Her Name was Lust

Her Name was Lust Her Name was Lust

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


originally titled "Lust" This short tale was pulled out of my random box I suppose, but is added as a collection of my short stories under the title "London's Dark Fantasies". Enjoy, you little devils.


originally titled "Lust" This short tale was pulled out of my random box I suppose, but is added as a collection of my short stories under the title "London's Dark Fantasies". Enjoy, you little devils.


Submitted: March 15, 2012

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Submitted: March 15, 2012



“Another one…” The would be question sounded more like a statement coming from the golden-green eyed beauty that sat so proper behind her mahogany desk. It was those same oddly colored eyes that stared fixed at the little red box before her. They showed pure confusion that was hiding a deeper emotion…fear.

“That’s right Sky, another. Gary found it on his post a few minutes before we started letting people in. “ Hugo answered. Hugo had been Sky’s faithful head of security and personal body guard for the past ten years and she knew that he was not slacking on his game. Anyone who was skilled enough to slip by him and his staff was not human. It would sound silly to state but Sky faced it as the truth it was. She wouldn’t be able to if she didn’t believe it.

The same thing had happened two times prior, once for the past three weeks. She would come into her club, if she had a meeting with a client she would see to that first, then make her rounds, sit in a back boot to ‘watch’ her customers then retire to her office to deal with business again. All had gone according to schedule except…this. Another red box. The first she’d received, three weeks ago was containing an emerald anklet that seemed oh too familiar. She’d hid that and its box in her desk draw. The second was of a black feather that reminded her of something quite sinful that she had performed many years ago. Now what could be in the third? She was sure she didn’t want to know.

“He didn’t see anyone?” She asked before running her tongue over her suddenly parched lips. This was really getting to her. Hugo could tell as much because his boss was not one to let signs of emotions run rampant over her lovely face. He took it as a challenge that someone would upset her and he didn’t even know who or what that someone was. Like Sky, he knew the possibilities of their intruder being something other than human was grand. Besides, Sky was not human…

“Nope, not even a shadow. I’m sorry boss, I’ll have the guys in Surveillance run the tapes back, till then I’m zero with clues.” Hugo answered, his thick meaty hands clasped before him. A popular body guard pose, if there was ever one. Sky looked up at him through her lashes and watched him settle his shoulders in his black formal jacket. She had all of her body guards dressed professional, but none could pull of menacing and handsome like Hugo could. Sky needed a moment of distraction and she used it to take in the thick black curls that protested against Hugo’s application of gel and decided to start a rebellion atop his head. She always chuckled at the thought of him standing before his bathroom mirror hours before opening time to conquer his curls, all so that he wouldn’t be late, to only fail in the end. Tonight it didn’t even make her lips twitch. She was worried. There was one possibility of who it could be and even that at first had seemed to be impossible. But now, she was almost 100% sure.

She rolled her eyes from Hugo and lowered her head to look down at the velvet, red box. Her long red hair tumbled down about her, almost dark as fine wine if not that. She tucked a healthy strand behind one ear and sighed deeply. There was something in that box that she would not want to see and she knew once it was opened it would be too late to run. She splayed her fingers over the blotter and placed them on either side of the box.

“You want me to stay for this boss?” Hugo asked, almost making her jump out of her skin. She swallowed back a yelp and nodded her head, her throat still too tight to speak. Over the light thump of the bass playing downstairs in her club she could hear the slam of her heart against her rib cage trying to race to match the up tempo. Her fingers traced the top of the box and felt the crease where the lid would pull up from. She took a deep breath and lifted it back, but the minute she saw what was inside the air rushed out of her lungs like she’d been sucker punched in the stomach.

“What is it Sky?” Hugo asked seeing the fear turn his boss pale. Her knuckles had turned white and her hands shook so much that he could hear the contents of the box rattle under her grip. She managed to pry one hand from the box and reach in to pull out a black candle. It was short with a wick that had never known the touch of a flame. The candle fell from her hand as if Sky had been burned. She shook so hard now that Hugo had to go around the table to see what was wrong.

