Status: Finished

Genre: Science Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Science Fiction


foggy psychics


foggy psychics

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foggy psychics

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 24, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 24, 2012





..."what an day that was, shit fuck, i need to find some other work, maybe

some kinda popularier.""so whats up, you look exhausted?""i had to clean

all logfiles, again, as everyday. i tried to explain them that theres an

virus or some device malfuction, either way repairing it costs new

satellites and userends, the terminal seems to fill the machines with

logins and after an lunchbreak they are stucked, in no-can-do condition."

"so, how does your office manage after the stuck?""well they use their own

machines, countkeeping in some childstoy, and so on.""is there a broke in?"

"no. just some virus.""can you fix it?""yes, but it takes a year or two."

"you screwed.""tell me what i don't know, something good.""our assignment

to archeological department haves been fruitfull...""at least you doing

fine, that means relaxing and perhaps nightgalas, in fancy rich city..."

"yp, any jealous?""no, i don't have energy for it.""well, try find some

extra, i am going to drag you with these announcement of some archeologists

found of a year things from our digsite...if you don't come with i die to

bordness, please?""well, i spare some."

"nice parties lets move to balcon, the air is quite heavy.""an only good idea

i've heard around here.""hey, watch there.""oh my, rich teens in their parents

parties, drunk as ducks, oink, oink.""i see their semester ends this week,

little forepartying.""hey, watch it a bit." youngman trumbles around collapsing

everyone he tried to go around."ha, how someone can be that drunk, clumsy

by nature, at least they tried not to bump anyone.""i think they drop

something, here.""what is it?""looks like unused stressball...its a new one."

"hey you, yes you, you drop this.""ooogh, my apologies of my friends clumsiness"

"nevermind, have fun, here you drop this.""agh, its just my stressball, i bought

it today, thought i would need one, but i don't, as usual, keep it as apoogies."

"yea, thanks.""polites, saved your shopping.""yp, i have many of these.""should

we stay here for hour and leave these galas wholy?""we could still eat some of

delicants...i'm so weak against that temptate.""reason for why did i asked you with."

"thanks, i know the blush. waitress, could you bring us few tables of those

sticked things, with no meat or milk or other animal products?""coming right up."

"see i told u it would work.""guess y right, nice hunger." after afterparties, in their home.

... 03.17, february 9 2012

"i check my coms for tomorrows works.""i come nut with this virus,..."

the stressball slowly arised to float from the table, sametime when it

founded his eyesight and consiousness it opened an holo landscape to room.

"whattafuck, shit, dis is...""no mind, mindless creature.""i kept myself

advanced in technology, hey come see this shit.""be right there."

the voice continued: "you received this message by chaotic summability,

do not keep yourself special among humens. Near space is dead area.""i've seen movies thanks, anyway.""so this is what i should see, is it your surprise for me?""no, it just

camed there, i sware.""what is it.""it camed from that sphere, it was common

stressball, i don't know.""this message is 6000 years old, done in

prehistoric ciberian taiga."the voice from sphere said, not with sound

that could be heared but as illusion."yea, go on, she is an archeolog."

"i bet we are dreaming in sort of an masshypnos, the gala was that sort."

"does it count?" sphere emits an sequency that takes hold of its surrounds, minds,

it starts with introduction of vision behind yearthousands.


nagr aganosomo ark angaleanov

(real doctor)



-0 ---------------- 0-

-0 negative zero 0-

-0 ---------------- 0-




))_ma><hashish_(( 03

_))-ai_((- 07

))-0 ))(( cir-o-cus - (( 10

(-mech_(())- 12

))_|><|_(( |/>0_annihilation .../> =0 entity 15

afterworlds 16

the moon 22

elemental annihilation 23

irrelevant addon: second assasination 23=28



































threerealitiesspecie, as aesthetic sum of symbioths brain function, circcledth me as clear watercell with highdimenssional chrystals emitting clearlight. We endedup, forwhile to this fundament

planet earth. As moment ago 9.th element disturbed. I need to move around in this form i have had twice at time parallel. My symbiothic other entity starts to form objects to this outer interior.

Mushrooms, Psyghodrua viridis, yopo and datura mixture starts to open their mystic world of forgotten, everyday slaving for physical, only censive detection of some earths specimen, serving its envinronments Expectional dogma of their society. I am going to rest and have dreams uncorrupted by their planets whores, whence common men so often is blamedth from the unvalid deeds of

monarchs or other Collectiv mind, at their history it was not commonman orderingdth lobothomies from usage of psychoactive herbs. For individuals their religional dogma repeating lowagedth monarchs with their familiar Genotypes Legacy with its syndicate and enslaved organs leaves optional future after massdestructive clearance of off their systems and annihilation of fear ruled. druies visual lullaby starts to take effect and my newfound eyelids Are Feeling heavier as i had been in this form for ageyins. The crow flies at far distance sometimes vanishing behind ripped black plasticbags hanged to chaotic order and directions of metalstringlines Ending fadely off chaos to sharply cuttedth and edgyiedth light holding cube. keeping Their yet electrical voice at mild air flow. And i finely reach my rest in asleep state of Low frequenthial mind.


