Hunger - by Nansi London

Hunger - by Nansi London Hunger - by Nansi London

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


this was 1 of my oldies...


this was 1 of my oldies...


Submitted: March 15, 2012

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Submitted: March 15, 2012



A fire was lit somewhere in his body. It was spreading rapidly, tearing through his core and deeper still into a part of him that made him berserk. He didn’t know how to quench the flames…they felt as if they were making his blood acidic and he fear that it would burn through his skin. What could possibly cause such torture? Torture that was suddenly straddling pleasure. Pleasure? Where had such a feeling pop up from at a time such as this? Nothing made sense…until the though growled in his head.  Take her…

Yes…her. Of course. Nell sat across from him, legs crossed…too high. Her attention was consumed by the document before her…and that he was grateful. What if she had looked up and saw him squeeze the hardness between his legs that throbbed to find a soft spot? A warm yet slick spot wit a touch of velvet to it. Yes that’s what it wanted. He watched her dance her fingers along her exposed collar bone. Back and forth in a languid motion…teasing. Her blouse appeared to be the softest of silk…covering nipples that were peaking from the chill of the AC. He licked his suddenly dry lips and struggled to swallow. His mouth was dry and he knew just where he’d like to find moisture to make it all wet again.

“Uh…Kane?” Her voice had shaken him out of his fantasy and back into his office in the seat opposite her.

“Huh?” He answered, pulling at the knot in his neck tie. My hadn’t it felt as if someone had pulled it tighter and tried to pop his head off. He couldn’t focus…but he had to.

“Are you okay? You look a bit…flushed…” She said as she closed the binder in her lap and uncrossed her legs. His eyes darted to them automatically and a slight groan escaped his throat.
”Um…I’m…fine.” He struggled to say. Fine? He was on fire! He was about to turn to ash at any moment.

“You don’t seem fine; in fact you look as if you’re coming done with something.” She said as she stood and walked on three inch pumps to the seat next to him. Her scent was in his head and he couldn’t get enough of it. His hands were pricking as if needle were being stuck in them. He wanted to feel her skin under his palms. She placed a cool hand on his forehead and gasped.

“You’re burning up! We’ll call it an early night. Come I’ll take you home.” Home…wow he’d love to take her home with him. Nell was his daily fantasy for the past three years. He spent so many hours of the day dreaming about her than he wished to express.


“Nah, we have to finish these reports tonight.” He reluctantly protested.

“Well I’m not going to sit here and watch you get ill. What do you need?”

“What do I need?” He asked, and didn’t have to ponder long about it. She nodded her head and watched him intently, her hazel eyes peering up at him through thick dark lashes. Kane knew what he wanted. It was sitting right next to him with the first two buttons of her shirt undone, promising to reveal more.


It was too much to take. He gripped her behind the neck and crushed her lips with his. A whimper surfaced from her mouth and he answered with a ferocious growl. Nell’s long, delicate fingers gripped at his shirt as he ravaged her mouth with his. There was no stopping for him, and that had him praying she didn’t protest.

For the sake of oxygen he released her lips and looked down at her with wild hungry eyes.


“Don’t stop…fuck me…” She demanded, and heaven knew that he grew larger at those words. He pulled her blouse out of her skirt and hurried to get it unbutton as he kissed her with a hunger that seemed voracious. Her hands were fumbling over his as well but she was becoming impatient. Next he heard was the buttons to his shirt being popped away. He loved that sound… it left him grinning down at her.

“Too bad this was my favorite shirt…”

“Don’t worry, I’ll compensate for it…” She panted.

No more words were needed in that moment. He pushed her down onto the sofa and ravished the mounds of her breast; licking, squeezing, teasing and suckling them, till she thrust her fingers into his wavy auburn hair.

