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The most forbidden, audacious and libidinous summed up all Lilith wanted but she was a 32 year old woman that was still oblivious of what an orgasm felt like. As an acclaimed psychiatrist, it was outlandish to think what proclivity was her weakness and what ends she went to to do it. Kris had found the solution and finally lured her best friend to her bawdy fetish club labeled in bright neon light as The Treasure Box. After waiting and pining so many years after Vincent, her high school crush, she had never thought to stumble across the Russian Adonis known as Ivan. But there was something indistinct and ominous that lurked in the bottomless blue of his eyes. That something called to Lilith even when he wanted nothing to do with her. Could she lure him to her bed? A woman who had no idea of how to use her body; could she make him teach her? Ivan had already ensnared her with one glance; all that was left was for him to condition Lilith to his all means necessary.


The most forbidden, audacious and libidinous summed up all Lilith wanted but she was a 32 year old woman that was still oblivious of what an orgasm felt like.

As an acclaimed psychiatrist, it was outlandish to think what proclivity was her weakness and what ends she went to to do it.

Kris had found the solution and finally lured her best friend to her bawdy fetish club labeled in bright neon light as The Treasure Box.

After waiting and pining so many years after Vincent, her high school crush, she had never thought to stumble across the Russian Adonis known as Ivan. But there was something indistinct and ominous that lurked in the bottomless blue of his eyes. That something called to Lilith even when he wanted nothing to do with her. Could she lure him to her bed? A woman who had no idea of how to use her body; could she make him teach her? Ivan had already ensnared her with one glance; all that was left was for him to condition Lilith to his all means necessary.

Chapter1 (v.1) - As It All Began...

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The most forbidden, audacious and libidinous summed up all Lilith wanted but she was a 32 year old woman that was still oblivious of what an orgasm felt like.<br /> <br /> As a acclaimed psychiatrist, it was outlandish to think what proclivity was her weakness and what ends she went to to do it. <br /> <br /> Kris had found the solution and finally lured her best friend to her bawdy fetish club labeled in bright neon light as The Treasure Box.<br /> <br /> After waiting and pining so many years after Vincent, her high school crush, she had never thought to stumble across the Russian Adonis known as Ivan. But there was something indistinct and ominous that lurked in the bottomless blue of his eyes. That something called to Lilith even when he wanted nothing to do with her. Could she lure him to her bed? A woman who had no idea of how to use her body; could she make him teach her? Ivan had already ensnared her with one glance; all that was left was for him to condition Lilith to his all means necessary.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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As It All Began...


AUGUST 29TH 1997

"Eat your dinner Lilith; shoving and poking at your meat does not account for it."

The attendants of three sat in their respective places at the dining table with the strain of family bond attempting to break through the arrogance and pompous demeanors of her parents but failing. Lilith was the only child of Winton and Veronica Ashton and it had been equivalent to weekly root canals when it came to being their daughter. As she slouched forward, back aching from the strict posture her mother made her assume, she stuck her fork into a baby carrot and lifted it to her mouth.

"Sit up Lilith! Have I taught you nothing? Honestly I do not know what to do with you." Her mother fussed; shaking her head in disgust.

"Veronica go easy on her; she's only a child."

"I refuse to! She is sixteen years old. At her age I was taking violin and piano classes; learning the art of etiquettes and the ways to take care of a house hold. If I 'go easy' on her as you say, then she would be slack with her moral standards." Veronica explained in her crisp, strict yet calm voice; enunciating every syllable of each word with her delicate English accent. It was like nails on a chalk board to Lilith.

It was the usual with her parents. Lilith knew her father loved her as he was always standing in her defense but her mother, well, the jury was still out and huddling around their cigarettes on that one. She straightened her spine and pushed her shoulders back. Lifting her chin, she kept her eyes on her plate as she attempted once more to lift the fork to her unlatched mouth.

"Look at her. A mess! I told you to bring the food to your mouth then open to receive it. A spider could have built a web around her lips for the length of time they were left pried wide open." Her mother continued to wrangle. Lilith returned the fork to the plate with its uneaten carrot and closed her eyes in defeat. Everything she did was wrong and even if it had been right, her mother was never vocal enough to express it. Some days, and really it was days such as this, she wanted desperately to run away, or just kill herself.