-i had that penis dream again, remember the one where your penis had grewedth to enormous sizeies... i heared a synthetic female type voice from distance of darkness and light filled

my brains, is That an greenyish tree? No it is her stareing me with waitfull look at her face -can you repeat yourself i just woked to my reasoning, it was something about dreams? -yes, she goes and

Continues, i had again that same dream that bothered me earlier for few times about your penis growing to unnatural scales... it is weird and not familiar for me... it leaves an cold chil she says

With critical thinkers worrying outpose... did you had a dreamy night? -well, now that you ask it was halffly an violent nightmare where i ate some fat antipathic frozened humans as our morning meal was with some conspiracy token away from us and our clothes were gone also, i do not

remember it clearly and its full of blackouts, after blackness panic feeling ended as opponent of rationality and i was Hanging from some string with my toes head downwards to some sucking blackness what feeled as dirt, omnious and strange, a long blackout... i still hanged from string and

loosed my Toes grip from it as it did not feel a wrong desicion and camed after some weighty considering of multiplyied minds... then i perhaps woked, i do not know? She haves moved behind of me sitting in an lotus and lifted me with her long and thick arms to hug my back and she layes her jaw above my head arising it for my eyes to meet an mirror in front of us, i look as just woken,

her metamorphic material form moves so fast, it feels as soft, nearly rained icywater powder.

-how did your dream goed whence my penis grewedth. I brake sudden silence

with low toned voice. -sometimes at awake low frequential impedance growes negativ value of absorbadance and leaves subconsiousness with sympathic nervconstruction to receive outer energies sources and merge them to negativ or positiv impression giving phenoms of sudden humanian trance, corrupted from purity by psychochinethical communication between organic materia, it often comes to rational mind at sleep, she Thinks. -it was in cambodtzha about seven million years ago when that tempple was build to amphliphicate organic lifeforms exictence, i can not say 30 000 000 years ago lived ciberians as pathetic. -what do you mean? I can fogily remember that side of history of my life. My eyes rest at our bluely illuminated kitchen which i see thru chinesian mosquito pearls at an


bowroofed corridors end. - it is the paired ruler of third significant symbol from time, at europian humans history haves lived large vaginatedth Persons. -i think we have to

move from this europian residence to somewhere of not so hostile and weird envinronment as example formosa with its flowers, but more likely to pakistani or indian side of shangrila state at root of himalaya heading up to nepal. -you are perhaps right... -perhaps i am mostly tired of their laws and habits anyway and i am lacking herbal medics which i can buy from Store, Pharmacy store, teahouse, coffeterian, spice or herbstore or even grow at my rental or owned land. I with fadeying hopeful sparkle at my eyes smile as pleasure is from becomming sadistic enjoyement of pain and torture befalling over europian race of socalled humans and blood tastes at my mouth as vengeance of their deeds is nearing its fullfilment. About 3000 years before muhammed the prophet lived emperor qi, qi with qi combination means energy of evergreentrees phusionated green emission, for human nerval system it can be seen as ultraviolet radiance towards its Spinal, those times common man kneweth electricity wich was produced with phission reagens at seismic bowls, as detailled artifacts they contained metalspheres laminated with galvanic method known For Portuquiez scholar systems of humen, the socalled computer quarded by sort of an magician. At those five- to 6000 thousand of years evolution of human reproduction was developed, even at Planetargravitation, still the murdering and enslaving of other species continued among mankind, the 2000 after europian timecount was focused simultaneous lifes entities destruction, they call it Simultaneous to hide away the europian humanraces evolutionedth chilld or just some specie over of their reasoning already. Also they called them as sort of an artificialism before nanobots had Replaced organic human materia as unvalid fundament lifeform, not all from them, the valids lived near of immortalian life, whence non-valids died to lacking ability of nervalcells regeneration and those who could as natural cause of evolution Were normalized

by neurochirurgies of their time as common reason of brainorganic abnormality or modification. They still had their habits of scopuling eachothersies from genitalareas, and even Transgendering to straight masculin or pheminin if not as brainchirurgies then as genithaareas chirurgies as cause of haemisphere unhumanic misbehavior.

-Soil and collecting cosmic radiation... i said whispering as thought was given a voice.


At human reproduction time of gravity ended up to be nearly unlimited as in 2.nd elements distanciedth voyagies, due of convertion technologies of atom and Smallerflakes architecture used in molecules or compounds, Where atoms or others nuclids are made to be surfaces and normal outest core at place of nuclid, what causes the outer energies absorption thru origonuclid to outest core surface what is the actual nuclid Construction, convertion gaved possibility to avoid any resistance powerty takin effect to particle as heat and other phenoms of static- or stationaryelectricity created by movement, in particles relation to Envimronmental values.


-how should we travel? I know few of peopple from around there, we can search them when we arrive. -what if we firstly sail around westcoast tourist harbours and base an beduin caravan from

Notmanknown desert cities of middleeast if we are at sophyist moment in astrophysics we might even have a peak of oracle living at ghosttempple, not necessary. A moment of silent rest, i lay on

Her belly head at chest as she moves her arms on my hair and fore head, locking my escape with her legs crossed around me. Her toes are her second hands and she ties her long metahair with

them to keep warmth, my eyes are intrested from the roof windows opening wiew to

dark emptiness causedth by chemicals, sometimes i am able to see the cosmic infinity between heavy nearly violet Clouds floating slowly at skies. - i firstly thinkedth we could travel at end this or next week, however i camed to conclusion that we are leaving tonight as darkness hides our path...

-it is going to be heavy rain as always at end of cold northern coastal summer. She says and continues, -also it is windy, windier than it was yesterday, the storms are nearing... almost miss them already... -


now that you mentioned the negativ side of it, but it is something we do not know yet. -meaning,... - after time i do think the frozen cold grey mornngs are at first things in our memory from this Geostationary institution. -hmm, perhaps it is better way to remember the negativ

envinronment of nature than the irritade humens... -yuuh, hadr agczhn? na tecl, gugu... gaiga dua-aa. Fastly passing Anger flows to my Mind and i continue of thinking the becommings. She does not seem worried, as her long nails are founding my ripbones nervesystem.


