Embarrassing Games

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

Four boys and four girls get together to play the game. They know it might be a little naughty, but they’re old enough and curious enough to want to know a little bit more about their classmates hidden anatomy. None of them think they may be subject to an embarrassing exposure. What could go wrong?

Table of Contents

Introduction to The Game

Chapter 1 The four high school boys were friends since grade school. They were obsessed with sex and approaching the age where they w... Read Chapter

Day One, Ethan Loses the Draw

The Game - Chapter 2 Four girls agreed to play the game at James's house the next weekend. The guys hadn't spelled out the details, o... Read Chapter

Ethan Continued

The Game chapter 3   Ethan stood in front of his friends completely naked, behind a curtain that was just barely concealing ... Read Chapter


The Game - chapter 4   Ethan emerged from the closet after having experienced the most embarrassing and humiliating experien... Read Chapter

Abigail Continued

The Game - chapter 5   Abigail was intoxicated with the power she had over the boys in the room. As much as they tried to di... Read Chapter

How Does James Come Up With Stuff Like This?

The Game chapter 6   Although it took some convincing, particularly of Hannah and Ethan, the teens agreed to meet the follow... Read Chapter


The Game chapter 7   Lucas was flushed and beads of sweat were running down his temples. His hands were suspended above his ... Read Chapter

Lucas continued

The head of Lucas’s penis rose higher and higher, finally reaching its full aroused length at the top of the curtain. He wasn’t sure,... Read Chapter


** To understand this chapter, I recommend that you read Chapter 8 first.  Read Chapters 6 through 8 for a more thorough underst... Read Chapter