“Sky? Sky! Look at me! I can’t help if you don’t talk to me! Now who’s been sending you these little ‘gifts’ and why the hell are you afraid? Talk to me Sky!” He demanded again and had to shake her to get her attention. It was hard for her to pull her eyes away from the black candle. When she did meet Hugo’s eyes, they were round and filled with a light that made the green-gold of her eyes shine with a power that Hugo had witness enough times to know when she was pissed. This time was different though; Sky wasn’t pissed, she was afraid.

“I’m fine-”

“Like hell you are! I’ve never seen you this worked up unless you were about to dismantle someone. Let me help Sky; it is why you hired me.” He assured her as he looked up at her from his knees. Hugo never once ignored the sensual beauty his boss had going for her, but he wasn’t head of security for nothing; he could control the attraction. He pushed only concern into his eyes.

“I’m not even sure Hugo. I mean…” She stood and pushed a deep breath from her body. Her short white dress had ridden up a few inches and it was already dangerously short and clingy. Hugo kept his eyes away from her ass which many men had failed to do in Sky’s presence. He knew Sky preferred more comfortable clothes but the type of clothes she wore to the club were basically uniform. Besides, it helped the feeding process to be more successful.

Sky had stopped before the window that looked out at the city of New York and its glimmering lights and knew that none of those lights could help out shine the dark shadow from her past that was about to surface.

“I think I am just over reacting.” She replied more calmly. She turned to face Hugo then, her eyes revealing nothing, her face schooled to only convey a serenity that was too sudden to replace the fear that once marred it. Hugo was not really fooled but he knew what was coming next. She was going to make him drop the topic.

“Sky…don’t. I can help you-”

“But I don’t need help Hugo. All I need is for you to go and do your rounds and report if there are any discrepancies as the evening progresses. “ She replied mechanically.

“Sky…” Hugo tried again, as he got to his feet.

“With that said Hugo, I would like to be alone.” She stared him down until he had to admit defeat. Sky was not going to spill the beans on this one and she had her reasons. Even that she wouldn’t tell him. So he dismissed himself and went to see to his duties.

When the door shut behind Hugo, it took Sky a whole minute to defrost. She dragged herself back to her seat and dumped her body down in the leather chair. With a swivel she was facing the box again. The candle laid toppled to its side next to its container. She picked it up again and a vivid memory of a larger candle of the same black wax, held over pale flesh invaded her mind. She watched as the tanned hand, a color that was not kissed by the sun, dribbled hot wax over that skin. She knew who the pale flesh belonged to…it was hers. As for the hand, she knew who that was too but refused to will the memory to show his face. Her eyes opened with gasp as she dropped the candle again. She looked down into the box and saw a bit of white paper stuck under the lap of the velvet padding. She lifted it slowly and pulled out a folded piece of paper. She willed herself to open it and knew she didn’t want to.

Finally, she peeled it open and her breath caught at not only the message but the familiar handwriting that scrolled across the paper. It read:

Soon Maya…I will have you…soon…

Many centuries had passed since she last answered to that name. The name was practically ancient to her; something old and needing to be put to rest. She’d left Maya, her old self in the Halls of Gandol many years ago and hoped she would stay there. But it would same that he was not willing to have that as she had not been willing stay. There was no denying what was before her now. He had found her even after all this time. She had run for so long without settling that she had gotten tired. Now that she had and she had felt so safe…she had fallen right into his trap. It made her body pulse with need when she thought about the way he had showed her pleasure and it made her run cold with fear when she wondered what he would do when he found her. Perhaps he would not be so kind to her given what she had done.

Sky packed up the items and shoved them back into the box. There was still work to be done and she had no time to ponder on what her former master and lover would do to her upon their meeting.

“Later…but definitely not now.”


