Nightmare Come True Chapter 1

Nightmare Come True Chapter 1 Nightmare Come True Chapter 1

Status: Finished

Genre: Horror


Status: Finished

Genre: Horror


Meela is without faith and fearful of trust, a woman who always has to see proof is now on a journey to gain faith, to learn trust and to save her aunt and grandma in what can only be described as a nightmare.


Meela is without faith and fearful of trust, a woman who always has to see proof is now on a journey to gain faith, to learn trust and to save her aunt and grandma in what can only be described as a nightmare.


Submitted: October 08, 2011

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Submitted: October 08, 2011



Meela day started like all the other days a five o’clock in the morning. This morning however took a turn in another direction when she was startled out a deep sleep by the ringing of her phone. Half asleep she walked groggily over to the phone which stood on an old red wood table in the right hand corner of her room. She picked up the black phone. The call id didn’t register a number or a name.




Heavy breathing could be heard.


“Please help me.”


A woman’s voice cried.


“Who is this?”


Meela asked as her heart started to beat faster in her bony chest. Her hands suddenly became cold and clammy. Was this woman in trouble? The phone went dead, not even a dial tone could be heard. Putting her phone down she ran picked out a pair of clothes without thinking running to the bathroom with her clothes and shoes and hair brush she put herself together as quickly as she could, the woman’s voice stuck in her mind like an echo. When she was dressed and turning to leave the bathroom she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Crow’s-feet and worry lines aged her face, giving her the appearance of someone who was old, the dark circles under her eyes didn’t help much either. Frantically packing multiple items flashlight, batteries, a gun with bullets, notepad, pencil, a bottle of water, big chocolate bars, her wallet, cell phone and of course an extra change of clothes. Then as quick as lighting she threw in a first aid kit.


“Why am I packing this?”


She asked herself out loud. Just then it hit her. The house was too quite, walking into her aunt’s room, empty nothing but a bare room of carpet and walls. The room looked as though no one had ever slept inside it. Turning around and running back toward her grandma’s room she peaked her head inside it looked the same as her aunts. Bare, Running through the house and out the front door and into the front lawn her eyes scanned the front of the house for the truck, not even her aunt’s old broken down Hyundai sat in the carport. White flakes covered the ground out side. It had snowed and it was still snowing. Its not suppose to snow in June. Something was definitely off here. Running back into her house gathered her backpack and put it on her back. This was why she had packed, a mission. A mission she would never forget was about to take place, mission to find what her family, perhaps mysterious lady on the phone? No. It’s both. This was to be the hardest road a woman could travel.


“I will find them.”


Meela said with determination in her voice.

Turning her gaze to the left down toward Allyn Ave she noticed in horror that the street no longer broke off to the left or right and that if she had kept on walking without paying attention she would have fallen to her death into nothingness. How far this cliff went down she did not know and didn’t care to know. Quickly turning back in the direction she came from her feet took her to the elementary school with no rhyme or reason, just to keep on going somewhere, where it’s not known only one thing mattered and that was finding her family and the mystery woman. Upon reaching the school she too noticed right away of a group of people wearing black hooded robes around the bleachers. One of them turned in her direction.


“Come here Meela.”


A male voice called to her.


“Who might I ask are you?”


“Just get over here.”


He said impatiently.


“Not until you tell me your name.”


“My name is Lue.”


Meela nodded impatiently at him.


“Make it quick I have a family to find.”


Meela said walking cautiously over to him and the two people with him.


“You’re looking for Janice and Diane right?”


Eyeing him suspiciously and nodded her head in agreement. Better be careful around these people her mind told her.


“What do you know, about their whereabouts?”


“Will you kindly step back away from us?”


With lightning speed she took the backpack off her back, unzipping the backpack she pulled out her gun and pointed it in there direction. The three hooded figures took an immediate step back.


“Don’t try anything, and if any of you know where my family is someone better start talking.”


Scanning there faces hooded faces and pointing the gun to each and everyone one of them she hope it would put a fire under them hot enough to make an answer rise from their lips.


“If you do choose to kill us, you would also kill your chances of ever finding them again.”


Another male voice said as he pulled down his hood, revealing a face with a big nose and strong features with striking blue eyes and hair so blonde it looked unreal.


“Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Troy and before you say another word you scrawny tit less wonder, Let me assure you that I already know all about you and who you are.”


He pointed to the hooded figure in the middle.


“This is Dave; the man to the left of him is Roy.”


“Please just take me to my family.”


“Put the gun away first my dear.”


Roy said sweetly yet sarcastically.




“Let the woman have her guy. Let’s just give her what she wants, her family.”


Dave remarked.


“Thank you. I love them and care about them.”


Meela watched as Dave and Roy took off their hoods. Triplets she thought. They are triplets.


“Let’s get going already.”


She demanded.


Following closely behind as they turned their backs to her and began walking toward a big metal storage unit. Roy opened up the storage units double doors. It looked black inside. Creepy. He pointed toward it.


“They are in there. Go see for yourself.”


Looking in at the darkness inside her body shivered noticeable.

Moving closer to the storage unit she called out to her family.


“Grandma? Diane? You guys in there?”


The triplets shoved her into the unit, the door slammed shut behind her with an ear piercing slam.


“Let me out of here right now!”


“Better watch out.”


Troy said mockingly.


Taking off her backpack and searching blindly for her flashlight she clicked the light on shinning it on the walls around her. Satanic symbols were all over the walls all around her. A picture hung on the back of the wall that really stood out, it was of her suffering in hell. It gave her chill.


No way. She thought.


Just then the storage unit shook violently, causing her to fall onto her scrawny butt. What she didn’t realize was that the unit had risen off the ground outside and was rising up toward the gray sky above. On the back shelve was a metal shelf high on the wall. Upon closer inspection she knew one of the items as the “Amulet of Solomon.” Without knowing quite what to do and why Meela took the item off the shelf and tossed it into her backpack with everything else inside. Looking up just in time another item had fallen off a higher shelf up. Meela caught it, a small glass bottle of red liquid.


Blood? She hoped not.


Then again at this point nothing was what it seemed.


After all she might need these items at one point.


The unit gave one last jolt before it slammed down onto the ground, nearly causing her to lose her balance again. Walking over to the double doors it took all the strength she could muster to open them. It was also as though an unholy force wanted her to remain trapped inside forever. That’s the last thing she needed right now.


Peering out at the foggy silent beach surrounding she made her way slowly out of the unit. No sign of the sun and a quite that spelled trouble lied ahead of her. Under normal circumstances she would of welcomed being at the beach and would find her self to be both excited and having fun. This beach however gave her the chills and it wasn’t just because of the relentless cold either. Her cell phone started to ring. Opening up her back pack and pulling it out and studied the call id. It was completely blank.






“Get me out of here.”


The mysterious woman said pleadingly.


:”Who are you?”


“My name is June. Please hurry.”


The phone went dead.


“Damn it I didn’t get to see the time.”


Straight ahead of her stood a pile of what appeared to be a combination of rocks and stone. The closer to the pile she got the clearer it became that it was a barbeque. On top of it was a dollar made of white clothe with two back buttons for eyes. It felt heavy when she picked it up. A black diamond fell out of the back of it and onto the sand. Placing the diamond carefully back into the doll she placed the doll safely inside her backpack.


“Anyone out here?”


Meela called out loudly.


No answer. Then what sounded like a window breaking shattered the silence. Turning toward the source of the noise she saw a simple box house with a flat roof and attached garage. The garage window was shattered. Taking her gun out of the backpack quickly she made her way slowly toward the garage door. The garage looked more like an extension of the house rather than a garage. Knocking firmly on the door, hoping that whoever resided inside would come out, and not leave her with the task of having to walk into what could be danger. The unknown frightened her more than ever now.


“Please come out of the garage.”


She ordered.


“I won’t hurt you.”


She said as she was trying to open the door. The door was locked.


“I just want to talk to you.”


“Come in here Meela.”


A demonic sounding voice called to her. The voice made her heart pound faster and harder in her bony chest. Taking deep breathes to sooth her pounding heart, a different approach would be necessary now.


“You sound so handsome and sexy; I bet you look hot too.”


She said lying out her teeth almost choking on the words.


The unknown being on the other side of the door smiled broadly. Its pearly white fangs exposed.


“Here let me open the door sweetie.”


