a lemon story for you all i got to say it is anime and its about Hidan

a lemon story for you all i got to say it is anime and its about Hidan a lemon story for you all i got to say it is anime and its about Hidan

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance







Chapter1 (v.1) - its a lemon steamy stuff inside...... hope you love anime

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 14, 2012



Sighing, you took a seat on the floor since there were no more seats on the couch. You and the rest of the Akatsuki were in the living room of the Akatsuki base. Why? That's what you wanted to know, too. It was all Tobi's fault for ushering you into the living room in such a frenzy you thought the place was on fire or something. Which wouldn't make sense because the hide-out was made up of mostly some sort of rock, maybe granite. You didn't know.

Everyone was sitting there, silent. It got pretty awkward after a certain amount of time until Tobi stood up, dragging a reluctant Deidara. "We're going to play a game!" Tobi excitedly announced, shaking like he just chugged down cappucino or something. "Tobi likes games!" he added and turned his face to Deidara. "Go, sempai!"

Deidara had a look on his face like he really wanted to blow his stupid annoying orange ass to the moon. He grunted and said, "We're going to play 7 Minutes in Heaven." Then he went to sit down before Tobi could pull him into some deeper shit. Like he needed to be humiliated any more after that huge complex about his gender.

Tobi pulled out one of those straw hats the Akatsuki members used. "Tobi will pull out a paper and that is the person Tobi will spend 7 minutes with in the closet! Then it will be the next person's turn..." He indicated to a door quite well disguised with the color of the wall and pointed at you.

You groaned. You've never played this game before and you were forced against your will to play it. You always hated playing games because you were mature and serious, like most of the Akatsuki, so this was like a slap in the face and a kick in the ass.

Tobi pulled a piece of paper after a few seconds. "Tobi, you just freaking looked at it!" you said, getting pissed. "Hurry the fuck up! I want to get this done and over with, so get your ass moving!" You glared at him with your apple-green eyes, which were darkening to an ominous shade.

Tobi sweat-dropped for about a second and snapped his face to the opposite direction, put his hand in the hat with was shaped like a plate, and pulled out a small sheet of paper. "It says..." Tobi stopped, probably to add emphasis. "It says...!"

"WHAT THE HELL? TOBI!" you screamed, getting impatient. Everyone eyed you like you were a freaking alien or something. Ignoring them, you tried to maintain your composure. Your mother always told you to be more lady-like, patient and to not swear. "Just... hurry, please."

"There's a flower on it." Tobi finished, shaking in fear. "What does a flower mean, sempai?" He turned his head to Deidara, who looked at him with the expression clearly saying 'How would I know?'

Hidan groaned and flung his head back over the couch. "God damn, man. I could be using this precious time fucking some blonde-haired babe, but no, fucking Jashin damn it, I'm stuck here playing some immature fucked-up game. Now the shithead doesn't even know what the hell a flower stands for and he was the one who made up the fucking designs and whatnot." He muttered some more profanities under his breath. Just so like Hidan.

Everyone sighed along with him, showing their boredness.

"OH! Tobi remembers now! Flower means Zetsu!" Tobi stupidly said as he finally recollected his memory. "Yay! Tobi gets to spend 7 minutes with Zetsu!" he realized.

That was SO delayed... you mentally said, grinding your teeth together. How long will this living hell go on? You started to impatiently tap your teeth. There was a shit load of other stuff you could be doing, making use of your time, unlike this.

Waiting for 7 minutes to pass, you and a few other members shared looks with each other whenever some really weird sound was emitted from the closet. You could've sworn you heard a really deep voice that didn't belong to either Tobi or Zetsu while Kisame said he heard some moaning. Oh, lonely Kisame. He must really be lonely to be hallucinating love-making sounds. That guy really needed love and pretty much everyone knew it. You shot him a pityful look which he didn't see.

After he came out you quickly grabbed a slip of paper. Quickly scanning it, you saw a splash of red liquid on it. It wasn't drawn on, the sheet of paper was actually stained with some dark red substance. It was dry, the soiled part of the paper crinkly and crimson. "What the hell?" You put up your hand for everyone to see.

"That's Hidan, Kitade." Pein answered with no emotion in his voice whatsoever.

Ugh. Seven freaking minutes in a small damn closet with that bastard? You inwardly cringed. Whatever. You rose from the ground, your butt slightly numb, and swiftly and gracefully strutted your way to the closet. As you were walking, you passed Hidan. "Hidan, hurry up. Let's get this done and over with."

Hidan grunted in response and rose up, cracking his back. "Yeah."

The closet was pitch-black, which made you slightly afraid. Sure, you were an Akatsuki, but that didn't mean you were fearless, though you liked people thinking you were. The moment you stepped in the closet the door shut with a heavy thud, making you flinch. "What the hell? Hidan?" you growled.

There was no response.

"Hidan..." you said, darting your eyes around the dark. You weren't actually sure how big the closet was and what was in it since it was dark the moment you got in. "I know you're in here... Stop shitting around!"

There was a chuckle. You turned on your heel to the direction you heard the sound come from. "Stop playing!" you said.

Something, or, more precisely, someone pushed you into the wall, making you gasp at the sudden contact. It was definitely Hidan and you knew it. When you gasped, that certain someone pushed their lips roughly against yours and swiftly slid their tongue into your mouth, taking the time when you gasped as their opportunity. You could feel smooth soft strands of hair on your face. No shit it was Hidan.

You tried to push him off you since his sheer body weight that was keeping you pressed up against the wall was pretty much suffocating. He didn't remove his body weight but he did move his mouth away from yours. "Hidan! I'm not kidding with you! Get away!" you said, not in the mood for it. Hidan was hot, you had to admit that. He was one of the sexiest men in the Akatsuki, and it wasn't like you hated him or anything. You just weren't in the mood for it.

Unbeknownst to you, the people outside of the closet in the living room were getting everything in surround-sound. "What the heck is happening?" Deidara asked, not really worried, more on the curious side.

"They're playing!" Tobi stupidly yelled.

"She can handle herself if anything bad is happening." Itachi solemnly said.

Hidan knew himself that there wasn't enough time, so he quickly unbuttoned your Akatsuki cloak with great celerity and dexterity. Before you knew it, you were only dressed in a see-through white bra and white pair of undies. "Mm... you look so damn sexy," Hidan said, smirking. You could tell he was smirking because after a while your eyes got somewhat adjusted to the darkness of everything, using the tiny bit of light coming in from the bottom of the door as your only light source. "I wanna pound right into you know, you know that, Kitade?"