Two weeks later…

Surprisingly enough, there had been no more gifts after that night. Sky was relieved but knew better than to think the greater danger had passed. But she had pulled herself together long enough to get some sort of work done. She was back to the normal nightly routine and Hugo had begun to feel a bit less worried about his boss. She wanted it that way but he was still alert. Thankfully she had begun to act like her old self.

Business had been wonderful once again, Sky was tired but it wasn’t time to close up. She left that in Kent and Hugo’s hands, calling it an early night. She had gotten an amazing meal, courtesies of her customers, and was ready for bed. No matter how great her meal had been, she was pooped.

An hour later, Sky was pulling up to her condo that sat facing the ocean. The salty sent of the ocean welcomed her as she opened her car door, reminding her of what home smelt like. She sighed with delight and tossed her waist length hair to one side as she bent back in the car to retrieve her briefcase. With that retrieved she locked up and made her way to her front door. It was a big house to come home alone to but Sky was use to it and found great luxury in knowing that all that space belonged to her. As she unlocked her door she started at the sound of something scratching against glass. She looked up and to her far left and saw that one of the trees had out grown and begun to scrape against one of the windows on the second floor. She would have to call that one in before damage was done. The only way to have the best is to maintain it while it still valued something; that was her motto.

Two glasses of wine, one hot bubble bath and a long soak later, Sky found her self feeling so relaxed that she could finally call it a night, though most of her nights started just before dawn due to her profession. She drained her last glass of wine and placed the flute on the edge of her tub. Leaning forward, she pulled the plug and the water began to empty the tub. Carefully stepping over the edge, she mopped her skin with a soft cloth and dried the back of her neck and with that done, she pulled her hair free and shook it out with a sigh. It felt good just to run her fingers through it and she was tempted not to brush it just for one night and risk tangles later. She padded over to her vanity sink, skin still moist and glistening, and patted her breast dry with the towel. Sky’s body was a work of art that even made her stop and stare at times. But it was all apart of what made her what she was. More or less something to lure her prey. She smiled to herself and wrapped the towel about her body as she went to her room. She stopped at the bathroom door however, when she saw that her bedroom’s light was out. There was no reason for her to have turned it off but it was out. The closes switch was by her bed so she decided to venture there. The room was so quiet minus the rush of the wave crashing against the reefs outside her balcony door and the low howl of the wind. One would think that such eerie sounds married together plus the dark would be enough to scare her, but Sky was made from tougher material. She moved silently over the carpet and leaned over her nightstand. She felt for the dial on the wall beside the bed and turned it till the lights came back up to a dim glow. She ran her fingers through her hair, pulling them from her face as she stood and turned to see to her long task of brushing it. But Sky couldn’t do that; she couldn’t even move much less breathe. Sky found that she didn’t remember how to breathe. Her eyes had gone round and filled with fear as they fixed themselves upon the man that sat across her room blocking her bedroom door. He sat in full black with his right ankle resting on his left knee. So casual and fetching and seeming no where out of place in her white upholstered arm chair was he, that it took her a moment to remember that she was suppose to be afraid and not ogling him.

Though his hair was messy in a sexy manner, falling in his grey eyes and his body seemed a tad bit muscular than she last left it, Lucas had not changed a bit. She was still staring into those eyes when he tilted his head back from his steeple fingers and narrowed his eyes on her. She watched his eyes move over her body as if he could see beyond the little towel. A pang of desire swelled in her and she watched his eyes roll to the back of his head as he sensed it.  Sky felt her lips moving but no words were coming out. She willed her self to speak and finally regained some control. Though when she did speak it was all whispers.

“Lucas…” she spoke into the silence and watched his eyes open slowly with a light glowing behind them that made his grey seem silver.

“I told you that I would come, did I not?”

She nodded slowly and felt her knees threatening to bail on her at any moment. He pretended to be distracted by a large silver ring on his finger for a moment as he spoke.