At young night we are outside of our apartment, what locates its side at gigantic old mined mountain, modified to modern fort and so for to rentalspacies holding little commun of citizens. Rains falling Is fast and under 0 degrees, wind does not give it change to get frozen, we are heading towards central station to travel with monorailtrain from neotokyo across urals northtop and ship ourselves at archaengaelsks Exporting tunnel for foreign cargo. with antigravitating ship we continue arounding our old residence in ruins of northlands, now cuttedth off from central asian geoliths. That happened only recently for Blocking the neohitlerian blond-blueeyedth race spreading as ephyisthemological disease along with western northern alliance, casualties of death were zero exeptions were as always in so perfect Theories,... commando forces of the coalition they made during the cias drugwar, and Strong resistance were given by corrupt minds of opponent opioning by northern american and britannian Media, with few Europian politics serving their states... birth was given to scandinavian isles or something named newly, we do not have any information or intrest, perhaps the commercial exchange Ratio will someday informate us betterly but not in a nearby of years.


Tokyo, kioto and osaka with kuril isles were developed undergroundly to leave planet to its

orbit as escapeing route from the Western phasmperiod, the soviet was victim of spioning of codenamed project phusion and lasts of europian science known nuclid particles were found, europianrace within america created cosmic Radiations absorbtion collectors from lowvacuums with nerly negativ values reaching temperature basedth magnetism as counterweight for treeburning destruction and vehicle behavioring. ainues had to leave planet as colonisation in genocide fearing rationality, like their ancestors at some critical points of historicaltime in mankinds own time paradigm or hallusinated realism. Megahuge magnetic Fields was created to shield many asiancountries from western pollutions. And phasmenergy based defencial systems to leave architecture for animals occupiation after organicmaterias electrochemical reagens is

Aborted for death causing moment and after aproximate disease generating time secondly radiated for avoiding biospheric destruction caused by rottening flesh of organic collectivs, also the united launch Of old nuclear weaponery to its base was happened and flood hammer camed as cause of massive explosions in moon surface where low gravitation ampliphicated to over calculative

plan of western worlds own drowning to alcoholism and hookers causing paranoia of politics so often mentioned at racial characteristics. -china...


Climate haves change. We leave the cargo ship at marocco, it is quite shiny days morning and

there is no vehicles driving around at city streets. -at the top of this city is somesort of an rental

apartments area, from where goes an natural stone cutted steps thru orange, fruits and cannabis fields to opposite side of cities ending to whitesand bottomed sea. -i can get my psychic helmet on

soon...from coffeeshop i found indica powder, from market Cocoamilk some tea, cacao and guarana. We found an small silent city garden with watersculpture surrounded by colorful flowers otherwise so ocre or stonegrounded area and a normal coffeteria with glassgarden room for Customers and by passing peace seekers from the way to our becoming residence. At while of rest i buy an coffee from vendor, i mix cocoa, tea cacao, indica and some dried fruits to bring some Sweet taste and guaranaroot for recovering myself from greyish overseas voyage. -this sunshine is quite sharp, not thou violet as in


taiwan, but i feel already better...it is the essence of flowers and Bioenergy. -relieved from getting rid of alcoholic personalities causing psychochinetical effect to their society and Envinronment i feel nearly as human again, the stress of lacking vitamins is gone and last animaldistillated vitamin sellsmens with their compuying based commerce are gone from irritading my character. -here are no media presence at streets, thinking powerty increase, when human unit haves its individual thinking time with selfbirthed thoughts. She manners thru lightful enjoyment at her pose, sametime she communicates with newly found friendly butterflies.


Aproxymately 200 years past on by and we have nearly walked to egypts and persian side of seathroat, avoiding arabs and islamistic areas in palestinnian governmented area of shurin. We left mostly Happy maroccians after builded an new citypart among their paradise like old and lowroofed castlecity at coastal mountains. From palestany we must to travel via madagascars gardencity for not to disturb artificial isles at persianseathroat, they are quite wellkept nearly clinic from

outerworld of arabs. -point of view, loads of bioenergy flows around... staticelectricity is humidaitate to moist air. climate could create some floating mushroomlike string organism if oxygen would not burn it so quickly. She continues with calculation -we might want to spend a month here at inner isles valley for healthy reasons. -near unsaltywater...for while. -some of those greenplants are higly toxic she analyze the isles species and make some of herbal mixtures, oils and other voodoo substracts out of them. -This city is builded on hill sides arounding an waterfall from upper area ending to cleanwater lake vanishing to beneath the ground, -i assume there is saltstoned cave nearby as the water is recycled And plants sucks part of it from the ocean with somesort of an underground swamp.


-take this, i just got it ready for you. She had found for us an vietnamiese or other orient stylish imported bamboo made cabin for becomming month, it is warm and dry as independent

atmosphere From the outer moisture. Pleasant herbal taste with soft warmed tree extract tastes in my mounth and breathing gets easier as some belt around my chest havedth been tokenedth off. -spiral formsAre disappearing and reappearing. -they are your subconsiousnessies brouth memories from long desert living, i can this way see the same. She installs her hair strings to my backskulls nerv Phoramens, i have an chineseskull what she have had modified for us, it is different from uterocarried gravityes, nature was lazy and gaved birth for unvalid species. I still am white from myskin as kabukies mask, or marionet, i avoided sun and used magnesium skintonic under cocoa oiled hair, so i managed to keep my hair coloring in black as crow at night now it is longer than me, at Ciberia i collected my hair and beard to chaos stringed ropes to multiply their lenght, and i leaved my nails growing to their own lenght that is more than fingers with wrists, and it was hard whence

