Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


a guy becomes the target of revenge for his estranged girlfriend...


a guy becomes the target of revenge for his estranged girlfriend...


Submitted: February 23, 2019

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Submitted: February 23, 2019



I glanced at Rosie,a silent plea in my eyes,begging her to do something,anything and not just sit there. I guess she didnt quite grasp the meaning quick enough for at that moment,my face was plastered with a slap,a harder one this time. Rosie flew at patrick in anger and tried to make him let go of me but he just shoved her aside like she weighed nothing.

"Go home, Rosie!".He barked."This doesn't concern you".

"You must be madder than i thought,if you think i'll leave this house".Rosie said,defiantly.

I stood there,my head bowed,my body racking with sobs. I was glad to Rosie could finally see for herself what i had to keep up with in the hands of patrick. Why! I wasnt allowed a moment of rest and had received a beating just because i had confronted a girl,our neighbour whom i suspected he had been fucking. There and then,i made a decision,one i was unable to make months before.I was leaving this animal.

Patrick glared at Rosie,exhaled forcefully and released his hold on me. Rosie pulled me to herself and tried to comfort me.

"Your friend is your saving grace today,Fiona. You won't be so lucky next time". He spat and left the house.

When we were sure he had really left,i wiped my face with my blouse and started pacing,slightly angry. Rosie started to laugh.

"Wrong timing girl,he's left. Keep that anger". She said.

"Rosie,you've seen what that idiot puts me through".

"Ahhhhh,yes i have but he isn't the only idiot i see. Why can't you just leave him?".

"I have". I said quietly.

"Huh?".Rosie feigned suprise but i could tell she liked what she heard.

"Yes,i am through with him". I affirmed.

Rosie smiled and patted the couch,signalling for me to sit beside her.

"I'm glad you have finally made this decision. I'll help you pack. You will stay with me and dont say no". She said with authority.

I rolled my eyes and said,"okay madam,deal".

"That's not all". She whispered mischievously.

I knew my friend pretty well and i could tell she was up to no good.

"What now?".

Grinning,she said,"you just wait for it,let's pack,i'll tell you when we get to my house".She stood and twirled excitedly.

"Rosie?".I called,bewildered.

She cackled,pulled me off the couch and led me into the bedroom.

"Come now".She said."let's get started before that boxer returns".


*** *** ***

"Rosie!".I screamed,my face cupped in my hands,my eyes almost popping out of their sockets. "You can't possibly do that".

"Yes i can and i will,with your help". She replied,her face set. "Patrick won't know what hit him".

This was a day after i left Patrick's house and stopped being his live in lover. I felt better in Rosie's little cosy home. She finally let me in on her revenge plot and had me gasping in shock. She had a heart of stone!.

"Common Rosie". I pleaded."He would be scarred for life".

Rosie looked at me like a third breast had sprouted from my chest.

"Scarred?".She echoed. "Don't get me started Fiona. Who was the scarred one when Patrick forcefully violated your arsehole? Who was so humiliated when he bragged to his friends about his 'achievement'? And who took care of you when you became an emotional wreck after that? Answer me Fiona!".Rosie fumed.

I bowed my head in shame and muttered,"Rosie,but..."

"Don't Rosie me,ok".She said,cutting me off."He is going to pay for all the times he treated you bad. He must have a taste of his own medicine. I can't believe how you kept going back to him whenever he came snivelling".

Everything Rosie said brought back painful memories and like magic,i agreed with the extreme punishment she wanted meted out on Patrick.

"Allright,then". I said slowly."What's your plan?".

Rosie's countenance immediately transformed from that of anger to pure glee. I shook my head,the girl was just evil!. Visibly excited and pacified,she hugged me tightly and kissed me on my forehead.

"Good girl".She beamed."Just what i wanted to hear. Leave it to me,you forget i know people. People that will have anything done for a price,anything. I'll talk to someone,it can be done.You need not worry,you just tell me when Patrick will be home and give me your own keys to his apartment".

O dear! I thought as i slowly nodded in agreement to all she said.


****** *** ***

Almost a week had passed since Fiona left his house. She would come back,he thought to himself as he whistled a tune and unlocked the door. It had been a hectic day at work and the last thing he needed to do was think about Fiona. If she decided not to return,well,there was his sexy neighbour and she was hot as hell,he had tried very hard to act like there was nothing between them but had only made Fiona even more suspicious. Good riddance,maybe her leaving was for the best anyway,he concluded.That weird friend of hers had probably talked her into leaving. By God! That girl was a witch!.

He sighed and headed to the bathroom. He fell into bed,bare as the day he was born. Food will come later,he thought as he drifted off to sleep.

Patrick stirred in his sleep and opened his eyes,he could have sworn he was awakened by a sound somewhere. Night had fallen and his room had become dark,he must have slept for a long while. He sat up to switch on his bed side lamp and inhaled sharply when the light flooded the room. Two masked men stood at the edge of the bed,staring at him he could only imagine,through their masks. Each had a pistol in his hand. Robbers? Patrick wondered,but how did they get in?.

On impulse,he started towards the door,forgetting that he was naked but strong hands roughly threw him back on the bed.Unable to hide his panic,he started to beg but soon kept quiet when the bigger one out of the two punched him on his cheek.

Without a word,one of them brought out what looked like a rope from his pocket and tied his hands. The men lured at him lustfully through their masks and started undressing. Patrick began to shiver even in the hot room as he realised what was about to happen. He was forced to kneel in front of the big guy who whipped his fat meaty cock against his face.Patrick caught a whiff of sweat and piss and a wave of nausea swept over him.

The big guy pushed his cock into Patrick's mouth while his partner held his head in place,controlling every movement,back and forth,up and down,Patrick was helpless.He thought of biting off this intruder's cock but remembered the pistol and decided against it.

The big guy moaned in delight.Patrick felt like he would die with each thrust to his now sore throat. The big guy thrust faster and faster,he was about to cum,he could feel the orgasm building with intensity. Then it popped,right in his throat,Patrick gagged but the hand held his head in place,forcing him to take in every spurt till there was nothing left. It wasn't over for him.

The hand left his head and a finger was shoved up his arsehole. The guy,finding it too dry,spat on his hand and transferred the thick glob of spit to his rigid,angry cock and navigated his way through Patrick's butt cheeks.Patrick screamed out in pain and was silenced as the big guy clamped a hand over his mouth . The guy had no mercy,he pounded away furiously and in no time climaxed deep in Patrick's bowels but his woes weren't over just yet...

The big guy grabbed Patrick's waist and slammed his massive cock into his slightly gaping hole,his partner's slippery cum did nothing to lessen the great pain Patrick felt and before he could deliver more deadly thrusts,Patrick passed out.

The two men looked at each other and laughed hard,the big guy still fucking the limp body,he didnt stop until he bathed Patrick with his funny looking coloured cum.They hurriedly got dressed and left the house,leaving the doors unlocked but taking the key they had used. The big guy called Rosie and told her what happened. Rosie passed on the information to Fiona and they giggled all night like school girls.

Patrick was found later that night by his slutty neighbour,the same one he had been cheating on Fiona with. She had shared his bed every night since Fiona left and would go back to her apartment at dawn when the rest of the neighbours were still asleep,she didn't want tongues to start wagging.

She screamed when she saw Patrick,lying naked on the blood and cum stained sheets and roused the whole neighbourhood,she would have questions to answer later,she was sure.

Patrick spent two weeks in the hospital and never did recover from his ordeal.




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