist her eyes were casting over her vision.

“I’m fine. Thank you.” She murmured though she wasn’t feeling that way at all. Her head was spinning, her eyes were sore and her throat felt as if she’d chugged sand and thumb tacks. Yet despite that, she was feeling…well empty. Still numb minus the other after effects of her scream, but numb none the less.

“Can you stand?” Don, the many questions guy asked. His voice was deep; full of the same concern she heard in the female’s. That concern and need to help a stranger.

Finally she could see without clouds getting in her way. She looked up, all the way up at a thirty something six foot plus man with hair cut close to his head standing spiked from some moose product. Such pale green eyes, she wondered if he was blind, but he was looking her over too keenly to be so.

“We were walking by when you caught our attention. You were moaning as if you were in pain. We wondered if you needed help.” The woman she’d heard speaking finally came into view from behind Don the Questionnaire Guy. Silky cherry blonde hair was caught up in a messy pony tail that hung long over her left shoulder. She was very pretty in that pixie kind of way with that heart shape face a slightly full blue eyes. She would’ve made a perfect Gerber Baby when she was one.

Milan managed to stand on her own with obvious effort. Apparently, unless she showed the couple she was fine, they were not going to turn of their frowns and leave her be. She grabbed a hand full of her golden locks and pulled them from her face as she exhaled a deep breath. She looked at the lady who was sporting fitness gear from head to toe and wished to be away from all that beauty. The woman seemed to need the word perfect hoisted over her in neon pink lights. She looked the part and Milan felt that whatever she touched became destruction to her hands.

“I’m ok thank you for your concern.” She turned and picked up her lighter and box of cigarettes. A trash can was two feet away from the bench and that’s where she took them.

“Wait, would you like a ride home or something? You don’t seem to feel well.” Don asked, gesturing as if he were trying to calm a cat that was about to make a break for it. Milan turned from the trash can and shook her head. Perhaps that wasn’t wise because the action staggered her. She wasn’t ready for that yet. Standing still might be her best effort. Don’s wife-because she’d spot the matching rings on the right fingers to confirm it, moved closer and seemed ready to catch her if she began to tilt.

“Please don’t say you’re fine. You don’t look it and we really just want to help.”

“No, I don’t need any help. You’ve done enough” Milan was beginning to get frustrated. Not so much with them but her body’s state.

“Well, we’ve hardly done anything…” The wife said with a nervous chuckle.

What’s that sound?

Milan began to look around for the high pitch whistle she was hearing. She could still make out the two trying to coax her to let them help but the sound was so loud, and getting worst. She stuck her index in her left ear and wagged it about. God the sound was mind blowing! Why did they act as if they couldn’t hear it?

“Don’t you hear that?” Milan asked, wincing from the horrible screech. She looked at them but the look they were giving her was suspicious. They traded glances and met back on her.

“Come on you’ve got to hear that. It so loud.”

“We don’t hear anything out of the ordinary. Listen, we could take a hint: you don’t want our help. We’ll leave just spare us the theatrics ok?” Don couldn’t leave without another question apparently. They didn’t wait on her reply and though she’d casted one last glance at Milan, Mrs. Don followed her husband along.

Milan began to walk in the other direction; towards the park’s exit and yet the sound was getting louder. She kept looking up because she felt as if at any minute something was going to fall from the sky. She knew that would sound sillier if she said that out loud and made note not to.

She was out of the park and onto a busy side walk. Cars flooded the busy streets of New York. Yellow cabs lined up in traffic with glee given the ticking toll meters while their passengers kept peeping over the front seat at it with disgruntlement. It was hard to keep from bumping into someone especially while looking up. Considering that she hadn’t really stopped since she left the park, she had gotten quite a few nasty looks. She stopped at a crossing and waited with the crowd to get to the other side. She didn’t live too far from the park but it was not the kind of walk you wanted to go taking if it looked like rain or sun was setting. Though it was the Fourth of July and everyone was doing the festive thing, she needed to get home and under her covers. The weather was good today but her long sleeved v-neck was not enough to chase away the chill she felt in her bones.

The sign changed and she was walking with the rest of the crowd across the street. Then suddenly the sound she kept hearing just stopped. She stood still and got bumped about as others passed her and called her names. Most New Yorkers were cut throats so she didn’t respond to the language. There was a humming in her ears, a vibration under her feet, but the whistling was gone. Just as her head went up a loud crash came from her left where the cars waited for their light to go green.