I havent anything ready, and were prisoned many times to zentrallagers or normal prisons,

i builded my syndicates after syndicate to ruins of destroyedth ones by nazies or other socialcommunist, christian demochratiessies of whatever nation or only some ape calling its unit

as despoth or tyrant individual or whatever human. She helped me with this energy cell arounding us and reflecting violent sunrays with their burning gamma radiancies to cell layers for to be converted to enegy with others from cosmic substanzies. So dirt skinnedth europian haves not much to do with me except exist as noise. their living time of thinking unit is limited to time of nothingness causes it Illusion of sort of an saviouring space ship whence theyve gottedth used to planets movement along with owned by others galaxy. Most of europians haves black african ancerstor but is it the dirt mentionedth? To reach elemental change i would suggest section of three galaxies curve end rather Than cold magnetism from 1.st element. Flow of information comes to my mind from her hair ends Finding they place inside my nervsystem and becomming awarness of deeptrance like coma near zero Hertz of brainwave but colder, she modifies my haemoglobuin molecules to chrystal of one carbonatoms nuclid to be layerred with many similars of convertion. elements feeds me when we are


awake in other planetary system. Last rips of that antipathic, ugly and smelling cloacal planet earhts are deleted as some mathematic error. Reader, 3d animation entertainment buyer, we do not keep you worth of a thought or share, we primaery have use for your monies in our voyage on your planet.

-we arrive tomorrow to india. She says me at morning in some ships cabin.


End of part 1





- Li is violet, li li is violet energy from phasm reactions common in evergreen trees. -Kaolin...yapian, lian.,.. strange thing that many peopple keeps dreamed

Awake as non-physical maniphest of imagination or audio-visual thought... -what do you mean?

-i had my common dream, not any sexual, we were at quite Large cosmic colonisation in traveling to some where not important place as in expedition, every time we wanted to visit some planetary object or other Civilisation you had to delete your memory and leave parts of your brainsystem to that artificialplanet we were part of, they were taken from the boneshells Containing haemispheres and gyrucsial construct at each of your spinaltaps spine, the lower back construct were enormous, almost your skull brains sized... -quite intresting. -at my dream we met some religional colored antisocieties collectiv of sort of an refugees living outside of the system, which was shown as

Dressed to massmind manipulation and violently behavioring humens with weaponery. Cult

thinked that as punishment of some superiorentitys crime the brainparts Were taken off from back and the remaining brainsystem with its skullbrains and other organs were sended to some prisonplanet, what was owned by Mentalsystem keeping itself as entity they called as sort of an god. -hmph, the god,.... mentioned, i considered at my a sleep mode what containedth the

Artisian working for somesort of an mentalorganisation, maipulating massminds evolution in italy, artisian created alltimes at his livingdays somekind of an advention what was askenedth from him, an homo, and he was alltimes Higly respected at europe. He lived at times of inquistion of cathol period. The chinese highart producer advented an spiralbolt at prehistory of china, the inquist Artist advented to use that bolt as punishment of sodoma at their inquist tortures in europe. Then it was a drill... artisian created sort of an bone drill, used in zentrallagers of humens and dentists of europe then the race studies, and so on... (irrelevant continuum) -I am glad We are this near of india. -sunwheels last significant variable was the doer of the mystic rithual of mathematics. Sametime She looks upaway to astronomic dimenssions .-part of europe is still part of asian mainland, as geolith, someday they are separated from asian as scandinavians were. -maybe someday, but do we care of it when that Day comes?

-i had a word from himalaya, from some peopple i know from there they will be at weekend in same city we arrive at noon.


We found an cosy apartment from some faraway distance from central city, which goes fine for us resting from long traveling in an ship of non-luxuries, but It was organic and live tree made, wooden, so my balance senses were more secured from comparedth to metal or plastic made highfrequential magnetism and Staticelectricity producing ship keel swimming in saltywater, otherwise the ship was formed to anchcross from egyptian mythology of ra. -cup of tea? I ask from

Her. -why not. At this point i must took some of my instruments from our spheres of relativ long distance traveling at gravitative planet, i fix some gas producing Metachrystals To sort of an electromagnetic field of electroforensic gel from some where behind 2000 or 3000 of years. I shield them to spheres, cubes, cones, pyramids shape of Materia to hold their form, then i place them to


samekind of an plate, and move these objects on it, to point they start to glow and feel harder not so liquid Containers But as one pieces, the gas haves chrystallized inside of the magnetic field coating itself to formal electrophorensic gel what now is stonehard and in very high Frequency of vibration, the temperature inside the forms i move above the plate now when they reached point to find their places in shieldedfield and arisedth to float In air is around negativ -300 of grades in celsius metrics. I use these instruments of mine as computers were used at 2000 of europian time system, to economics, And so on to taking care of her with these different variable fields of frequencies depending from station. And we enjoy ourselves with near chess minding play. These instruments were used for health producing meditativ shamanic or witchdoctorian cures in himalayan isolated area and cultures before china as state was known or minded they still are in use, because human Can not be too naive to think all earth existencial technologies are from earth, whence 2.nd element itself is quite enormous. Ancestors are widely thinked as camedth to planet from some other system of entity. Their breeding system was before the astrophysical catastrophy as it is going to be, And is in socalled society levels and habitanzies of variety of commonmens personalities, human often is victim of envinronment as reincarnation thaughts or only religional When person thinks its own associations, whichs also are deeply linked to outer envinronments echo of some mythic characters. -humbuegsphere is in anycase fine evolutiv Product of journeying. It haves a long history from flatdesert landscapes when it was made from wood or iron and was pushed in front of mostly circus caravans, at 2000 Same organic polymermateria made sphere was for spaceshuttles saviour and an fineplace to rest and think along with spacialscapeview to all of directions. Some gases As substance turns to fluid what is a protective shell against radiations and coldness, some of them can even produce an haloarea to shield wholy or absorb some particles. You can also move with wind in snow inside of one. The day ends to fine red coloring and shade of blackish violet as night follows, second moon illuminates city scape Little lower nearer the seaport. As i fell asleep silent and warmair flows at our room, after raw oceanwinds with cup of indiantea mixture of cacao, opium and insence lowers My feber away from reddishcolored thoughts.


