The innocent Dom

The innocent Dom The innocent Dom

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Friends, a hard to love female, an uptight cop, and even some pegging. What could go wrong?


Friends, a hard to love female, an uptight cop, and even some pegging. What could go wrong?

Chapter1 (v.1) - The innocent Dom

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Friends, a hard to love female, an uptight cop, and even some pegging. What could go wrong?

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 16, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 16, 2012



Chapter 1



She bent over the nameless man as she hammered his ass. Her hips set up a rhythm  that was steady and driving, Paige's thighs slapping against his. The harness was smooth between her lips rubbing her clit, making her wet. His ass was tight, yet he thrust back trying to take more of the cock. It was sending licks of fire up her, Paige shifted her legs to take him at a different angle. She wished she could be on the receiving end with someone she trusted. This Man, she used that term loosely, was not the one to do that, he was a client, nothing more. But the thought of having closeness of this nature was foreign to her. Looking down at him as he writhed and quivered under her touch, at the pleasure she gave him, that was what she knew. How to give. No one had ever wanted to be with her unless it was to hurt or use her. The thought caused her to swallow hard at the painful memories, fueling her to take the man in front of her even harder.

In the past three years she had wondered more about what it would be like to be in a relationship, with someone she trusted enough to have sex with. Never one of her clients, though, and no the man on his knees tonight. She wouldn't let the quivering mass of testosterone touch her, nor would she do any more then fuck his ass. She didn’t have that nor did she know anything about it. This, though, this wasn’t about intimacy.  It was the power that came with controlling people in this manner that she loved, that made her come. She didn’t have to be touched. This was enough for her, this was the only kind of sex Paige Adams needed.  The submission, the commanding, it was a means to an end. Getting her clients off, taking them outside their comfort zones for an hour. It was what she needed to, not some man who would make her his doormat. The only release she needed was the release she forced on her clients.

He was a business man of some sort. He was type that commanded respect and attention when he walked into a room. He was your normal overbearing ass hole who used and abused the people around him. He was in town because of a multimillion dollar merger, blah, blah, blah. Like she cared. He hired her to fuck him raw, not to pour him a drink and ask him how his day had been. That was left up to his coiffed and cuddled, always perfect and overly thin wife, who probably cheated as much as he did.  They all had the same issues, they craved something they could get at home and when away, they called her. She was their secret dirty pleasure. She loved it, too. She relived her past, this time overpowering him and doing her own version pin the tail on the donkey. Best part, she made awesome money in her part time career. Paige enjoyed watching him wither under her as she slowly circled her hips. He was at her mercy. It was a hell of a therapy session for the both.

“Please, Domina, touch my cock. “ He begged between ragged breathes.

“Your cock is not my concern, sub, your ass is. Right now I own this ass. Don't I, sub? “ She pulled out until only the head of her latex cock was resting inside his hole. She knew her wanted to come, she had teased him for over thirty minutes, holding back now when she could feel his body tightening for release was pure torture.

“Yes, Domina, you own my ass. It is yours. “He assured her, pleading, while trying to thrust his hips back onto the cock. She pulled back farther to evade his seeking asshole. He whimpered as he white knuckled the bed sheet in frustration.

 Her heart fluttered at his words. She wanted someone real, someone to own her as much as she owned them. Someone she could touch and let touch her. Paige knew that this was surreal. But still the words sank into her heart.

It was something she had never done. Touching. It seemed to intimate to share with people she didn't know or care about.  Paige never touched them sexual other than to hold their hips still. She wasn't interested in them. She didn't care why they called her or what their underlying problems were. She just wanted to have the power. To be the dominate figure with the upper hand. She had worked for the Agency for three years as a pegging Dom and in all that time, she was never bored.

Paige watched her hot pink and black strap on slide in and out his tight, puckered ass. His back was tense, arching was she angled upward a little away from his prostate, making him growl in frustration. He was closing to coming.  She felt his ass tighten under her hands. He tried to shift, to take control of his release. The spreader bars on his leg and at his knees left him unable to move his lower half. Paige held his hips, gripping the riding crop in her left also. He tried to twist his upper body; she quickly reprimanded his actions with a flick of the crop across his shoulders. He cried out but didn't try to move again.

“Grab your cock. Pump it hard.“ She demanded through gritted teeth. In an ideal situation she have them missionary, watching them come, spurting the sticky seed all over her breast. This one had wanted to be spanked and she gladly complied, smirking every time he gasped or cried out.

He let out a strangled cry, the one arm supporting him while his other jerked his cock, gave out sending him crashing on to the bed and soiled sheets.