She lifted the weight of her lids and looked down at the other end of the table where her parents sat together. The polished mahogany surface with its fine linen draping was stretched about eighteen feet in length and eight feet wide, but might as well had been a mile. Every night at dinner she was expected to eat like this with her parents, in utter silence. No back ground music, no eating utensils clinking against the china wear; just silence. Her father didn't mind and perhaps that was where their relationship made a nose dive. Yes he helped to defend her when it came to her mother, but he always gave up just as soon as the sparring started. Then there was always the depressing fact that he was always too busy with running his company and other affairs to spend time with her. She missed her father, even when he sat right in the same room.

"May I be excused please?" She asked in a gentle yet exhausted voice. Her appetite was gone long before her mother had started to pick with her. She needed to retreat to her room.

"No, you have hardly eaten a thing. Eat first and then you will be excused."

"I am not hungry mother; please give me permission to leave. Besides, I would like to prepare myself for tomorrow."

"No. Eat." Lilith was not going to win this.

It was the end of the summer and where she had hoped to return to the school she had been attending all along; her mother had made arrangements with some hoity-toity preppy school that she had no interest in attending, to finish her sophomore year. Apparently, attendance at this school meant better chances of being accepted by high ranking colleges. But for Lilith, a new school meant new people and she being the odd ball without a soul as an acquaintance. Maybe it didn't matter; she didn't have any friends to speak of before, so it shouldn't matter now because of a change in location. 

Lilith stared down at her bland flavorless meal and felt the sensation come over her again. She had been abstaining from it the entire week; she refused to succumb now. Her mother wasn't making this any easier for her, but she had to fight it. Focusing on her meal, she picked her fork up once again and this time the carrot made it to her mouth. It may as well have been paper. She could not taste it and she could not smell it; all her senses were hampered by the need to indulge in her habit. What a habit it was and one that would guarantee time spent in a psychiatric institute if her mother every got wind of it, but she loved it and she was careful. It made her feel free, alive; damn it just made her feel. Without it, she was nothing but this robot that her mother had altered her into against her will. As she chewed and swallowed the savorless morsel, she shifted her gaze to where her mother sat with upturned chin. Money had turned Veronica into the perfect arrogant snob; money that had existed before her birth. Now all she lived for was appearances and wowing others of her social class. That was why Lilith was not exempted to any failures or short comings. Maybe that was why she had developed her habit; it was something that her mother would keel over and die for had she known of it. It was forbidden.

She sighed and placed her knife opposite from her fork then dabbed at her lips with the white linen napkin. Lilith had to stop thinking about it. She had to ease her mind. It would go away eventually. Though it was equal to the sensation of possessing an itch that you could feel but can't locate, she couldn't attempt to scratch it. No. She had to ignore it.


"Vincent honey, are you almost ready? You don't want to be late for your first day."

The eloquent rise and fall of his mother's voice passed through his room door as he laced his boots and tied a knot. He lifted his head to the jiggle of the knob as she tried the door and cracked it open. Vincent grinned at his mother's caution and pushed his fingers through his hair and out of his eyes. She poked her head in and he waited for her to see him. She physically jumped when she realized that she had been caught. The two shared a laugh as Margret entered the room with palm placed against her chest to soothe her leaping heart.

"Busted again." He teased and watched her shuffle closer with intent to kiss the top of his head. Vincent didn't mind allowing his mother these displays of affection; he only had one mother and he loved her enough to be her little boy when she needed it.

"Yes as usual, but if anyone asks it was entrapment." She retorted; leaning against his desk and avoiding the stack of books that were towering upon the surface. Margret shared the same golden blonde of her hair with Vincent and if left to his own devices, her son would allow it to grow to the same length as hers. She adjusted her pale peach cardigan and crossed her arms with a delighted grin.

"The same excuses will not get you out of jail this time lady. I watched you enter without permission. That's what they would call, I don't know, a B&E?"

"My little lawyer at it again." She chuckled; tucking a golden strand behind her ear as her son stood to adorn his vest. Vincent was enrolled in one of the best private schools that money could buy and as a part of their rules, uniform was a must. Every day from entrance to exit, you were expected to adorn the same boring navy blue trousers and coat with the occasional vest and sometimes the navy blue with yellow thin striped neck tie. Vincent wasn't much for the neck tie business but on the first day back to high school, it was practically mandatory to be completely attired.

"Are you nervous?" Margret asked as he slipped each button through its matched hole and popped his collar up. Her handsome boy had turned into a man so swiftly but there would always be a reminder of his childhood in Vincent's smile. She loved that about him. Whenever he grinned, he was her baby boy all over again.

"Nervous? Why? It's the same school with the same people. Besides I'd be nervous if I was a newbie or something. It's my senior year and I'm the star wrestler on Coach Steins' team, there is nothing to be nervous about."