Morning is heavy and i feel my arms as sledgeweights would replace my otherwise so light bones. The art of levitation was discriminalized at china in mandarin periods, Depending from of where of chinesian area was the emperor from off with his often militaristic organs, the first who threwed tibetans or other alterngroups inhabitants off From himalayan mountains to some deep steernegativ wall to canyons or holes was ofcourse chengis chan, who was some mongolian warchief. He also caused laterperioids Counteracts or bloodvengeancies against the futuremongolians by introoping to ciberian autonomic cultures and areas, as time haves its other meaning in higher brainconstructs.

Converted art of levitation camed to sort of an hobby to tibetans train of thoughtand mind.

Planetary origo is gravitationalpoint of negativ and positiv poles reacting to produce Energy called li. This point can be searched with psychochinethical mind and in some cases cause seismic or volcanic reagencies. In humens beliefs. I suggest to train such Skills among antiperverted cultures. these perverted cultures of sort of an imigranted areas later independent seems to have an weird brainfunctioning most of immortal human Looking race they tested by shooting those immortals with machineguns or broked their skulls with sledgehammers or morningstars or as in china swinged the victim as tide to Tree skeletal head against the stonewall. Emperor qi was an mortalshitbrain compared to huan lu the astrophysian or woman named chin ping mei the herbchemist. Primordial Cult of voodoo.


-those peopple we are waiting haves been arrived at yesterday, they have their publicevenings at weekend, -at tomorrow then, today is still a day for recoverying, as in sweet Sunshine we lay on our backs at roof of aefghan white stone building at carpet. we have chinese clothes partly and headdresses. -i am having an daydream, and continues, -when the nuclear and phasm weaponery destroyedth tokyo,


i was with you in an high heaven reaching colossial building, the otherside of that tower collapsed and left a wiev To above cumberland of clouds, there was dimenssiontaking pain and misery from underground, nearly borned childs ate they way to world from dead corps of their mothersies, Childrens of crawl age ate and chewed the flesh of newlydead corps laying on ground,the clouds ripped to pieces and light become violently sharpedged coloring the black

Chrystalised carbonsteam to meet green, violet, red and blue in red dawn of sunstorms. We were at our apartment without an outer wall and had glass allover above mirror Floor, i started to see my dream with your eyes and outered my corps to see myself standing in storm against red sunshine, rain camed in from the wallhole so my long, Black hair turned to look as heavy whip of some cutting element. -hmm, we could rest two days before meeting our fakir friend. If the crow comes next night, not before, in other case we must wait to next week, it is also sleeping in somewhere. It does not much do, whence we are years ahead of our time. -it was winter so black and White contradictions were high. The mirror floor turned to opaque and brokenglass started to cut peopples flesh when the floor vanished under us and left us circcleing downwards to somekind of an elevatorsystem below earth to fix an problem in antigravitation mechanism we knowed was malfunctioning from somehow, infinite or spaceless Elevator setted to floor we were going and the sidewalks tunnel ended to lightfulled room, with all sorts of illuminativ antiresistant materias almost like some holograms, but More mass giving randomly moving objects. -when the safest point inside the braincapacity producing analyze from envinronments effects to priority hostile or not the prior is So important and maybe can not be reached often in lifetimes of humanian lives postprior turns to unsignificant variable as teleportation after it being the ruler to moment person is sure of not Being under spions or other harmful subjeccts, who may be able to prevent cause of reason. -what do you mean teleportation or constructions frequencies Receiving and transreceiving. -old type historical cult of mental explanation of not so wise humens. -in this cosmoc it is an enormous count of time to point gynoid, android, autorave, Or synthetic whatever entity of some lifeforms sensies copying system of other specie had mind. Because of the primordial oracles signs said in ghostcity of deserts the crow Disappears metamorphing itself to dark emptiness. pause. -Humming sounds and sudden fast chrystalisation of some fluid to be melt again, elevator had quite voice like some electric Rays were causing they formed of an lowvoice explosions to cold air. -hears out as sign. Sunspots are accelerated.


-i am creating music with 3 different sizes of rotators at low frequency and 3 rotors in high frequency, these rotatores are in coriolspin, the frequencies haves negativ, positiv and

Neutral Poles, these emitted voices are collapsed at semifrequency in the awerage line at central

for real poemysound theres an section for three,two and one end for one pole relativ to Its scale, an mirrror value, that tides these magnets for one channel of nine voices, she continues with an floating paraboloid or semisphere, depending from frequencies From striped coloremitters in higher, visible octave in some shielded opaque halo. -by the way our immigrantiv quarantied time is ended, we might move to otherside the city. -haves it been so long, i did not even notice the past 80 years, then we can also meet our friends at third part of the city. Today? -what? -are we moving today? -why not, i Go to check us out.


