Her Office

Her Office Her Office

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Ms. Crawford is in complete control of her office, including the handsome young file clerk, Jason. This is the first in a series about Ms. Crawford.


Ms. Crawford is in complete control of her office, including the handsome young file clerk, Jason.

This is the first in a series about Ms. Crawford.


Submitted: August 06, 2012

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Submitted: August 06, 2012



The door closed heavily. From across the room, she saw him start. He stood next to her desk lamp, and it brightly illuminated the toned lines of his arm muscles beneath his suit shirt and the curve of his ass under his suit pants.

“We need to talk, Jason,” she said, leaning back against the doorway so that one foot was propped against it, knee held high and pushed out.

“Sure, what about?” He nervously began to play with a paperclip he’d picked up from the desk, bending and unbending it.

“The way you’ve been looking at me.”

His hands suddenly went still and his cheeks flushed. “Listen, Elaine...”

“Ms. Crawford, please.”

“Ms. Crawford, I promise, it’s not what you think.” His hands moved to his head, running back through his soft-looking light brown hair.

“Oh?” she asked, easing herself away from the wall with her foot. The top few buttons of her blouse were loose, and so as she crossed her arms, her breasts were pushed up, revealing, she knew, cleavage through the gap of her blouse. Jason didn’t miss it. She saw his eyes take note, appreciatively. “And what if I said that I am absolutely certain it is exactly what I think. Would you call me a liar?”

Mouth wide, lips wet, he began to protest. “Please, don’t fire me. I’ll quit, if you want, but please...”

She had crossed the space between them and at that, she put out a finger and touched it to his lips, shushing him. “Shh now. I never said we had a problem here. Much less a fireable offense.” She ran her finger along his lips, enjoying the feel of the stubble on his cheek, tracing his square jaw line until her fingers reached his ear. She curled them close to her hand and ran them back down his jaw line, slowly. His face went through stages of confusion, understanding, and finally: lust. As her fingertips went once again to his lips, he suddenly kissed them, licking them with his tongue as his lips caressed them.

She pulled them back sharply, as if he had bit her.

“Did I say you could do that?”

His eyes widened, and then he shook his head. “Ms. Crawford, I...”

She turned away from him and moved over to the deep leather couch against the wall. Spinning to face him, she collapsed into it. “Come here.”

He did as he was told. Moving until he was just in front of the couch, he stopped and waited for what she would say next.

“Sit down.” She touched the couch in front of her. He did, looking at her curiously with deeply set blue eyes.

As he watched, she slowly undid her blouse and hung it from the back of the couch. Then, she removed her bra, folding it over her blouse. Her breasts hung exposed in front of her, nipples hardening in the chill air. Finally, she stood and slid down her skirt and hung it as well, leaving herself naked except for her panties. Then, she sat back down. “Now, kiss me.”

He leaned over the pressed his lips against hers. She was not disappointed in the kiss. It wasn’t over eager, but it was deep and passionate. His tongue massaged hers as she nipped at his lips while they circled one another.

She took him by the arm and pulled him close. He went still as she touched the tips of her lips to his neck and slid them up slowly to his earlobe, nipping at it.

His hand reached out and tentatively cupped her full breast. She wrapped her hand around his and squeezed tightly. She felt his cheek go hot beneath hers and his breath quickened. His other hand found her second breast, and he began to massage.

A low rumble somewhere between a moan and a growl trembled in her throat. She took gripped his wrists tightly and pushed them to the buttons of his own shirt. “Unbutton,” she whispered. It was not a question. It was a command.

He did as he was bid. As his shirt fell open, she began to massage her clit with one hand. When he didn’t immediately respond, she clucked her tongue and asked, “Are you really going to make me do this myself?”

“Of course not,” he said, flushed, sliding his hand up her thigh. It paused when it stopped against her hand, and he stared her in the eyes, lust burning deeply in their pale blue cores. Those eyes asked for her permission to begin.

She grinned and nodded, moving her hand away to give room for him. As he began to work the folds of her clit and vagina -- deftly, she was glad to find -- she tugged his belt loose. When he gave a small noise of protest, she slipped her hand into his pants and took hold of his penis. Its size would more than do, but she’d been able to tell that from the growing bulge in his pants. Whatever reticence he had melted away as she began to slide her hand up and down the shaft. She gripped him tightly and edged him closer to her so that she could breathe into his ear, “Do you like that?”

He bit his lip and nodded.

“Good,” she breathed. “Now, put your mouth on me.”

Dutifully, he began to suck at her nipples, ringing them with the tip of his tongue and sucking as much of her breast as he could fit in his mouth. She pulled her hand out of his pants and rubbed his cock through his pants, watching as a small wet spot formed where he’d begun to leak.

“Take off your pants,” she said, almost harshly, as if he should have already done it. He finished unzipping and pulled them off hurriedly, kicking them from the end of the couch. Then, he slid off his boxer-briefs. She pursed her lips in satisfaction.

“Lie back,” she said. As he did, she began to slide her legs against his as she moved toward his pelvis. Finally, she straddled him, guiding the end of his penis toward her wet vagina. She slid down him, moaning, and began to rock, bucking him against the front of her and then deep inside of her, alternating. As his lips formed an O of pleasure, she pulled one hand to her breast. Without needing to be told, the other hand went to her clit. He slipped it between his fingers and rubbed quickly with the rhythm of his own panted breathing.

She leaned forward toward him, steadying herself with her thighs and sliding up and down his penis as her breasts slid across his chest. A groan escaped his lips, but it wasn’t doing enough to stimulate her. So instead, she sat back up and then leaned back. She began to pump herself up and down so that his dick hit her walls heavily. Pleasure mounted inside of her.

Another long groan slipped between his lips, and she clucked her tongue, saying, “Not before me, Jason. Don’t disappoint me.”

He bit his lip and shook his head. “I don’t want to disappoint you, Ms. Crawford.”

“Good,” she purred.

He didn’t disappoint. He stayed hard as she thrust against him, pleasure mounting with every thrust of her strong thighs. As they learned to move together his penis went deeper, and his fingers eagering stroked and squeezed at her clit.

Finally, it happened. The pleasure mounted, growing as she began to peak, low moans slipping from her lips. She began to work harder against him. His eyes lit with excitement, and she could see it was becoming more difficult for him to hold on. She removed his hands from her body and pressed them back against the couch above his head. “Don’t want you finishing too soon,” she panted.

The flood of pleasure coursed through her as she came. She gasped and struggled not to let out a loud cry of pleasure. Releasing his hands, she pressed her hands against his chest and rode the orgasm, pushing him deeper inside of her as she twisted with pleasure. At once, he came as well, and she felt him buck beneath her as he squirted himself, hot and sticky, inside of her. He gasped with pleasure, barely breathing for a few moments, and then the pair of them collapsed against the couch.

As she finished doing the last button on her blouse and arranging her hair back in a bun atop her head, she turned to find him watching her with adoration. She smiled coolly. “That’s all I needed you for, Jason. You can go back to your work.”

He blinked uncertainly and stood, pausing near the doorway to look back. He glanced down at the spot on his pants and tried to arrange his hands in front of it. She smiled and nodded to him, then sat at her desk. The door closed lightly. Shuffling her papers, she took a phone call she’d left on hold just as Jason had arrived.

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