The Hotel

The Hotel

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


A man checks into a Hotel on his business trip.


A man checks into a Hotel on his business trip.


Submitted: March 09, 2016

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Submitted: March 09, 2016



“That’ll be 12.50 Sir”

I see the hotel in front of me.  

“Sir! That’ll be 12.50?!”

“Oh! Sorry I was districted”
I say digging into my pocket for the fare. 
Handing him a 10 and a 5 dollar bill. 
“That’s good, keep the change”

He gets out of the  cab and helps me bring my luggage to the door. 

I get the counter and give my name. The gentleman takes my credit card and taps on keys in rhythmic tune on the keyboard. 
He hands me my card back along with the key card for my room, I gather my luggage and make my way to the elevator. 

I fall. . . 
Falling freely with my arms wide open. 
Hitting the soft surface of the blankets then the firmness of the mattress. 
I let out a long groan of satisfaction that I’m done traveling for the day. 

I turn onto my back folding my hands on my chest. 
Feels so good to get away, even for just a night. 
There’s a vibration on the bed. 
I reach my arm out and begin sliding my hand around and find my cell. 


- “Hey, how was your trip, you have a good flight?”

“Hey George! It was a good flight, pretty smooth flight for the most part”

-“Hey man. . . umm. . .don’t be mad at me ok?!”

“Why?. . . what’s going on?. . . what did you do?”

-“Well me and. . . “

“And?. . . what did you do?”

-“Umm. Me and a few of our friends all chipped in for an escort for you!”
I start hearing laughter in the background. 

“You guys did WHAT?!”

-“Yea man, we figured with your raise and your break up with that psycho bitch, you deserve to have a good time”

“You guys are total fucking assholes!”

-“Come on man! We care about you.”

“Fuck you! You’re joking right?!. . .this is some kind of prank?”

-“Don’t worry bud, she’s real classy, even got Davis to do a background check. She’s in University and paying her intuition with the money”

“Yea sure! Because all escorts use their real names. . . I’m turning her away or. . .I just won’t answer the door. . . .I’m going to another hotel!”

-“Her alias was in data records along with her real name and everything. All she got was drug charges during high school and a few others before she went professional”

“Yea, I’m going to another hotel”

-“Don’t do that! We spent like 400$ on her man! Just have some fun for an hour and you’ll be good. Trust us! No one will know except us”

“I’m going  now. . . not staying here”

-“Hahaha you’re going to pay us back if you don’t fuck her man! She’s going to show up as a business woman. People will think she’s just a co-worker”

“I’m going now. . .bye assholes!”


I hang up the cell and toss it on the bed. 
I get up and walk to the window. 
Looking at my watch it reads 7:23pm.

My cell vibrates again I pick it up and read the text ''She'll be there at 9, I gave her your cell number”. 

“you’re dead when I get back! Leaving here”, was my reply. 

Just then another text from

unknown number – “be there at 9 baby ;* will txt when I’m omw”

I panic and grab my bag. . .I pace the room and wonder what to do.

I’ve never been with an escort. What if my boss finds out?  What if I get fired for this? What if I get AIDS!

I breath heavy and start to hyperventilate. I grab a cup and pour myself some iced water.
“Ok, ok, ok. . .  calm. . . calm.”
I grab my luggage and I walk out my room. 

I get to the elevator and going down I realize it’s late in the evening, there’s a huge concert tonight and most of the hotels I called were booked.

The bell rings and the doors slide open. I stand there and the front desk employee looks and he smiles. We stare at each other for a moment then the doors slide shut. Standing there for a moment thinking I should go to slum motel. If I do that, how safe will that be and how would that look to my boss?!

The elevator doors slide open again and the front desk employee is standing there. 


He asks with a concerned expression

“are you ok?. . . you’ve been standing in here for a few minutes and the elevator hasn’t left this floor”

I stand there wanting to tell him to call another hotel, maybe a brother or sister company that would have a room. Then again he would just try give me a breakfast coupon to get me to stay or a discount or just check me out and give my room to someone else. 

