The Cavern

The Cavern

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Today was like no other being in the Cavern, to get that perfect picture she has been after. However, there was a difference unknown to her that takes her where she never, knew she could go.


Today was like no other being in the Cavern, to get that perfect picture she has been after. However, there was a difference unknown to her that takes her where she never, knew she could go.

Chapter1 (v.1) - The first meet

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 11, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 11, 2016



I had started taking yearly trips to explore Caves and Caverns. It is such a miracle to see Stalactites and Stalagmites, that hang and shine with such beauty it is breathtaking.

At times; I wish I could have the rainbow of unique and brilliant colors in my cottage. It would be a miracle. However, with as many pictures I take of them, I have yet to get the exact picture I have wanted. It is very frustrating.

On this particular Morning, I waited until the latest possible moment to go in the cavern before the sun came up. I looked at my watch, turning the light on and seeing it is Five am. Shivering, from the coolness and the bats squeaking, I head further in the cavern where I know the sun first shines through to brighten the brilliant colors across in amazing designs on the walls of the cavern, but this day had a strange feeling to it. Standing in the cavern with my camera set up, I felt like I was being watched. The hair on my neck stood up and I placed my hand on neck rubbing that area, when I took my time looking around trying to see what it was. Turning slowly and acting like I was stretching my back muscles, I looked toward the back of the cavern looking in the dark area, I almost screamed but bit my tongue hard bringing tears to my eyes hoping what I saw was not true. I broke out in chills all over my body as I wondered what to do.

“Do I stand as if nothing is there, or do I turn and look at those red eyes and ask who the hell it is?”

Taking a deep breath, I turned slowly with words ready to pour out of my mouth, and shut my mouth quickly. No eyes where there. Shaking my head, maybe I just thought they were. I shrugged and turned back to my camera as the sun was climbing the walls slowly and the infiltration was saturating the Stalactites as the rainbow of brilliant colors started shining throughout the cavern. I held my breath as I started the shutter on the camera to not miss any pictures of this amazing world inside.

I stayed there in that cavern all day going through many Memory cards using the wide angle fish eye lens and also the telephoto lens. I loved taking pictures and getting all the close ups that I got today.

I felt proud of myself. I was humming to myself when the shades moved on the cavern walls giving me such a phenomenal view inside, I felt chills race over my skin, as I stood frozen for a few seconds, grabbed the wide lens and started taking more pictures. I knew this would do me so well in my world of art. I almost went to my knees from such beauty.

Shortly after the last shots, I packed everything up in my bags and headed out of the cavern, looking around one last time before I stepped completely out. I had forgotten about the eyes in the cavern, as I ran head first into a person when I had stepped outside. Shaken, I stepped back to look at whom I walked into. Whoever it was, he was tall. His legs were very long and muscular encased in jeans and they seemed endless until I got to his waist. The belt he had on was silver and glinting in the light of the moon. He had a nice sized waist with a silver/Grey shirt tucked into his jeans wrapping around his torso hugging him like a lover would do. I blushed bright red with those thoughts, and continued up to his neck that was muscular and tanned. His black hair was in a pony tail on his left shoulder gleaming with blue in it from the moonlight. His jaw was strong in shape as was his cheekbones. His eyes made me gasp and jump back from him seeing them gray with red in them. Never in my life have I seen eyes like that before. I wondered if he had some kind of disease that made his eyes that way.

He stretched his hand out to catch my arms when I almost fell over a big rock. He did not say anything but I felt his words of “look out” in my mind.

Now I know that is impossible. I looked at him and thanked him as I saw no red in his eyes.

“You're Welcome”

Those two words came out like a slow thick molasses on a sunny day. I could not get enough air in my lungs. I moved to go around him, when he said:


I instantly stopped to his words, that ran down my spine creeping me out.

“You should not be out here alone in this area, there are wolves who travel in these parts as they hunt during this time.”

I shivered violently at his words. I felt he was hunting and it was me. I turned saying:

“Thank you for those words, My SUV is not far and I believe I will be fine.”

“I will walk with you to be sure you are safe.” 

I nodded since I could not get any more words out and started walking to my vehicle. As I listened to his heavy footsteps behind me. I wanted to run to get there as quickly as I could, but I did not. I had a feeling of sleepiness that I did not have before. Just as I reached in my pocket grabbing my keys, Everything went black.