“No more teasing Kane! Please…” She cried. The fire was so intense in Kane that as he touched her, he felt it under his finger tips, threatening to burn away every print. No, this fire wasn’t only his. Nell was an inferno herself. She was consuming him with every moan, with every hurried nibble at his lip and with each rake of her fingers down his back. Ah, he loved the way those long golden legs wrapped about him and tried to trap him there as he tortured her nipples. The little buds were hard and pleading for more attention. Who was he to deprive them of such joy?

“Damn it Kane, I’ll come if you don’t do me now…” She whimpered, her words were more air than sound.

Kane bit his way down her body, his tongue lapping at her navel then to that sensitive area that lye just below her navel, and just above the moist glory between Nell’s thighs.

She arced and moaned as he licked gingerly and faintly at that spot, leaving trails of his kisses in wet lines. She held his head there and opened her legs as if to say ‘Welcome home honey, supper is ready.’ Well Kane was famished and he wanted whatever Nell was willing to give. Feeling as if there was no other way to quench this flame but by the nectar that flowed from Nell, Kane dipped his tongue deep into her soft, velvet petals of this flower, and drank as if he’d never known how thirsty he was before. Nell’s cries of pleasure filled the room and fueled Kane to taste her some more. As he lapped, nipped and suckled the little bud in his mouth he felt the pulse of his shaft crying to taste her too.

“Oh Kane! No more! No…oh yes!” She exclaimed as she climaxed and rocked her hips to the rhythm of his tongue. Where in history was there a greater sound than the cry of a woman’s pleasure? No where will another be found.

She laid panting and still hungry for the main course. He was all ready to serve her. He didn’t need any prepping whatsoever. He just needed to be enveloped deep in the soft walls that his tongue had just tasted. He found her opening and he saw the way she tensed for the first feel of his thickness entering her. He made a mental shot of the way she looked right then; lips slightly swollen, round, beautiful breast spilt from the black laced bra and that fire that crawled behind her eyes that dared him to take her, to fill her. And so he did. He pushed deep into her and the more he slid into her, the higher her back arced and the wider he legs went.

“Ah yes Kane! Now fuck me! Fuck me hard Kane…” She was such the little temptress. Kane held her thighs and pulled out slowly, still teasing her, but not fool enough to not pace himself. She squirmed for more and it was all he could do not to pound her soft flesh with vigor. He entered her again, a little more forcefully and much deeper. Nell was raking her fingers down his arm. She was to go mad with pent up pleasure. Kane was sure that he would as well. Giving in to her cries, he thrust deep and hard, finding a rhythm that was almost neck breaking, or in this case, back breaking. Nell cried out and squeezed her already hard nipples as she enjoyed the thick force of Kane’s dick finding her pleasure spot with each drive. There was no way she could hold on much longer. She met him with each thrust and Kane’s head fell back as he closed his eyes, trying hard to not think about how awesome Nell felt. How could he not think about it when she was crying out his name with such a seductive voice?

“Nell…ah shit…” He was holding on by a thread and all he could think to do was fuck her harder.

“I’m coming Kane! Ah yes…yes!” And so she did, and Kane wasn’t far behind. He dug his nails into her hips and knelt over her, feeding her every inch of his shaft. Nell continued to climax and somewhere in between she whimpered for him to not pull out. He’d ask questions later, because he was coming. Kane growled out his release and wedged himself deep in the worm slickness of Nell’s flower. She sighed and gulped for air as he pressed his forehead between her breasts and breathed deep.

“That was awesome…” He said, thinking it out loud. He felt her fingers threading through his hair and it sent shivers down his spine and straight the head of his cock. It made him twitch and it sent a jolt through her, making her moan softly.

“That took long enough. I’ve only been waiting three years…”

“Should’ve said something.” He said almost chuckling but most definitely grinning.

She giggled and lifted his chin. He looked up and saw that the fire was still in her eyes, and he was still hard, or maybe it was that flame that made him hard again.

“Well I’m saying something now. Ready for round two?” He pinched her still swollen nipple and grinned.

“If you can’t feel it, then I better push harder…”

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