“I figured that now was the wisest moment to seize you Maya, considering how you seem much more settled here than you did with you many other homes. My, my you are still so nimble…” He chuckled.

Sky shivered as he spoke, his voice miles deep and deadly sensual; rolling over her as the tides did the reefs outside her home. She wished she was at least clothed to face him just now, because all she wanted to do was drop her towel and crawl to him as she had before many centuries ago. It was a shame to know that all her running had been in vain; even now Lucas had a severe pull on her that was hard to resist. She bit her bottom lip and tried to focus…or attempt to.

“What do you want?” She whispered once more.

“You…” Was his only answer and all she needed to hear. Her grip on her towel tightened and she stepped back only to collide with her night stand. Sky shook her head in defiance as he smiled back.

“I am not available to you anymore Lucas. I was almost sure you had guessed as much.” She exclaimed.

“Ah but I believe you are…”He started as he uncrossed his legs and pushed up from his seat. Sky wished her room’s floor would open up and swallow her whole.

“Stay away from me…”

“I’ve done so for centuries Maya…”

“Stop calling me that! My name is Sky!” She cried as he got closer to her and her breathing heavier.

“You disappoint me with your insubordination all those years ago, and now to disappoint me again with you poor hospitality after I’ve traveled so long…after I’ve sent you such lovely memoirs.” He came to a stop so close to her that she was having problem breathing without inhaling the intoxicating perfume of his skin. Sky was drowning in his scent and was holding on for dear life to her towel.

“That was an accident. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone Lucas…please I am sorry…” She pleaded as he took one extra step to have his chest touching the arm she used to keep the towel tight about her. Sky couldn’t and wouldn’t win this fight; she wanted him too badly.

“Ah but I have forgiven you my darling. Can you not see that I do not come to you in anger? Yes, I lost many male servants by your hands on your last day in my palace, including one or two guards, but I wept only when I lost you.”

Sky stared up at him in confusion. Her hunger had grown so wild that day. Lucas had not fed her because he had to feed that night himself. She was so starved that when one of the male servants came to her room to serve her dinner, she climbed his body and rode him till his skin became like a raisin and his body was sucked dry of life. Side affects from overdose of a succubus. Sky had still been starving and she went on a feeding frenzy, fucking every male in sight. They had all died and she had fled before Lucas could find her. She was to only be his but after such acts she couldn’t belong to anyone. Now here he was telling her that she was forgiven and still wanted. This was all too much to believe but his eyes told her that what was said was all truth.

“I’ve fed to the point that I feel alive Maya,” He whispered as he cupped the sides of her face. Her skin was so warm and soft to his touch that he felt as if he was caressing fine silk. He tilted her head up as he took another step forward that placed the back of her legs against her night stand and he pressed against her.

“But that does not change that fact that I am not. I’m still dead, but my reasons for such a gluttonous feed, was to have you with all my strength and all my passion. I want you now Maya…all of you…”

Sky’s legs gave out then but his arm caught her by the waist before she could topple over her night stand. The feel of being in his arm made her head spin. She felt the warm liquid flowing from between her legs; Lucas had always known how to make her hungry.

“But…but I haven’t known a man….since that night. I may not be the same woman you wanted back then. My body may have forgotten its purpose in such acts.” She whispered as she searched his face for any signs of disgust, but there was none to be found, just simple delight. He loved the fact that she hadn’t fed fully since her last night in Arabia. She would be like new to him and that thought alone was pleasure.

“Then I will remind it…” He was done talking because he knew that that was the last of her fears. Lucas captured her lips and enjoyed the sounds of her light moans that meant she had missed this, that she had wanted him just as badly as he had wanted her. She pressed her soft breasts with their tightly hardening nipples against his chest and wrapped her arms about him. Lucas responded with a moan of his own; her arms about him were well missed.