Vincent hung the neck tie about his neck and left it hanging there. He didn't bother to even knot it appropriately and that made her chuckle; it was his idea of 'wearing it appropriately'. Then feeling as if he looked too student's president, he unfastened the vest he had only just buttoned and left it flapping open.

"Don't get to cocky. Remember what I've always taught you; humility-"

"Humility helps to avoid humiliation and a mouth full of the former is better than a heart full of the latter. Yes, yes, yes mom; your proverb is burned in every corner of my mind and I live by it."

Margret shook her head and grinned at her son. Perhaps a day had never slipped by without her preaching the same words to him. Vincent was a handsome boy with popularity and obvious potential to be something great. He had a drive to always succeed at whatever he stretched his hands, heart and mind to. The last thing that Margret wanted was for him to use the power for something negative. She had been a part of the high school madness once before as well and she could remember severely how mean the rich snotty kids could be to those less fortune and not so attractive. Vincent had the charm, the devilishly handsome looks with baby blues that could break hearts and he was ambitious; that didn't give him a reason to rub it in others' faces. She refused to let him grow that way. Her husband, Vincent's father had not been that way in high school, so why should his son?

"Quit staring at me like that mom..." He said as he tossed his shoulder length hair behind him.

"Never and I dare you to make me." She teased back.

Vincent rolled his eyes with a pleasant grin, and Margret saw her little boy again. Oh how she loved him.

"Maggie! I can't find my wallet again!" She heard her husband yell from the foyer down stairs. They both rolled their eyes and shared another heartfelt laugh.

"Every morning without fail he loses something for me to find. My husband..." She shook her head and pushed away from the desk.

"Go save his day again mom; you're the only one who knows how." Vincent said dramatically with drawn brows and fists balled and quivering at his chest. Margret left the room with laughter and one last call that he should hurry before he was late.

Vincent pulled his hair back into a ponytail that brushed against the nape of his neck and smooth down the strays. Coach Steins would probably beg him to cut it off again but he was not going to do it until he wanted to. No one was going to make him do anything he didn't wanted and that was including snipping his hair off. It wasn't breaking any school rules so they could all deal with it. He adorned his coat with the schools crest and gave himself the once over. Just the way he liked it; rebellious.

"Day one in the last of my high school years; I will make it count."


"Is it really too late to transfer back?" Lilith murmured into the chilled silence of her father's car.

She sat adjacent from him with silently distressed grey/green eyes and looked up at the menacing structure she was expected to conclude her studies in. The interior was freezing due to the opened vents that pushed chilled air from the dash into the back seat. Lilith worried at her bottom lip and tucked a dark strand of hair behind her ear. It was cut shorter in the back than it was in the front; she liked it that way as sometimes she found herself hiding behind her long bangs. She felt her father's hand rest upon her shoulder and with a wince she turned and looked up at him through the bangs that fell over her brows. Steely grey/green eyes looked up to meet the matching but warm pair of her father's and in some way she felt soothed. Her father had a way of disarming her nerves with a look that implied that everything would be fine.

"Lilith honey, you are too brave and too beautiful to be this worried about something so trivial. You can do this. I know you can." Winton encouraged as he calmed his daughter with a reassuring smile; the truth in his words was there in his eyes. He believed in her more than she did in herself. This was why she could love her father effortlessly. Still...there was a bit of reluctance about being the 'newbie' all over again.

"But do I have to daddy?" She said in a small voice.

"Can't you do this for me? I really want you to..."

She looked away from his pleading eyes, to Mark, their driver's eyes in the rear-view mirror and saw that he too was giving her encouragement with just a look. Then she sighed and looked back at the school and the many classy kids that littered the yard with snobby laughter and picky cliques. Lilith knew without a shadow of a doubt that she was not going to fit in; her mother had made certain that she was too unique for any social grouping. But her dad needed her to do this, even if it was to scale an argument with her mother. Very well. Nothing was more torturous than living and being bred under the same roof as Veronica Ashton. So what if they didn't like her; they hadn't liked her at her last school so it should be business as usual. She nodded slowly and heard Mark's door open and close. She knew he had been watching her reaction and was making his way around to her side of the car.

"That's my girl! You'll do great honey and I'll send Mark to receive you after school. Have a wonderful first day back into the classes."