Stepping back away from the door opened, her better judgment told her not to enter. What appeared to be a tall muscular demonic looking being with gray skin, black eyes that slanted downward which unnerved her greatly. His black horns on his head didn’t help much either. The fact that he was naked with his big hard swollen penis exposed didn’t help in terms of being able to take her eyes off of him. She could feel her face blush bright red. His pearly white fangs flashed as he smiled at her blushing face.


“Love what you see?”


Closing her eyes tightly her head shook. Reaching his long claws out toward her he grasped her firmly by her skinny shoulders and pulled her into the garage. The gun fell to the floor. The door slammed shut behind her.


“In the name of Jesus I banish you from my sight amen!”


Meela shouted at the demon all the while picturing his body disintegrating before her eyes. The demon turned to vapor like boiling water would when heated up at the right temperature. Gone and vanished was the demon. She felt safe. How long? That was a question that did not have an answer just yet. Better keep this out and close to me she thought as she picked up her gun. Turning her attention back to the inside of this cold lonely garage nothing seemed out of place. A white car was parked in the middle of the garage. Two sets of metal shelves on each wall of the garage held various tool boxes of various sizes from big to small, gasoline cans, oil cans, garden gloves, and a funnel for putting oil in a cars engine. In the back behind the white car laid a folded car cover. An old refrigerator that looked like something out of the 50’s stood in the right hand corn in the back. A red liquid looked to have been smeared here and there and all over the outside of the refrigerator. The red hand prints made her uneasy. Holding her gun out with one hand ready to shoot whatever may pop out she opened it up with the other hand. Better be safe than sorry she thought nervously. Her eyes bulged out wide. Inside on the top rake on a white plate was a severed greyhound dogs head. Where its eyes should have been were two empty sockets, blood oozing out. What kind of sick twisted person or thing could do such a thing to a dog? Next to the severed head was an old fashioned glass coke cola bottle filled with sapphire blue liquid. A white label with black print on the front of the bottle read “Drink Me” Picking up the bottle with her left hand she placed in on the wooden table next to the refrigerator. Closing the door with her right foot a thought came to her mind. What am I thinking? I can’t drink this. The rational side of her mind spoke up. Then again nothing was what it seemed anymore, or appeared to be. Reality doesn’t have bearing here anymore. Making up her mind to drink the fluid a search for a bottle opener had begun. When one couldn’t be found she improvised was made with a flat head screw driver. Drinking the fluid down as fast as possible a change rapidly began to take place. The pupils of her beautiful hazel eyes enlarged to that of the size of a quarter her heart began to beat so fast and hard that it literally knocked her to the floor where her body began to shake violently. Her legs kicked out here and there, just when she thought her body could shake any harder or more violently as foam began to form at her mouth choking her make her cough hard as her eyes rolled back into her head. Death her mind screamed in desperation. I am dying a nightmarish death. Never again will I get to experience life she thought sadly. Who will rescue my family she wondered as she prayed for life. Just then her body rose up into the air where a bright ball of white light shined above her face. The light grew and grew as it engulfed her whole body from head to toe, as her body relaxed and the pain dissipated rapidly, a peacefully feeling came over her. It was the first time sense she feel asleep that she had felt peace in her heart and mind. White gold wings shot out of her shoulder blades. A white shiny monk’s rode covered her now instead of the regular street clothes she wore. Her body gently lowered to the floor. She spotted a full length mirror next to the garage door. Wanting to know what her transformation looked like she ran over to it and saw with joy at what was reflected back. A curvier body with fuller breasts more junk in the trunk, the exact shapely body she had in the fall of 2009 even her hair was longer and shinier than ever. Her white gold wings were an even more spectacular sight to be held. Looking down at her feet she noticed the white stiletto heels. That when her nose filled with the smell of brimstone and blood. A demon was about. Turning around quickly she was face to face with the same demon only this time he wore black jeans that clung to his body leaving nothing to the imagination.


“Give it up?”


He asked angrily.




“Only evil wins in the end.”


He said with a cockily.


Taking her hand with open palms she raised them into the air and then rapidly pushed him. An invisible force field knocked him to the floor. Sneering at her he lunged out at her and failed to take her down. The new found heavenly powers were working in her favor. Putting her hand out she smiled at him, he took her hand as she pulled him up. Then she got an idea.


“Look we can either stand here fighting, or we can come to an agreement.”