-i gave the rentalkeeper a 10 years rent ahead and said we leave to intouristvacation today at evening time. -was a naziplace anyway. Hope their nazifriends does not follow us. -we circcle around for few days before disappearance, then we give rumor from us after few years at city centrum, so it would be enough foggy for them, as mortals. We spend few days in gardenian parks, to celebrate our new citizen statucsies in warm and soft nuights luminated with in-time lights and glows. Tomorrow is anniversary day for day of death of 1900 master, The konfutzchean priest was murdered at 1930 by germanian nazi scientifics, from reason of being popularpersonality in his nearby, and so fore dangerous for hitlerian


masterrace Propaganda, he was aproximately 280 years old herbal scientific, he sold goiji for europians as key to health, thou the health was from opium and ryosho the red mushroom of minerals,Chinesian emperor at history gottedth a gift from inka, it was originated to africa also, it contained nearly opaque mushroom familystring from volcanic caves. In fungus, the europian race Haves an otherlead nd them more likely are vitamin C attracted for quicker cellburn mixed with meta- or just amphetamin, poor europian claims being also depending from cleaned and Whitened Veganshit, or other their own chlorophormic medics of sugarligaths with alchen radical or just phosphour, they call it as combinated dna techs, they lack the parametals or metaldna Anyway. The europian is selling his amphetamins in some centrallager or retraining centre for aborigins or natives, what is also the author for their arts and crafts. That does not much been Intrest for us. More overly an disturb. From centrum we arrive with tube to commercial underground society, with all luxuries from symposiums to gardens, we rest an sleep in park with Some bridges, air here is cleaner than surface area of the old city. The earth ground is high above us and we have to take an elevator to reach the third part of citys area. In third part

Of city we have to walk thru it to other side to meet the port, we are heading to, however this part

of city is not smaller than the others and we rest few nights in our way.



End of part 2,1


. ))-0 ))(( cir-o-cus - ((


Gateway to otherpart of city is finely at our sight, it emits the mysticglow everknown to

mortalman. We stop our walk right at before the eyesight reaches the otherdimenssion waiting us behind the charmful Mist, scenting same with flowers. Eyes can not see the upperend of that wall before it touches the clouds Hiding it as they do to himalayans anyway this part of city is under an semisphere blocking outerthreats Outside the shield covering the mountainpeaks from the area.


-we can speak with words, not necessary, i can hear part of your thoughts. -polite way to greet us...

How haves life been otherwise? I ask from him, a shaman fakir and an voodoo priest, live in his entity, Most of it as face can sometimes be seen behind an long tangled beard and hair, an rastapharian he was Named at history, saddhu or sufian goes as well. -now it bothers me why we did not came here earlier, However the gateway is not often opened to this paradise of artisians, circus performers, religional Cultsmen, craftspeopple of carpets, wood, stone, glass ,metals are being smithed and soil is planted, Shortstringed silk and other fabrics to opium made fibres are right behind the wall, at square opening To halfly mountain mined city of real utopia, not those with whiteman selling weaponery or spreading its Races criminality with fascist violence organs, them we left outside, there was an weapon once, about 4000 Years ago made in planet earth, it was trianqular shaped about kubicmeter size of an antigravitating object, It could accelerate itself to over gammavelocity at planetary envinronments. The creator of that mechanism Gaved it selfconsioussness, well it left solarsystem as not qualified for its own existence. I am taking deep inhale of Waterpipe filled with good quality of hashish powderic extractfull, i smoke it with different of measurement of ordinary, the lul of snakecharmers flutes starts to spin as small taiphun, i finely reach the light electrical mind and my corps are filled with that vitality of life again. Rastapharians local friends Bambam and phui from the mimic theater of shamanic cult from himalayas are discussing something in Some old language, we founded ourselfes an cosy hided place with colorful pillows and some stoned wood is our Table as we finely eat herbalfood with all kinds of fired cocossoyacheesedbambooes, beans and fruits. -they asked if you would like to join our circus as for hobby, as for fakir or some magician with your otherhalf.

-it is quite near, she thinks, we are early of our years... after hundred of human years from this day we


maybe can Keep Perform or an other... -i think so also.


We have travelled with circus or theater of these great personalities and species to upperarea of himalaya for base an Tempple to provide nutritions and wealth, clear Nights have started to be our days, sometimes i woke to days morning for to see fresh frozen chrystals in sun arise. Sky is softly violet but sharplighted by the coldwinter weather. Water Is running still open at falls or it is under an echoes causing iceforms. Atomstructure code of that molecule was Teleported by human at planet in end of 1900 in commonmens science. it gaved an birth to religion of badquality of

organisms as humens in Where superior being teleports humancharacters structures to some other point of space, maybe if it likes the humantoy It massproducts them because of their badquality for its entertainments, the thing is that planetearth as digestive or darmfSystem can keep the original. This is why we are collecting our materia from non-human owned space. Fakir haves discussed about our perform to some local licence seller, with bambam and phuis Referencies, the mimic twinshaman couple haves gotted near us and we spend a lot of time with them at evenings after Days end, specimens gathers with us for warm glow of modernage fire, the heat is from magnetic circcles spinning at air And collecting the converted gravitation energy for lightgloom and warmth emitting, specimens are variety, communicate Ables so there is no need for any musicians. -directorates are coming tonight with sort of an offer for us, meantime we could sculpt thing from ice and snow with these rocks at foot they could work as ports to sunwheels myth, if nothing else We make an impress to directorates with daysclock and astrocalendar. -and an conferenceroom for knowing they were waited. -maybe an laboratory for species if we have time.