Lilith looked back at her father and the smile was strangely genuine on her lips. She loved her dad, that was why. Had she ever experienced a genuine smile with her mother? Did she even love her? As she kissed her dad upon his cheek and murmur her parting word, she shared goodbyes with Mark and told herself that both answers were no. Never one loving smile to recall because she never loved her. The thought was too comforting.


"Dude! Where the fuck have you been all summer?" Garson exclaimed as he pulled up alongside Vincent's Corvette. Garson rode the red to Vincent's black and they made great efforts to park together just because it was a lovely sight. He shut the door of his car as Garson hoped out of his and fived him.

"I told you that I was doing a European tour with the family again. Mom can't get enough of France and Italy and don't get me started on Rome." He replied as he walked with Garson to the front of his car and sat on the hood; careful not to scratch the paint.

"Oh cool, we did Hawaii this year; pretty fucking hot but a lot of action." They shared a laugh and Vincent could not help but to shake his head at his sexually driven best friend.

"One day you're going to stick your dick in the wrong hole and you will be sorry."

"Vince there is no such thing as a wrong hole on a woman." Garson said nudging his friend with a chuckle and pulling a box of cigarettes out of his pocket. He lit two and passed one to Vincent as they watched new and old faces pile into the school yard in preparation for a new semester.

"Maybe I will miss this shit someday, but school is really getting old dude." Garson grumbled before taking a drag on his cigarette.

Vincent puffed out white smoke and watched as a group of girls stared at both he and his best friend. Garson was captain of the Lacrosse team where Vince was of the Wrestling but each participated in the other's sport. Because they were both highly physical sports, they were well toned and looked more matured for their ages. It also meant that girls were normally on their gravitational pull.

"I don't know, there are some fine qualities to it." Vincent said as his grin grew and Reeva Forester, a very leggy blond with more than ¾ of the school male population wet dreaming about her, flipped her lengthy hair behind her shoulder and blew him a kiss. Vincent had been playing cat and mouse with her ever since he caught her eye and because Reeva was the type of girl that expected to get whatever she wanted, the reverse psychology was playing out fine. Yeah he wanted her, but Vincent would never let her know just how much because he was not the type of guy to lose control to a girl like Reeva. Still, there was a wordless understanding that she was his and she had made certain that every girl that wanted to come sniffing at his legs was quite informed that her flag was stuck in Vincent. Hands off.

"Ah come on Vinny, if you're not going to fuck her at least let me have some fun." Garson whined as he threw down his cig and crushed it under his boot. His friend had not been exempted from the lusting ¾ of the school male population, but he had respected Vincent's status with Reeva.

"Nope. I'll take care of that myself. Now come on, I have to get a few books out my locker before first period." Vincent said as smoke puffed out with every word. He rubbed the lit end of his cigarette between his thumb and index and ash fell to the ground with it. He ran around to the passenger side of his car, sprayed his mouth with twice with a minty breath freshener before returning it to the cup holder, pulled out his backpack, and closed the door.

"You are so mean! Come on its not fair to keep all that to yourself." He heard Garson say before he had shut the door. He stepped backwards with an impish grin and shook his head.

"No way dude, that is all mine. Besides she's the only girl on campus that I find relatively interesting and that's saying a lot. There are hardly any worth talking to." He finished; still walking backwards with Garson following. Vincent stepped on something and heard a small yelp and something falling to the ground as he tried to regain his balance. He did but when he turned to see what he had stepped on, a girl was laid out on the grass with her books splayed out beside her. Vincent dropped to his knee quickly and reached for her to help her up but she winced away before his fingers could graze her shoulders. It hadn't appeared to be intentional as she finally lifted her head and revealed the most amazing pair of eyes he'd ever seen. Everything else about her was pretty much normal and almost bland, but those eyes were spectacular. They left him staring back at them without any desire to look away.


First day of school and she lost to gravity. This was going to be a peachy day. Right. Lilith had yelped when the guy collided into her and landed his big booted foot onto her delicate foot; taking her down for the count, then reaching for her to help her up. On impulse, because she had this weird peeve about being touched by anyone, she had flinched away. Maybe he hadn't noticed. She'd looked up to make certain and it felt as if the oxygen she was breathing had all disappeared. The sun chose that moment to catch the golden flints of his hair and her mouth went all 'o' as she stared up dumbfounded and still on the grass at this guy. He was gorgeous and simply too matured in the eyes to be a student even if he was wearing a uniform, albeit inappropriately. Lilith felt heat rise up through her collars and cover her face because he wouldn't look away. She had to break the intensity of his turquoise eyes before the bell rung for homeroom.

