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Submitted: January 14, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 14, 2012



I was thrown onto the floor and I quickly caught myself, landing on my hands.
"Here's the girl Aizen-sama." I didn't bother to look at those cold dark orbs that stared at me. I could feel his twisted smile on me as well as the other Arrancar and Espada. Like I could really give a damn if they're enjoying to see me cry.
I quickly wiped my tears, not wanting to look weak for a human. One of the Espada, Ulquiorra pulled me by my black hair forcing me up to look up at the 'almighty' Aizen. "This girl is Akira Urahara from the human world. Her powers are very interesting Aizen, she's not really well at controlling them though. Her healing abilities are rare as well." He finished.
He kept his stare at me as well as the other Espada. My eyes widened. "Y-You're Grimmjow..." I spoke, the thought of him pisses me off. The thought of him to what he did to Ichigo made me want to just rip him apart.
He smirked. "That look suits you well." Aizen looked at Grimmjow. "Grimmjow take this girl to her room."
I winced as Grimmjow grabbed a hold of my arm tightly making me retaliate by slapping him across the face.
Grimmjow held my wrists, a slight pink mark on his cheek for hitting him.
"Is that all Aizen?"
"Yes, and Grimmjow please don't break such a precious gift."
Grimmjow smirked and pulled me down the hall.
"You're going to regret ever hitting me, girl."
"I don't give a damn! Just wait until Ichigo comes and kick your ass!" I shouted trying to pull my grip away from his.
"I'm surprised they don't put a muzzle on you because," He pressed me into the room and held me by the neck.
"being loud and obnoxious get you killed." He smirked.
"Plus that would be the only reason why Ichigo would come here in the first place. He doesn't give a damn about you. He'll just be here to fight me and that would be the only reason."
I held his arm trying to pry them off but it only made him grip tighter. I ignored those stupid words he just said to me. Ichigo is nothing like that. He keeps up to his words.
I realized how tall he was just because my feet were definitely off the ground.
I began to gag and he threw me onto the bed locking the door behind him. Just as I was about to get up he pushed me back onto it and pinned me.
"I've been waiting for this day...for too long."
I looked at him with fear and tried to pull away. "What do you're think you're dong?!"
For him being so much bigger and stronger than I am, it's impossible for me to get myself loose.
"Taking what about to be mine." He crashed his lips to mine roughly and I began to squirm under him moving my head left to right, trying every little way to break the kiss. I raise my leg to kick him where the sun don't shine, but he quickly saw this coming, grinning against the kiss.
"I know you too well Akira." He licked my lips to enter, but I didn't open for shit.
"Very stubborn, but I can make you open." He ran his hand over my breast and gave a painful squeeze making me gasp. He took that opportunity and slid his tongue in. I grabbed his shoulder as he unpinned me and tried pushing away, yet he's still to strong. His tongue ran over mine and I glared as he forced his tongue down my throat making me gag in the kiss.
He pulled back, my saliva mixing with his. I panted and pleaded, "Stop...please." I said looking at his light-blue eyes. His lips curved into a devious grin.
"Too late for that. I want you." Grimmjow said and took off his ragged white jacket, taking it off quickly revealing his muscular toned chest. He pinned his waist against mine and grind himself against me roughly, I wasn't so up to his sickening game. "You bastard!" I said trying to brake free and he chuckled.
"It's useless Akira." He ran his fingers through my hair then grabbed a hold of it tightly forcing my head to go back. I painfully whimpered.

He ran his tongue along my neck as I closed my eyes tightly in content. He smirked, leaving kisses and found my weak spot which was clearly noticeable just for me quivering under him.

He continued to lick and bite that area leaving a purple bruise. I bit my lower lip holding in any kind of noise. He dug his fingers in my scalp which started to pain and once again clashed his lips to mine.

He tore off my obi causing my kimono top to fall off my shoulders revealing my chest wrappings I quickly covered myself and he pinned my arms above my head once more.

"Dammit, woman you're starting to piss me off."

"Like I care! I'm not going to let you have your way with me!" He grinned and tore the wrapping my breasts revealed to the Espada. He licked his lips glancing up at me.

"Very nice." I felt the heat rise in my cheeks as I closed my eyes hoping all of this was a nightmare.

He began to massage my right breast roughly, making me grip his hands.

"That hurts." I panted out and he glared.

"I didn't say I was going to go easy on you." He took the breast into his mouth as I moved my head back, biting my lower lip. "N-No!" I said pulling at his light blue hair. He bite on the hardened nub hard and roughly squeezed the other breast. I felt the tears form up at the corner of my eyes as I gave a short whimper. He gave the other the same treatment, I arched my back slightly and winced at how rough he was going.

