Garth's Bet

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Garth, a young man tired of his friend's teasing decides to make a bet, the first girl to pass by the door next would be the girl he would try and lose his virginity too, unfortunately, it was Alice, the reclusive woman who lives off by the edge of the woods. Now Garth has to try and seduce her in order to not look like a moron. Will he be able to do it?

 “Oh, you guys are such dick heads!” Garth said seeming annoyed, he was sitting down at sugar cube corners drinking, what was referred to as a Sugar beer™. Something that was designed and made by none other than Patty. It was a much sweeter version of regular beer

“What just cause your still a virgin even though your eighteen come on.” Joked Pat exclaimed while leaning back with a chuckle. The earth pony laughed as he took a drink of his Sugar beer, letting the rush of caffeine went right through him. Pat was shaking some while feeling a rush running through him.

“I swear these things are going to give us diabetes.” Snarked Dan as he took a drink and pushed it to the side, His Gameboy is buzzing right next to him.

“Yeah well, that’s future Us problems. Now like I said you guys are such dick heads.” Garth exclaimed as he leaned back.

“Why just cause you’re the only one who hasn’t had sex.”

“Oh please, I’m not the only one who hasn’t fucked anyone Pat still a virgin,” Garth exclaimed as he looked over to the earth pony who just looked at Garth with a smirk.

“Ah please governor, I’ve fucked that sweet Milf Mary and by god saves the queen,” Pat exclaimed sounding more English at that moment it could’ve been a parody. Garth just looked at him some star struck, while just shaking his head,

“First off Speak fucking Equestrian here we’re Equestrian damn it, not Trottan! Second, Fucking the princess of the night in your dream doesn’t count.”

“Oh please good Garth, Butt, You know the royal highness of sleep comes by my dream, In fact, I’m seeing her tonight we have a date.” Pat snarked out more, punching the Woman in the arm. Garth only rolled his eyes,

“Yeah well in your dreams little dick.”

“That Spotted dick, My man.” Pat snarked more, taking a drink of his pint of sugar Guinness and just giving a hard sigh.

“Yeah, well unlike you two Dick heads I could fuck any woman I wanted to. I mean Pat hears fucks in his dreams only, while you Dan, you’re known as a mother fucker.”

“Hey, I do not fuck my mother! Well, it was one time, and we didn’t even realize it at the time, super drunk.” Dan exclaimed trying to hide a laugh and looking back and forth.

“Put your money where your mouth is,” Dan called out his hands reaching over to the gameboy, just fingers tapping it slightly, while Garth laughed.

“Sure I’m game hows this; I bet a weeks check that the next girl I meet I’ll fuck.”

“I’m game besides; I wouldn’t mind making a bit. I can get a few gameboy games.” He moved, raising his hand, ready to shake and looking over towards Pat who nodded.

“Ah sounds good to me beside we know old virgin Garth here’s gonna lose hard.” He snicked more, as he raised his hand. They would slowly begin turning into fist’s as they bumped together, sealing their deal.

“Now we just have to wait and see who the lucky, or should I say the unlucky girl to be chosen for this little bet.” Garth felt a small tap on his shoulder, with a soft, mellow voice running through her which was simple yet purely kind.

“Um Excuse me? I think you dropped this Garth.” Garth turned his head and looked seeing what looked to be a pair of yellow hands. Garth looked at it for a second before looking over. There he looked back all the way and saw standing there to be none other than Ponyvilles own one in a million animal lovers.

It had been none over than Alice. She was standing there blushing profusely Garth always wondered if this was something that was planted on her permanently or just something that had etched into her. Oh well.

“Oh thank you, Alice I appreciate this.” He said, taking his wallet back and checking over it. Sure enough everything in there was still the same nothing was taken out, as He looked back.

