Bedroom. Bedroom.

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



She starts to thank him. . .



She starts to thank him. . .


Submitted: March 07, 2016

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Submitted: March 07, 2016



You lead me into the bedroom and sit me down. 

You stand in front of me and say 
“I missed you today, I missed your cock inside me”

You lean down and kiss me on the forehead then down my cheek to my neck. 

You pull my shirt off me and push me back so I’m laying on the bed. 

You undo my belt and lower my pants. 

I feel your fingers rub my cock through my pants before you take me out and start kissing my shaft, getting me harder before you wrap your soft lips around it. 

You take me and you slide your tongue around the underside when you reach my balls. 

Feeling my cock throb inside your throat you gag a little because of my girth and you slide back up so you can get a breath of air. 

I sit up and you tell me,
 “baby no, I want to make you cum in my mouth because your so good to me”.
I smile and sat,
 “you’re the one who’s been good babycakes”.
I kiss you on the lips and stand you up. 

I take a cloth by your bed and blind fold you. 

Laying you down you feel my hands all over you as I strip you naked. You feel  my kisses over every inch of your body. 

I take your hands and raise them over your head and tie your wrists together then to the bed post. 

I lower myself to your ankles and tie them to the corners of the bed, leaving you exposed. 

You feel my fingers glide over your skin from fingertips to toes then a warmth moist touch of my mouth sucking on your nipples. I bite them and you arch your back to the painful pleasure of the sting. 

My kisses lower and you feel me wildly tasting and licking your clit as I slide two fingers inside you and play with your g-spot. 

Feeling you cum I lick up all the juices and hold in into my mouth, I go up and kiss you. You taste my lips and your own fluids as our tongues wrap around each other. 

I lift myself up over you and you feel the head of my cock teasing your clit as it runs and pressed against it. 

I keep you blind folded as I get off the bed and then you feel something brush against your stomach and it feels stiff and dry. 

“Its my leather belt” I tell you. 

Feeling it slide over your stomach to the sides of your thighs. 

I flick my wrist and the belt whips a quick circle in the air then strikes you. 

You feel the sting shoot through your body and you wince, another flick of the belt and it strikes your pubic area and again the sensation shoots through you. 

You feel my hand caress and massage the area where it struck you. 

You feel my belt rub on your pussy and you smear the tip of the leather belt with your juices and I strap you across your pussy, from your clit and down the slit of your cunt. 

You moan as the pain lingers and I suction it in my mouth and flick my tongue at it. 

I stop just as you hold your breath getting ready for your orgasm but I stop before you do. 

You let out your breath in a long sigh. 

A sudden strike to your nipple and then the other gets your already hard nipples throbbing as I pinch them some more and take turns sucking one then the other. 

I strap you again across the stomach and you feel my hand rub and caress your flesh, my hand lowers and you feel my fingers slide into you. 

You shift your body moving with my hand and again your going to cum but I stop, cutting you off from your orgasm again. 

You let out a long exhale again starting to feel frustrated, you bite your bottom lip. 

My mouth moves from your breasts to your thighs and I bite hard leaving marks a long the way. 

You feel my legs set by your head then my cock rubbing against your mouth.
You open up and let me in tasting the precum. 

You suck me as I lick your pussy in a 69 position with me on top I fuck your throat and eat away at your pussy. 
Your body thrusting against my face quicker and quicker I know your going to cum when you stop sucking me and again I stop. You bite my cock but only gently  in frustration of another orgasm not being denied. 

I turn around to get face to face and you feel my lips kissing your neck and my hand squeezing your breast with your nipple being pinched between my fingers. 

You feel me suddenly shove my cock in you with no warning and your breath is taken away from the sudden filling. 

You arch your back and I’ve got you good, you feel your self cumming and I keep thrusting hard into you that you scream as you cum hard around my cock. 

You want to grab onto me and wrap your legs tightly around me but you’re tied up, so you have no choice but to take the punishment of my cock slamming into your pussy as you cum. 

Over and over your orgasms come to you and you start to feel light headed and you ask through broken breathers get me to stop but I don’t. 

I fuck you harder with every thrust.

Your pussy sensitive and swollen from me, you feel me press hard against you as we both cum together. 

My cock fills you up inside and you empty out of your pussy getting my balls and the bed wet. 

You finish cuming and feel my cock throbbing inside you, I slowly slide out making you twitch, you're sensitive and tender. . . . 

I untie your hands and feet. You leave the blind fold on as you lay your head on my arm. 

You set your leg over me and my leg between yours. I wrap my arm around you and we lay there. 

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