Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


mary seeks adventure and gets more than she bargains for...


mary seeks adventure and gets more than she bargains for...


Submitted: February 24, 2019

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Submitted: February 24, 2019



Mary let out a yelp as the hot water hit her body.This hot bath was all she needed right now.She hoped her housemate had not heard the sound,that girl was a thorn in her butt most of the time. She sighed,her body ached all over,she was all shades of sore.

Her lips hurt,she could feel the tiny cracks as she ran her tongue over it.Her jaw ached and she wondered what would become of breakfast.There were marks on her neck which were discoloured.Angry welts were beginning to form on her butt,she turned to examine them and winced.

What was she even thinking when she agreed to go to bed with Thomas?She had let her housemate talk her into this and this is what she got.She couldn't entirely blame the girl,she had wanted more,see where her curiousity had gotten her;in a big pool of pain.Thomas was an animal!

"o my poor body".She lamented. This was never happening again,she thought.

She finally made it out of the bathroom,bathing had become a daunting task today. She was wet and dripping,towel drying herself would only add fire to her already aching body.

Betty who was sitted in the tiny living room on the only couch watched Mary from the corner of her eyes.She let out a loud malicious laugh.Mary stopped in her tracks,looked at her,hissed and walked into their bedroom without a word. Betty,determined to aggravate her already bad state,stood and followed her.

She found Mary drowning her body in talcum powder.She stood arms akimbo,watching her.Mary silently climbed into bed when she finished her powder ritual,still ignoring Betty.

"Did you like it?".Betty asked,breaking the silence.

Mary looked at her in disbelief and remained quiet.

"Ignoring me will take you nowhere,so speak up".Betty continued.

"You ruthless girl,please let me be,i need to rest".Mary pleaded.She knew Betty would pester her till she got what she wanted.She half hoped her plea would work.

Betty laughed like a deranged woman."I'm going nowhere,what did Thomas do to you?You look like you were run over by a truck".She looked at Mary with scrutiny.

Mary grunted in frustration."Thomas is an animal,he almost killed me".

"Yes,i see that,but you asked for it,didn't you?Max wasn't enough for you and you wanted someone with more...what was that word you used?"She paused,pretending to remember."Ah...Ah...more fire,you had said".

"Yes,i admit that,but i didn't ask to be battered and when you see that boyfriend of yours,tell him i didn't like what his friend did to me,one bit."Mary pouted.

Betty laughed again."You could have told him no but you didn't.You wanted to try huh?".Moving closer to Mary,she urged,"what exactly did he do?looks like there was a lot of action".She winked.

"I'll tell you if you agree to one thing".

"Which is?".Betty asked suspiciously.

"You must give me a full body massage,you half caused this anyway".

"What?!!".Betty exclaimed.

Turning her back to her,Mary said,"leave me alone then,no juicy details for you".

"Ok! I agree,i'll do it".

Mary smiled triumphantly."Come closer". She said.


****** *** ***

Mary was tired.Her sex life with Max was becoming unbearable,other than that,everything else was fine between them.She needed a change,something different,an adventure.Since dialogue hadn't worked with Max,she would find some other way to get what she wanted.

He promised to change,but no,she saw no effort.He seemed just content with thrusting away until he was satisfied.Mary decided to tell Betty her problem.Crazy Betty,annoying Betty,Betty her housemate. A silly mistake,she realised later.

Betty had laughed nonstop when Mary narrated her ordeal.She had been no help,offering no solution.Days after,unable to stand the long face Mary wore,she promised to help her out,but only if she wanted it.Mary had no second thoughts and was introduced to Thomas,a friend of Betty's lover.

The introduction was made at the cinema where the three had agreed to meet.Thomas was a tall man,too tall for Mary.He was well built and one could see it had taken a lot of hard work to keep that body fit.

Mary didn't know what Betty had told Thomas because he kept looking at her lustfully.She didn't mind,afterall,what she wanted was no different from satisfying her lust.