“Thanks, Alice I very much owe you for this.” He said giving the older woman a thumbs up. Alice nodded as she turned around, getting ready to head out. Doing what she always did. But not before her large breast knocked over someone’s drink when she passed by

“Oh, dear. I’m so sorry about that please let me help you out.” She said meekly while doing so. Garth couldn’t help but check out her ass, looking right over as it seemed to be bouncing slowly.

“Heh ok, who here agrees Alice’s got an amazing ass and pair of tits?” Garth said with a smirk while leaning back in his chair.

“All of them raised their hands, but Dan would snickering hard while looking at Garth in such a goofy way. Garth took a minute where he had to finally asked.

“What's so damn funny?”

“Dude, Alice is the first girl you saw, your fucked.” Garth took a second the young Woman had realized what just happened and what was going on. Alice had been the first girl he saw. His eyes widened with a long look.

“Oh, fuck!” that was all he could exclaim with a realization about what was going on. He began falling backward as he landed on the ground his eyes slowly swirling, around as Garth just realized how fucked he was, and there was no way he could win this bet. But he would have to try. If he had any luck, Dan and Pat looked back to each other with a smirk,

“All right, we’re gonna be making some easy cash!” They fist-bumped each other as they felt cocky that this was going to be in the bag. Alice was considered the biggest prude around these parts. He looked at the two and said,

“Can I have a redo? Please!” He exclaimed as he looked around some, and just walking in a dizzy looking Sarah walked in passing Alice while wobbling. Garth cursed under his breath Sarah was considered the biggest slut in school and had been known for fucking the whole hoofball team all at the same time.

“Sorry dude you made the deal.” Dan said as he gave a laugh and patting his back while seeing Sarah moving around and gave her a thumbs up.

“Oh great, I’m so fucked.”

“No your not, that’s why we’re going to win.” Dan said, giving a hard laugh while getting comfortable and finishing up his butterbeer.

Garth sighed as he was going to be having a long day tomorrow, as he had to figure out how Garth was going to have to figure out how would he even seduce Alice tomorrow.

“Oh, tomorrows going to be a long day.”

“Yeah, I wish you luck mate your gonna need it.” Pat said as he continued finishing his drink and setting it down.

Garth sighed while getting back on his chair, wondering what he was going to do? He was sitting there thinking of something, anything that could work out for him.

‘What am I going to do? How the hell am I even going to be able to get her alone?’ Garth would continue thinking. That was when he got an idea. It was a simple, none convoluted idea, and It was simple it might just work. If everything goes right.


Tomorrow didn’t seem to come by any faster, At least that was Garth's opinion. He remembers getting up from the bed and brushing his teeth, the way it felt against his teeth as he looked at himself, just watching slowly. While getting ready. He was going to have to head down to Alice, and if he was going to seduce her, and win the bet. He was going to need to do it as quickly as he could; otherwise, he would fail. He looked over at his table, where his pay from the last two week’s something he was saving up for, was there just in case he lost.

Garth could only hope that he might be able to win since he didn’t want to lose about five-hundred bits. He grabbed ahold of his shirt and wallet, While he was close to heading out.

‘Am I forgetting anything? Come one I know I forget something… Wait I got it the condom!” He ran over and scrambling through his desk drawer and pulled out what looked to be a condom. It was one he’d gotten over a month ago, an excellent size not to big, or too small just the right for his member. It should be satisfying for the job if he gets there. But if not, well it could go back in the drawer for another time.

Garth ran down the stairs going off as he saw his brother. Dean was sitting at the table just enjoying a bowl of serial, just minding his own business, just munching away. While Garth was heading off passing by him while running towards the door.

“Hey, little Bro what are you doing?”

“Oh just heading out, meeting up with someone?” Garth said, obviously lying as he looked back towards the door, watching the sky. He didn’t want to burn any more daylight.

“What are you planning on doing.”

Garth decided to fuck with his brother telling him the truth since he figured it would be more of a joke.

“Oh, I’m planning on seducing Alice and try and have sex, Just to win a bet,” Garth said more while trying to keep a confident smile. Though Dean just looked over and gave a slight chuckle.