"I-is it okay to stand now or should I just stay here for awhile longer?" Lilith asked with a light hint of sarcasm. Honestly if he wanted her to, she would stay there if it meant he would do the same.

His grin was more than she could handle but there was no looking away. He made it so that she could not look away, but this was completely out of Lilith's character. There had never been a point in a life when anyone had smitten her this much. Her emotions were something that never reared unless she was being tortured by her mother or...

No she didn't want to continue that thought. She had been doing exceptionally well by not indulging in it and that was simply because she had not been thinking about it...well, except for last night. He gathered her books and stacked them in a small pile before he handed her his hand to assist.

"I'm sure it is. Sorry about the fall; are you okay?" He asked with his smile still in tack though there was concern in each word.

"Yes I'm fine." Lilith replied and though she'd hesitated with a glance down at it, she slipped her hand into his and allowed him to gather her up and onto her feet. It was a rush; the sensation was burning into every print, rippling through her nerves and exploding like fireworks in her mind. It was crazy, but even after Lilith had taken her hand back his warmth still felt enclosed around it.

"That's good. Here are your books." He said; stooping to retrieve them from the manicured grass then handing them to her with that ever thrilling smile still intact. What an enchanting sight he was but she knew that this little accidental meeting was about to meet its end. Sadly.

"Thank you. Serves me right for walking with my head in the clouds."

This conversation should be over and had it been someone else, given Lilith's persona, she would have been the one to initiate an end to it, but he was so charming and pleasing to the eye; what was a few meager seconds out of character?

"I could hardly complain; if you noticed I was kind of moon walking without checking for pedestrians."

Lilith smiled with him and the sensation felt new upon her face but most definitely welcomed. She looked down at her books and could not resist the desire to always know it but her mind was not fooled; the moment this chat met its conclusion, so would this act of lip lifting.

Lilith balanced her books in one hand and reigned in her grin before she looked up at him once more. God, he was gorgeous, and he was staring down at her as if she was something spectacular. This was another first and just as welcomed as the latter.

"You have the most amazing pair of eyes I've ever seen." He murmured as if it were a distracted thought; an internal observation spoken without resignation or realization. It winded Lilith; her cheeks grew warm and her eyes a blank stare. Did he just compliment her? She dropped her glance to the ground quickly and tried to swallow her pulse as it was a rising trapped thing in her throat. Great, she would meet the ground once again, because the rush of blood to her head was about to make her faint. She hated and yet loved the small tremors that over took her body and shattered her calm demeanor. This person was an enigma; an experience she was not prepared for. She wanted it though; she wanted him to keep taking her breath away and to make her feel alive. She'd never felt it before; could she not have it now.


"I'm sorry. I probably embarrassed you. But it is true; you have very beautiful eyes."

Vincent's voice had gone gentle and soft as he spoke. She wanted to see his face after saying it but Lilith was too conscious of her own. So she kept her eyes on the grass around her feet and evidently hid behind her long bangs as she mumbled her thanks.

"What is your name?" He asked; trying to see the eyes he was praising so much but failing.

"Lilith Ashton..." She said; her voice just about a whisper but sturdy despite her shaken nerves.

"Lilith..." He had spoken her name but said nothing further, so she looked up slowly and watched his smile grow.

"Much better. With eyes like those Lilith, don't let them touch the ground. You can tear a man down easily with that stare. Remember that and welcome to Alberton High." The beautiful blond that had trampled her foot grinned as he waved good-bye to her and went to join his friend who teased him about something that was irrelevant. All that was relevant had just walked away and she hadn't gotten his name. Should she run up to catch him and ask? No, that would be too stalker like for her. As she watched him walk out of her site and through the double doors of the entrance, his words resonated within her mind and she smiled because of it. He had found something beautiful about her; that was lovely. He had asked one thing of her which in a nutshell was saying that she needed to have direct eye contact. She could do that; she would from now on. She wondered with an unconscious smile just what else she would do for him if he asked it and it was just before her mind ran away with that thought that someone pushed at her right shoulder.

Lilith blinked hard and opened her eyes to hostile words and snares. She had to admit that she had never been more confused and disoriented in all her life. There was a group of girls standing right before her; all beautiful in their own way but with faces all disfigured with hateful glares. Lilith recognized easily girls like this to be total bitches that got off on tormenting the 'less pretty' girls. Was she standing face to face with Alberton's finest?

"Are you fucking deaf?" The blonde with heated hazel eyes exclaimed as she looked Lilith from head to toe. She obviously found nothing worth seeing before her.