From upperground observing two directorates are slowly convinced our honest natures and started to move closer from us. -directorate one, i hear an voice behind my head, i am carving an bowl like window from ice to round shapedroom, i watch Around but cannot see anything so i go outtside and arise steps to fireplace where she is with fakirs assistent, bambam, phui and fakir himself. I see an floating sphere about 6 centimetries of radius of some organism talking with him. -directorate two, the sphere says when It noticed me. -i were directorate one, says the voice behind my head, moving above And stilled to meter air off from me. -so i heared correctly before, my eyes did not catch your form behind me earlier, now I see you both. -directorates haves proposed us for perform with them as request of fundi, their wife, fakir announce. -so you both have Same wife? -she is princess from somewhere of europe. -actually from northlands, directorate one specifies. -so which kind of an perform? -levitation and some jongleur maybe, the profit goes to specimens, says directorate two. Womens Haves followed our bargain with intrests and from some reason directorate two opens it sphere and exhibits 61.5 centimetric Penis at air -i urge, excuse, says he and leaks behind corner shelter of stone. We reach agreement from performing, profits and Timetables. At week end Directorates are coming back from their camp near at upper area with their owner, the fundi herself.


Astrophysical conjugation gets nearer, it effects by causing restlesness in specimens and to saint from europe living in otherpart of the camp with his studied accompanions. that poor fellow transforms to uniceros at conjugational peaks, he then releases his Sexuallusts to his surroundings. His horn emits an seductive lul that is said no mortal can resist its invitation.however the nights go as peaceful and soft as before us, with fakir started to train levitational performance for specimens sake, we train with orange Fruits by sitting on them, in the perform the directorates are at orangies place, and we have planned an dramaic theater with mimic Twins where directorates are as some midnight somethieverys steps over wall to windows, specimens are our audience with random evening Time herbarians, at this glowy fireplace. I were thinking from what cast of northlandian the fundi had camed here, is she from 1000 atc. sioux or crow indian living in reservate area of northlands, a ciberian nenet or inuit, but she was a


laterperioids nothlandian From denmark, yh horrible barbarian, fat boned, large breasted, beer princess, yellowishbrown hair with blueyishbrown eyes as pig shaped, but Hanging downwards from sides as latino dogs of some cyclops myth. Nosy, napping voice as some horsemens of highersoprano. They arrived At saturday morning, fundi camed from townarea where she is keeping an beer and wine house for her businesspartners from europe and local Villagers, she also haves occasionly japonais quests, she firstly meets fakir and his servant, and we are saved from her accompanion for That day, whence the local theater had to time newly to earlier their play for this evenings cast.


-i am going to need to make an voyage to planetary twin, the one of your sleep reality maniphestating itself in exictence, Which i found from behind oracles mind, oracle knewedth quite sharply some of this happening, -oracle... hard to imaging her Living at earth. After 700 years of his live he turnedth to she in about 300 of human years, and becamedth straight haermaphrodith, She actually can breed with out outer equipment. -how does her 4000 years old voice and thoughts fit to mortalhumens mind, is Facinating as a fashion of western world. However i still must make my travel, and it does not much take time when we meet again, Not far from this point, there is an midvalley nearby, when you reach that and settle to its fruity ground, i should be arrived There. -i would travel with you but i need to fullfil the promise for directorates and fakir, specimens do need things they can Not much effect in their lives. -after my arrival back here we could have a real vacation? -any place? -i have one planet in mind I travel thru its zone in my voyage and study it, if we can later make visit to it. She leaves second night with our solarsystem Explorer, it is near of full conjunction ,just when the saint have started his metamorphic symptoms, for conjucation.



End of part 3.0




Evenings with specimens are violet and mystic, filled with mists i grow in herbal garden with my spacy friend, cannot say it is a garden as in centrallager cultures straightly cutted to some isolated area, somes plants do need the toxicologyist help from substracts but i am more a homegardener, because i live most of time surrounded by variety of herbs, flowers and oil producers, bambam and phui are also moved to live with us, to get warmed from by technological fire. I also have vacuum tunnelational illumination for some phototrophyicherbs. Mushrooms enjoy from mists. Fakir spends most of his time with his servant or is meditating with some collection of mortals. Poor saint haves to been Isolated to shelter for few years to get pass the morphoic perioid causing conjugation. We have reached this mid valley carving its flat to halfly covered with mountain roof and waterfall at bottomwall with some volcanic steam, warming otherwise freezing evericedth area.


One of these evenings fakir comes to us with worryiedth look, he sits down with me and starts to explain an reason for this sorrow. As in old chinesian Tradition matrimonies are not voluntierdth, the servant i nearly kept as boy exposed to be some nations princess in deep love with fakir, the relation Is kept hided because of the spyes and deathpenalty among lowercultures of humens, what is still an horrific force for even fakir to handle on with. But this is not the problem, the northlandian beerprincess is some how obsessedth from fakirs, what i also noticed myself with bambam and phui before of fakirs talk, now it is camed to point That fundi blackmails sex from fakir with variety of her beericminds twists, she haves even threaded to sell dheagh da'u to some of her guests at her Wine house and is forcing fakir to exile by threading with harmful propaganda among the mortals, what would cause more likely an violent Genocide among our specimens collection making its way to survive here.


After awhile of silence -there could be an way to solve this common drafth...i silently say to him behind my mask what i have with phuis and bambams everydays dramaic carnivals -i can not find much answers for it, my conclusion is that when i say no to her, dheagh da'u meets her living days end part of Some pervert destiny brought here with some paradoxical human... the fakir sadly says after days long meditation, -if you do my mind is now open to Almost pathetic fresh thoughts to continue our lives with dheagh da'u. - hmm, we need to rearrange our evening activity, i also need to take care some Plants now in critical phase, but we are going to base an hypnotherapyist meditativ sessions for creative loss suffering artisians, for that we need offericing From directorates and fundi, you have to convince the directorates, but do not say anything for what is the mainreason for this activity, i do not think the Princess herself haves mention it anyway to her directorate husbands, i have noticed that directorates are somekind of an gift from undertakedth nation by Her militantforcies, so they still have their chastity left. -i think i can manage with that task, they have already mentioned for me with dheagh da'u how they are Pleased to our evening and night enjoyements, in otherwise so grey world.