Milan yelped and ducked. Something had exploded and the sound of metal upon metal was all the confirmation she needed. Moments of silence passed. No screaming people or  anything of the sort. The crowd of pedestrians had already crossed and all of them were…staring at her? She lowered her hands from her head slowly as car horns assailed her and motorists stuck their heads out of the windows, lobbying insults her way. She got up and looked around. Everything was normal. What the fuck? She knew what she heard but didn’t understand what she was seeing.

“Get the hell out of the road you crazy bitch!”

She shook herself and jogged the rest of the way across the street; glancing back to make certain that what she was seeing was real. She was losing it and that was the only explanation. Mental fatigue perhaps but definitely losing it. Just as she turned to leave she heard a man bellowing  words at the top of his voice while another answered with insults of his own. More crashing and Milan began to panic. She ran now against the flow of the crowd in the opposite direction the voices were coming from.

“Watch it!” A lady yelled, stumbling back from Milan. She hadn’t even touched her but she was a little princess obviously and she didn’t allow commoners in a ten feet radius.

“Then back aside!”  Milan yelled over her shoulders. She was almost home. Yes…almost there. Then she would be far away from the-


She screamed as two big bodies crashed into a news stand before Milan. She’d duck again and only when the dust had cleared did she look. The stand was still there. She turned for the streets and went at a sprint.

“Did you hear that?”

She heard one of the men yell. She didn’t stick around to find out. Cars screeched as they tried to avoid hitting her. People were yelling at her and some were concern.


“Oh no you don’t Heliyan!”

More explosions. Still no screams.

“I’m losing it! I’m losing it! Oh God oh God oh God! I’m loosing my fucking mind!” She was hysteric now as she ran down the pavement and people moved out of her way. She was approaching another ‘No Crossing’ and she was doing the opposite when she got to it regardless the color. She barely missed a delivery truck and almost caught a cab with her body. A block away from home now; she just had to get back across the street. Paying no mind to the intersection she dashed out of the way of bumpers and finally made it to the other side.

She was nearing home and she was out of breath. Only adrenaline was keeping her moving and Milan knew that soon that would run out. Her apartment complex was in view; just a few more paces and she’d be there. There was that sound again. Only this time the whistling ended immediately with a crash. She skidded to a stop and fell backwards with a scream as the apartments across the street became dust from the collision. She was sobbing frantically and everyone was looking at her as if she was the only crash that had just occurred. At the sound of groaning metal and falling bricks, she looked up at the complex, tears and dirt staining her face. Her eyes went wider than they were now at what she saw. The building was rebuilding itself! It was as if someone flipped the rewind button.

“What the hell is going on!” She screamed. Milan scrambled to her feet and turned to dash for her apartment. She tripped on the steps and forgot the pain in her leg when she heard another crash and explosion. Stealing one last look as she jabbed her keys into the hole, she saw a man standing in the middle of the street with eyes trained on her. He was bleeding at the head and his eyes-

“Don’t be afraid…please.” He said in a lovely accent that sounded somewhere between French and Scottish. Five seconds passed and then something, some bright force hit him from behind. As he totaled her landlord’s car with his big body, another man stood where he had and was snaring at the fallen one.

“You never struck me as one for cheap shots A’Lon…that was always my card.” He chuckled and his eyes rested on her. He seemed to double take when he realized that she was staring in horror at him.

“Wait a minute, you can see-” Before the blonde one’s question was complete her landlord’s car, or what remained of it was tossed at him with a force that was not human.

“OmyGodohmyGod!” She screamed as she finally got her hands to turn the key. Milan wasted no time with the stairs. Though her legs were short, she ate up the space with fear fueling her. Two more floors and she was home free. No way could they find her then. She tripped again but found her footing and made it through the last flight of stairs. Her throat was on fire from her ragged breaths. She slowed down as she neared her door and fished through her keys. Why the hell did she have so many? Really there wasn’t a purpose to this at all! She would make it a point to get rid of some of them and quit acting like the janitor at a high school. Finding the brass key, she tried to calm down enough to get the key in the hole. She had to lean against the door to steady herself as she turned it in the hole. Her door swung open and she slammed it the moment she was over the threshold. The locks were in place and the security chain slid into its groove.

Home. Finally. Going crazy, yes, but home. The adrenaline was gone and it left her with a dry heaving cough and weak legs. Everything hurt as she fell over her couch head first and made it over the back into the cushions. The room was reeling and she knew at any moment she was going to get a second glance at her breakfast. With what little energy she had left, she stumbled to the bathroom and fell to her knees at the toilet. Her legs were protesting from the abuse they’d taken but they would have to be ignored until she was done vomiting.