Lilith was surprised that she had not seen these girls approaching her so to find that they had addressed her had her frowning to recall what was said with no luck.

"I'm sorry, what?" She asked; her voice returning to its level cool octave.

"You were flirting with my boyfriend you little skank." The hostile blonde shot back.

Her hazel eyes lit a fire when all Lilith did was inclined her head and continue to frown.

"Flirting? Oh! No that was just-"

"I know exactly what it is but you know what? Seeing as it's the first day back and you're just some horny freshman..."

"I'm not a-"

"I will let you off with your only warning." She finished as if the other girl had not attempted to speak.

"A warning?" Lilith asked. Perhaps she had missed more of this conversation than she thought because it was really missing a lot of pieces to make the sense that it needed.

The blonde and her posse closed in around her and without an ounce of fear to pollute her confused state of mind, she met each of their disdain filled eyes. Her glance only snapped back to the leader before her when she stepped right in her personal space and bore down over her. This girl had a silly level of expectation if she thought she could intimidate Lilith. She had been through enough snobby rich kids school systems with their popular insecure tormenting bimbos to ever work herself up enough to be afraid of them. She watched the girl stare back at her and saw that her glance faltered just a smidgen when she saw that it was not working nor was it going to, but carry on she did.

"Stay away from Vincent. Don't ever cross his path and more importantly do not even dream of speaking to him; he's all mine." Her voice was low and menacing but wasted on Lilith because all she heard was the name of the object of her infatuation. She began to smile and glanced away as she stored it to her memory.

"Vincent. It suits him..." She said distractedly.

Lilith gasped when her heavy text books fell on her toes; all knocked from her grasp by the infuriated blonde. Her little imps pushed at Lilith and spewed fowl words around her.

"And if I still don't have your attention..." She turned to the brunette behind her, took her foam cup filled of coffee, uncapped it as she took a step back and poured its contents all over her new text books. Splashes of the hot liquid stung and burned Lilith's legs but she bore the pain and savored it. When the cup was empty the blonde handed the empty cup back to her cackling friend. They sounded like a pen of squealing pigs.

Lilith looked down at her new books then back at the culprit with her wicked grin.

"Vincent's girlfriend then?" She asked in a monotone.

"Yes... the one and only. I see you are starting to understand."

"Quite clearly, but is there a name to go with such a lovely face?" She asked as she adjusted the strap of her bag on her shoulder. This girl's ego was too big for her own good but Lilith would hurt it ever the more by not giving her what she wanted.

"But of course. Reeva Forester; a name you will be hearing even after you graduate and one you will do well to remember."

"Thank you for your suggestions Ms. Forester but I'm afraid all of that will not be necessary. I will need full compensation for the text books you just destroyed. I expect the money or books by tomorrow."

Lilith stepped out of the wet pile of books and shook her feet as splashes of the coffee sprayed Reeva's leg. She squealed and wiped at it just as one of her friends shoved Lilith back into the pile. She sighed and looked back at the girl.

"This is becoming old now."

"You ugly little bitch! I should-"

"What you should and should not do is of no concern to me. All I require from you Ms. Forester in the very near future is the replacement or monetary compensation for my books. Now, given your reluctance, should I take it as inclination that you require more days to acquire the money?"

"Fuck you! I have more money than what can be spent in four lifetimes. Do you really need your ass kicked that bad?"

"Never said I did. All I need is my books back. These..." Lilith gestured to the soiled books in the grass before she continued.

"These became yours the moment you poured coffee all over it."

"I won't be replacing shit! All you are going to get from me you ugly little troll is hell. A full semester of hell and then some. You just barked up the wrong fucking tree."

Before Lilith could respond, Reeva turned on her heels and did the most graceful storm off that Lilith had ever witnessed; taking her little puppets with her. Thankfully...

She had hoped that the girl would cooperate and try to meet her terms as the incident was all her fault, but as Reeva's figure disappeared behind the double doors, she knew without a shadow of a doubt that it was wasted hope.

With a weary sigh and the weight of a grey school year ahead of her, Lilith stepped out of the sodden books and continued her stroll to the entrance. She kept her eyes ahead of her as she didn't wish to meet any that had been watching the whole ordeal. She never understood why people would rather watch someone get bully than help out the victim. There were always more of them than the bully but they allowed the over bearing egotistical narcissists control the environment with the jaded insecurities. Very well. She would have to bite the bullet and proceed with the day because it was not about to stop for her. 'But before she did just that, she was going to have to make a trip to the receptionist area and file a report.

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