LOVE FROM DARKNESS (fully revised and in chapters))

LOVE FROM DARKNESS  (fully revised and in chapters))

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Where does love starts? Is it possible for a vampire, a creature of the night to feel, love?!... What if I tell you that Magnus is a vampire in love, a good soul, a perfect lover?... A vampiric, erotic novel, full of romance, sex,blood... Will you be curious?....


Where does love starts? Is it possible for a vampire, a creature of the night to feel, love?!... What if I tell you that Magnus is a vampire in love, a good soul, a perfect lover?... A vampiric, erotic novel, full of romance, sex,blood... Will you be curious?....

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: September 20, 2011



Lady Arween has been a young widow for some time now. Every day she walks by the sea with her naked feet and a sad look on her face... After this she always sits on the bench in the small park overlooking the ocean reading her book for a couple of hours.

Count Magnus is a two hundred years old vampire. He is a tall man, long dark hair, big blue eyes, like the colour of the ocean. Magnus is not a muscular man though very strong! His skin looks like fine china. He lives in his family castle situated on the top of the town hill. Everyday from his castle he looks down at the ocean for hours, always protected from the deadly sunlight ...

One day this lonely, sad Lady called his attention. So, every day he began to look through his huge window so that he could follow Lady Arween , as if he was frozen in time ...
Lady Arween is a simple mortal being, light brown wavy hair, pale skin, dark almond eyes; she is rather small for her age with a nice figure though not a beautiful woman. Somehow Magnus became so fascinated with her ....

A month passed by and one day, late in the evening, when the sun started to set Magnus stepped down from his majestic place and went to meet this lonely Lady. Arween was sitting on the bench watching the sunset with a distant look on her face, in deep thought.

- Milady, my apologies but it seems that this is the only bench in the park and I was wondering if you would mind if I have a sit next to you, just to enjoy the view? Said Magnus.  Lady Arween was took by surprise by this handsome man, so different from the others … she just stayed there looking at him....
- Milady?! he said in a polite manner.
- Oh! Yes of course you may sit, forgive me! she replied with a shy smile...
- Beautiful sunset, it gives us a feeling of dormancy, thought Magnus out loud!

Arween was surprised and she couldn't help staring at him once again, speechless... when she realizes that he was looking at her too, she blushed.
- Forgive me once again, she apologized, but … you look so different, so hypnotic... Are you from here? I think I have never seen you before...
- I live in the castle uphill and I do not get out very often, replied Magnus; he smile at her in a sensual way.

From this day on Arween and Magnus began to meet at this same place . They talked for hours and became very closed to each other, sharing experiences and emotions. They were becoming really good friends.  Every time Arween is close to Magnus her heart beats faster and faster. Sometimes her pale cheeks blush... Soon deep feelings start to grow for this handsome man but she never dared to tell him anything!

Time passed by and one day Magnus invited Arween to have dinner at his castle. She didn't know but he also had strong feelings for this mortal, who kept fascinating him each day …

Magnus decided to tell his sweet friend the truth about himself! That he is not a normal man, he is a vampire!!... He was nervous that night and scared for the first time in two centuries!! He didn't know how Arween would react to his revelation, he didn't want to lose her … The bell rang... Arween arrived! A small old man opened the door.

- Milady please come in, my master is waiting for you, said the man.

Magnus looks wonderful tonight, his long hair had a discrete lace in the back, he is wearing a velvet dark red coat and trousers with a black shirt; a strange combination for someone so pale.... his eyes shine like never before!

Arween looks simply beautiful, her wavy hair so loose and shining. She is wearing mascara today and a discrete pink blush powder on her cheeks; her lips with a pink gloss; she decided to wear a long black dress, with a v-neck which exposes a little bit of her breasts. With her high heels were just enough to show her slim figure.

Magnus offered her a dark rose with a bow and said - you look very pretty tonight my sweet Arween, and gave her a gentle kiss on the face!

- Thank you, you don't look bad either! She winked at him with a cheeky smile on her face .

They dined and talked all night long. It was a splendid dinner but it was time to Magnus tell her the truth about himself.

- My sweet Arween, I'm afraid I have to make a hard revelation to you, he said apprehensively...

- What is it Magnus, why do you look like that?! You are scaring me my dear, Arween replied.

- Very well... you have already noticed that I never come out during the day, and that I am different from other men, right?!.. Hmmm, would you believe in me if I told you that I am a vampire who is two hundred years old?!, he asked her.

At first Arween was shocked, speechless, confused, nevertheless he had already told her about his life experience and some of his stories from the past. After she realized what Magnus is in fact, Arween came back to life again. She rose from the chair, walked in his direction and softly kissed him!

- Oh dear what am I going to do with you Magnus? You are my best friend, I will never turn my back on you my kind vampire! I do not care about what you are I only care about who you are and that is enough for me! She said with a sweet, calm smile.

- However, it's getting late for me and I need to go home now, if you don't mind.

Magnus could read her mind, feel all those emotions inside her, her heart beat, her warmth .... On that moment he knew he wanted her! He walked her home .... Arween was feeling so lost among her thoughts! Now how he will ever be interested in me? I'm just an insignificant mortal ... I mean nothing to him, I'm just a friend.... he's so powerful, so handsome, she was telling to herself sadly. That night Arween cried without stopping.

Soon the day begin and now she must face the truth! It's another day, Arween decided to visit Magnus in the evening, together they watched the sun set as usual, this time they held hands ....