It was always those dry heaves that made it all the worst. There was nothing else inside her to bring up. She looked down and saw that blood was there as well. Oh goody I can add that memory to the pink in the sink. It wasn’t the first time she’d brought up blood; it was actually the reason why she had to go see the doctor today. Two nights before she’d retched up her dinner and there was almost more blood than bile and food. Okay, that was enough vomit memories. She flushed the toilet and sat on the cold white tiles with her back against the tub. She wanted to brush her teeth but her legs weren’t ready to move. She needed to rest. But as she sat there, the memory of the two men she’d just seen had flashed into her mind. They seemed…familiar to her even though there was no way of knowing them. They had to be products of her imagination on full throttle. There was no way anyone could pick up a car and toss it at someone and still they lived.

Her head fell back and she closed her eyes. She must have looked all types of crazy today; running up and down and even in the middle of the street. How embarrassing.

Click. Click.

Her eyes popped open. What was that sound? She brought her head back down slowly and tried to use the edge of the tub to push her way up. Something was rattling now. It sounded like a chain. Not a really big one though. A grunt left her as she applied pressure to her right leg. The poor limb had bruises from the dinks on the stairs, but she needed its help and needed it to forget the pain for now, the selfish bastard.

Was that her front door closing? Milan hobbled to the bathroom door and grabbed hold of the knob. Just as the door was closing a booted foot stuck itself into the jab. She screamed and pushed at it. Either they’d move it or lose it, and both options were fine with her.

“It’s her?”

“Oh yeah. Hey! Stop! I’m not trying to hurt you!” She heard the one at the door say.

“Bullshit! Get out of my apartment or I’m calling the police!” She screamed

“Good luck with that idea honey.” The other one who was somewhere in her living room had said.

“Listen to me. We didn’t come here to hurt you, we came to help.”  The door stopper said. His words sounded rather authentic but they’d just done a B&E so nothing they said was good enough.

“Just take what you want and leave me alone. Please!” She was sobbing again. She was on a roll with this crying thing. Apparently once you started there was no way of stopping till you were all dry.

“I told you we’re not here to hurt you-”

“Oh for the love of Anais just push the damn door open A’Lon!” The other exclaimed. She heard A’Lon make a sigh that suggested he was counting to ten.

“I don’t want to scare her anymore than we have already you idiot. If you’d just wait like I’d told you then she would not be so afraid now.” He explained and it sounded as if they were going to go at it again from the way a chair tumbled over in her living room.

“Well Heliyan if you hadn’t sucker punched me, the fight would’ve never happened.”

“I asked you to shut up nicely but you refused.”

“And when since do I take orders from a piece of shit like you?” He was getting closer and the boot was beginning to slide out the jab. Milan stayed quiet and waited till it was completely free. Those two brutes were about to trash her apartment but that was the least of her worries. She slammed the bathroom door with a yelp when she heard her side lamp being shattered against the wall. The lock slid into place and she hopped around looking for some way out. She looked to the window and whimpered when she saw that to be her only option.

“Why me?” God, was that her TV being pulverized? There would be nothing left when the two were through. She hobbled to the window, turned the latch and lifted it from the pane. Next apartment she picked would not be so high from the ground. Note to self successfully made. She stood on the lip of the toilet and nearly tumbled from the pain her leg was protesting. She tried her left leg and applied all her weight to it rather the other. Something else crashed in her living room and she knew it was broken beyond repair. Finally making onto the ledge she looked around and immediately wanted back inside the bathroom. It was either this or face a possible death with the two that were ravishing her home with their brawl. The window it was. She saw the fire escape which was located more by the window in the living room. It would take some tediously careful shuffling to get to it. What did they say about not looking down? She looked down.

“Oh…” She said with her jaw gone slack with disbelief.

Milan tried to focus on the ledge and willed herself to move. She held onto the window as she turned around because the leg that was the weakest would not be the wisest to venture on first. Besides, she’d rather not see the moving cars below as she moved. Funny how the view didn’t seem so bad on the other side of the window. Her fingers trailed along the wall as she shuffled to the left towards the fire escape. There were still grunts and crashes coming from her apartment and she took that as a good sign. With them keeping each other busy, they wouldn’t realize that she was gone. Almost to the living room’s window, she slowed down and leaned to her side to peer into the room. She looked around and everything was…normal. No one was there. Her TV sat unharmed on its stand and her lamps were all accounted for. The word shock seemed an understatement and needed an adrenaline shot to ever come close describing the look on her face.

