Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Chapter 6

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


More strange and intense issues come upon Reana.


More strange and intense issues come upon Reana.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Chapter 6

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More strange and intense issues come upon Reana.

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Submitted: April 16, 2014

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 16, 2014



Mark schedules a test for Reana to take place this coming Friday evening. He has everything set up in place and just has to direct her with his order. Reana was a little bored at home on this Friday. She decides to go to the mall to pick up a new pair of shoes that she had seen last week.  She wanted to get the three inch stilettos that he likes for her to wear and more of the white lacy underwear he prefers she wear all the time. As she was getting into her car, she received and e-mail from Mark. She returns inside the house to sit down retrieving the message to read what he sent.

Pet, You and I will be having dinner at the Ruth’s Chris Steak House with another couple that I will introduce you to when we get there. Now, for the most part I will have a package sent to your home with what I want you to wear tonight. Do not fail me my Pet. The punishment will be long and overwhelming to you. So, my advice is just follow my directions and all will be well. Also, do you remember what I had asked you to?  I do hope so! It will affect what will happen tonight.  P.S. Be ready at 7pm to be picked up.

Master Mark

Reana looked over at the package on the couch flushing as she opened it again. When she looks at the  Peak - a - boo bra and white sheer lacy panties she feels herself getting moist.  Picking up The dress , she watches as it falls to the floor with slits in the sides that run up from the ankle to the top of her thighs to show off her tanned legs. The color is Navy blue, which brings out her eyes by giving them volume in color. Reana groaned when she saw the time, it was already 6pm and she had only one hour to get her shower and get dressed.  As she rushes through her shower and getting dressed, the last thing she did was rub the perfume lotion on her body.  As she grabs her shoes the front doorbell rings, She rushes to get her purse while putting her shoes on to get to the door almost falling in the meantime. Stilettos are not made to run in. She stands at the door and places her eyes down while opening the door to her Master.

“You were a little slow in getting the door answered tonight.  However, seeing that you look like a million bucks I will allow it this one time only.” Yes Master. He grabs her wrists pulling her to him and kissing her harshly for not being prompt. She moans as his kiss is deepened then he suddenly pulls away from her humbled that he could be tender even when he was angry. “Fix your lips and let’s go.” Yes Master.

She walks behind Mark to the limo and awaits the driver to open the door so they can get in back and be on their way to the Restaurant. She watches her Master out of the corner of her eye thinking he is mad at her for not answering the door right away. She feels so disappointed in herself for not getting done on time to have a few minutes more to get into the living room and await his arrival. Swallowing hard she says; “I am sorry Master for being disobedient for not getting to the door on time tonight, please forgive me?” He looked at her saying “your punishment will be later on Reana. I do not have time to deal with this right now.” Yes Master. Before we get there, Reana? Yes, take off your panties. She obeyed him right away handing him her panties as she watched him roll the window down throwing them out. She had fear settling inside of her as they made their way through traffic.

Reana was assured that he was testing her, but unsure of how all this will end tonight. She felt that he was training her to be his sex slave among opening her mind to all sorts of pleasures. She Looked out the window at the lights of the town as they passed by, she could not help but wonder what was in store. She was definitely wet from not knowing what will be, but hoping she does her best to please her Master in the meantime.

They arrived at the restaurant as they were helped out of the limo; she noticed a couple standing by the entrance. Gorgeous couple the man was about six feet two inches, if not taller with black slacks that hugged his body elegantly, with a Armani green shirt that hugs his torso showing how well defined his shoulders and arms were. The woman with him is a little taller than her with short red hair, green eyes, nice body and looked to have a double D chest. Both of them smiled as they saw Mark stand in front giving her the signal to follow him. Mark introduced them as Cindy and James whom he has known James for quite a few years now. He made a comment that James is to be called Sir and failing to do so would cause punishment by James. She nods her head in agreement to what was said.

