Small Town Girl

Small Town Girl

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Remi was a small town girl until a stranger waltzed into town and stole her heart and something very important to her.


Remi was a small town girl until a stranger waltzed into town and stole her heart and something very important to her.

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Remi smiled as she walked out from the kitchen area into the beer parlor. This was becoming a routine, he and his friend would drop by, and he would hit on her, disappear for a few more weeks and show up again. He’d been hitting on her for months now but she knew better than to fall for a man who frequents a beer parlor seeing as her mother owned this one. She had seen them all, the drunks, the wife beaters, the man sluts. She thought they all had something about them that screamed ‘be careful’.

If she had to be honest with herself, nothing about this particular man felt scary. She just was a very careful girl. She’d been raised in an abusive home; she didn’t want to end up like her mother. Her mother had spent all her married years slaving for her father and all he did was beat her, take her money, run off with some woman for a few days and show up again. Her mother’s life was what inspired her name. Remilekun means reduce my tears in Yoruba language.

Her mother saw her as a reason to smile everyday despite the hell her father put her through. Remi hated her father and wondered why her mother stayed. Her mother would smile and say “a husband is the crown of a woman. You take off your crown, you lose respect”.

Singlehandedly, her mother had raised, all from what she made from the beer parlor. Alongside the beer, the parlor offered a few delicacies like fresh fish pepper soup and peppered fried meat. The men believe pepper paves smooth way for the beer to go through. She had never tasted it, how would she know?

In the village of Owo, the beer parlor was nothing big but popular. It was a small village with one polytechnic. Owo is a village in Ondo, a few minutes travel from Akure the capital state. Remi had attended the polytechnic and studied Nutrition. She loved to cook and someday, she looked forward to going to a big city to work. For now, she had her mother to protect from her father. How long she would do it, she had no idea.

The sitting area for the customers was an open area shaded with just a simple construction of wood as the pillar and zinc as the roofing. She got 2 bottles of Double 3 from the freezer and walked to the men’s table. She greeted them and opened their beers before walking away.

Something was off about him. He always ceased every opportunity to talk to her. But he had only nodded in her direction as she dropped the drinks. Had he given up on her?  Was her playing hard to get getting old? It had only been a few months.

She stood behind the counter and looked at him as he talked to his friend. She didn’t know his name yet but she knew that of his friend, Kunle. She could also tell he wasn’t from around there, she couldn’t guess where he was from anyway. But from the way he dressed, always looking good, she could tell he was educated and most definitely in his thirties. He was a tall, slightly fair skinned man. His short hair very black, she could tell he didn’t dye it unlike most of the men around.

She went to the CD player and put in some old songs from Ebenezer Obey. Her mother came in and smiled when she heard the voice of the men boom in agreement with the choice of song.

“Has anyone asked for pepper soup?” Remi shook her head and took another look at his table. Her mother followed her gaze and gave her a reprimanding look.

“I told you not to think about it, Remi. Are you listening to me? I met your father in a beer parlor; I’m not going to watch you make the same mistake I made,”

“What if I meet someone different who just likes to hang out with friends in a beer parlor?” Remi had to ask. She knew her mother was only looking out for her and that her father had messed with her head, adding to the fact that she saw and met a lot of losers in her own shop every day. It sort of sealed her resolve that only assholes frequented places like that.

“Don’t be smart with me young woman. Now get your bag and go home. It’s getting too late for you to be out. When you get home, mix some of the yam flour and serve with the rest of the Egusi soup for your father,” her mother ordered. Remi turned to grab her bag when she saw Kunle signaling for her to come over. She quickly went to their table and he asked for some fried peppered meat. She went to the kitchen and served a full plate before going back to drop it on their table without even looking at him.

“My mother will be attending to you now. I have to go home,” she said and walked back to the counter to grab her bag.


She had almost gotten to the junction when she heard footsteps behind her walking quickly. Owo was a safe place, nothing bad ever happens except for the few break in and robbery, nothing major. People here barely had enough to feed themselves. They have nothing to give to robbers. Anyone who steals is only desperate for food. And the stealing is usually done on farms.

She looked behind her to find him catching up with her. Her heart started to thump and she gripped her bag closer like it could help reduce the intensity of her thumping heart.

“Hey!” he said as he finally matched her pace.

“Hi…” she said trying to sound more confident than she looked. She’d never met him outside the beer parlor; this was a first for them.

“You’re leaving early today…” he dipped his hand in the pocket of his trousers.

“I leave early every day. My mom doesn’t like me staying at the shop late,” she replied keeping her eyes to the road.

They finally arrived at the junction where she would get a taxi.

“Look at me, Remi,” he said.

She turned slowly, raising her head to meet his. “How come you know my name when I don’t know yours?”  She asked trying to rid herself of the timidity she was feeling. He looked so well dressed and groomed and she was just dressed as the small town common girl whose mother owns a beet parlor.

He cocked his head to the side, looking at her incredulously, “your name is mentioned like a million times in that place. How else would you think I’d know your name?”

“Oh…” she trailed off before asking “what’s your name?”