You kept your mouth shut. You were pissed. "Hidan. I'm not joking around. Gimme my cloak and clothe right now or else!" you hissed through your teeth.

"Or what, bitch?" Hidan mocked. "You can't do shit to me. I'm the man and you're the damn woman. Don't make me strip you fucking naked and fuck you right there in front of all of them," he threatened.

"You wouldn't dare..." you whispered, knowing that he really would if that was the only way he was going to have sexual intercourse with you.

"You know the answer, Kitade..." he whispered.

Right now, you were positioned on top of Hidan's you-know-what. "Ready for this, Kitade-chan?" he teased. "You better bounce yourself on me or I'm going to claw my hands into your hips and MAKE you." He tightened his grip on your hips, indicating that escape was futile.

"Stop!" you screamed. "Hidan! RAPE! RAPE! RAPE! LET GO! RAPIST! RAPE!" You started to pull at his hands which were only increasing the strength they were using to hold you in place.


"Oh my god!" Konan said for the first time. "Did you hear that?"

"Holy fuck!" Deidara yelled, hearing everything. "Hidan's RAPING Kitade! You hear that?" he said, turning his head to someone else.

"Bastard. Always destroying girls who actually have a real life." Kakuzu said, still showing no surprise or emotion. "Hn." Then Kakuzu opened up his newspaper in one swift movement.

"Sempai, what is rape?" Tobi asked, cocking his head to the side.

"Not the time!" Deidara yelled, running toward the closet. He was pulling at the shabby door knob. "It won't open! Damn it, un!"

"Ugh! Help!" you yelled.

"It won't work." Hidan smirked in the dark, his shiny white teeth gleeming. "I put my scythe there so it's practically fucking impossible to come in. Now you and I can have a fucking great time without any disturbances..."

"No!" you yelled. You tried punching him in the face, but it still wouldn't work.

Then, it happened. Hidan slammed you down on his cock. You weren't a virgin, but it had been quite a while since having sex. You were silent for a few seconds, unaccustomed to the strange feeling of being penetrated by a large cock. "Eugh... y-you bastard..." you managed to utter out.

"Hahahahaha. I know I am, whore." Hidan cackled as he bounced you on his cock, slowly gaining momentum. "Like that?" he mocked.

You just let him take control for a while, even though you were on top. You knew that it was pretty much useless to try to resist now. You were on his dick and that was that. Once in, you knew Hidan would never get his penis out until he achieved what he wanted. You then involuntarily let out a low moan.

Even in the dark, you could tell Hidan was grinning. "You sound so cute..." he teased. "I want to squeeze more and more of those sounds from you... god damn." Then, soon enough, your body took control despite what you emotionally wanted. You started to hump yourself (bounce on his dick) and soon enough you felt your release coming.

You were moaning so loud that you knew for sure everyone would be getting a freaking broadcast on the happenings of the small dark closet. "H-H-Hidan... t-times almost u-u-u-up... Stop..." you said, stuttering everytime he hit that certain spot that made you go crazy with ecstacy.

Hidan would massage your breasts and lightly roll and pinch your pink nipples, even licking and sucking them once or twice. He lightly bit the right nipple while massaging your left, making you whimper. He smirked, "You got the big motherfucking tits, bitch." He sucked them some more, now changing to the left tit. "Oh my Jashin, I could do this all fucking day!"

Right when you were about to cum, Hidan flipped you over, so he was now on top, and you were on the bottom. "Uhn?" you said. He was hitting so much harder now. Your mind was going blank from all the pleasure, it was insane. His thrusting was making you go over the edge. You wrapped your legs around his waist, put your arms around his neck and pulled him closer to you. "F-Faster! Harder! Ugh! Fuck me into the wall! Oh god!"

"Weren't you the one screaming 'Stop~ Hidan~' a few minutes ago?" Hidan questioned in a sarcastic voice. "Now you want me to fuck you into the damn wall? What kind of body do you have?"

"A... sensitive one. But not sensitive enough. HARDER!" you answered, barely able to speak. It was taking all your self control to not just start screaming. That's how good the pleasure was. So good you wanted Hidan to ram you into the wall at full strength and was holding back the urge to scream your freaking throat out.

Hidan pulled back, but not so much so that his dick was fully out of your pussy, but almost. Then he thrusted in so hard your release finally came. This time, you did scream. The whole Akatsuki would here, like they did for the moaning and yelling about rape, but you honestly didn't care right now. The feelings you were feeling right now were much too good to be ruined by a simple concern as small as that.

"Come with me, Kitade..." Hidan said.

"Y-yeah..." I said, panting.

"B-but, n-n-not inside... y-you" you whispered.

"Oopsy fuckin do!" Hidan whispered just as low as I did in my ear. "A bit too late for that, are we?"

"F-f-fuck you..." you said, turning my head slowly. He was still on top and you were still on bottom. You both just had your releases and you could hardly move. You were so tired of Hidan's crazy powerful pumping and the wonder feeling down 'there' in your downstairs that you could only lay there.

"I just did." Hidan smirked, obviously still shitting around from earlier on.

You were so exhausted that you nearly fell asleep, well, you did. Hidan, being a man with an amazing sexual need and desire (not to mention energy), just pulled his dick out and watched the sperm pour out. He muttered, "If you weren't so tired I'd make you give me a blowjob..." He was kind of wishing he could fuck you again, but he held back the urge to.

It had been about 15 minutes and Deidara was about ready to blow the shitty little closet up. "DAMN IT COME OUT! HIDAN!"

Hidan walked out of the closet with his scythe, saying, "Relax, girly man." Deidara peered in the dark closet, almost afraid of what was in there.

"Hey... where is Kitade, hm?" Deidara asked, warily looking at Hidan. "I don't see her... What did you do?"

"Eh? Oh yeah. The bitch is in the closet all right. Don't need to worry about that. What did I do? You fucktards should've gotten a freaking broadcast on what the hell happened in that closet! I fucking fucked her brains out!" Hidan laughed and flexed his shoulders. "Don't ask retarded damn questions like that. Also, if I were you, I wouldn't go in. It smells like my sperm, Kitade's cum, and hot sex." Hidan smirked and left, walking down the halls.

"Ehhh... pervert." Deidara muttered. "Sick son of a bitch..." Then, he looked around. "Anyone willing to volunteer? I'll do it if..."