They went into the restaurant to be seated. She gazed around her noticing the restaurant was full to capacity. Mark reaches over taking her hand squeezing it as he turned to Cindy to talk with her directly. She noticed he slipped his hand under the table while Cindy looked at her with a look of lust on her face. She knew what Master was doing to her. Reana jumped as she felt James hand on her thigh squeezing tightly which caused her to gasp. He leaned over to whisper to her; “I want you to be very quiet or else.” Yes sir. She felt humiliated from this James man, even though he was nice looking, but felt he could be strict and very hard core.

He moved his hand higher up her thigh to the slit in the dress, sliding his hand through to touch her pussy. He whispers in her ear, “very nice you are wet and ready;” are you not?” Yes Sir, she says breathlessly.  Just as the lights went down in the restaurant for the serving to start, James forced two fingers inside her.  At that time Mark looked at her and told her not to worry about ordering he already did so for the both of them. She looked at her Master as he nodded his head letting her know he knows what is being done to her and he is watching her. James  kept his fingers in her not moving them at all which was very frustrating to Reana but she could not say anything expect to smile, eat her dinner and feed him as well. She could not help but wonder what he would be like as a lover. Yet, She knew deep inside he was the type that ravages and takes what he wants causing a shiver to run down her spine.

She tried to keep her eyes to herself and not look into his eyes but failing miserably. He noticed this as he looked at Mark, a look passed between them causing a shiver to take hold of her body. He took his fingers out of her and brought them to her lips which she took and started to lick and suck to clean them. When the dinner course was completed, Mark, James and Cindy all rose from their chairs directing Reana to follow them out of the restaurant.  Reana felt a shiver of apprehension as they made their way to the limo’s which awaited both couples.  Master whispered something in Cindy’s ear and turning she smiled at Reana walking away to get into the other limo, which left after she got in. Reana felt dread for what was to come to her now that Cindy was no longer among them. Master grabbed her wrist and told her to get in the back seat now! “Yes, Master.”  She heard the anger still in his voice and dreaded getting in the limo. He got in beside her as James slid in across from them. She noticed he was rubbing his cock through his pants. She swallowed hard thinking her Master and James had planned this all along, but what would take place she did not know.  Her master leaned over whispering to her to “get on her knees and pull the dress up all the way over her ass and suck James cock to please him.” If not, She felt master slide a flogger over her backside, as she moved to do as he asked. “I will use this until you do. Am I understood?” Yes Master.

Reana moves the dress over her backside leaning in between James thighs using her tongue to lick him along his thigh to his cock. She feels his hand on her head stopping her from going any further and told to lick and suck his balls until they were soaked from her drool. She cringed as she licked and let the drool from her mouth soak them before taking them into her mouth. He was moaning by the time she had his balls dripping with her saliva. She felt James grab a hold of her hair, crying out as he held it tightly in his fist, pushing her face down onto his balls, rubbing it all over until her face was completely covered with her drool. She moaned deeply as she felt her Master put his hands on her ass squeezing each cheek then moving lower to slide his fingers inside her ass. She did not think of the drool on her face as she was pulled up again by her hair to suck James cock, while she moved her backside into masters thrusting fingers. When she had his member deep inside her mouth, Mark increased the tempo with his fingers. James groaned loudly as she felt him grow harder and throbbing in her mouth. He grunts deeply when his orgasm hits him and Reana feels it at the base of his cock to the tip and then the burst of cum going down her throat. She is thrusting her ass against her Masters’ fingers now and hears him moan as he takes his fingers out of her. She cries out with displeasure and wants him to fill her up. It does not happen. Reana is frustrated with what has taken place but knowing it is in part of her punishment. She is thinking as she straightens herself on her Master’s command and sits back beside him.