The fundi, a northlandian beerprincess or beerbeauty is not so hard as i firstly thinkedth, she even told me that such sessions haves brought many positiv Results in europe, and therefore we are

allowed for our new evening event. The first thing we do with fakir is an floating hightech many


dimenssions containing string system of some metamorphic forms as mistpilars and pure energy fields in layers inside of colors and shapes producing canvas. Some Electric energy is creating lightnings to corridors sides. We are using psychoactive herbs with mushroomed mixtures and oils, somes of artisians likes our New event for otherwise natural evenings and our reputation carries out right for fundies ears and as calculated she takes contact for me if she could

investigate our evening mannors. She have camed also more demanding and threadful against fakir and dheagh da'u. Event sessions are filled with Mystisism, the meditation is trance like mind absorptions ampliphicate with sequencies emitting from insides constructions,brainwaves of human are low At sleep state but the event keeps us awake. -i have gottened an word from fundi, i say to fakir who haves assistant me in events -she is going to come for our newfound illusions from ourselves as she express the manor. -haynmh, fakir laughs -i have made some herbal extract for you from bloomed flowers And extract from cannabis and mushrooms, we then use some nervpoints … thaught me with cacti needles for our protection against the lul. -what do you Mean/ fakir asks – the metamorphos of saint is ready and the seductive lul of uniceros is gottedth stronger at nights, i have already solved for us an time And gaved that to fundi for when she is mostly welcomed to event, dheagh da'u, bambam and phui are then meeting an wooden witchdoctor from chinesian Cult And they take care of some critical phasedth herbs. Directorates are in their routinians in upperground.


-tonight our nightmare ends if astrophysical calculation is correct and not paradoxed. We start our effective found method of hypnotherapy and meditation with Some of our ordinary guestsfrom mind expansive arts, our patients are mostly just boredth to creativness loss causing the repeating result of how hard of try It haves been, this creativity is opened for them thru themselfs by dualistic morphose with specimens of higher or lower intellectual levels, somes are from Other starsystems planets and some from journeying colonisations and few from brainsociety of earth, the earths originated are led by million years old deepsea Specimen. The human is simple when it is authentic and cannot create anything besides humancentricresults, them are the frame for this fundi. The spiritual Occultistic meditation thru myths go as well as always and fundi is taken to wellcome, first suggeration she haves is that she is over prior of our rest and an Special among firsttimers or novices as they express it. The fundi as race of europian is always drunkedth from alcools and can not have our others used Chemicals or herbs, but she gets illusion of being among commonmens and is imagin herself drinking some


goodquality of wine with just me and fakir, -when do We meet at two of us she asks from fakir? The outerworld does not anymore be her barricade, as we are nearing the trance. -we could firstly make visit to your Beerhouse, i say suddenly from dark and walk towards her the fakir is moved to levitativ pillow near of an spinning wall -your demands are fulfilledth at time of this Night, do you know where we are? I ask from her -at tent or jurth. -good, we can then leave this place and move to your guesthouse... after we arrived to guest House of fundis she is drunkedth from rum and some other mehldrinks -i offer you an drink of warmed redwine with spicies in it for to this red. -who am i? -you are our owned fakir, she answers to me sitting with fakir and placing the last needles to his skull, -i have some scents of nontoxic insensies.


As he lights them the eyes of that barbarian are closedth halfly and she is gottenedth louder of her sex demandings for fakir or for me, while suggeration is mixedth Our personalities in her drunken mind, she already thinks that shes by two of them with fakir and all of our conversation are hers own voice talking to him. -we can Go now, we must make sure she remembers only you as romantic candle light and winer and if she keeps random nightwanderers as you then she is ready to meet

The uniceros, the seduction of that horns lul does the rest, but she must think in her memory that

the uniceros is you and automatisate the psychicmechanism to When ever her lusts take control she returns for that metamorphic saint for to meet you as in his form what is uniceros. The helmets of our psyches are ready to meet That lusts now fulfilling beast from europe, it is true what is said about the horns lul no mortal can not resist it. Mushrooms, psychoactive herbs, oils, incense mists with Nervpunctual needles of variety frequencies protects my fakir friend from it, and the fundi gets her demands thru.


Orange sitting is so far that we can start the levitation with directorates, but things are in point that fundi after getted herself on had ruined the chastity of directorates and Infected them with some horrific europian disease, uniceros had marked her. We have to cancel our perform and that is causing foundaitive problems among specimens.


It would be easy to get moneys from outercast of our residence but the sacrifications are too weighty so we need even more powerful mechanism form for creating falsememoires For audience to avoid our existence to be known among mortals. Soon when garden is fruity and ready for its sons it aproves all the needs, but we have just arrived so not All of contacts are cuttedth out to outer world, crafts live you to some point but soon the customers are asking for our real crafts instead of the popularism. And that levitation Perform would brought our freedom from fundi and her guests now necessary for specimens.


At night we observ an electrical rain with sunstorms bending from shield above us at sky. The valleys open sided wall is nearly builded and covered with absorptive plates Collecting small particles of materias and reflecting star light to mountain covered wall, where the wall is carved to form of an palace like white curve as stony tempple to mountain wall. I am in deep meditation at some of the softformed towers from where i start to see an silhouette vision of nearing shape. -i returned earlier, this morning, i meetedth an d

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