“Bright…” she nodded at his response before turning to the road once more looking out for an incoming taxi.

“Would you say no again if I asked you to go out with me tomorrow?” Remi thought the question over. It’s true she had been saying no to him ever since he waltzed into town. But the more she saw him, the more she was thinking he could do her no harm. She could at least try. Her mother was being paranoid and no one could blame her. But Bright hadn’t pushed her, he’d been patient, he visited the parlor, yes but she had never seen him drunk. He’d never come in with any lady hanging off his arm. He’d never gotten into any argument with anyone, never raised his voice, and never looked at her suggestively, never hit on her as shamelessly as the other men would; he kept to his table and his friend.  It seemed like he only came there to have fun with his friend.

“Listen, I promise, if you get uncomfortable or anything, you’re free to leave anytime.” He pushed her a bit more, pleading with his eyes.

She nodded her head slowly and smiled as he beamed. She didn’t understand him. He looked so good that he could get any high class town woman he wants and there he was beaming because a small town girl finally agreed to go out with him.

“Great! I’ll see you tomorrow then. We’ll go from your mum’s shop?”

“No…” she quickly shook her head in panic before realizing how ridiculous she must look. “My mom wouldn’t let me. May be we should just meet up here at say 7pm?” she suggested.

Bright only nodded in agreement not wanting to push the subject of her mom not allowing her to go out.  A taxi approached and he flagged it down. The car parked a few feet away from them. He walked over opening the front door for her to get in since there were three passengers at the back seat.

“See you tomorrow,” he said and closed the door watching as the car zoomed off.


She had nothing befitting to wear for her date. How could she have nothing at all to wear? She scanned through her bag dumping clothes endlessly on the bed. How can she just be realizing that everything she owned looked like trash? She wanted to look like a town girl, a well dressed girl. A girl he’d be proud to be seen with. He’s going to have to take me as I am, she thought.

She finally resolved to pick a dress she had worn during her graduation. It was a brown, flowery sun dress. Her hair was a mess, weaved back in just five braids. She groaned. Why did she accept to see him on such short notice? She rolled her eyes at her thoughts. Even if he had given her a month to prepare, she wouldn’t be able to afford getting dressed for him. And her mother would question her to heaven and back if she asked for money.

She got a comb and loosed her hair, deciding to just comb and pack it in a ponytail. Her eyebrows were full. She stopped to wonder once more if she was doing the right thing. The major question was; what was it about her that piqued his interest? Would she get attached only to have her heart broken because he found a better looking town girl? It wasn’t just her mother’s warnings that had made her wary of him. It was her insecurities. She didn’t have the finest shoes or fancy dresses. Hell, she couldn’t even afford to properly make her hair. Her neighbor was the one who helped her weave her hair on a weekly basis.

The town girls were all over the place with their Brazilian hair extensions and all sorts; all expensive enough to buy a plot of land in the village. Or maybe he was only looking for a cheap girlfriend. That must be it. He needed a cheap girlfriend he wouldn’t have to spend so much money on. And she made her resolve, that would be the first thing she would ask him once she saw him.


He was already waiting as soon as she stepped out of the taxi, the wind blowing her dress trapping it in her legs. The dress stopped just above her knees, hugging her lean frame. Her simple sandals leaving her legs and feet mostly exposed. She might not have known it but with the little she had, he had been impressed. He had chosen her for a lot of reasons beauty included and she was smart too. She looked shy but was never afraid to speak her mind. He’d watched her with the locals in her mother’s shop. She very efficiently put them all in their places whenever they tried to stray. She had caught his attention. She was what he was looking for. She was the chosen one.

He smiled at her noticing her curves for the first time as she crossed the road. She had a carriage unusual of a small town girl. She carried herself with pride even if her family was of little or no importance. She walked like a queen. It was getting dark already and he had to have her back home in about two hours. He sensed her parents were very protective of her. He’d noticed the terrifying look on her face when he’d suggested that they leave from her mother’s shop. She was a big girl, a graduate from what he had been told. He didn’t understand why she was still being sheltered like an eighteen year old girl.

Remi got to him and smiled. “Hi”

He nodded. “Shall we?”

“Why are we doing this?” she blurted out quickly. He feared that she might want to change her mind and panicked a bit.

“Excuse me? Doing what?”

“Why am I here with you? Why are you asking me out?” she rushed out elaborating on her previous question.

He thought her question over for a few moments and gave her the answer he believed she’ll be most comfortable with. “Because I like you and I want to get to know you. Is that okay? This is all your call, Remi. I promised that if you feel uncomfortable at any time, you’re free to go,”

She stood staring at him like he had just grown two heads. Was it that hard to believe that he liked her? He didn’t blame her anyway.

“You’re weird…” she said quietly and he chuckled.

“I’m hoping in a good way?”

“I’m not sure yet but then maybe I’ll figure you out while you’re getting to know me,”

Intelligent, another plus, he thought as he held her hand and led her to the taxi he had hired for the day.