The car stopped in front of James’s home. Walking to the front door of the house, Reana is stopped as a blindfold is put over her eyes. Her Master says to her; “follow and I will direct your steps.” Yes Master. She can only guess they are entering through the foyer into the main living room of the house. She listens to the sounds coming to her ears. Moans followed by names being called and pleas for someone to cum. Reana realizes that there is a party going on with people who are in the dominate/submissive lifestyle and a lot of them  according to what she is hearing as she smells the musky scent of pure raw sex. Then it dawns on her, her Master is testing and playing with her. She was unsure of all this in which was too much to digest so soon, but then she thought it over quickly realizing no harm has come to her as she closed of her thoughts and shivered. He is trying to find out how she will react to it all.

Reana is taken down some steps, stripped down, laid on a table with her ankles and wrists secured in leather straps to the table. She feels her juice running down the cheeks of her ass and moans out at the contact of the straps. Her Master whispers to her making her jump since she did not know he was there, telling her “silence is best right now.”  She nods her head yes as he kisses her on the lips softly then deeply. She wished he would keep kissing her, she loves the way his tongue plays with hers and how it brings all kinds of sensation to her body. She cries out as he draws his mouth from hers and feels him pinch her nipple causing her pain.

She can hear movement around her as she wonders what is going on since she cannot see. Her body quivers violently when she feels strong hands on both her legs rubbing some kind of warm oil into her skin. The rubbing continues all over her body with extra care given to her breasts, pussy and ass. She is squirming all over the table wanting someone to please let her cum but every time she does cry out, the touching and caressing stops completely. She wants to cry from the injustice to her but does not instead, she bites her lower lip. Someone kisses her and she knows it is her master due to his taste. She kisses him back deeply asking him to relieve her ache.

He chuckles saying to her “no, pet. This is part of the punishment I spoke of and it will last quite a while for you.”

She can hear him chuckling as he walks from her and then silence. The silence is deafening and seems no one is with her at all.  She does not know how long she was left lying on the table with the blindfold on. S She shivers from the cool air blowing in the room and can only guess but finally gives up when she hears someone walking toward her. Her breathe picks up while her juices flow again.  A hand reaches up along her thigh to her pussy and rubs it gently at first then with more firmness finally driving fingers inside her. She gasps with pleasure from the swift movement inside, and then crying out as the fingers leave her then silence. She cries out from being so worked up without being allowed to cum.  She lets her tears fall feely down her cheeks while she weeps for what she has not been able to receive. She did not know that her Master was standing and watching the tears run down her cheeks in silence. His heart wrenched with her, but he had to give her what he said he would or else this will all be for nothing.

Going over to the table, he slipped his clothes off and began running the oil into her skin again signaling Cindy to come over and feast on her as he went to her face kissing the tears from her. He kissed her softly then deeply to get her juices flowing freely again. He climbs on the table placing his cock to her lips wanting her to suck him. Her tongue comes out slowly hesitantly as if she was afraid, but then she tastes his pre-cum groaning as she realizes it is her Masters. She licks him while he turns to see Cindy get on the table getting between her legs to lick her lips. Reana groans deep with her Masters cock in her mouth as he pulls away from her to have a different smell reach inside of her. Her hair is gripped hard and she listens as a voice tells her to make it good or else. She reaches out with her tongue to taste what was there realizing it was a woman’s pussy above her. She slowly licks the lips tasting, testing, then moves her tongue to the inside of the pussy feeling the softness and wetness that is there. Cindy yells out loud telling her to push harder with that hot slick tongue to make her cum. She takes and drives her tongue up inside her feeling her body shake above her as she pushed down to cover her face with her pussy. She plunges her tongue in and out of her pussy, continuing then moves up to her clit putting it between her teeth rolling and sucking on it hard causing  Cindy to shake violently. Reana was in heaven and knew she would not last long, it was building too quickly and she was ready when she suddenly bit on her clit. As she screamed out, her Master slid his cock deep into her ass causing her cry’s to come out as gurgles. She sucks and licks Cindy gasping for air as she pushes deeper onto her mouth.