"I'll go get her..." Konan sighed, walking in the closet to retrieve you.Kitade was in a messy bed with the covers all over the place, half of it covering her body and some of it sloping down to the floor. She woke up, seeing that she was naked in what's-his-face's-name's bed. Kitade pulled up some of the blankets to cover up her naked form. "Damn that Hidan..." she muttered. Luckily, her cloak and other undergarments were on the floor and she put those on. They smelled like sex from yesterday. Crinkling her nose to the smell, she thought, Why couldn't I have a hang-over from over-sexing or something? Then I wouldn't have to remember what happened yesterday...

Whilst opening the door, a thought sprang into her mind. He came into me. So... I might be pregno! Kitade's body cringed at that thought. She was never really a motherly woman, as you could probably see from her dirty mouth and tough attitude. She thought babies and children cried, whined, and were much too annoying. If I am I'm going to fucking kill him... For starters, she hadn't start throwing up or anything, but that crap usually happened until 2-4 weeks into the pregnancy. Damn, whatever. I guess I'll just pray to some unknown deity.

Shrugging, she walked down the halls, unsure where to go. If there was a meeting, Pein would be sure to alert them all using telepathy or something. Where to go or do now? Go to huge fucking Akatsuki living room, go train... She didn't know what to do. How the hell did the other Akatsuki's put up with the boredness when they weren't on missions? I guess I can go and bitch to the stupid Jashinist what a dumbass he was for releasing in me. Stupid retard; coulda' got me pregnant!

Kitade was in Hidan's bed in Hidan's room, but she knew that if he wasn't in his room he would be out screwing some girl, or on a mission, or... training, possibly. Hidan could be out anywhere raping some innocent girl or stripper, so she threw that thought aside. On a mission? Quite likely since Pein sent Kakuzu & Hidan on bounty missions since Akatsuki really needed the money. Training? Why would Hidan be training, I mean, he already had a sexy muscular body and his skills were already pretty damn good. So... on a mission. Kitade concluded.

But, she was wrong because right then she was so lost in her logical thinking she ran into something really hard. Oh god, please don't tell me I ran into a fucking wall because I didn't make a damn turn at a fucking corner. Kitade rubbed her forehead. "Ow..." Her butt hurt from the impact with the ground.

"'Sup, bitch." Kitade automatically recognized that voice and shot her face upwards to look at a smirking, silver-haired handsome man. "How's it been going?"

Glaring, Kitade was ready to give Hidan the full brunt of her attack. "Argh... Hidan you bastard!" hissed Kitade, glaring at hidan with darkened green eyes.

Hidan chuckled, amused. "Mad? Watch where the fuck you're going, then."

"Not that!" Kitade angrily corrected. "Yesterday! You stupid motherfucking shit! You came inside of me! I could've got pregnant, genius!" Kitade got up and crossed her arms in a defiant look. "It's only been a day, so it's practically impossible to tell if I'm pregnant. I deserve 2 apologizes, if you please."

Hidan looked at Kitade like she was mental. "What the fuck? That's what you're so goddamn mad about? That's really retarded shit... stop getting so damn worked-up 'bout it." Hidan smirked, "I'll give you 2 apologizes, damn right. Come to my room right now for your first one and then at midnight for your second one." He paused, looking deeper into Kitade's angry eyes. "Hey, you get both apologies in ONE day! Cheer up." He then chucked the under of her chin.

Kitade slapped his hand away, even though she was late to do so. "Ugh, that's gross! I meant a real damn apology! Having intercourse isn't just going to make it up - that's what I'm so mad about! The sex started it all, you're not going to fix it by giving it to me again!" She furiously shook her head back and forth. "You're so immature, GOD!" Then she stared at him hard while he only lazily looked back with lust-filled icy pink eyes. After a moment, she walked away, saying all the while, "IF I'm fucking PREGNANT you ARE going to take RESPONSIBILITY. Better start praying to your oh-so precious Jashin-sama, ass!"

Hidan only looked at her walking form. "Sure, bitch..." he responded back. Like he was honestly even listening to what Kitade had to say. He wasn't. He was actually paying attention to Kitade's butt swaying back and forth angrily, like she and her butt were mentally one. I am a sick bastard... Hidan thought, amused. Not caring if Kitade was carrying his small seed in her womb or not, Hidan just walked to whatever the hell is destination was.

Kitade honestly didn't know where she was going and what she was going to do, for that matter. She just figured it'd look really cool and serious if she dissed him off and then walked away angrily saying some really bold words, warning him again. She wanted to go to her room, but she didn't really 'have' one. For now, she shared a room with Tobi... who shared a room with Deidara. How annoying. The one thing she needed least at the moment was an annoying orange-masked talkative man stalking her ass and watching her every movement. Kitade was not in the mood.

So, she decided to go outside of the Akatsuki base and take a walk. She loved the wilderness and being outside, so just admiring nature and smelling the fresh crisp air on a walk would be the best thing she had in mind that could relax her nerves and let her blood stop boiling. Removing the large boulder that blocked entrance to the hide-out, she walked out and then placed it back in its spot.

Soon enough, like she predicted, she found herself to be less angry and violent than before. Kitade wanted to go back but there was a chance that she'd run into the stupid Jashin-loving-and-worshipping man and find herself almost going apeshit at the sight of him. However... deep inside of Kitade, if she was pregnant and Hidan did deny the child, she would be sad and angry. Kitade had feelings for Hidan and Hidan didn't know it. Sure, they did the humping and crap, but Hidan only thought of that as 'lust' since it was in both of their interests. Just to feel good and get laid, basically. But Kitade actually had... what you'd call 'love' for him. Of course, Hidan didn't feel that sort of shit, even though he could if he tried hard enough. He was a cruel-hearted, very horny and potty-mouthed Akatsuki member who was pretty much heartless.

Doesn't he know that I have feelings for him...? Kitade sighed, letting her emotions take control of her. She started to feel almost worthless. If only he'd read between the lines. Dumbass, he'd probably literally get a book and look between the damn lines. Kitade sadly laughed to herself. Goodness, don't the other Akatsuki men get the urge for love or settling down one day? They aren't really heartless. They're just stupid guys who ignore their feelings... at least I'm honest to myself. She sat on a dry log, just admiring nature.

It started to rain, to her dismay, and Kitade had to go inside unless she wanted to get a malady of some sort. Walking back into the base she tried to avoid running into any of the members, especially Hidan. Like she wanted to see his smug face. She failed miserably as Tobi came into view in the long corridor.

"Ugh, damn it." Kitade thought. If I teleport quickly enough maybe he won't notice me. Too late, either way.

