Exercise into Submission Pt 2

Exercise into Submission Pt 2 Exercise into Submission Pt 2

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Caira, finds out who he really is.


Caira, finds out who he really is.


Submitted: May 01, 2014

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Submitted: May 01, 2014



What have I done? She thought. “Why did she feel as if it is a fantasy that just came to life and she was the main character that walked out of it?” She felt her stomach roll and hurriedly took some deep breaths to help settle it. She backs out slowly to drive home, surprised it is getting dark out already. She was so distracted with her thoughts on the drive she did not see the Patrol car come up behind her with his lights on. She just happened to look in her rear view mirror to see those lights, grimacing as she drove into a parking lot of a nearby store where a lot of people would see her with the cop.

She rolled down her window, staying seated until she could ask what was wrong. She could see long legs in her side mirror, walking toward her as her heart picks up speed, making her grip the steering wheel in a nervous gesture. She watches those legs walk up next to her window. She looked up from his knees to the light flashing upon his face, blinking and trying to stop the light from blinding her; she hears a voice saying, “License and registration Please.” Yes, sir. “Can I ask why I was stopped sir?” Speeding Ma’am. She could not answer since she probably had been speeding.

He reached for her cards when she handed them to him. “So Caria.” There was a slight pause, as he bent to look at her through the window, causing her to jump and stare incredibly at the cop.  It was him. She swallowed hard, gripping the steering wheel, holding on as if it would save her. He watched her actions and knew he flustered her greatly, smirking slightly. She knew every single angle of his face. It was engraved in her mind since the gym. He has a classic Italian look with tan skin, and his eyes were the kicker for her, green as the summer grass. She sighed softly, as she looked at the sharp angles and smooth skin with just a whisper of a five o’clock shadow on his chin. She itched to run her hands on his face. But instead gripped the steering wheel tighter. He could see the different changes moving over her face from desire to hardness.  He smiled and she lost it, dropping her head against the steering wheel groaning. He has perfect white teeth that she could see biting her skin and smiling up at her from his lower position on her body.

She was losing this battle with her body and she did not know what to do but sit and groan. Ok in there? “Yes“, she whispers. She finally lifts her head to look in his eyes again.  He backs up opening her door. “Get out of the car Please.” this is what she did not want to do, considering he is a cop she gets out to stand by the door, standing in her shorts which were soaked from earlier this evening and they were sticking to her thighs with more cum leaking from them. She shivers as she stands with her head down embarrassed to be standing like this in his path. He places his finger under her chin, bringing her head up to look at him. She watches, as his nose flares, breathing in deeply. She knows he can smell the sex and arousal of her body.

He steps up very close to her whispering in her ear, “I told you soon today. That time is now. I have your address and this is what you will do. I want you to get clean and showered for me. Wait for me on your bed spread eagle and naked. If this is not done, I will punish you little girl. Understand me?” 

She trembles unable to answer him right away when she suddenly feels a hard stinging slap on her thigh, making her jump, looking up at him.” Yes, I understand Sir. ““That is better “he says. “One hour Caria no more.” She nods as he opens her door for her to get back in the car.  He hands her driver license and Insurance cards back. She holds them to her tightly before, putting them back in her wallet.

 Pulling into her driveway fifteen minutes later, realizing she has only forty-five minutes left to get ready. She stops when she sees herself in the mirror, looking herself over, as she shakes her head and just gets things done to be ready. She leaves the front door unlocked so he can walk in to the house, as she lights a candle in the bedroom to draw his attention to the room.

She dried her body and then applied her favorite perfume on when he wraps his arms around her waist from behind, whispering, “come to the bed little girl.” He feels the shivers travel down her body from the effect of his voice in which he did enjoy so much. She squeezed his arms, nodding yes, as she walked to the bed to lay down on it, knowing that is where he wanted her to be. He smiled softly when she laid down reading him very well.