- Arween will you come with me to the castle ? he asked her politely.

- Hmmm..... I don't know if I should, she looked down sadly.

- Please, I'm asking you! Said Magnus almost begging her.

- Okay Magnus, I will go with you, said Arween sweetly.

Holding hands they rose from the bench and walked to the castle, both in silence. They arrived and Magnus invited Arween to sit in one of his libraries. Arween is really nervous and anxious... Magnus just disappeared and there she was, all alone in that huge empty castle ... she decided to have a look around; The castle was so lovely yet lonely...

- Magnus, where are you?, she called out to him.

- In here my darling … he replied. She knocked on his half-opened door and asked politely - May I come in?

- Yes, Please, answered Magnus from inside his room.

Magnus reached out for her hand and stared there just looking at her, admiring her for a few moments...finally he said: - You are so pretty!! He came closer to Arween ; you are amazing my darling!!... he said in a softly voice. Arween was breathless, she didn't know what to do or say ....she felt like melting.

- This is not real, I'm just dreaming awake, she whispered to herself.

- No! This is real my sweetie, this is happening... Magnus said with his strong voice. Magnus took her in his arms and put her to the wall in a very kind way....He started kissing her cheeks, then her lips ...

- Ooooh, your lips are so warm - he moaned! Arween's breath became more rapid ... He started nibbling her lower lip..tasting it ... Arween starts moaning timidly....

- Magnus what are you doing? you are turning me on! She whispered.

His hands slide down her body, slowly, just trying to feel all her curves ...he touches her breast...Arween moans. Magnus catches Arween and sits her on the bed...slowly he starts undressing her, kissing her deeply...

- May I? he asks.

- What my love? asks Arween in a soft voice.

- May I nibble your neck? He whispers...

- Yesss ...but please be gentle, I'm too sensitive, I don't want you to hurt me.

- Oh I will be gentle and kind don't you worry my love, he said looking into her deep in her eyes! Magnus took off her dress and hugged her with such love....

- Oooh you are so warm my darling, your skin is so soft- he said eagerly; then he undid her bra, kissing her nipples ..

- Magnus, please don't look , said Arween ashamed; I do not have a beautiful body! she looked down, her cheeks became red...

- Hush my sweetie, you look perfect to me. It's what you are that I want, let me have you, let me love you, he said kindly!

Magnus stepped back a bit so that he could admire her breasts... he starts kissing her again passionately, her mouth, her neck, her breasts... smoothly nibbling all over her... Arween moans with pleasure! Controlling the situation is no longer in her hands!

She starts taking off his coat and his shirt, unbuttoning his trousers ....she gets up and ask him nicely to sit down....Now Arween sits on his lap facing him. She softly nibbles his lip and kisses him...

- May I bite you my love? she asks.

- Yes!Yes! You can do it! Magnus says in a breathless voice.

- So Arween slowly, passionately started kissing him all over, small bites on his neck , on his chest and nipples; Magnus groans !!!

- Oooh Arween I love you so!! Oooh yes, my sweetie don't stop!! he keeps repeating. Arween felt his cock hard, she feels so horny right now!!! Magnus touches her down there, so hot, so wet .... he slides his finger inside her ...

- Mmmm that feels good my love – Arween said.

He takes his finger out starts licking it .... unable to control himself more, he grabs Arween and lays her down on the bed; gently he spreads her legs a little bit and that nice smell of her pussy make him want to lick her ...

- Oh my love you are so wet and horny, I will taste you! Magnus said. So he opens the labia and start licking her, deeper and deeper ..... Arween shakes with pleasure, shivering all over her body , her moaning is stronger now ...

- My love? - she calls

- Yes? - Magnus replies.

- I want you, I love you so deeply Magnus !! Tears were rolling down her face, all those emotions so long forgotten ,were suddenly awaken!

- Why are you crying? Am I hurting you? He asked concerned.

- No! you are not hurting me my love, those are tears of happiness! she said smiling.

Slowly Magnus slides his cock inside Arween, very slowly at first, holding her in his strong arms, kissing her, loving her, feeling each other! They were both extremely passionate, hot.... slow movements, then faster ...

- Ooooh you are so beautiful milady!! I want you to stay with me forever!!!.....Magnus said.

- Faster my love, I want to feel you hard inside me, show me how much you love me! I want to feel you Cumming inside me, Arween said whispering and moaning deeply.

- Will you be mine forever my darling? - Magnus asked.

- If that is your wish, if you do love me deeply, then yes! Yes! I don't care if I have to live forever, become a creature of the night... you are the only one I want to be with! Arween replied.

- So, can I turn you ? Are you sure my love? don't you want to think about this? Magnus asked.

- Yes I am sure! I have loved you for so long Magnus! Arween confessed.

- So do I... so do I my sweet Arween! Magnus replied. Magnus bit her deep in her neck, sucked her softly, he didn't want her to feel any kind of pain! Arween gets more excited and now she shivers and she says - Yes, yes , oh yes my love , yes ....oooh it's so good don't stop my love!

- Oooh - Magnus groans - I'm cumming my sweet little thing, feel me inside you ...Can you feel it?

- Yes! I can my love , I can feel you! And so Arween came along with him, both in tune … one soul only, forever!! hugging each other, looking at each other eyes, deeply, such a love!

After Lady Arween and her sweet vampire Magnus made love all night long she finally fell asleep in his arms, feeling a protection like she had never had before!


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