Tobi was bounding down the hall at full speed once he saw Kitade's small form. That's how far they were from each other, and exactly how long the hall was. "KIIIIITAAADEEE-CHAN!"

"T-Tobi! Stop! G-Good boy! Stop it!" Kitade yelled, raising her hands in defense. Who knew what Tobi was going to do? He was this really weird person with ADD, ADHD, OCD and possibly schizophrenia. She was late, too, at this and Tobi jumped on her, pinning her to the ground. "DAMN! Tobi, I told you to stop! What the fuck?" she yelled.

"Tobi is a good boy!" he happily said through a mysterious orange mask. "Tobi is sorry, but girls should not say bad words like Hidan-san!..."

Kitade didn't respond orally, but responded physically. She raised her leg and kicked Tobi off. Getting up, Kitade dusted her Akatsuki cloak. Boy did she need to wash her clothe and take a shower or something.

"... I like pancakes." Tobi said.

Kitade stared at him with a look that clearly said 'Are you retarded?' before returning to dusting all the debris of her cloak. "I don't care, Tobi. I'm not going to make you pancakes. Leave me alone." Then she started to walk past him.

"No! Wait, Kitade-chan! Tobi has something to tell you, that is why Tobi tackled you!" Tobi said, putting his hands up to prevent her from leaving. "Don't teleport or anything. Okay?"

Kitade tapped her feet impatiently and said, "Sure, sure. Fine. I won't leave." She always tried not to swear but it became such a big habit and Tobi was pissing her off so badly right now it was hell. "Hurry up... dang."

"Pinky promise!" Tobi insisted, putting out his left pinky.

"NO! TOBI! HURRY UP!" Kitade yelled. "I'm not going to do a retarded pinky promise."

Tobi comically put up his hands on top of his head as a protective act to joke around. "Haha. Fine. Hidan told Kakuzu to tell you what he told Kakuzu, but then Kakuzu told Hidan that he was not going to bleeping do it and to tell someone else to be his little female-dog for him and Hidan went to tell me to tell you what he was going to tell Kakuzu to tell you, so I am here to tell you what Hidan told me to say to you," he said, all out of breath.

"And that friggin' is what?" I said, swear words about to spill at any moment.

"Hidan wants to say: 'You didn't come to my bleeping room that bleeping time, bleeper. Come to my room at midnight. - Hidan.'" Tobi recited. "That's all he wanted to say to you! I don't know what rape is, so don't ask me!" Kitade could tell Tobi was smiling under that stupid mask. How she wished she could rip it off and see what kind of person was underneath it all.

"That all?" Kitade said, kind of glad that Tobi actually managed to spit it out before she spit out her profanities.

"Tobi supposes." He put a hand on his chin and cocked his head to the side. "But do you have anything to say to Hidan? Tobi will tell him."

"Hmm..." Kitade thought for a split-second before making her decision. "Yep. Tell him that I'm not going to his freaking room at midnight; I don't want to and he can't make me. Got it all? I'm not going to go to his room because I don't want to and he can't make me."

"Tobi got it!" he said. "Now, Tobi will go and deliver message," Tobi took his left hand and put it up to his forehead.

"Ya know, Tobi, I think it's supposed to be the right hand, dummy." Kitade pointed out.

"Oh!" he switched hands. "Thank you! Tobi will be going now!" Then he teleported and disappeared.

"Whatever," Kitade said, not caring.

Stupid Hidan. Like he can tell me what to do. I already told that stupid dick I wouldn't be going to his room to have sex - doesn't that dumbass understand! THE SEX STARTED THIS SHIT! Kitade was having a furious debate in her head with her inner-self. '

'Do you want to go to Hidan's room today at midnight?'

I don't know... I mean, no. Of course not! I don't want to see that stupid retard!

'Well, are you sure? He's handsome, has the hottest body and you'd do anything to have the feeling of his cock inside of you. You and I both now it, Kitade...'

Shut up! You're my inner-self so you're supposed to be helping me make a smart decision, dumb bitch!

'Dumb bitch! Fuck you, you fat pregnant whore! Not my fault your real self is an actual pervert! Your inner-self is a pervert! Choke on that!' cackled her inner.

I'm not pregnant, we don't know! Argh - I don't have time to argue with you, Kitade! I'm not going to go to his room, and that's final! Kitade decided.

'Oh? Is that how you're going to be? Are you sure that's what you honestly want to do? I thought you said you were honest with your body unlike most of the men here, dummy! You're going to regret this!' Kitade's inner-self yelled and then shut up.

Kitade was happy that her real self finally went and shut the fuck up. She couldn't make any right decisions when there were distractions, especially a stupid screaming girl inside your brain that you couldn't shut up. "What am I going to do...? And what the hell did she mean by 'You're going to regret this?'" she muttered to herself, confused. "Whatever, it doesn't matter. She's always talking shit, anyway. I guess I'll go to sleep or something. It's about 7 o'clock and I'm fucking tired!" Kitade walked to Tobi & Deidara's room and fell asleep on the fluffy futon that was her 'bed.'Kitade was deep in sleep, really needing the rest. She was so tired when she laid down on her futon she instantly fell asleep within a few seconds. Kitade actually thought she might get revitalized before she went to sleep, but she was wrong.

About 4 hours later, she started to feel uncomfortable. Her hands were numbing and so were her feet. Ugh... Trying to move her hand and feet, she soon found out that she couldn't. What the hell...? She figured that maybe her limbs were so numb she couldn't even feel that she was moving herself. Forcing her eyes open so they were squinting, she looked down (she was on her back). She saw her legs spread open and thick irritating rope tying her ankles to the bed's end posts. "What the fuck?" Looking up, she saw her hands tied to the frame's post. Kitade was freaking out. Who the hell did this to her? Why was she tied up to someone else's bed - and only in her panties and bra?

"H'm," said a certain someone, opening the door and entering. "You're finally awake, Kitade-chan." Hidan smirked evilly.

"Hidan!" Kitade hissed, "What the hell are you doing? Let me go! What the fuck!" Kitade was more than pissed. Here she was tied up to this maniac's bed almost butt-naked, and she was really tired. "Argh!" She tried once again to roughly pull at the bonds, only hurting her wrists and ankles.

"It's not going to work, Kitade..." Hidan said, coming closer with every step he took. "You're here because I wanna screw you. I didn't get to taste you last time, so I'm definitely going to have my way now, whether you fuckin like it or not." He leaned down and cut her panties hastily with a kunai.