“Well, I wish you luck if she’s still the way she was in high school your going to need it.”

“Well, see you later bro,” Garth called out, as he ran out the door. Dean just sat there for a minute taking another bite of cereal.

“My bro’s gone you can get back up now.” He whispered out when the table gave a hard thump with a light groan. There a handsome fella who popped his head out and smirked.

“Thank god he’s out of here now we can get to the real fun.” The hand was slowly reaching between the stallions crotch rubbing it.

“Oh yeah get your gay ass up there babe.” Dean winked as he leads the other mans up there, cocks hard, Shown by the bulge.

“I will say this if Alice is like she was in high school. He’s in for a shit storm.” Dean laughed as they ran up there. Tim just snicked smacking his lover's ass.


Garth slowly began making his way towards Alice’s cottage. His breathing is getting faster while walking towards the Everfree forest. He tried moving on, making sure no one saw him. Since well people would ask him questions, and after the confrontation with his brother, he didn’t want to come up with an actual excuse or just telling them what his exact plan was.

He pushed on deciding not to fly, or more to it, he forgot he could’ve taken his bike instead he just sprinted away. He had a long day, and still was burning daylight. He was jogging now, as he felt his heart racing. He was pushing through anyone who got into his way. But there it was getting over to the other side of town, and looked on seeing the two-story cottage.

“Thank God, now let’s see how this goes.” He walked around and moved straight towards the front door. He prayed that Discord wasn’t around. If the lord of Chaos was here, then there was nothing Garth could do. Beside run or be turned into a glass of Milk, waiting for some chocolate.

Garth's hand stopped at the door, beginning to tremble. Realizing what he was about to do? It was his chance to leave, just run off and never look back. Since he could head back and say he wasn’t able to. It was just money, after all. Though hearing Pat’s laugh and Dans cocky little ass, he growled and said,

‘Fuck it.’ He moved and began knocking. He pounded on the door. It lasted for a second before a soft voice called out,

“Give me a minute please, if you don’t mind.”

Garth just stood there keeping himself quiet while tapping his foot, for the time being as he heard the sounds of footsteps, though he wondered if it was his heartbeat instead. But while he watched it, the sounds of the door unlocking and unlatching. It began opening. What Garth saw, and felt his mouth dropping down to his feet.

Alice was standing in front of Garth, wearing nothing but a towel around her firm body, and around her hair. She looked like she was in a hurry as she seemed completely red in the face, looking down towards the young stallion.

“H-Hello Garth. Is there something I could do for you?” She asked as she tried to remain calm, Garth had to do all he could to pull his jaw back up, and find the right words.

‘Remember the plan; remember the plan. Ignore the big titties in front of me.’

“Yes, I was thinking of getting a pet, and I wanted to talk to you about adopting one since I know you’re an expert.” He gave a long smile just wanting to go with it. While Alice looked to him. Almost suspicious but her smile slowly ran over her as she nodded,

“Oh, I’m sure I can help you. Please come inside. Just give me a minute to head upstairs and get into something less revealing.” As she walked inside. Alice hips swaying while she walked to her stairs, going right up there. Garth couldn’t help but check out her ass while it peaked out from under her towel.

The young stallion took a quick seat and bit his lips, trying to keep himself calm. He felt nervous while trying to think of things that weren’t sexy.

‘Come on, think of something; I know Dan in a bikini, Dan in a Bikini, fuck. That’s not helping; I keep thinking of his mom. Why does she have to be such a milf?!” Garth just groaned hard as he tried thinking of more unsexy idea’s though eventually, Garth’s special friend started to go down.

‘Thank God!’ He practically called out, biting his lips some as he leaned back. His finger’s tapping his leg while waiting for the yellow mare.

In the corner, he looked over seeing Angel Bunny, who looked utterly exhausted. Small Rabbit’s bouncing around and jumping around indeed torturing the little rabbit’s who seemed to be in a constant state of Misery. A dark brown Bunny is standing next to him and rubbing against the male bunny swooning over him.