“Why would I want to agree with you?”


He asked bitterly angered that some human would be more powerful then him.


“I want to find my family and June. You’re going to help me too right?”


“Why should I help you?”


“Because if you don’t I’ll make you disappear forever.”


Meela said concentrating hard as her hands started to glow and form two balls of bright purple orbs. Pointing them at him and pretending like she was going to toss them at her. He backed off and put up his claws.


“Alright, fine I’ll help you find your family and June.”


“Good, if you try anything funny it will be the end of you.”


Holding out his clawed hand to her, she looked down at it then up at him as if to say “Nice try but no thank you.”


“I say we should check out the house first for clues.”




Walking swiftly out the door before he could say more he picked up his pace to match hers. When they both walked into what would have been the living room of the simple house they observed how bare it looked. Just like the rooms of her house back at home in Saint Helena, after checking all the other rooms they left the bath room last. The bathroom didn’t fit the bare house at all. Entering the bathroom liked like something out of the future. Futuristic electric panels and what appeared to be a time machine sat in the middle of the room. All around the room where panels with different colored controls with monitors. Looking closely at the monitors Meela noticed that it was recording various places, streets, the inside of a church, the beach, even the rooms of the house they were currently in. Was someone spying on everything? Going over to the panel and controls she flipped switches and observed how the view on the monitor changed. Her bedroom can into view on monitor nine. A nine boy was sitting on her bed. Sitting down on the black leather chair she zoomed in on the boy’s face.


“Take a look at this.”


She called to the demon. He looked at the monitor she was pointing at. He looked at her.


“So there’s a boy in your room.”

“I know.”


As she zoomed in the camera out of the view of the boy’s face her attention went to other monitors that were recording other activities. Her heartbeat quickened as she flipped another switch at another control center and her aunt and grandma came into view on monitor number thirteen.


“There they are, look.”


He looked up at the camera.


“I know where that is.”


“You better tell me then right now.”


“It’s actually on another plant. The plant is called Hidden Earth.”


“You mean to tell me there are two earths?”


Meela said raising her eye brows at him.”

He nodded.


“Then let’s go.”


“Ok how then do you want to go? There are two ways, flying and teleporting.”


“Teleporting is faster.”


“Then you better start looking for a teleportation device.”


“Yes we will start looking for one.”


The demon pointed at a door with a silver star of David symbol on it. Leel looked towards it.


“The teleportation device is in there.”


Meela smiled.


“Thank you now let’s get a move on. We have people that need to be rescued.”


Meela opened the door and walked in the demon following behind her. Inside the little room where two black leather chairs with a big red button on each arm rest.


“All you do is press star dash seventy two on the panel there.”

He said pointing at the at the panel next to the chair on the left side of the room.


“Then you sit in the chair and press the red button.”


Meela looked at him closely.


“What’s your name? I want to know your name.”


“My name is Boone.”


He told her as programmed the device like he instructed. Sitting down at the same time they both pressed the red button. With the speed of light they reached their destination.

The teleportation device brought them to a field of golden wheat as far as the eye could see. Meela looked all around here.


“Where should we go from here?”


Then it came to her.


Crouching down her hands felt along the ground. Her senses were heightened suddenly. It was like she had known this place all her life. A door, standing back up she backed away and while visualizing the wheat on the ground blow away to reveal a door. The wheat scattered quickly revealing a bright orange door. Opening it up she signaled for Boone to enter first.  Watching as he walked down into pure darkness. With the power of her mind she made her body glow brightly illuminating the stairs. After what seemed like a very long flit of stairs to walk. The idea of flying the rest of the way down appealed to her. So together they flew in silence all the while observing the place around them. When they finally reached the bottom they noticed that it was a prison. A prison for what appeared to be demons and monsters. Each cell to their left and right held either a demon or a monster, sometimes both. Their eyes started blankly back at Meela and Boone, some of which looked angry very angry. A very tall very fat monster with red dread locks and bright blue eyes pointed his fat finger at Meela.


“Hey there sweetie why don’t you come over here and let me show you love.”


Meela smiled and shook her head.


“I am spoken for.”


“Let me guess. He’s human.”


“Yes and I love him very much thank you.”


“If you change your mind let me know.”


He said pushing a box through the bottom of the barred cell. “Candy” the box read.

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