false accusations

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

ive been told my ink is deeply felt, sometimes one can even feel what it is like to sex me

Who was she???

A question in which I
Had no answer, that thought
Continues to eat away as
If this memory is a mental

How did she get my

Another one absent a clue,
At first I thought it was some
Friends you know we all
Can be some fools

What did she say???

It all started with a call

My phone rang
Those I don't answer at


Sounds produced from how
I breathed was the only
Response I received,

(again) Hello?

Gasping she answers as
If my penis penetrated her


Her tone assures she's in
A state of bliss,

"your voice is so soothing
Mentally it's endured as
A kiss"

"who's this!!" my eyebrows
Forced to meet each other,

"oh please after last night
How could you forget me

Not a thought in my mind
Could clarify what this
Chick was saying, the clock
Read 2 am my mood set far
From playing

" who is this!"

Her teeth she kissed
After saying,

You don't remember making
Love to my clit, your hands
Guiding my hips as I wined
Upon your lips, that thick
Wide tongue any chick would
Mistake for a dick, how the
Fuck could you forget the way
You made this pussy drip!?

"BITCh!" CLICK.......

I tried my best to get some
Sleep, but them last couple
Of words had blood fleeing
Down towards my meat

Ring ring.......

"Yo! Stop playing on
My phone"

" quit acting brand new let me
Guess your not alone"

" I am!...,. But I don't know
What your talking about"

" I'll refresh your memory
Put that dick back in my

Anger influenced me to hang
Up But now she really had
Me going, her description of
This moment surly had my
Blood flowing

" you bragged about my
Lips and how I took
Care of daddy's dick,
Pulled my hair when
I took my tongue and
Swirled it around your

" I loved how it got stiff
Pulsing as I made it spit,
You called me a g cause
I threw back every single

"shit!" she induced
Me to grab my stick,
Gradually I massaged
It after asking

" that was it?"

She laughed...

" V cut it out you really
Got me on some shit,all
Day at work my thoughts
Were invaded by your dick"

"your length, it's width,
The way you spread my
Lips, when you take the tip
And toy around with my
Clit, your sick..... "

"in the sense of your sexually
The shit"


I replied, " you wouldn't happen
To read poetry?"

"read?" "how about eat sleep
And breathe, your my
favorite poet your ink brings
Me to my knees"

" I see"......" I know exactly
What you think"

" you think I pleasured you
That feeling storms when
One reads, I'm told it happens
All the time my ink encourage them
to cream"

"but let me make it clear
This is not what it seems"

"I know what you mean"

She said before laughing....

Tomorrow when you awake
You'll laugh at this vivid dream

False accusation



Submitted: July 20, 2011

© Copyright 2023 MrBizZy. All rights reserved.

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