Sky’s lips were hungry for more of him as she tipped on her toes to meet him with more force. Lucas’ hands moved to her hips and he squeezed them as he lifted her into his arms. Sky’s arms locked behind his neck as he pulled the towel from about her and threw it to the floor. With a shove of his foot, her night stand went crashing to the other side of her room. He pressed her against the wall and she wrapped her legs about him for leverage. The minute he saw her breasts his lips moved to them, one hand cupping as he sucked and licked the other. Her fingers dove into his hair, holding him there, making him devour her breasts till she was left panting and flailing for something more.

  Lucas gripped the back of her head and pulled her from the wall to only toss her in the bed. The look in both of their eyes had suggested that something more hungry and more savage had taken over both of them. As Sky crawled back on her elbows, Lucas removed his shirt with buttons flying everywhere. A moan so deep it sounded more like a growl, vibrated from Sky’s chest with just that sight of his skin. But Lucas didn’t lay all that warm lovely flesh on her; instead he grabbed her ankles and pulled her back to him. She watched as he pulled something from his pocket and it twinkled in the dim light…the anklet. How did he retrieve it from her desk? She’d left it along with his other presents there at the club. Trivial things. He fastened it about her right ankle and smiled when she bit her lips. Sky had worn the same ankle as a treasure of favor from her master all those centuries ago. This was just Lucas’ way of saying that he was claiming her again as his and only his once more.

With that done, he parted Sky’s legs and kissed along her inner thigh. He could smell the sweet scent of her juices as she moved her hips for him to taste her there. But Lucas was going to take his time with reminding Sky what her body could do. Biting and licking his way between her legs, he was sure he heard her cry out to him for more. He looked up as he hovered over that warm moist hungry flesh between her legs and saw that she was close to tears for more.

“Please….please Lucas…” She whispered to only be answered with the soft caress of him blowing lightly over her sensitive clit. She was so tightly wand up that she was about to cum just from that one act. Lucas spread her legs wider and dove in to devour the sweet juices of her pussy. Sky did cum then and she gripped the sheets so tight that she nearly ripped them from the mattress. No matter how much she tried to move her hips, he held her fix so that he was in control. He went as far as to pull her closer and lift her hips off of the bed to meet his tongue. Sky was going to die from such an attack on her quivering pussy. Lucas darted his tongue inside her, wormed his way inside her and pulled out only to suck on her clit mercilessly.

“No stop! I’m going crazy! Oh Lucas please!” She cried out with her head thrashing back and forth as another orgasm rippled from the center of her stomach and spread all through her body, raising all the hair on her body. Sky was hoarse by the time Lucas relinquish his hold on her hips. He placed her down slowly and the look in his eyes said that he was in need of more. He watched her breast move in time to her heavy pants. He’d lost count of her orgasms but knew that she enjoyed them all even though she cried for him to stop.

“Are you starting to remember Maya?” He asked over the sound of his zipper lowering. She tried to rub her legs together to squeeze her throbbing clit, but he caught her legs before she could.

“Yes, yes! Please…Lucas don’t punish me so…” She cried as he crawled up onto the bed and over her. She wanted him to press all that weight on her but he remained pushed up on both hands with a clear view of his erection down his body. Sky moaned when her eyes caught sight of it . He pushed her legs further apart with his legs and pressed himself against her bare chest. Sky wrapped her arms about his body and raked her nails down his body, but that lasted a short time. He pulled up and trapped her hands over her head. He saw what that one act had done to her; she was becoming more excited with that one dominant gesture. Sky had always loved to be submissive to her master and it would seem that Lucas was about to remind her who the master was and that all actions of insubordination had to be dealt with. She felt him at her opening and knew her body would protest against the thick long shaft that was about to invade her, but that was the point…punishment with pleasure and pain. He rubbed the head of his cock against her sensitive clit and it sent her in a spasm of jolts and moans.