He walked over to where he had a bag. She shivered in unsure awareness of what he was reaching for until he pulled out a rope, causing her to sigh in relief. He walked to her, grabbing her by her hair, pulling her to a sitting position, bringing her arms behind her as he ties her arms with the rope, moving it down to tie her ankles together. He then brings more rope over after walking back to the bag. He intertwines the rope around her body to cross over her breasts, ending at her neck. He whispers in her ear: “this rope will tighten itself if you should start struggling against it.” She trembles as icy fingers of excitement rushes to pulse within her clit, allowing her wetness to drip and run down to her ass.  He growls as her musky scent hits his nose in a sudden rush. He rubs his cock, as he walks back to place the bag on the chair in the room to return swiftly not wanting to be away from her if he had to. He stands in front of her getting more aroused from her being tied as she was and seeing the wetness thick upon her inner thighs, causing his growls to lengthen in his throat, as he starts taking off his police uniform.

She watches as he unbuttons his outer shirt and his tee shirt, causing her to gasp with the site of the smooth lines of his chest with his muscles standing out to her for her eyes to devour them. He was broad across the shoulders with a small amount of dark chest hair, as her eyes continued to move down to where she can see the start of his six pack stomach which made her wish she could rub her face against and inhale his scent deep inside her lungs. He must have seen something within her face, as he moved closer to her looking down at her “I want you to enjoy all of me as I am of you ” she looks at him, nodding her head yes, afraid if she spoke she would not be able to.

 He grabbed ahold of her leg and forcibly pushed her over to her stomach. She groaned not liking she could not use her hands. He spoke softly but clearly; “I’m going to take you and make you mine,” as he slaps her hard across each cheek, bringing a cry from her beautiful red lips, as he leans his body upon her backside to grind his hips into her pussy, biting her neck gently he continues: “Your neck and pussy, your shoulders and back, all this and more belongs to me little girl.“

He gets up off of her to sit in the chair so he can run his hands through his bag, withdrawing the leather straps buckled to ankle cuffs, matching the ones he will replace the rope with on her wrists. He watches her body tremble as she waits, not knowing what is to come and wanting it desperately. He gets up, moving to the bed slowly watching, as she spreads her legs wide for him voluntarily before even having to spread her himself. He looks between her legs to see that she is shining with wetness from all the anticipation and the power that he is feeling and directing it to her.

He leans down, placing his lips lightly upon hers, moving them back and forth to get a good feel of her lips beneath his. He leans up to smile, looking down at her upon her bed, waiting for him to do as he pleases with her. He shudders from the power he has, laying aside the material upon the bed he grabs one of her legs, bringing her foot to him, running his tongue over the top of her foot, as he places the cuffs upon her ankle. He reaches for her other foot, treating that foot with the same, attaching the buckles to the restraints to the footboard of the bed. He so enjoys the look of a woman on her stomach with her legs spread as wide as they can be. He shook as desire shot up his back to run back down settling in his sac and cock.

He runs his fingers up from her calf to her thigh, moaning from the sensations he feels, as his fingers caress her skin. He knows she needs his touch just the way he needs her to touch him, and to finally let go and be touched. he can see her smile with her eyes shining in adoration for him. It seems both of their eyes were mirroring each other’s. The touch of his hand upon her he feels her inside of him and on his skin.  All he can think of, as he runs his hands more upon her body is how he must touch more of her, taste her, pleasure her, tease her, make her beg. Even then, he will want more of her, as her hunger will grow deeper and more meaningful between them.

He looks at her asking “who do you belong to?”  She speaks softly “I belong to you Master.”

He leans closer, grabbing her hair raising her head closer to his to see the flames within hers. He wraps the blindfold around her head watching her eyes, relax in total trust for him, as he eases it over her beautiful eyes and lays her back against the bed pillow, admiring her trust in him. He backs away from her speaking to her in a gentle but firm voice telling her, “I am here, I will protect you, touch you and teach you to love the pleasure and pain I will be giving.”

 He runs his hands up her thighs feeling the same trembles in his body as she feels them run over her skin. He runs his fingers further up her thigh to feel the wetness there that has been taunting him all along. Placing his fingers closer feeling the same need as she is experiencing the closer he drags his fingers further up to run them across her lips getting them wet from her juice, his thighs quiver as his need starts rising more intently, making him grunt.

