The Masters Maid

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

This is my first try so please feel free to advice me on now to do better.

Anna had know idea what her new job would hold!

It was my first day as maid in the house of my new employer Lord Raven. The House was a lovely big townhouse and the Lord was a well built athletic man. This hair was a rich brown and his eyes are as black as coal. I was summoned to Lord Raven's study and as I made my way up the servants stairs from the kitchen I was twisting my hands together. I crossed the hall to the solid oak study door there I knocked to be granted entrants. Permission given I entered the room there I when to stand in front of the large mahogany desk. Lord Raven was sat behind it reading some paperwork and as I approached the other side he placed the sheets down. Then standing up he walked round so we were on the same side as one another. He was starring at me the whole time with his black eyes and I felt a shiver go down my back. The air in the room was suddenly tense and the master had a strange gleam in his eyes that made them smolder. I started to back up as he did not stop coming towards me and I bumped in to one of the walls. I had never been so scared in my life. His hand came up to cress my face as he whispered into my ear "This will be the main role for you in my house from now on and don't say anything to the other staff for their will not help you." I wasn't sure what he meant by his words but he would leave me in no doubt. His left hand was feeling my chest though my dress and his lips had taken mine in a hard deterring kiss. I could feel tears roll down my face as when I took the portion in the house I never expected anything like this to happen. My dress had been loosened as was his need to have his lips on my breasts. Then he had started to nibble on my nipples which coursed more pain and more tears to fall. In the back of my mind I was liking what he was doing and I didn't understand why. He seamed to enjoy the pain that he was causing me as he kissed the tears off my face with a menacing smile. He pulled me from the wall and sent me sprawling on to the floor. The skirt of my long black maids dress had come up showing my stays. Lord Raven was standing other me and it was clear that he was enjoying the distress he was causing. I had never thought such a handsome man would be so cruel. He knelt down and as he did he ripped my bloomers from me. His hand crested my thigh and reached up to feel the triangle of hair at the tops of my legs. I tried to move but he had me pined down. He had managed to undone his breachers and free his member ready for the release his body was craving for. He pined my legs down with his legs and my arms above my head with one of his hands as the other was being used to fondle my breasts once more. He placed his member to my core and that was when I felt the shearing pain which I was sure had to be him ripping me in half. He pumped hard and soon he was spilling his seed in to me. He pulled back and looked down in to my face smiling as he could tell he had taken my maidenhood from me. His pleasure still showing on his face he said "I know as soon as I saw you were the one I had to have and I know soon my sweet you will come to enjoy these times with me. I how order you to go freshen up and I wont you from this time on never to wear bloomers under your dress. Be sure to do as I say as I will check. Do you understand?" I had got to my feet and had smoothed my skirt down. Standing in front of him my face tear stained, I nodded that I understood and also replied "Yes Master." "Good, how leave me." he replied. I walked from the study up to my room and there I poured some water from the jug on the simple dresser in to a bowl. I scrubbed at my skin to try to cleanse what the Master had done and could not help but wonder at when he would repeat the act again. Having finished washing myself I made my way back downstairs to the kitchen and back helping to prepare the evening meal. It was as we were doing the work that the housekeeper came in and told us that Lord Raven was to be having a guest. Said guest was to arrive for dinner and would be staying for at least a week. The housekeeper then sent myself and May up to the guest room to make it up for the expected visiter. The guest room was an eggshell blue colour. The covers freshened up and the room aired we where heading back to the kitchen when we passed the master. We both bobbed a curtsy and as he nodded his acknowledgment we made to move on towards the kitchen. "Anna could you come with me please?" I turned and followed the master in to his bed chamber. As I closed the door I saw May heading down the stairs without a backward glance. Turning round to the master I had my back to the door. He closed the gap between us, then placed a soft kiss