She was sucking and licking as fast as she could while drinking down the juice flowing into her mouth from Cindy’s pussy.  Masters cock was buried deep within her, as her hips pushed up to meet his deep thrusting. She moves up more and encircles her clit with her tongue pressing it flat against her to rub back and forth feeling her orgasm as she drank more of her juice. Cindy climbs off moving away from her licking her face and cleaning her as she kisses her deeply to thank her for such a good job. Reana is happy and smiling. Her Master knows what she needs as he drives his cock deep and hard into her over and over until she is begging him to let her have her orgasm . He says “yes, Now!” That is when Reana arches her back bringing her hips off the table to release a very powerful orgasm, unlike any she has ever had. He watches her go into that subspace as she comes up off the table to meet his thrust knowing that her orgasm will be none like she has ever experienced. Yet, it causes him to drive deeper and harder into her as she lets go and he can no longer hold his as he bellows out following hers with his own.

After coming down from the orgasm, she feels him pull himself out of her and again she is left to lie on the table with her scent surrounding as her Masters mixes with it and Cindy’s. She shivers feeling her juice leak out of her to run down her legs to her ass and down to the table. She goes back to think of what just happened over and over when she feels the straps being taken off of her. She is told to place her hands behind her back and cross her wrists. She feels them being tied together. She gets a collar next with a d-ring in which a chain is attached as she is forced to follow the pull on the leash. She cannot hear anything as she is being led up the stairs again and then they turn to the left and down two more stairs. The tie on her wrist is removed and she is asked to hold her hands above her head as they are attached to something above her head. Her arms are stretched but not so bad that they hurt her. All of a sudden the blindfold is removed. She gasps out loud as she sees she is in the living room with everyone including her Master, James and Cindy all staring at her. She blushes bright red being on show like this in front of everyone.  She sees her Master walking towards her and says; “you will watch as all sorts of things appear before you. You are not in any way allowed to cum, that is why your arms are tied up like that.” And “Reana, anyone can do what they want with you.” She was so humiliated being in this position and shamed for getting herself into this with him. She was doubting ever getting involved with Mark. It was too late to doubt herself so much, but to try and enjoy all that is to come.

She could feel the sweat running from under her hair to her shoulder and down across her breast before dropping to the floor below. She was nervous when he told her that anyone in the room can come to her and do what they want to her. She just about loses it from those few words spoken by her Master. Soon, after those words were spoken, her Master came to her and started rubbing more oil all over her body concentrating on the area of her breasts, pussy, and ass. She squirmed her hips when he rubbed the oil between her legs. It felt so good to her all he had to do was touch her a little more on her clit and she would explode. He finished with rubbing the oil on her body, when she felt a lot of fingers all at once on her everywhere, touching, fingering and squeezing. She was so close to coming and bucking her hips to reach that pinnacle where the orgasm lays, but still too far to reach within.  She was crying out with all the pleasure that she was receiving. Looking down, she saw a brown hair lady between her legs. She has a very nicely rounded behind where a man was pumping into her as she was feasting on Reana. The eroticism of it all was driving her insane with it.

All the smells of sex where bringing Reana to a higher sexual plain than she has ever known. She is experiencing for the first time a level of sexuality she has always read about, but never knew. She drew her eyes to her Master who was fucking a lady as she looked at him, thinking he knows what this is doing to me. He has been on this level and achieves it every time. She could not pull her eyes away from him when she feels herself gushing juices witnessing that erotic moment with him through his eyes.

He pulled out of the lady he had been thrusting into causing her to stop, turn around and catches his cum in her mouth. Reana watched amazed at the others around her on the floor involved in all stages of erotic sex and wanting to be a part of the action going on instead of having to wait to be pleased or get release, she felt more sweat start pouring off of her skin.  Crying out when she felt a member enter her from behind and her pussy at the same time, it was more than she could take from watching what she just did with that couple and now looking in front of her were James and Cindy going at it with another woman and to the left of them was her Master with another woman whom he was in deep in her backside watching Reana as she watched him. She was having his pleasure as he fucked the woman in front of him, she could feel everything that he does to her inside of herself. He seemed to be living it through her eyes as well, increasing the intensity of the climatic orgasm that has been building inside of her. She went into that subspace and felt as if her Master was inside her whispering to her to explode and let him watch her eyes as she did.