“Excuse me Sir, do you need assistance or something?”

He asks again breaking my thought process. 

“umm. No! Sorry was day dreaming”
I press the button to go back to my floor. 

He gives me a half smile. 
Just before the doors close, I slide my hand between them and they open again. 
“Um excuse me!”

He stops and turns around surprised “Yes?”

“There will be a woman. Who will be coming by. . . a business woman!. . .can you tell her that I’ll be busy and asked not be disturbed and I’ll see her tomorrow . . or no! Tell her I’m not here!”


He nods his head and walks away to his counter and computer. 

The doors slide shut and I go back up. 

My cell vibrates as I get to the door and I open it dropping my luggage by the door. 

Looking at my text message I read

“Hey baby, I can come earlier if you would like, say at 8:30?”

I look at the time and it’s already 7:47pm.
I tap the cell against my leg as I walk to the tv. Turning it on to fill the air with something other than silence.

I look at the cell again and I see I’ve sent a text back with random buttons pressed. 

“Fuck!” I thought to myself. 
I text it to apologize

“sorry pocket texted”

-“lol that’s ok it happens . . . so 8:30 or you want to meet at 9?”

“can I get back to you I need a shower”

-Oh ok well I can just show up at 9, I forgot your plane was a late arrival C-ya soon ;)”

George must have told her everything. 
Fuck I’m amazed he didn’t tell her my life story as well. 

I unpack my clothes and set them on the hangers by the door. Taking my shower stuff out, I get into the shower. 

Getting dressed I'm more calm and have given it some more thought. 

I pick up my cell and text

“I have a fantasy”

-“sure baby what is it?”

“I’m a Boss and I’ve always wanted to fuck my secretary.”

-“Mmm LOVE IT!”

“just call me Boss, also I'm really nervous”

-“Don’t worry, I’m a professional, I won’t break character and I’m real good with nervous people”
“ok see you soon”

I sit nervously on the bed and I look at the time. “8:26pm. . . Fuck, I need a drink”

I go down to the bar and order anything strong and make it a double. 
I sit there contemplating if I should go through with it. I decide I will. No one will know like George said. 
Then I decide I won’t. George will know and the other fellows will know. 

Looking at my drink I feel calmer and assured about my decision, I go to grab my cell and I realized I forgot it in my room. In ask the bartender for the time and he informs me Its ten to nine. 

Ok, I got time to cancel the escort and the guys are shit out of 500 bucks. Serves them well those fuckers. I can get myself laid. AND! for free also. . . 
I’ve just been stressed and busy with this new potential merger with our business. I got the raise because I set up this meeting and they let me take the lead. If it follows through I get a 100 000 bonus. That’s stress of there wasn’t one. 

I start walking to the elevator and I wait there. 
 Standing I watch the lights to the numbers light one after another then that ding followed with the doors sliding. 

Stepping in I press my floor button and it. Begins to shut. I see a shadow of a person walking quickly to the door and I press the open button. 

The door opens and I’m looking at the floor. 
I see her feet first in high heels. My eyes goes upwards and her thighs framed by her black dress. 

-“Thank you Sir” She says as she gets in. 

“no problem” 

 Looking down I notice her black high heels and my eyes go upwards. Her skirt starts just below her knees and it hugs her thighs nicely. The curvature that transitions over her waist is almost seamless.  her dress shirt crisp and flawless as it was custom fitted. . . her eyes catch mine staring at her and I look away shyly and clear my throat. 

-“It’s ok, I’m used to it”

“I don’t normally oogle women, I’ve just had a drink, I don’t normally drink also”

-“No really, it’s ok. I’ve been drinking also earlier and I’ve oogled a few people myself” she says with a smile. 

The elevator dings and it opens. We both get out and walk down the same direction. 

As I pull my key card it slips through my fingers and I drop it. Stopping to pick it up I hear her knocking on a door and I look up.

 She’s knocking on my room door. 

Thinking if I should keep walking or just tell her I wanted to cancel but seeing how beautiful she looks I’m caught staring again. 

She looks at me with a smile. 

“That’s my room” I say holding the key card up. 