"You sick bastard!" Kitade said, knowing that she was not in a good position right now. Tied up to Hidan's bed... currently weaponless... tired and weak from exhuastion and anger... What now?

"I know I am," Hidan retorted and sadistically laughed while he lowered himself to Kitade's vagina's level. "Heh. You're wet. So this even freaking turns you on?" He laughed.

It was true. Even though Kitade wasn't actually willing to have sex at first, this really turned her on. Even though she knew this would be called rape. Hidan was just so attractive with his beautiful eyes, masculine body and deep voice... Kitade turned her head, her face intensifying to a deep cherry color.

Hidan quickly glanced up to look at Kitade before plunging his long tongue into Kitade's pussy. He pushed it in, moving it here and there and licked her clitoris, earning a lustful moan from Kitade. So, this bitch does enjoy being raped? Hidan amusedly thought. Slut. He continued this sexual ritual for a while before Kitade groaned in warning of what was to happen and cummed on his face. Hidan lapped all of this up and thrust two fingers in her pussy.

"A-Ahh!" Kitade yelped. "S-Stop!"

Hidan only snickered and thrusted his fingers in and out for a little bit. Then, he took them out quickly in a blink of an eye and put them in Kitade's mouth. "Taste yourself. I just did, so I think you fuckin deserve to taste your own cum, dontcha' think?"

Kitade shut her eyes and tried to force Hidan's fingers out of his mouth unsuccessfully. She mumbled incoherent words in response to Hidan's actions. Obviously, she didn't enjoy it. "Kitade, you better get used to my fingers. Soon I'm gonna make you give me a blowjob, and my cock is WAY bigger than these fingers of mine. I hope you know how to fucking deepthroat," he teased.

Kitade tried to speak again, but failed once more as Hidan added another finger in her mouth. "Taste all of yourself... Don't you taste so damn sweet?" he mocked. Kitade tried once more, even though she failed again and again. "I'm sorry, what are you fucking trying to say? I can't really hear. Oh? I see... You want to suck me now?" Hidan let out an evil laugh. "Of course, if that's what you want!"

Kitade furiously shook her head back and forth, trying to get Hidan to listen to her. No! Hidan, stop it! NO! I don't want to suck it! Kitade was getting more and more pissed at the second. She wasn't crying or on the edge of breaking out into tears when she knew this would technically be rape. The reason why she wasn't crying was most likely Hidan did this kind of stuff to her every now and then and besides, Hidan was hot.

Finally removing his fingers from Kitade's mouth. Kitade gasped really loudly, "YOU BASTARD! WERE YOU TRYING TO CHOKE ME WITH YOUR FUCKING FINGERS? YOU WERE PRACTICALLY SHOVING THEM DOWN ON MY THROAT! DUMB ASSHOLE!" She stared at him hard with eyes that clearly told him that she despised him. "I hate you," she whispered.

"I fuckin hate you, too." Hidan said, smirking as he pulled down his pants and out popped his erected dick. "I hope you're ready to suck this hot horny friend of mine, he really needs some fuckin attention down here."

"Stop it..." Kitade warned as Hidan climbed on top of her and lightly rested on her body, his cock waving in her face. It wasn't like she could move since she was tied-up, so she could only fight with words. "Stop! Get off! It stinks!"

"Don't be like that..." Hidan soothed. "C'mon... Kitade, you know you like it. Drop the act!" Then he grabbed his dick and guided it into her mouth. "Say 'ahh!'"

"In hell!" Kitade said and bit down on it. It didn't bleed; she didn't bite hard enough.

"It only brings me fuckin pleasure; you know I'm a damn masochist, Kitade." Hidan laughed. "You can bite all the fuck you want and I could give a rat's ass. More pleasure for me - if you don't give me a blowjob correctly I'm going to keep on wagging my fat cock in your face as I cum over and over."

Kitade growled lowly. Stupid shit! I'll get you for this... "Fine. I'll give you your dumb blowjob, Hidan. But this is the last time ever. If you think you can just tie me up and have your way, you're fricking wrong. Wait until you untie my ass, I'll rip your throat out!" With that, she put out her tongue and licked the tip. I... actually enjoy this. It just... feels so right yet wrong to have Hidan take control over me. This is such a turn-on... Maybe I seriously do love him. Kitade kissed the dick. Too bad this heartless Jashinist doesn't have a damn heart. I really wish he did... Kitade continued to lick the dick, not fully sucking on it yet. She licked the underside and went up in a slow motion, gently sliding her teeth every now and then, teasing him.

"Jashin-damned, bitch," Hidan groaned. "Suck me already for Jashin's sake."

Kitade tried to hide her giggle. The way Hidan spoke was so amusing and entertaining. She finally sucked a little bit of the dick, since it was hard to take him all the way into her mouth.

"Hn." Hidan said as he ripped the ropes with the kunai he had used to cut her panties. "Now, use your hands."

Kitade obeyed. If this were all in the beginning, she would've smacked him, probably kick him really hard in the balls and make a run for it. But they were in the middle of it all and Kitade was so turned on by the sucking of his fat cock and him pumping his fingers in her hot soaking pussy it was practically impossible to resist it all. She flipped Hidan so he was on his back and Kitade's face was in his crotch. Her black hair was falling all over her face, tickling Hidan's thighs. Kitade sucked the tip of the dick, used each of her hands to pump the remaining of the length that wasn't in her mouth and gingerly massage his balls.

"Oh, damn. Fuck yes. Now... deepthroat me. Shit." Hidan said, in short segments.

Kitade took him all into her mouth, as she's done it before, so she was pretty skilled. She relaxed her throat and bobbed her head up and down, his dick filling up all her mouth and taking up all the room in her throat. She even hummed and tried to speak a few times, not really trying to say anything, only doing it because she knew the vibrations her mouth would conjure would make Hidan's dick go crazy with ecstasy.

"F-Fuck! I'm cumming! Swallow it all, bitch!" Hidan yelled and right on cue, sticky white liquid filled up her mouth as she retreated her face away from her cock. His dick was still ejaculating, so some stray drops of semen was on her face. Dotted here, a little bit there, and a lot on her nose and thickly dripping down her cheek. Hidan grabbed her chin and tilted her head backwards. "Yes... savor it."

Kitade stared into his sexy pink eyes and swallowed it all. She even got in the mood and took a hand to get some of the cum that was dripping. Putting the finger in her mouth, she seductively sucked on the sperm. "I love your cum. Cum more... please."

Hidan smirked at the change of attitude. "Little slut... Suck me off again."

