her favorite muscle

her favorite muscle

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Submitted: April 08, 2011

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Submitted: April 08, 2011



The call..........


Her morning smile induced
By his picture, awakened to
His digits which stood in
Resemblance to a scripture

Good morning....

His voice formed a set of
Hands upon her back,
A flinch influenced by his
Tone his touch implying
Just relax

She speaks.....

Not before her tongue
Massages her lips, a
Deep moisturize as in
preparation for a kiss

For what reason do I
Deserve such a blessing,
At this time of day
Your speech plagues my
body with affection

He laughs......

It's encouraged by her comedic
Question, followed by a

You see..... It's my morning
erection, awakened by it's
Presence And it's series of

First involving you its
Trainer then a request
For an early session,


She repeats as if her
Ears ran deaf upon
His question, gasping
Via her thought of his
Prior thrusting

Well.... You see, this
Gym doesn't open until
Eleven but I see he's
Stressing so come get
An early lesson

Deep breaths.....

Anticipation strikes his lip
Through the presence of
His teeth, leaving marks
Of eagerness for there
Scheduled meet,

Then he speaks......

Cool we'll be there in about
An hour, she slices there
Conversation ok let me
Go take a shower

The meeting.......

He's greeted not by her
Presence but by an act
Of seduction, the door
Left ajar directed by sounds
Of the shower running

His ears aid his journey
On his path to satisfaction,
Upon arrival of his destination
He witness his accomplice is
Dressed for action

Outside the door commanded
To halt by the palm of
her hand, She gave herself
a glimpse implying he
was in need of Her program

His eyes caress her body
While his hands aids to
His nudity, his thoughts
Aid the blood flow in
Which is desired for this
Type of unity

With a slight movement of
Her finger she invites him
To her space, his presence
Is appreciated told by
Moister in that place

He embraces her saturated
Body in the tub the water
Still cascades, Elevating
There level of passion and
Enhancing her vaginal

The shower door used as
Support While he caters
To her needs, his lips
Graze her back top to
Bottom at low speeds

She slightly pleads....

Suggesting he doesn't tease
His tongue penetrates her
Cave introducing weakness
To her knees

Now standing tall he reached
peekOf his full potential,
A grin invades her face as
She caught glimpse of her
Favorite utensil

Her back pasted to the glass
While she endures great Aerial
Pleasures, satisfaction paints
The walls as she enjoys her
Time of leisure

Passion makes it's presence
Known through the sound
of The crashing door, It
Speaks in such a tone one
In which can lead to
Them storming to
The floor

Each repeated thrust
Pulls her closer to her
Peek, her contiguity
With the glass acts
As stimulation so
The pleasures are

Her state is steep....

Now in mode set to
Release, his ear
Clinched by her teeth,
What she felt was potent
So her grip cause him to

She's forced to scream......

Sounds of pain is what
It seems, if those walls
Could talk they'll explain
The story of when passion

Gradually he comforts her
As her vibrations simmer
Down, then she whispers
In his ear.......

Ask him if he can afford
Another round

Her favorite muscle

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