-“Oh! Well hello my name is”

“I know who you are!”

I say cutting her off. I slide the card through its slot and I push the door open for her. 

She walks in saying “What would  you want to talk about first?”

As I follow her on I couldn’t help but admire the roundness of her ass and how it was shaped. 
“Excuse me?” I say, I admit I wasn’t paying attention. 

-“What would you want to talk about first? Position, money or business?” she walks to the window looking out. 

“Umm . . . not sure business or mayb,”the vibration of my cell cuts me off. 

“business but money is business in my opinion” I finish."

She points towards my cell and asks “you’re not going to answer that? Could be important”

I walk over to it and I grab it then drop it into the bag with my shower stuff. “Not as important as You are right now”  feeling it’s George being nosey about the escort. 

-“Thank you, it’s a good feeling to know what you think is important”

“Well, I’ve never done this before but I know what I want”

-“I know what I want also and I just want us to get along well”

“I’m sure we will” I walk closer to her. 

 She walks closer to me. 

-“Well, I want you” 

The rest of whatever she was saying was met with a deep kiss as I pull her into me. 

She pulls away at first but let’s me hold her. 
Her sounds of acceptance slipping past her mouth. 

She breaks the seal “excuse me Sir but I don’t even know your first name!”

“Just call me Boss, nothing else”

-“Oh! confident are we?”

“Very, like I said, I know what I want. What I want right now is for you to call me Boss”

I grab her again and our tongues fight for dominance in our mouths. 

She puts her hands against my chest as to push me away but she doesn’t. 

We’ve made our way pressing up against the window and she places her hands down to her side pressing them against the glass. 

My mouth goes down your neck and I start undoing her shirt. I slide the fabric over her right shoulder and my lips chase it. Her hands busy them selves and starts undoing my shirt. 

Removing her shirt over both shoulders it falls down her arms and into the floor she sets her hands back on me to finish taking my shirt off. 

She turns around pressing her ass against me.  Unclipping her bra she lets it fall to the floor and gravity brings her breasts to a swaying motion as she moves her ass side to side as if taunting my cock. 

I slap her hard across one cheek and she lets out a yelp as she bites her teeth together. 

“Don’t tease” I tell her. 

-“Yes Boss” in a soft voice. 

I unclip her skirt from the back and lower the skirt down. Her legs come together so it falls.  
Her firm round ass looks as delicious as it did just a few moments ago. 

The black panties laced and fringed perfectly wrap around her legs and waist. The fabric running smoothly between her ass and thighs, covering her teasingly as I see the mounds of her lips. Taking her one leg out from her skirt she widens her stance while looking back with a smile she closes her eyes as my mouth comes In contact with her ass cheek.  
My right hand squeezing her calve in a massaging motion as my left hand lifts and spreads her cheek. She reaches around grabbing her other cheek and pulls it, we stretch her wider as my teeth takes hold of the fabric and I pull. Her panty slowly slides down and we move our hands to let it slide over her ass. Down her thighs they go and they fall to her ankles. She steps out of them and goes back to her wide stance, only this time there's no obstruction in the way of my mouth. 

“hold both cheeks and spread for your Boss”

-“Yes sir” she softly replies. 

As she grabs her other cheek, I jerk my hand upward and connect with her pussy. The slap buckles her legs and she lowers. 

-“Yes, Boss!” she corrects herself. 

She straightens her legs and brings herself closer to me. Her hands reaching back and spreading her ass cheeks apart again. 

I caress her asshole with the wet tip of my tongue. I feel her muscles contract as my tongue  circles and teases with gentley added pressure of my tongue to her anus. She lets out a moan and her hand reaches further and she places a finger over it as my tongue leaves it and travels down to her slit. I maneuver myself through her legs without breaking Contact with her pussy. I sit with my head tilted back with my arms out to hold me up. I move my bottom lip and it pushes her hood over her clit. My tongue lashed out at it like a snake lunging, twirling around it. I move my bottom lip to slide up and down over it. 