She shuffled closer and her body blocked the window. There was no one there. Truly the only things out of place were the pillows she’d toppled from her landing and the fact that she was standing on her window sill. Do crazy people know they’re crazy? She was going crazy. Definitely. Milan braced herself and pushed the window up. She was glad it was unlocked because there was no way of making it back to the bathroom on aching leg. With all her grace, she tumbled face first into the living room breaking a lamp that was on the coffee table. That said much about her grace or the lack there of. She looked around, saw no big brutes tumbling about in her home and sighed in relief. Okay. All was in order, except for her sanity but everything else was behaving itself. It took much longer and a lot more effort than she could muster to get to her feet so she crawled towards her sofa and when she got the there with no air to spear, she collapsed over the cushions.

“What a day…” She whispered after she’d been slouching there for sometime. Her throat felt raw with pain and her head ached from throwing up and for simply being fucked up. Why was she hallucinating so vividly and nearly killing herself in the process? Fuck cancer if this kept up she would find herself trying to dive in a pool that was outside her bedroom widow only to remember thirty feet from the concrete below that there was no pool. Her eyes were heavy and exhaustion was winning. She closed them and found sleep was easier than staying awake.


The door to Milan’s bedroom creaked open but she didn’t stir. A’Lon’s head peeped from behind the door frame and when he saw that the human girl was fast asleep, he crept out with Bazlik behind him.

“This is stu-”

“Shh!” A’Lon exclaimed, interrupting the Argruyrian before he could wake her. She must have been very tired to not have heard them. They both came to stand over her and looked down at her. A’Lon stooped and found himself reaching for her hair. Bazlik knocked his hand away and energy bounced between them . A’Lon glared at him but Bazlik was unmoved.

“You just shushed me for talking do you think it wise to touch her you idiot?”

“She’s fast asleep; she will not know.” A’Lon replied. Bazlik threw his hands up and looked to the ceiling.

“Oh well why don’t I go put some music on and perhaps we could do more than touch her hair Heliyan.”

A’Lon chose to ignore the smart remarks and found her hair to be the softest of fine silk along his skin. Bazlik sighed and turned away mumbling something that sounded like sick Heilyans and their fetishes. He brushed her hair back from her face; she was beautiful to him, and even more so when her jaw wasn’t slack with screams of fear. Sensing that she was truly in deep sleep, A’Lon scooped her up from the sofa and stood with her in his arms.

“What the fuck-”Bazlik exclaimed.

“I’m taking her to bed.” A’Lon said in a hushed voice. Bazlik stared at him as if his brain had stalled out. Not wanting to hear the next remark, A’Lon turned and headed for Milan’s bedroom.

“Whoa wait Heliyan, I’m all for a stolen maiden in the hay but don’t you think now might not be the best time for a shake in the sheets? I’m just saying…”

“I didn’t mean in that connotation you dim bulb. I’m going to lay her in her bed; that is all.” A’Lon explained as he laid her atop the sheets and was careful not to disturb her bruised leg. Humans were so easy to damage and in most severe cases the damage when lethal was permanent. He stepped back and Bazlik was at his side looking down at the female taking deep breaths that sounded painful.

“She’s sick.” Bazlik said. A’Lon winced at the information. He knew she was; he could smell it.

“I am aware of this.”


“I couldn’t agree with that being good.” A’Lon said as he watched her breathe.

“No, but it is good that you are aware of her condition.” Bazlik explained.

“Why is that good?” A’Lon asked, spearing Bazlik a look as he moved to lower the female to the bed. The other man looked from Milan to the Heliyan.

“Because already you are lost in thoughts that involve her. Do not fall in love with her A’Lon; we must leave soon and she will expire just as soon.”

A’Lon stared at Bazlik and saw that he was very serious, which was saying much for him because the man was lost to the meaning of the word. He looked away from those eyes though and back at the frail figure on the bed. She was indeed beautiful with all that golden hair spilled out around her. It was a shame to know that she would soon take her last breath. The thought made A’Lon’s hearts skip beats. He wasn’t sure how they’d gotten there or why they were there. He didn’t know why this female could see them. There was no foresight to what was special about her. All he knew was the thought of her dying worried him

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