Remi was stunned when she had first realized they were on their way to Akure. It was about a thirty minutes drive. She was more shocked when she noticed they were at the cinema in town. It was the most beautiful place she had ever been to in her entire life. There was a waiting area for people who chose movies scheduled for later. Everywhere was so glittery and shiny; she wasn’t comfortable wearing her shoes in there. But he just held her hands and led her to a seat in the waiting area.

He left for a few minutes and came back with a bowl of ice cream and a bottle of Stout. He dropped the bowl in front of her and sat beside her.

“I’ve never been here” she said almost ashamed.

“Well then, I hope you like it. The movie will start by 8pm last for about 2 hours. So we should be home by half past ten. Right before your mum gets home right?”

She looked back up at him in surprise and he smiled, opening his drink. “I figured you didn’t want her to know,”

“I’m sorry. It’s just that I have no idea where this is going and you know mothers, they just like to get way ahead of themselves,” she bent the truth a bit.

“Yeah, sure, so tell me about you while we wait for the movie,” he said.

“There’s nothing much to tell. You know my name; I’m twenty one years old. I graduated from the Polytechnic in Owo. I studied Nutrition…that’s about it,”

“Tell me something I don’t know, Remi,” he laughed.

“You know all those about me?”

“Well not exactly. I want to know things only people close to you know about you, like your favorite things, your dreams, things like that,” he trailed a finger down her cheek smiling softly at her. Remi thought she must have gone to heaven and died. There was no way in hell this man was for real.

“Arm, I like to cook. No, I love to cook. I see it as an art, a way to express my artistic side. Someday, I want to run my own food service organization. You know, take care of feeding for parties, events, meetings and all sorts. I dream of living in a place like this but I can’t for now. I can’t leave my mother,” she said the last part with so much sadness in her voice, that he had to pull her closer, to somehow comfort her and she was grateful that he didn’t ask for further explanations.

So to lighten the mood, she asked, “so where are you from and why do you disappear for some weeks before you come back again?” he laughed and she could feel the vibrations off of his chest.

“Come on the movie is starting,” he said and grabbed his bottle and her unopened bowl of ice cream. As they stood up, she looked at him,

“Thank you,” she said and kissed his cheek lightly. Mischief lit up his eyes immediately and she took a step back.

“I should probably teach you how to say thank you more appropriately,” he said before covering the distance between them and covering her lips with his in a much more sensual way that made her toes curl and her heart race. She had never been kissed before. It might be too fast too soon, but it felt so damned good, she just wanted to cry. He tasted of mint and beer as she let instinct take over for her to respond. There were no hands involved just two people kissing in a public place and that was when she got her marbles back. She gently withdrew from him and held her hand to her chest as she looked up at him only to find his eyes smiling at her.

“I’ve never had such an intense connection with anyone before,” he said. “Would you like some popcorn before we go in?”

She nodded.  “What are we watching?”

“Home front,”

She had no idea what that was.


He’d been gone for another three weeks and she missed him that her heart was squeezing her so hard she had to fight the urge to cry whenever Kunle would come to the bar with some other of his friends.

After their first date, they’d spent a few more dates together out of town and to different places. He’d been so gentle with her; he made her smile and gets all those butterflies in her tummy restless. But now that he was gone to God knows where, she felt lost and empty.

He never did tell her what he did but she assumed he worked out of town. He would tell her when the time was right. Whatever it was he did, didn’t matter to her as long as it wasn’t illegal. She didn’t care about what he earned, she just wanted him back.

She decided to at least go ask about him so she headed to Kunle’s house which he had taken her to once just so she would know where he stayed whenever he was in town.

Kunle’s house was an apartment. She had no idea what Kunle did either to get a place like that. A full apartment was no joke. It was a three bedroom flat that was situated along the secretariat in a very big and beautiful compound. Such places in Owo were only meant for the rich and the mighty. She never questioned them; she never mentioned her thoughts so she doesn’t come off as a woman only interested in the material things. But somehow she guessed Bright made enough money. The amount of money he spends on taking her out is enough to feed her family for a month.

She knocked on the door to Kunle’s apartment and waited for a few minutes for the door to open. Kunle opened the door and was surprised to see her there.

“Hey! What are you doing here?” he asked.

“I’m so sorry. I just wanted to ask if you have any idea when Bright will be back from his trip.”

“Oh, missing the big guy eh?” he wiggled his eyebrows and they both laughed. Kunle was a really fun person. Just as tall as his friend but with a darker skin tone and very well built. “He should be back today. I got a message from him a few days ago. If he left early enough, he should be back in just a few hours time. Would you like to wait for him or we should meet up with you at your mother’s shop?”

She thought for a few minutes and then came up with an idea she thought brilliant. “Can I wait for him and maybe cook something for him to eat when he gets back. He might be hungry after such a long journey?”

“Oh sure, Sure, Come in. will you go to the market or should I?”

She laughed imagining a man at the market. “Come on, I cook too!”

“I’m sure. I’ll do the shopping. You just stay here and do whatever it is you men do like snore…” Kunle’s roar of laughter filled the room and he shook his head at her.

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