“Begging stops nothing Maya; you know this. You’ve challenge me to remind you why you called me master…and I have no choice.” He said into her left ear. She felt his tongue lick her lobe then take it into his mouth as he sucked at it. Sky was going to pass out from the many levels of pleasure her body was feeling. He was still rubbing the head of his cock on her clit and now was nibbling in her neck. It took her by surprise when she felt the sharp prick of his fangs and his cock enter her body all at the same time. Truly she did climax with those simultaneous acts, but before she could buck her hips against Lucas’ cock he pressed his weight hard atop her and held her head fixed by her hair, while pushing hard inside her. He lodged himself so far inside her that all she could do was twitch and scream her orgasm as he sucked her blood slowly from her vein. He fed her as he fed and it was always punishment when he did it like this. She wanted him to move in and out of her and fuck her hard enough that she would be bed ridden for days. His head pulled away from her neck and she was panting so hard that she felt her head getting light.

Lucas looked down at her and told her to look at him. It took great effort for Sky to turn her head but she managed and he was patient. The look she saw in his eyes was so controlled. She felt his cock twitching inside her dying for a release but Lucas knew how to control his body to his will. That was what made him her master, never climaxing until he was done pleasuring her. She felt tears sting her eyes then and knew that that was only half the truth. The other half was because she had loved him and knew she’d hurt him with her lack of control and with her running. She turned her head away as tears spilled from the corners of her eyes.

“No, I waited too long to see these tears Maya…and it is not because I rejoice in them, but I needed to know if you had still felt for me.” He murmured, her blood staining his lips to a ruby red.

She looked up at him and with a quivering voice she answered.

“Of course I do Lucas. I always have. I’m sorry…I’m so sorry” She cried and then her cries became moans as her master began to pull out of her and plunge back in with force. Sky cried and moaned like that as he fucked her and whispered in his language how much he adored and loved her. She was indeed forgiven and this was his way of showing her.

Lucas found a strong rhythm as he gave Sky, his Maya, every inch of his cock. He enjoyed her nails on his back and her legs wrapped about his body. He made her hold the back of his neck and he sat up on his knees with her suspended from his neck. Lucas lifted her hips and made her meet his cock with each plunge. Sky had climaxed again and he made new memories of her cries of pleasure. He did love this woman and he would show her all night.

Sky was now on both hands and knees in the bed as Lucas fucked her from behind. Her body jolted to every slap of his flesh to hers. Lucas grabbed a handful of her hair and wrapped about his wrist then pulled her head back as she cried out for him to fuck her harder. He could not deny her that when she said as such. Sky knew Lucas was close because his grip was becoming tighter and he leaned over her  and raked his teeth over her skin. A growl vibrated through his body and into hers as he came inside her and fed her. Sky climaxed with him and drank in his lust and his pleasure for her body.


Moments later, the two were wrapped up in each others’ arms kissing and caressing, remembering each others skin.

“Dawn is coming…”Sky whispered.

“I know…” he mumbled back, his eyes threatening to close. They had made love for hours it seemed and both she had Lucas could feel the press of dawn on the horizon.

“I will have to find you a darker place to sleep.” She whispered again.

“Here is fine. Now sleep Maya…” Lucas demanded with eyes already closed in sleep.

“Lucas!” She shot up and looked down at him as if he had lost all his marbles. The sex was awesome but it was not that distracting to remember that Lucas was highly allergic to the sun.

“Maya I would not be so relaxed if I was not sure.” He held up his hand and showed her the ring she had seen him observing earlier. He explained to her that a gypsy had made it specifically for him and he had to pay a fortune to have it. It gave him the ability to walk at day if he wished. Which meant, no charring in the sun.

“Oh…well that is wonderful but I am still going to close my drapes. I for one do not like light when I’m trying to sleep.” Lucas chuckled as she rolled out of his arms and went to see to the drapes. Her body was indeed still the loveliest his eyes ever beheld. She came back to him and reclaimed her hold on him.

“Sleep now Maya…you will need all your strength for me later…”

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