"Of course... Hidan-danna." Dipping her head down again, she blew Hidan off once more, swallowing all of his cum. Showing more of herself, Kitade took some of the cum that managed to get on her bra and some of her cleavage and put it into her pussy.

Hidan's eyes widened at her actions. "H'm! You like kinky sex, huh?" He flipped her onto her back and aimed his you-know-what at her vagina. Without warning, he just suddenly jammed into her. Kitade gasped at this and arched her back to get more of the feeling. "Ohh..." she moaned.

Hidan smirked and started to thrust at an amazing speed with much strength. In, out, in, out, in, out. The same thing. He even took his dick very far so it was almost out of her vagina and quickly thrust back in and Kitade moaned even louder, gripping the bed-sheets with her hands. Knuckles going red she was about to have her orgasm, so was Hidan.

"Coming?" Hidan asked, panting all the while.

Kitade nodded her head, unable to speak. Her mouth was too busy moaning at the mind-blowing experience. This was one of the best fucks she had ever had (so far). Their breathings were hitched, becoming shorter and more labored.

Then, they came. "HIDAN-DANNA!" and "KITADE!" were screamed as loud as possible.

Hidan pulled out and laid down beside Kitade. "You're a good fuck," he murmurred.

Kitade was still trying to recover from all of the humping action, she was pretty exhausted. "Hmph. So are you. D... Don't talk like I'm your whore or... somethin..." she drifted off, tired.

"You are," Hidan said with a hint of sarcasm and pulled the covers over the both of them. Even though Kitade's eyelids were almost shut so she couldn't see, she had a strong feeling that Hidan was smirking.



Then, Kitade drifted off into a sleep while being embraced by Hidan's strong manly arms. Goodnight, Hidan...The sound of water woke up Kitade. She turned her head and slowly opened her eyes to where the sound was coming from. Kitade saw Hidan's bathroom door closed and knew that Hidan was probably taking a shower. Stupid bastard, she thought, remembering the night before. Gosh, is it the second damn time in a row of fucking senseless with him! Getting up and putting on her clothes before Hidan came out, she knew very well that his libido was interminable. He probably wants to fuck again when he gets out and sees me.

She left the room and went to some nearby village's hot spring to bathe herself. God, did she smell like Hidan's cum. Gross... When she slowly stepped in the water she felt her sore muscles from yesterday's 'exercise' relax and get massaged by the hot water. Kitade hung her head back on one of the rocks and shut her eyes. Hoping to be calmed and freed from her stresses, the one main strenuous concern managed to swim its way back to her knowledge. "I might be pregnant," she muttered to herself, opening her eyes again. She took a hand and combed through her wet hair.

It had only been, like, 2 days so she still wasn't sure that if she took a pregnancy test the results would be clear and accurate. Does throwing up and nausea usually occur this early in pregnancy? I hope it does, Kitade thought, knowing if so, she might not be.

After taking some time thoroughly washing her hair, using a sponge and some soap to cleanse her dirty body (not like that!), she got out and wrapped a towel around her body. Walking to get her clean clothe in a cubby, she thought about buying a book on pregnancy. She wasn't preparing to be a mother if she was pregnant, she was thinking about buying a book that gave in-depth details about pregnancy and what the symptoms were and shit.

Doing so, she went to a local bookstore within the small village, got a thick informational book and was on her way back to the Akatsuki base. En route, she stopped to buy a toothbrush and toothpaste.

When she was back at the base, she was greeted by Pein, who told her she was on a mission. "You're to go with Kakuzu and Hidan to kill a priest called Yaguchi and get the bounty for him. Go prepared; failure will not be acceptable."

She sighed and said, "Why are all my missions with that dipshit Hidan?" Kitade put a hand on her hip. She knew she wouldn't fail, anyway.

"Because you're suitable with them and work well," was Pein's emotionless reply and then he disappeared.

Kitade groaned, not wanting to see that fucker's face, especially after what had happened yesterday. Against her will she had to have sex with that rapist, even though she enjoyed it, to be honest. Technically, it was rape, but Hidan would always say "No, bitch, you fucking enjoyed it so actually it's not," and smirk. She hated how he always said that, like how a lawyer said that stupid thing about the pigs and farmer, always getting them out of deep doodoo. Plus, during the mission Hidan would most likely get too arrogant and think he could fuck around with her through the whole day. Which was untrue because her body was just leal, that was all.

Going to some member's bathroom and quickly brushing her teeth, she went back to Tobi & Deidara's room to put her toothbrush and toothpaste in their bathroom. Even though she was basically ready for the mission in her Akatsuki cloak, Hidan had ripped her panties last night and crap, so she had to take a new pair of undies and wear them. Then, she had to put on a sports bra, get a tee on, wear her Akatsuki pants and finally button up her Akatsuki cloak.

Kakuzu and Hidan were waiting outside of the Akatsuki base for her. When she got out, she glared at Hidan as Hidan shot her a very smug look on his handsome face.

Kitade tried to ignore Hidan during the really long walk to the temple where they would kill the Yaguchi priest. Every now and then, Hidan would try to casually get near Kitade and give her a smack on the ass. Kitade would sometimes be able to block Hidan's hand, and if not, give Hidan a death glare. Hidan only smirked either way, clucking to show disapproval of her actions. He even whispered in her ear, "You enjoyed it last time, so why not now, toots?"

She had responded with, "You forced me, actually, Hidan. Get it straight, dummy. And what the hell's up with 'toots?' Not calling me a bitch, whore or slut anymore? You've softened." Kitade tried to not swear, as she always remembered women should have a cleaner mouth than men.

"And aren't you being a non potty mouth today, Kitade-chan?" Hidan teased. "It doesn't matter, as you've sucked me off a shitload of times!" he cackled.

After the long walk and when they finally arrived at the temple, Kitade saw that it was going to take some work to get in. The gate was actually a really tall iron or steel gate that was obviously really formidable. Kakuzu, had, however, taken care of it with one of his steel punches and beat the gate to the point where there were only a few pieces of metal hanging around the hinges. The rest had fallen to the ground with deafening clatters and thuds.

Not long, everyone within the temple and crap had probably heard the sound (not a surprise) and everyone was rushing outside in their white robes, holding bamboo sticks and staffs, showing great defiance. Kitade was bored and getting impatient because the guy they were supposed to kill and get some reward wasn't showing up. Cowering in the back of the temple? Not likely, at least she hoped not. Killing these retarded priests would be fruitless.