“I’m back Garth,” Alice said, catching Garth off guard; his attention went away from the family of rabbit’s looking back towards Alice.

“Well, I’m glad your back.” Garth stumbled through his words, trying to keep calm. When Alice said, she was getting on something more decent. It seemed she was wearing a rather tight White t-shirt, that looked snugged on her, and some shorts that just showed off her leg’s which seemed to go down for miles.

“You ok Garth, you look so flustered.” She leaned in, feeling the young stallions head, her breast pushing into his face. Garth’s cock was getting hard again. He never felt his jeans this tight before.

‘She has to be doing this on purpose.’ Garth thought while trying to resist just grabbing her and kissing those luscious lips.

“Well, you’re warm? Maybe we should schedule the Animal examination for another day.”

“No, I’ll be fine, I promise, It’s just been getting warm. I mean you know how the weather team can get during the summer.” Garthd lied while trying to keep a smile on his face, praying that she wouldn’t see the prominent bulge.

“If you insist Garth come with me I have some animals that you might like.” Alice would pull away from her breast, leaving his face which Garth regretted and wished could’ve lasted a little bit longer while she walked towards the back.

Garth stepped in the back when Alice quickly turned around and asked,

“Would you like a pair of tits?”

“What!” Garthd nearly screamed as he jumped back, As he was surprised by this,

“A pair of tits? Or would you prefer a booby? I know a hooter who would like to find a new home.” Alice said nonchalantly pointing over to the side there was a different arrangement of birds just standing there cleaning their feathers. Garth could only sigh in relief.

“No, I think I’ll be fine for a moment.”

“Oh, I guess that’ll be fine, Though I know a great swallower that would just love you.” Alice smiles as Garth, wanted to groan his dick, was pulsing with all the inuendoes. It was going to be a long day,

“No, I don’t think a swallow would be the kind of animal for me,” Garth said while walking on. The two continued walking on; It seemed like reality was making Garth's life the biggest joke since every animal Alice looked to show him revolved around something sexual in nature.

“Um, Alice how about we look at the Rabbits. I thought maybe A rabbit would be perfect for me.”

Garth chuckled thinking about it. There was no way a rabbit could cause any harm or bring anything up that involved sex. Alice nodded

“If you insist, But the rabbits have been acting odd as of recently.”

“I’m sure it’ll be fine what's the worst that could happen.”

It turns out that it could. When Alice and Garth reached the rabbit, captivity, Garth was met, with a large pile of rabbits who were humping- Well like rabbits. They went at it before the two, as Alice blushed slightly.

“I’m so sorry like I said, they’ve been acting pretty weird,” Alice said looking towards Garth who seemed to be breathing heavily.


“Bathroom!” Garth exclaimed as he ran to the bathroom. His mind finally snapping and moved towards as he needed to jerk it off. Garth ran into the restroom, and pulled his pants down, his hard cock slowly plopping it out.

“I fucking need this.” He called out and started jerking off his hand holding onto his stallion meat hard as he jerked off imagining Alice sucking his cock while moaning more. His hands are moving back and forth while giving a hard grunt.

Garth could feel his imagination running wild. Even when he knew he shouldn’t have shot his load right then. But knew If he didn’t, he’d blow his load Infront of Alice which would result in turning her off, so this was his safest bet.

“Fuck, I wish I could give Alice this load. It feels like a big one.”

“Is that now.” A hushed whisper said in his ear which caused him to look over into the corner of his eye, and standing there, he saw a yellow face, a long face. It was Alice with a sweet smile. Garth wanted to scream as he jumped into the air was pushed down while Alice hand on his shoulder, pushing him back into place.

“It’s ok, Garth, just relax.” She said as she reached around slowly grabbing his member, pushing his own away, and began to jerk him right there in her bathroom.