He stands back just watching her, taking in his handiwork. He takes a slow drink of water, bringing it with him over to the bed, telling her to open her mouth while he turns her head. He places the straw to her mouth so she can drink some water. She does not forget to thank him for the water.

He gets a piece of ice, placing it upon her back, eyeing her as she hisses through her teeth. He smiles as her skin moves under the ice. He moves it further down her back listening to her intake air through her teeth again. She loves it when he does things to cause a huge amount of pleasure to her and himself as she feels his pleasure while he gives it to her.

He places his fingers underneath her alongside her nipple gently, rubbing the ice across and around to encircle the tip. She bites her lower lip moaning only to scream out from him suddenly, pinching her nipple hard as he can and pulling on them. He listens as her moans become growling sounds, as he places a clamp on her nipple, tightening it then moving to the other nipple to do the same to it. He growls deeply in his throat when he runs his fingers again between her thighs, feeling the wetness she has dripped from his touches. He lowers his body between her thighs, smelling and licking on the back of her thighs; as he bites down to leave his mark upon her body, as his hand moves up her thigh to find her heat, and her slick pussy, as he thrusts a finger inside. He places another finger inside of her pushing them in and out deeply, continuing to add a finger until he has all four inside of her. He watches her try to lift up unable to nor is she able to push back against him as he licks the juice flowing from inside of her. She tries to buck against him moaning and whimpering as the rope tightens around her throat. She is drowning in the pain from him stretching her with his fingers as he is jamming them inside of her hitting her cervix, yet it feel so good she gets lost in the pleasure of it all.

He knows how much she can withstand and he proves it by adding his thumb into her pussy, watching as it slides right in, opening her wide for him. His cock reacts by twitching under him, needing to be buried deep inside of her. He eases up as he feels her body trembling ready for orgasm. She whimpers when he pulls from inside her, waiting for her to relax as he rubs his fingers lightly up and down her pussy lips. He hears her breathing settling down, knowing she thinks the worst is over.  She thinks he will stop for a while when he brings his hand back and re inserts his fist inside of her, widening her more than she was. She has relaxed so much that he was able to get his fist inside her all at one time instead of by individual finger insertion. He moves his fist within her tight sheath slowly and gently, as he moves to where her ass is in his face and his fist is still inside of her. He nibbles on her ass cheeks then bites down, leaving his mark upon her ass, as he brings her body up to have her ass higher in the air with his hand still deeply inside of her pussy.

She screams from the pain but then quiets down when he gives her five quick smacks upon her ass. “I don’t want to punish you little girl.”

 She nods in understanding to be quiet, moving her hips to his tempo, as he moves his fist in and out of her, soaking his fist from her excitement. Slowly he takes it out moving it to her ass and pushes a couple of fingers in as he hears a deep groan come from her, smiling as he opens her up by shoving two more fingers in, moving them around inside, bringing them out with a pop as he places the head of his cock against her ass. He pushes in to fill her completely and very deep. She screams out her pleasure and pain. It does not take long before she is moaning from pleasure again. He reaches down and replaces his hand inside her pussy to have her ride his fist and cock. He feels her body shake, as the sweat forms all over her backside from so much pleasure he is giving her, which she starts moving her hips in a faster rhythm. He thrusts roughly inside her, feeling her pussy clench tightly on him. He growls out, as he tells her to cum. He explodes deep inside of her ass, feeling his fist being drenched with her juices as her orgasms hard upon his fist.  She keeps crying out from her orgasm as it continues with waves throughout her body, crashing upon her as huge wave’s crashing upon the beach. 

He knows she can cum for quite a while, as he leans along her backside, waiting for her body to relax and let go of him so he can remove himself from her. He slowly pulls his fist from her pussy, listening to her whimper from his removal. He lies upon her against him; feeling so satisfied that she has met his expectations, as he hugs her tightly. He finally gets soft enough to pull out of her ass, sliding away from her, untying her arms and holding his hand out so they can shower.  After their shower he tells her he had to get to work but would be in touch with her soon. She nods, walking with him to the door. He turns around, hugging her again, kissing her deeply and softly before exiting. She closes the door with the sound of the bolt shooting home.



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