She Let’s her ass go and reaches for my cock to undo my pants. 
I bite her. 
I bite her hard. 
She grabs my shaft tightly as she screams letting her legs give out from under herself putting her weight down into me. She catches her self by holding her self up with her arms. She sets her legs straight again and let’s me continue to orally please her. She doesn’t try to make a grab for my cock unless I ask, for the rest of her stay. 

She cums into my mouth. 
She gushes with intensity she collapses onto me. Her legs shaking over my shoulders and her breasts over my chest. She moans loudly as she fills my mouth and I swallow every ounce of her. 

She finds herself to her feet again I get out from under her. 
She stays in the wide stance while bending over as she holds her legs steady. 
She stands as I turn her to face me. 
I lay her on her back and and I grab her legs. 
I set them together and slowly push them towards her body. They touch her breasts and I wrap both my arms around them and her body. I lift her off the bed and place her between the wall and me. She reaches for her ankles as I slide into her. In drop her slightly to get the height correct and she bites down on her lip also as she digs her nails into herself. I start my thrusts into her and we meet violently he screams of ecstasy fill the room. 

“Hold onto my neck” I tell her as I slow my pace. 

-“Yes Boss”

She reaches and I feel her fingers interlock behind my neck. I lower my arms and place my hands on her ass. I stretch her open leaving her ass gapped and coat my finger with the juices that slip last my cock in her pussy. I push my finger into her ass and I start my thrusts again. 

I slam into her hard as if I’m deliberately trying to break her through the wall. She screams every profanity she knows through her orgasms. With every orgasm the rug at my feet and just under her is soaked from the gushes and squirting of her. She cries and begs me to stop and pushes my face away to try get me to stop. I bite down on her finger and her eyes roll into her head. She makes a low groan and spits saliva through her clenched teeth as I feel her hot gushes splash and drop down my legs again. My balls slapping against her. 

She gasps for air as her eyes come back and finds my stare into them. 

She smiles when she feels that were not moving but me pressing my body tightly against hers. 

-“yes, yes, yes, fill me up boss” with an exhausted and hoarse voice. 

My cock twitching and throbbing with every spurt of my jizz into her. 

Filling her so much it seeps through between the walls of her vagina and my shaft outwards. 

She kisses me deeply and wipes the sweat from my forehead. 

Inset her down softly on the bed and she carefully sets her legs straight. 

She turns into her stomach and lays there. 
I position myself on her back legs and I massage her back as I know being in that position for a long period would be hard on her muscles and spine. 
From the small of her back up the spine and across the shoulders I kneed with my fingertips and knuckles the muscles that stiffen.  She falls asleep from exhaustion, I lay beside her. 

Wondering if I should wake her or not to send her off or to let her sleep. Not knowing the procedure of an escort, I fall asleep wondering what to do, what to say. 

I’m awaken by my alarm and I quickly sit up and look beside me. She’s gone and what’s left in her place was a note. 

“I’ll see you later. Best pre-meeting ever :*”


Confused, I put the note in my bag for keepsake. 
I shower, shave, eat breakfast and I’m prepared for. . . . . . THE MEETING!

I take my cell from my shower bag and it’s dead. 
I grab the charger and leave the room. 
Taking 30 minutes to find the building where the meeting is, I plug my charger in and turn it on. I wait the reboot and set time I get my calls, emails and finally my texts. 

“unknown number- Hey baby I’m here”

“George – The escort show up”

“unknown number – hun? The front desk said you weren’t here? Wtf?! I have a NO REFUND policy”

“unknown number – Thank you for your payment for services. All no shows from purchaser are considered services paid. 100% No refund”

Who the FUCK!! Did I fuck last night then?

Not a minute sooner the rest of the people show up, with the last person walking through the door, the CEO and Majority Stock Holder. . . My Assumed Escort. 

-“Its going to be delightful working with you Sir”
She sits on her chair at the head of the table. 
-“Sorry, I meant Boss!” she smiles. 

There’s a few giggles and the rest, a confused or surprised look on faces, thinking she had a weird sense of humor knowing she will be my boss. . . 

During business hours at least. 

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