“Alice, what are yoooou- ohh my- Doing! What are you doing?” Garth muttered as he felt his eyes closed. Alice's hands were so soft even with her working with these animals all day; they felt so calmly while she massaged his member. Garth's wings hardened and pushed over to the side erected.

“Please relax Garth baby. Let Momma shy do all the work.” Her grip tightened, as she jerked him off faster, as the young stallion moaned and gave the nod, his eyes closed as he bucked his hips into her hand as he enjoyed himself.

“Heh good boy, I want to feel this big load all over me, maybe even inside me if you’re a good boy.” She whispered seductive as Garth groaned hard, he couldn’t take it his virgin mind was overwhelming; he began blasting his load, and his load went everywhere. Hitting Alices wall spraying it everywhere as he gave a hard gasp, as he felt his legs weakening.

“Oh, my such a big load, though I wish I could’ve gotten a taste of that. But I’m sure such a strong, handsome stallion, like yourself who could produce more for little old me.”

Garth nodded, feeling his voice a little horse, as his cock remained hard just pulsing. It wanted more.

“Why are you doing this?” He quickly asked,

“Well isn’t this what you wanted that little bet of yours,” Alice smirked before pulling the young stallion out of the bathroom and up towards the bedroom.

Alice's room looked beautiful as the yellow mare pulled him along and tossed him right onto the bed with a smile.

“Please get a comfortable baby; I want to make your first time special.” She winked slowly stripping, revealing that she was wearing something incredibly sexy, it looked to be a white teddy that covered the right bits but showing off.

Garth was utterly speechless; he felt that he was looking before a goddess in mortal form. Garth watched as she moved in closer her eyes changing not the soft calming look but seeming almost like a predator, Hunting for her prey. Licking her lips Slowly as she moved climbing on top of him.

“Now you’ll be a good boy, Garth and do what Mommy likes.” She whispered. Dan nodded, as Alice began extending her wings standing out, showing off their glory, which brought on more the idea of her being an angel, as she flapped and adjusted herself.

Garth was soon faced to face with Alice pussy it slowly pushed down onto her, as She looked back,

“Have a taste Baby; Momma wants to feel you eat my pussy.” Garth only nodded as he reached around and grabbed her hips while pulling her down to his face. He began adjusting and moving her panties around as he got a good look at her pussy. It was small and Pink, as Garth started to give it an experimental smell. Then he slowly moved, giving it a light lick.

Alice responded with a moan while reaching down, grabbing little Garth and began giving it a light kiss. Causing the young stallion to gasp, he was rather sensitive. Her hand was wrapping around his cock as she looked back.

“Keep going Garth, get a good taste.” She had practically demanded, at this point as she moved her hips down. Garth was caught off by this but agreed as he pressed his face into her pussy, sticking his tongue. He proceeded to eat her out. His tongue forced into her as it flayed around, moving back and forth as Garth got a taste of her. It was clear that he had never done it; his movements were sloppy.

Alice though didn’t care as she moved her hips back and forth moaning, While looking down towards the cock and began working her magic on it making sure that it would get nice and hard for the main event. Garth continued moving, slowly getting the hang of it. His tongue is starting to move in a quick clockwise motion.

Alice felt wet, clearly excited by the whole thing as she moved around more pushing down while giving a hard moan letting the young stallion eat her out. Her hips moving back while providing a hard, bounce while Garth licked profusely,

“Garth a little more to the left, The Left! Oh, sweet God, that’s it right there, baby!”

Garth went right there licking his way as he felt Alice adjust herself her hand loosening on his cock as she pulled her head back screaming,

“Fuck!” He wondered what that meant as he licked on before finally, Alice called out.

“Stop baby, now its time for the main event.” Alice seeming a little more forceful, pulled away and floated down, laying next to him.

“I think its time for the main event Garth.” She said calmly with a lustful passionate smile. Garth was speechless; He couldn’t find the right words when he tried saying something all he could muster was

“Uh, huh.” Sounding kind of brainless, but Alice didn’t mind at all Alice just kept that long motherly look as she grabbed his hand.