After a week of regular calls,he invited her over to his house one night.Mary had a good body and looked good in almost anything she wore.She made no fuss about what to wear and ended up in tight blue jean trouser and a red tshirt.Betty was in the living room having a live chat with her boyfriend when she left the house.She sent her a text to let her know she would be spending the night at Thomas' house.

When she arrived,he was waiting for her at the gate,they exchanged pleasantries and went in.They had barely gotten in,when he gave her a tight hug.

"You want something to drink?".He asked as he released her from his grip,secretly hoping she would decline,he had no time to waste.

She didn't come for refreshments,she thought to herself.

"No thanks".She smiled.

"Allright,come with me".He said and led her to the bedroom.

It was nice and tidy,smelled wonerful too,the scent of the room tickled her senses.She stared at the bed,it was massive. All this for just one person?She wondered.

She snapped out of her thoughts as he pulled her close and kissed her. His lips were sweetly soft and she savoured his kisses.He made her walk balkwards to the bed while he kissed her even more hungrily ,sucking her lips like there was a price to be won for it,when she was close enough,he stopped and shoved her face first on the bed.She turned to say something nasty to him but stopped when she saw the silly grin.

"Take off your clothes".He ordered.

He watched eagerly as she slowly removed her clothes.One after the other till she was clothed only in skin.He smacked his lips,he liked what he saw although he could have sworn that her breasts looked bigger when she arrived.She noticed the slight bulge in his pants,as he walked over to his wardrobe,pulled out a drawer and brought out a black leather whip.He raised it to his nose and inhaled deeply,his slightly hard cock becoming more rigid as he did this;the thing had a mind of its own.

Mary watched him,her mouth agape.She was afraid and braced herself for the worst.He walked over to her.

Stern faced he said."Get on all fours".

All fours?What was that?Her brain was suddenly in sleep mode.

"I mean crouch,like an animal".He explained.

Oh that.Of course she knew what getting on all fours meant.

She quickly did as she was told,she wasn't going to let Thomas smell her fear.She decided.

He knelt behind her and rubbed her butt,he squeezed it gently.She loved the feel of his rough palms on her skin,it aroused her. He started to plant little kisses on her inner thighs,his hands never leaving her butt.She moaned lightly. He stopped and slid a finger into her slit,she was damp. He removed it and lifted his whip.

Smaaaaaack!!!! He took a full swing at her butt.

Mary gasped,the pain was unbelievable,before she could adjust to what was really happening,the whip landed on her butt the second time. Tears stung her eyes.She tried to turn around,but he held her in place. He was too strong for her. He whipped her a few more times,the last,landing on her lower back. Mary cried out.

He thoroughly enjoyed the way she wriggled her butt in pain. Her butt was as red as her face and angry bruises were beginning to form. With her back arched and her butt in the air,he had a clear view of her pussy. He dropped the whip and gave her some time to recover. He turned her around and made her lie on her back. She winced,he smiled,yes,he knew that would hurt.

Thomas slowly massaged her pussy,his hands moving up and down. That calmed her and the pain seemed to dissapear. He kissed her belly button and continued all the way to her breasts. He took one nipple into his mouth while he pulled and tugged at the other. Mary gritted her teeth,the pain was intense and pleasurable,

Thomas soon had mercy on her nipples and moved on to torture her neck and ears next. When he had had enough,he stood,holding her head with one hand,her ponytail making his grip easier,he shoved his cock into her mouth. He moved with violent thrusts and all she could do was make gurgling noises. Thomas was having a swell time. He pulled out his cock and made Mary bend over,he began to whip his rock hard dick on the crack of her butt.

Plop,plop,plop,he went,until he grunted in satisfaction as he shot his cum on her back.

He led her to the bathroom and washed her like he would do to a child,he could see she was in pain.

"Are you angry with me?".He asked softly when they were about to go to bed.

Mary bit her aching lips and shook her head."No". She said. Truth be told,she had loved and hated it at the same time.

Thomas held on to her gently and drifted away.

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