a lemon love story of Gaara

a lemon love story of Gaara a lemon love story of Gaara

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



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Chapter1 (v.1) - a lemon love story of Gaara

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 14, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 14, 2012



"Mai! Mai! Where are yea?"

You quickly turned, hearing your name.

"I'm in here!"

You shouted looking through some files.

Kankuro opened the door to see you in the Kazekage....Gaara's office.

"You know Gaara will murder you for looking through his things." You glared at him.

"I'm not looking through Gaara-sama's things!

He told me to get a file for him.

It's for the genin in the village." Kankuro yawned.

"Yeah I remember those times."

You gave a small smile, also remembering the time of being a genin....

and the time falling in love with Gaara.

Yes, you loved him for three years and still don't have the guts to tell him.

"Oh yeah where's Gaara-sama?"

You asked and Kankuro shrugged.

"Haven't seen him since this morning,

plus he seemed to be a little...

I don't know, unlike himself."

You gave him a look.

"What do you mean?"

He sighed. "He hasn't talked much."

You sweat dropped.

"Isn't he always like that? -_-' "

He growled.

"You knew what I meant."

He said and you smiled taking the papers in your hands.

"Well I'm off to find him, okay?"

You said waving him a goodbye.

You shut the door behind you and walked down the hall with a million thoughts came in mind.

'Gaara-sama has changed so much...he used to be so cold and cruel.

Now he's just...like everyone else but quiet.

I wonder if he has the same feelings as I do for him.'

You thought and you sighed.

"That will never happen."

"What will never happen?"

You turned around and see Temari with hands on her hips.

You blushed and shook your head.

"U-Uh I will...never get these papers to Gaara-sama."

You said nervously and Temari looked at you and giggled.

"I know your little secret Mai."

She said eyeing you taking the papers from you and you gave her a look.

"What?" You said trying to hold a blush.

"You are in love with my bro Gaara aren't yeah?"

She said and you blushed.

"I gotta go!!"

You said running away and she giggled even more.

"I knew it."

You ran to your room, slamming the door behind you.

"That was so close...

" You felt a pair of arms wrapped around you from behind making you jump.

"Shhh...it's me..." You recongnized this cold, hoarse voice..."Gaara-sama...

" You gasped and he held you tighter making you blush and struggle a bit from his grip.

"I've been watching you for a while Mai and...I think I'm...

"He trailed of his lips connecting with your neck making you freeze.

He slid his tongue against the crease of your neck causing you to moan.

"I'm in love with you.

"He finished and you could feel your heart so fast, it felt like you could hear it.

You turned to look into his keen blue eyes.


You gasped as he pressed you against the wall.

You felt him lift you up and you blushed.

His lips captured yours and you grabbed onto his shirt.

He licked your lips begging for entrance but you hesitated.

He looked at you and you looked away.


" He grabbed onto your breast causing you to gasp, he slid his tongue in as he caught you off guard.

You groaned as you felt him message them slowly.

You felt Gaara tongue play with yours.

You broke the kiss gasping for air, panting.


" You breathed and he grabbed a kunai tearing your shirt in half as it fell off.

"That was my favorite shirt!"

You pounted and he gave you a look.

"You look better without it...

" You blushed as you felt a breeze,

yourself in your white bra and Gaara's hand traveled to your back.

He pressed his lips against yours once more, filled with lust and love...

everything you wanted from Gaara.

You felt your bra fall off of you, hitting the floor and Gaara's tongue wasting no time to lick your nipple.

You moaned grabbing onto his hair as you felt him lick and suck making your legs go weak.

"Gaara...sama..." You panted and he gave the same touches to your other breasts.

You tugged at Gaara's shirt and he noticed the sign, quickly taking it off.

You began toch his soft flawless skin and his muscle that laid nicely on his chest.

He tensed a bit on your touches as his hands roamed your body.

"Gaara-sama, you're tense...relax.

" You whispered in his ear and he growled.

"Stop calling me that.

" You blushed. "Yes Gaara-kun...

" He unbuttoned your shorts and you helped him out by unzipping them and let them fall to your feet.

You kicked them off.

He picked you up bridal style, laying you on the bed as he held your hands above your head with one of his hands.

The other trailed and slipped through your panties, his fingers rubbing you playing with your clit.

You moaned loudly trembling with pleasure as you cried his name.

"Ahh! Gaara!"

You called out as he continued to play with you,

he then slid two fingers into you making you clench your fists holding in a moan.

He watched you as your face lit with pleasure,

he can feel your walls tighten around his fingers.

Knowing you were about to come he took out his fingers.

You looked at him unsatisfied and glared at him.

He licked his fingers and slid down you underwear.

He took a glance at your naked appearance, not missing anything.

He took off his pants, with his boxers at the same time, kicking them off.

You turned red seeing his member right before your eyes.

You pressed your lips against his softly, wrapping your arms around him.

"Gaara...I want it...I want you.

" You plead as you touched his member moving your hands.

You can feel him shiver from your touch and you turned him over to you were on top.

"It's my turn to have control.

" You said with a smirk and he smirked, holding your waist.

You took a hold of his member and aimed it at your entrance.

As you slid down as you felt a rush of pain through your body you closing your eyes tightly, years sliding down.

"Are you okay Mai?"

Gaara asked

and you gave him a small smile.


" You pushed yourself down onto him, making him grunt as he was fully in you.

You moaned loudly and didn't move until you got used to his size.

"So big...

" You whispered and he held onto your waist.


" You nodded as you moved up and down feeling nothing but pleasure through your body making you moan and groan continuously.

You began to grind against him as he moved his hips with yours,

making you pant and cry his name.


You called out as he flipped you over, him pumping in and out of you uncontrollably.

You wrapped your legs around him, grabbing the sheets.

"Aaah...Mai you're so tight..

" You curled your toes in pleasure,

Gaara nearly sending you to the egde as he pushed deeper and harder into you.

You felt him press his lips against yours and you can hear him groan and moan into the kiss.

He slid his member out and slammed back into you making you scream

his name as he gave in one more thrust. Both of you coming.

You laid on the bed and Gaara slid out his member, sitting on the edge of the bed.

You both panted catching your breaths and you crawled over to Gaara, hugging him from behind.

"Gaara-kun...I love you.

" He turned to you and you looked at the tatto above his eye, kissing it.

He kissed your lips. "I love you...Mai.

" You smiled and pulled him down on you.

His head resting on your breasts.

Both of you falling asleep in eachothers arms.


© Copyright 2018 my name is Megan. All rights reserved.


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