on my lips. It was not like the first kiss he gave me in the Study. I couldn't help my reaction to this kiss as I freely kissing him back but stopped then I felt the skirt on my dress coming up. "Please no Master" I said quietly but he didn't stop and just whispered back "No my dear I say when and where. Not you my love." His hand brushed my center and then with his forefinger and thump he pinched me hard. As I when to cry out he closed his month over mine to muffle the sound. "I'm clad you have done what I told you Anna. How I have a warning for you don't go near my friend Lord Johnson. If you do your have to make up for it." He pinched me again and again he covered the cry with a kiss. "Do you understand my love?" I nodded as tears rolled down my face. "You can go now but keep my words in mind." Back downstairs the dinning room was being set up and the guest was about to arrive. Lord Johnson arrived and had an uneventful dinner with Lord Raven. After Lord Raven and Lord Johnson had retired to the study for a glass of whiskey. "Raven you have a very good staff here and your maids are nice. You always liked having pretty one's around you. Belinda will only have ugly one's so I don't stray to them and not her but she lost my interest after my duty was done to the family. Now I only have eyes for others with a sweeter look then her." He said before taking a sip from his glass. He thought about how he was going to enjoy his stay in his friends house and more so because of the maids. He had court a glimpse of a beauty slipping down the stairs to the kitchen then he arrived and had seen her a couple of times at dinner. "Johnson my servants are not here for your enjoyment so I would ask you to leave them be. I know of somewhere that has girls to temp you. We will go tomorrow and sample the delights on offer. How if you would excuse me I will retire now." Raven got up and headed up to his room. Left in the study Johnson contemplated finding which of the servants room the pretty maid was in and enjoy some pleasure tonight. What his friend didn't know wouldn't hurt him. He downed the rest of his whiskey and walked from the study. As he went up the stairs he notice one of the maids on the landing with a jug in her hands. He could tell that it was the lovely maid he had seen earlier. This groin stirred just at the sight of her. He was up the stairs in two steps and was just reaching her then his friend came out of his room and the maid visibly jumped at as his appeared. "What are you still doing up Anna?" he said "I think you should go to bed and in the morning come to my study." Bobbing a curtsy I said" Yes Master" and went up to bed. "Johnson, I believe I said to leave the maids alone?" he aid to Johnson. "The girl had come up to me old chap. What's a man to do if your maids make a point of waiting outside my room!" He smiled at the lie he had told but who's word would Raven believe more. Up in my room I just knew this was going to be bad and all I had been doing was fetch myself some more water. I just could not sleep because when I shut my eye's see was was the Masters face when he had come upon Lord Johnson and myself. I was scared of what would happen. After the fitful sleep I was up at six the next morning. Having washed and dressed I went strate to the study. At the solid oak door I knocked like I did the day before but this time there was not response so I opened the door and went in. I was surprised to find Lord Johnson by the fire. "Sorry Sir, there was no response to my knock. I'll leave you and come back later Sir." I turn to leave and walked right on to Lord Raven.

Submitted: July 31, 2008

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OMG that was so so so amazing! Please write more!

Sat, January 30th, 2010 6:08am


loved it update soon

Wed, March 10th, 2010 10:19pm


love love love love
it is so beautiful, you must write some more

Mon, December 6th, 2010 3:11pm


I agree with PRVENUS. There is much potential to this story and with a few adjustments and proofreading, it would be a delight to keep reading. If you need anyone to help you proofread your work and edit it for you, I would be glad to. You could also take a look at my story The Town of Dulwich. It's set in a similar style as yours only as a novel.

Fri, January 14th, 2011 9:33pm


it so cool OMG!!!
you should totally make another chapter man its so cool

Mon, April 25th, 2011 2:43am


This story is not just good but great! I just hope that you could break it into paragraphs and this would much easier to read.

Sun, May 19th, 2013 9:22am


This story is not just good but it's great! Keep us updated. But I hope that next time you should break it into paragraphs so that this would be mush easier to read. :)

Sun, May 19th, 2013 9:26am



Sat, June 15th, 2013 5:08am

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