She cried out as loud as she could “Master May I cum? Oh God!!  Let me cum please!” She watched as he nodded yes. With that said she let go and nearly passed out with the pleasure of her orgasm as she heard her Masters bellow at the same time. She barely recognized when the others inside her had theirs until they finally pulled out and she felt all of their mixed fluids running down her thighs. Mark came over to her to release her from the restraints to hold her in his arms after she did so well. He was so proud of his pet and he kissed her in a soft but firm loving kiss letting her know how proud he was. Reana pulled him tighter to her to deepen the kiss. Looking up at him she smiled and kissed him again lightly on his lips.

“Are you ready to go Pet?”  Yes, Master.

They made their way to the front of the house to get their clothes and wipe down as much as they could before getting into the limo to take them home. Pulling up into Reana’s drive, they get out together with Mark walking her to the door. She opens the door and Mark walks in with her. “Let’s get that shower we need pet.”  Reana walks in her bedroom where the shower is located. She is so proud of her shower, she made it all glass with three shower heads inside to spray from all angles among the body and the bathroom looked like a small jungle with all the ferns, and other plants she keeps in there. She gets the water running with the sprays all angled to hit upon her and Mark. The bathroom soon became a steam room and stepping into the shower she sighs deeply feeling the water hit her sore body but soothing it at the same time. Mark joins her and turns her so he can wash her hair and their bodies with the scented body wash. She smells like lavender after he completes the wash in which she washes him in turn. They got out drying each other off and going into the bedroom to lay down next to each other with her head atop his chest while he rubs his fingers in her hair soothing and comforting her.  She thought he was asleep when she whispers “thank you Master.” Then she falls into a deep sleep. He heard what she said and he went to sleep with a smile on his face.

She awakens and looks at the clock seeing it was five in the morning. She moans softly, stretches and leans over to see if her master is asleep. Very slowly and as quietly as she can, she removes the cover from him enjoying this time to look over his body worshipping him with her eyes from his dark hair to his toes. She moves as slowly as she can afraid she is going to awake him, climbing between his legs, she lets her nipples rub along his legs as she climbs to get as close as she can to his cock.  She gathers it in her hand and slowly strokes it to see if it will awake him. It does not but he does moan. She opens her mouth sticking her tongue out to pass it over his head and draw him into her mouth and slowly moving him in and out over and over until he was thrusting into her. She looked up to see if he was awake and again he was not. She continues to ravish him hoping that when he is ready to cum he will wake up at the same time. This time looking up at him she sees his eyes open slowly and look right at her and she knew in that moment she had given him what he has always fantasized about happening to him. He thrusts deep into her mouth two times and he moans when he shoots his cum down her throat.

He pulls Reana up onto his chest takes his hands  frames her face telling her how good she was to him, how wonderful it felt and how much he enjoyed having her awake him like that. Then he kissed her slowly hugging her and deepening the kiss.  She rubs herself against his chest snuggling closer to him while moving her hips against him and moaning into his mouth. He slides his hands down her shoulders and arms moving to her back pressing her more against him grinding his cock against her. She moans deeply into his mouth as he grabs her hips pulling her up and onto him. He groans as he impales her with his cock and moves to get it deeper inside of her as she moves her hips to upon him. Mark quickly rolls both of them over together so he is lying atop her enabling him to get better motion and to thrust more rapidly inside of her. He gets up on his hands looking down at her as she spreads herself wider for him to give complete access to all of her. He gives a throaty growl as he feels her clamp down on him, knowing what is to come as he rapidly thrusts into her as fast as he can feeling his release building until he is no longer able to hold back. He raises his head back and she watches as the veins in his neck stand out as he releases inside her. She has never seen anything as beautiful as that picture he made and she will file it away inside her mind to be looked at again and again.

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