“Try and be careful and take your time. I want you to enjoy yourself.” She calmly said as she helped him get on top of her. As he did, he found his chest pressed against her ample bosom. While He shuddered, she was so warm against him, as Alice smiled and whispered.

“I’m ready.” Garth nodded and felt himself moving around trying to get comfortable and positioning his cock against her pussy, his head pressed against her entrance, and slowly pushed in. Garth would gasp.

His emotions went wild as he pushed down deeper, Alice felt so tight, She was hot if Garth could describe it, it felt like Apple pie. He pushed back and forth, while Alice gave a light moan,

“Hmm, Garth you feel so good.” She whispered softly while she moved her hips, Garth would continue moving faster, giving hard thrusts. Garth's heart was racing faster while he kept moving, giving a hard moan. Not knowing how to feel, but he kept going, his body was overwhelmed with please as he looked down.

Alice’s face twisted more moaning as she bucked back her breast bouncing as she gasped hard,

“Harder Garth keep going.”

“Shit, shit Alice I’m gonna cum!” Garth said completely surprised by this as he felt himself releasing all he had cumming into her,

“No Garth hold it back please I’m not done yet.” Alice exclaimed but it was too late as she felt the virgin stallion cumming into him.

Garth pulled away gasping as he laid back on the bed with heavy breaths,

“Oh wow, fuck that was amazing Alice,” Garth said not able to believe what was going on as he realized he was no longer a virgin. But before he could do anything, Alice pulled on top of him. Her expression twisted more, growling.

“Oh Garth sweetie we’re nowhere near done yet, and I’m a bit peeved you finished before I permitted you.”

Garth gulped as it was clear that he was in big trouble and muttered softly,


“That’s right who’s your mommy.” Alice grabbed his cock and forced it back into her, and she began riding him, riding like no tomorrow. Garth groaned hard as the bed started creaking under him as he felt pushed down deep into the bed as she was fucking him. He thought she was kind before; Now she was taking control of the young stallion.

“Oh, sweet God help me!” Garth called out, but Alice growled more and smiled sadistically.

“Oh dear, God isn’t here only me!” She moaned more as she fucked him her hips bucking hard thrusting, but Garth began getting more into it. His body is aching as Alice screamed out.

“Yes, yes, yes!” She was taking him, and she knew all she wanted, and she was getting it. Right now was not the time to be meek. It was time to fuck! Garth screamed more almost wanting help he was inbetween needing saving and just pure sensual pleasure as he felt his balls tightening, but the mare only wouldn’t relent.

“Don’t you dare cum until I tell you.”

The two would go on for what seemed like an hour Garth barely able to move his body numb feeling like Jelly as he finally heard the mare scream,

“Cum you son of a bitch Cum in your mistress pussy!” which Garth did pent up but fought for all he could cummed in her releasing his larges load filling her up till finally, everything had gone dark. Garth was out like a light.

When the young stallion woke up again, he found himself in his bed aching as he could hardly move, with a small letter next to him, which he grabbed and proceeded to read.


I had a great time, and sorry I got carried away it’s been a good few days since I had fun, and before that, it was nearly a year please forgive me I wasn’t myself. But I hope you enjoyed yourself. I put something special under your bed so you’d remember our time, and to prove you won the bet. If you're ever feeling excited or want to try again meet up with me and say, ‘Let’s see the rabbits.’



P.S Remember to bring condoms next time your lucky I was on the pill.

Garth jumped off the bed nearly falling on his face he felt like jelly buy made it and looked under it where he saw under it what seemed to be a bra a rather large one. It was none other than Alice’s he remembered it from earlier and gave a smile. Before wincing, his cock moved, as Garth grunted his cock hurt. His whole body was actually, and he wondered how long it would last like this.

Submitted: February 25, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Mr.Midnight. All rights reserved.

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