I felt something weird happening between my legs, making them shake. Grimmjow pulled back and tore off the kimono top. He glanced at my body thinking on how gorgeous I looked under the sun.The bruises on my body made by him began to get a bit sore and he could help but gaze at my dazed face.

"I'm going to ravish you." He pulled down my black hakama along with my underwear.

I quickly looked at him and tried to push myself away. His sadistic smile frightened me the most as he glanced at my body. Analyzing every inch and thoughts of what he's planning ran through his mind.

He ran his finger over my womanhood stroking it very slowly.

"Let's give you a tease." He said watching me vigilantly. I bit on my index finger closing my eyes tightly shivering at every touch he made and he grinned.

"I love that look on your face." He then started to play with my clit which made me give out a small mew and he chuckled. His fingers rolled over it and over then squeezed it roughly making me arch my back. "N-No!" I said grabbing his hands and he forced a finger inside me making me throw my head back crying out.

"I love your cry Akira. Now let's see that pleasuring look." He grabbed my chin making me look at him. I averted my eyes from his feeling another digit enter my opening. I panted and panted as he moved them in and out fast and hard. I refused to let out a moan. I don't want to enjoy it. I covered my face embarrassed, this isn't right. He grinned and pulled out his fingers, licking them while chuckling. "You're terribly wet Akira, I wonder how you taste." I moved my hands away as they fell to the sheets gripping them tightly.

He forced my legs over my shoulder causing me to be lifted lightly. He wasted no time and plunged his wet muscle into my opening making me cry out again. "S-Stop!" I shouted as he continued to lick at my juices and forced his tongue deeper. I grabbed his head, feeling my stomach do turns and I panted feeling every thing he done. "Don't do this..." Grimmjow licked and sucked on to me as I feel myself go over the edge. My legs kicked against his back and he smirked licking my clit and nibbled. I gripped the sheets tightly feeling the pleasure.

Before I felt myself climax he pulled back licking his lips. "You're body is telling me the opposite." He said and grinned as he took off his white hakama with ease. "You taste very sweet by the way."

I happened to look down panting as he leaned down to my ear, his breath touching my ear. "Would you want me to make love to you with passion and go soft or I can make you cry and drive you to the very face of earth and break you?" He said licking my cheek.

"Both." I let out, my body not able to take any longer. He grinned and slammed his dick inside of me with full force making me scream out in pain. Tears immediately fell from my eyes as a little blood leaking. I quivered digging my nails in his back as my chest pressed against his. I dug even more as his back slightly began to bleed, my walls tightly on his thick member. He grinned. "You're very tight Akira." He pushed in further and I let out another cry.

"Just because you were a virgin doesn't mean I'm going to go easy on you. Humans are so needy and demanding." I felt something inside me that made a sound and I felt intense pain in my lower half as he moved in and out in a fast pace.

"It hurts! It hurts!!"

"No one will hear your screams. I'm going to fuck you so hard that this bed will come to its end and you will be out of breath." I felt him grab a hold of my waist and he pound in to my core as I moaned.

"Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah ah!" I cried out with every thrust he made as he hit the same spot making my eyes water. "Good! Cry out and scream my name!"


"GRIMMJOW! GRIMMJOW!!" He flipped me over and reentered me from behind. My mind feeling like it was going blank, he was so much deep than before his grip never leaving my hips. He roughly moved in me as my breasts rocked back and forth, we both began to go in the same rhythm, but Grimmjow wanted to be control and moved faster and harder. Making it difficult to keep up with him. "Grip the bars and don't let go." He ordered and I did as told like an obedient dog.

He bit onto my shoulder marking me and I screamed as he rode me rougher making tear come out. I could do it, it was too much. My pussy was throbbing as well as Grimmjow's. He flipped me over to make me on top and pounced in me once more.

"I like that face so much better Akira. Besides you're very wet and it's turning me on." He said as I moaned lacing my fingers with him as I rode him.

He laced his fingers with mine as well and continued to do me.

I barely had to do any moving. He was doing all the work.

He groaned as he bit onto the already made wound, and pierced his fangs deeply. "Grimmjow! I'm almost...Grim..! I want you, I-ah ah ahnnn!" I cried out holding his hand tighter.

He moved very deep into my core and I tightened my walls, both of us climaxing. I called out his name in pure ecstasy feeling his member throb and released his hot fluids inside me. I collapsed on his chest as we both panted in silence. He pulled the white blanket over me and him. He stroked my hair and I rested my face on his built chest.

"Sleep, we have a big day ahead of us tomorrow."

"My body hurts." I replied



"Don't you dare say 'sama' when you're talking about Aizen. You Belong To Me."

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