To their luck, a man who looked like a god or something was mystically walking down the many steps of the opening of the gate, the crowd of other lowly priests making way. He was probably Yaguchi. Yaguchi was holding beads in one hand, turning them with his thumb and walking down the steps with his eyes closed. We waited for the slow man to get at the base of the steps. Hm, Yaguchi must want to fight us himself, telling the other priests to sit back and enjoy the show, Kitade thought.

When he did arrive at the base, Hidan didn't even wait and attacked. He dragged his scythe so it was scratching the hard earth and lifted it to swing at the guy when Yaguchi got in this really weird position and he was moving his hands. What the hell is he doing?

It must've been some really strong religious thing because Kitade knew that the man was Buddhism or something, and she remembered how there was that jutsu where you summoned the woman with the many arms. He must've been attacking with one hand which represented as 3 arms for the goddess/god. Hidan was beat to a bloody pulp before Kakuzu and Kitade decided to attack the man.

Kakuzu was grabbed with one invisible hand and tossed to the side. Damn, Kitade thought, knowing it would be hard to fight at the moment if two of her comrades were currently down. Even though they were going to be up and ready at any moment, she was afraid of being tossed angrily like Kakuzu. Not being able to see the many arms, one of them grabbed Kitade by the throat and threw her to the feet of the priest.

"AHH!" Kitade yelled, feeling the pain. It had been a while since she seriously felt pain as excruciating as this.

The priest himself, Yaguchi, looked down on Kitade's face which was shown in much pain and said, "Lowly wench, are you part of Akatsuki?" and raised a foot to put on her head.

Kakuzu and Hidan had gotten up by this time and Kakuzu tried again to attack the priest, almost getting there. Hidan saw the priest raise a feet and put it on Kitade's head, which pissed him the fuck off. "Bastard, get the fuck away from Kitade!" he yelled.

Yaguchi was so busy degrading Kitade with cruel words that he didn't see Hidan take his scythe and lightly scratch him on his forehead (or something), getting some blood. Hidan retreated as quickly as possible and brought the scythe to his mouth, savoring the blood as it dripped off the edge of the scythe. When he tasted the blood, he spread some of it on the ground, making a triangle in a circle: the sign of his religion, Jashin. "Stupid shitty religious priest, get the fuck away from her!" Hidan yelled. "Jashin-sama will fucking smite your gayass!"

He took a pike out that slid from his long cloak sleeve and stabbed it in his arm, earning a yelp from the priest. Yaguchi was paralyzed by what had happened so quickly and the agony he was feeling that he could barely control the goddess/god that was shining behind him, invisible to all but him. The priest tried to not cry as the pain in his arm made him unable to move. He fell backwards (I don't know why) and all the pressure placed on Kitade's head was gone.

Hidan gave out a crazy insane laugh and stabbed himself in random places, aiming specifically for nerves and other places. He cut and sliced himself several times in places like the wrist, throat (lightly) and legs, making Yaguchi a tattered and bloody thing by the time he was done.

The Jashinist would've continued if it weren't for Kakuzu. "Hidan, don't over do it," the green pupiled man warned. Hidan sighed in anger and told the man to eat a dick and stabbed himself in the heart, ending it quickly, though he wished he could've continued.

The Buddhist fell to the ground, face first, and was motionless. All the other priests yelled and screamed and rushed to get back in the temple, being the wimps they were. Hidan went to Kitade's side slowly as his body returned to his normal skin tone, though he would've ran if it weren't for Kakuzu's presence. Hidan didn't the moneywhore to think he actually was softening, or getting a damn heart. He whispered to Kitade, "Yo, you okay?"

Kitade's back hurt like a bitch, but she looked up to Hidan through weak eyes and said, "Y-Yeah... somehow."

Hidan looked for a second and realized she wouldn't be able to walk and lifted her, carrying her bridal style. This is a good excuse to feel on her... the Jashinist thought.

"L-Lemme go!" Kitade yelled, ignoring the pain. "I can walk! Hidan!"

Hidan laughed and only held her tighter as she slapped and hit his arm. Hidan slid his hand down so it was on her ass and he groped it. Firmer than ever, he thought.

Kitade blushed and said, "Bastard! Let me go! I'm being MOLESTED! HELP! RAPE!" She hit him even harder.

Hidan laughed more as Kakuzu ignored this, knowing that it had happened the day they had played that stupid game involving 7 minutes in a damn closet. Maybe Kitade was really raped that day, but at least she wasn't dead or something. "Hidan, you dumb fuck, hurry the hell up," Kakuzu growled, wanting to get his money faster as he picked up the dead body of the priest and hung it over his back. He started to walk at a moderate pace.

On their way walking to the place where they'd get their cash, Hidan was still carrying Kitade as she no longer resisted. She whispered, "Were you... worried about me, Hidan?... When I was hurt?" She made sure she asked the question with much casualty, like she didn't care if Hidan was worried or not. Like she was just curious. Kitade didn't really succeed, since she was whispering it, paused half way, and was more descriptive by adding 'when I was hurt,' like she was unsure about asking it.

Hidan snorted and said, "Fuck no. I don't love you or anything." Then he paused for a second and cheesily lied, "I only yelled your name and saved your ass because... Kakuzu told me to."

Kitade turned her head slightly and smiled, knowing that the last part was such a lie. Even though she was down on the ground and going through some pretty bad pain, she sure wasn't deaf. She heard everything and one thing for sure Kakuzu didn't say smack. "Yeah, I know you don't love me. I hate you, too," she responded.

"Same here, bitch," Hidan retorted, jumping a bit to make Kitade feel like she was about to fall out of Hidan's grip.

"D-Damn it! Hidan!" she whined. "Stop it! That isn't funny!" She grabbed Hidan's sleeve just in case Hidan actually did want her to fall off and wasn't just screwing around.

Hidan laughed and started to run, making the feel that she was about to topple and fall off treble. Kakuzu sighed at their playfullness as Hidan ran in front of Kakuzu and out of his sight. "... Like damn kids..." he muttered.

Hidan finally let go of Kitade when they arrived at the place where they'd get their reward. Kakuzu and Hidan decided to go in, whereas Kitade was sure she wasn't going to go in such a shitty smelling place. I mean, the place was right behind a damn urinary. WTF, right? Eventually, Hidan left because it did smell like shit in there. Outside the place, Kitade was sitting and leaning against the building. She was humming a tune, "Hmm hm-hm hmm hmm... hmmmhmm... hm hm hmm hmm..."

Hidan slowly creeped behind her, leaned down and blew in her ear. "What song are you humming?"