I awoke , blinking rapidly, adjusting my eyes to the dim lighting, wondering where I was. It all came rushing back in my mind making me dizzy. Sitting up quickly, I groaned as I feel back from the dizziness. I moved my hands and ankles but not enough, what in the heck? I asked myself as I looked down to see I was tied in rope. Frowning, I looked around the place and saw the lights lit from within the walls of a cave. Stunned, I sat up as far as I could to look in wonder at it all.

“You're awake?"

That deep chocolate voice said as I looked to where he stood. He still had the same clothes as when I saw him first with no red in his eyes.

“I can see you're wondering, how I can walk with no sound.?”

“That would be a good start yes. And where am I and why am I here? Was he reading my mind also?”

“Yes, I can read your mind.”

I was on the verge of a total uncontrollable flight and fright mode.

Faraz, kept looking at me like I was a buffet for him to eat up. Shivering, I looked away to be brought back around as his words, hit me deep within my soul.

"I have to remain a mystery to you, in due time you will know the reasons for this."

He walked over to me, making me scoot back weary of him, yet my body was going crazy as I could smell the outdoors upon his skin. I inhaled deeply breathing him into my lungs, savoring the scents and sensations created by his smell.

After he released my wrists and ankles from the rope, he held his hand out saying;

“Come, we must leave.”

I turned so my shoes hit the cold floor. I stood and walked with him through the twists and turns back to where I had started in the main cavern. There I noticed a pool of water with steam rising from it. I hungered to get in and wash up, since I knew I smelled like sweat and dirt. I turned and looked at him asking;

“Do you mind if I take a dip in that pool first?”

“Make it quick and I will stand over there, where he pointed to the mouth of the cavern's exit.”

I nodded and soon I was stripped of all clothes and shoes and sat down on a rock, sliding into the water as a groan came out of me feeling the hot water sliding all over my body, warming me all over.

Faraz, heard her moan and gritted his teeth hard. Her words sent his blood racing through his body and his dick to harden into a tight rod. He groaned, turned and stared at her standing with her hands in her hair, washing it as her breasts stood out proud with the nipples harden into tight peaks. He stood paralyzed watching and within a couple of minutes, Faraz's body was in front of her. His body was amazing, reaching out I ran the tips of my fingers across his chest breathing heavily at the feel of his muscles along his abdomen up and across each nipple, while his breath exploded from his mouth, fanning across my face. Faraz reached out, pulled me tightly against him, wrapping his arms around me. He thought, hunger was an inappropriate word for how he felt in this moment it was more along the line of beastly in his need to have her here and now. He laid his lips on mine, causing me to gasp as he took over and commanded the kiss with his tongue over ruling what mine was doing inside his mouth.

I was so hungry for what he was offering that every doubt in my mind disappeared to be taken over by a greedy need for him. I reached down between our bodies to his groin, sliding my fingers along his dick and melted when his deep throat-ed groans, rippled through me taking me along with his need. I cried out loudly as he swept me in his arms placing me front side on the smooth rock; I sat on before entering the pool. He spread my legs wide, exposing me to his growls. I shivered with heat flaming my insides needing what he will give me. The rock felt exotic under my breasts and my stomach, it was turning me on into a fever pitch of eroticism.

I felt his hands grab my ass and pull me up as the head of his cock, rolled along my lips, opening them wide as he ground the head over me soaking him then stabbing and pushing deeply inside. I had no place to hold onto as he fucked me into a oblivion of passion. Faraz's growls took me higher and higher while my body tightened more and more grasping his cock as it slide in the folds of my wetness, hearing the sounds echo off the cavern walls. It was too hot in the cavern sweat was pouring off my skin and forehead as I was being pounded from my backside. The slap, slap sound of his balls hitting me with each deep thrust pushed me over to a dark side I have never felt or seen. I did not hear his growl nor his howl of pleasure when he exploded inside of me.

I awoke for the second time, but I was in my own cottage on the mountain side with a tree lined drive. I rubbed my eyes with the back of my hands, thinking I must get laid soon, since I am having such erotic dreams of being in a cavern, seeing this man named Faraz and getting fucked so hard that my whole backside and thighs felt bruised. I gasped, pulling the sheet off of my body to look down to see bruises that were covering the inside of my thighs, along with scratches as I ran my fingers across them. They were not so bad but deep. I got up wobbling on legs that were weak and headed to my bathroom mirror to see my whole body. I turned the light on gasping and crying out seeing how bruised I was all over and seeing a long line of scratches down my back. I turned the hot water on in the shower crying, standing in hot water, thinking what the hell is he?.








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