Kitade was surprised since Hidan went in with Kakuzu and didn't think he'd come back out until Kakuzu did, but she was wrong. Her body slightly stiffened. "Not like you should care... But I'm humming Dilemma, by Nelly Furtado."

Hidan got even closer to her and put his large hands on her shoulders and breathed, "I sure as fucking Jashin don't know who the hell that is, or what the fuck that song is about, but you can sing pretty damn well..." His hands crawled up to touch her breast under her cloak. "But..." he paused and breathed his hot breath on the back of her neck again, adding a more dramatic effect, "... how about you sing to me again with that sweet voice of yours as we fuck right here, right now?" he suggested. "Imagine you screaming with that pretty voice of yours..."

Kitade was charmed and even quite tempted to do it with him right then and there, but she knew it was disgusting. When she was younger, she vowed to herself that she would get a chastity ring and not have sex until she was married to the man she loved. Yes, she loved Hidan even though Hidan didn't love her, but they weren't married. And, she never got a chastity ring because she forgot about that stupid promise to herself, plus, she somehow got her ass in Akatsuki. However, she was trying to not fuck around with Hidan all the time like a damn animal to make-up for her huge mistake, even though it wasn't the same thing. "Hidan! We need to stop this! All we do is fuck around like some damn animals!" she turned around and glared at him. "We're like..." she tried to search for the right word, even though it was on the tip of her tongue.

Filling in the spot for her, Hidan sexily murmurred into her ear, "Fuck buddies?" He continued to grope her breast.

She grabbed his hand and pushed it down so it was out of her cloak before continuing, "M-Maybe that's what we are! Just fuck buddies, but we need to stop that!"

"I don't see anything wrong with that, babe," Hidan tried one more time in seducing her, which was pretty hard since Kitade was stubborn. Maybe he really did need to rape her every time to have intercourse before Kitade finally did give up... which only happened during the sex. "Why do we need to stop it?" He licked her cheek.

Kitade tried to turn her face away from Hidan's tongue and said, "There is something wrong with being fuck buddies. One, it's really disgusting because you screw with plenty of other women, and two, normal people don't do that! That's why!" She tried to crawl away this time, only failing when Hidan grabbed her hips.

"Maybe disgusting, but I'm fine with it. Besides, other women suck my cock and you've done it before, after the million times other women have. Second, we aren't normal people, bitch," he answered with his smartass self and gave Kitade's ass a good smack, which was right in front of her.

Kitade loved Hidan and she wanted him to be all to herself. It was perfectly natural to think like this over the man she loved, to want to be selfish and keep him away from other bitches, but the thought of how Hidan fucked with other random women about 20 times a day or something made her stomache turn. She was starting to feel hurt and worthless. How different was she from all the other prostitutes and strippers Hidan managed to lure into his sex cove? Not different, not at all. I must be easy, just like all the other women Hidan has sex with... Kitade sadly thought to herself. She wanted to get back at Hidan for everything that he had done to her. Cheat with other women, rape her... "Leave me alone, Hidan!" she yelled, now turning from sad and emo to pissed and going apeshit. She raised her leg and kicked Hidan right in the face, making his head turn upwards and his body falling back. She scrambled to her feet, made the teleporting hand symbol and with a poof! she disappeared.

When she left, Hidan muttered to himself angrily, "Uncooperating bitch..."Kitade teleported herself so she was in the Akatsuki's hide-out, angry and feeling sad about how Hidan answered her reasons on why they should stop screwing each other. Fucktard, saying he's fine with it and how we aren't normal people. Fuck him. She started walking, not even really knowing where she was going herself, more like aimlessly wandering through the base. She eventually came to the conclusion that she didn't care if Hidan loved her or not, and that she'd try to move on with her life and get another boyfriend. Still, deep inside Kitade, she really did care about how Hidan felt towards her.

Thinking of this and ignoring her true feelings, she got an idea. Ha! I can get my revenge for Hidan being such a heartless bastard and raping me by getting a boyfriend and bragging about it. Maybe I can even learn what Hidan truly feels towards me. Hopefully Hidan'll notice and get jealous or something. It'll have to be someone in Akatsuki to get that retard to notice. Fuck... who will it be? She contemplated. Not Sasori, I barely know him. And Kakuzu is just scary. I'd rather kill myself than go out with Tobi, there's no way Hidan would get jealous over that silly boy. Itachi is... intimidating, and I don't really know him, either. Kisame's not handsome enough to get Hidan worried that I might be more interested in him. The leader...? Konan's into him, and I don't want to upset her... Kitade froze at her last option. Deidara! I always did have a crush on him... it was only a small one. Is this really my only option in Akatsuki? Ugh, damn. This is gonna be hard asking that bomber out... Kitade shut her eyes and instead of randomly walking, she went for her bedroom, hopefully to find Deidara.

Stepping into the room cautiously, she felt the heat rise to her cheeks. Act cool, damn it, don't fuck up now... Luckily, well, kind of unlucky in a way, she saw Deidara sitting on his bed molding some of his clay into a bird-thing. Tobi wasn't there, which was really good. She could do it without being interrupted by Tobi. "Umm... Deidara?" She said, unsure if she really wanted to do this. It had never been this difficult for her to ask out a guy. Maybe because the guy Kitade was asking out right now was a freaking criminal. Not like that'd make a big difference, anyway.

Deidara looked up with one baby blue eye. "H'mmm? Oh, it's you, Kitade, un. What's up?" He then turned his eye down on his clay, carefully molding it.

Kitade walked a little closer and decided to sit down beside Deidara, however not that close. "Err... I-I know this is weird and everything, but..." She was tripping over her words. If I do ask him out and we do go out and it doesn't piss off Hidan and I don't get a damn fucking reaction from that albino piss then I'm going to kill him! She quickly said, "Want to go out with me?"

He stopped messing with the white clay and paused, "What, un? You're asking me if I want to be your boyfriend, h'm?" He looked up at me with an incredulous beautiful eye.

Kitade blushed, remembering how hot Deidara was, once again. Her stupid crush over him was returning again. She managed to say, though, "Y-Yeah, basically..." She hung her head and played with her cloak. She quickly added, "You don't have to!"

Deidara smiled and said, "Yeah, I'll go out with you, un."

I'm SO lucky! Yes! If I knew he'd say yes then I would've asked him a long time ago! Well, whatever. That stupid bastard is going to want to kill Deidara and my ass when he sees us together, but it's worth it if I'm pissing him off and seeing how he really feels 'bout me. "

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