“Thank you, Domina.“ He gasped, lying in his spent seed. He didn't bother to move as she packs her bag, pulled her coat on over her black bustier, and walked from the hotel room without another glance.

She handed over her bag to her body guard, Blue McGraw, one of the few men she was close to. He held open the elevator door, allowing her to go first. He was always a gentleman.

“So, she still is crushing on you and you her, why won’t you make a move on her?” Paige started the conversation from where it left off when the elevator doors had opened onto the floor when she had arrived for the session. It was an annoying habit that took him a few seconds to get back on the right page of her scattered thoughts.

He scowled at her and her nosiness. “She seems so shy when I’m around, I don’t want to scare her off. I thought maybe she would ask me out when she felt more comfortable with me.” Blue was soft spoken and beyond sweet. He was also a six foot eight muscled god, with his long hair that came past his shoulders and a long neatly trimmed goatee. Fierce didn’t seem to cover how he looked in his “I’m a meth dealing biker clothes”.  Coda had a huge crush on him but she couldn’t even talk to a man now since the incident and Blue was as shy as she was, he knew his size and appearance scared most people off before they could get to know him. But that wasn’t the case with Coda. Her bother was six and a half feet tall and outweighed them by a good seventy pounds.

“Well, you two are perfect for each other. And don’t worry about scaring her, she really likes you, she remembers what you did for her in the hospital.” He had stayed the entire time guarding her room day and night to make her feel safe and brought her flowers when she got home and he mowed her grass and cleaned her house of the damage the asshole had done, making sure everything was fixed and looked like it had before the attack.

“I will try to talk to her more, but if she shies away from me, I ain’t goin’ push her.” He was always a gentlemen, but with Coda he was like a little boy who had a wounded bird. He wore kid gloves when he was around her, he had been the same way with Paige when they had first meet.

She smiled behind his back but didn’t pressure him. The two were so scared of each other, Paige worried that they would never come together, which put a damper on her match making scheme.

“Okay, I won’t bug you anymore about her.” She opened the door to her Jeep as he put her bag in the back. “Thank you, Blue, I’ll call you with the next appointment.”

Paige arrived home at half past eleven. She was worn down from her long week at work and now her session with her client. She couldn't wait to climb into her big king size bed and snuggle with Knox and Nyx, her German Shepard/ wolf hybrids that had been given to her by Coda and Cash’s dad. She was thinking about what she had to get done on Saturday and Sunday when she heard someone choking behind her from the house across the street.

Paige slowly turned, her eyes locking with Bear petross, her two best friends eldest triplet brother.

Great. She thought, her eyes widening with his, she realized she still had her mask on from the session. Even fucking better. She turned and ran to her house. Thank God she had her long jacket on to cover most of her Dom outfit, the bustier and all of her cleavage was out there for God and everyone, like her nosey neighbor. The door was unlocked as always since she lived on the street with the chief of police and his cop sons and two cop daughters. The Petross family was breed to be in law enforcement. From great grandfather to every cousin in the massive family, they were in some type of law. The two mile sections that were back to back, held a Petross house on either side except for her, whom she had inherited from her grandmother.

Paige didn't know him well, they have never spoken more than ten words to each other, she had been too shy and stunted to get close any male and had a hard time relating to anyone else but Coda and Casmir who had befriended her the first day she arrived in Collinsville, always there when she needed them. A month after her nineteenth birthday Dayton and Marla had taken her under their wing when her grandmother had passed three years later, watching over her. Bear had just started college during the time. Seven years later she was working at the tag office and the Dom agency with him living across the street, it had been six months since he came back home but it was still awkward having him so close. He always seemed to be watching her and then calling Coda and Cash to warn them away from her.

She sat her bag down and ripped the mask from her face in anger. Damn, she was going to have to be more careful now that he lived across the freakin' street. She knew that Bear had noticed her odd habit of leaving at odd times in the middle of the night. Coda and Cash had joked about him stalking her. He was always asking them questions about her or using binoculars to spy through her windows. He had even went so far as to hide in the trees behind her house to watch her and his sisters on the nights they came over for girls night. They had to move girls night out indoors. They joked about how she was a quiet kind of trouble, the kind that needed to be watch and he was just the man to keep an eye on her. Too bad he was right about her being trouble.

“Answer the door, you two bit hooker.” A shrill female voice yelled and a fist banged the door. “We know you are turning tricks in your hooker getup, probably dealing drugs or burning churches.”  Paige heard two sets of hysterical laughter at the rude eruption of insults.

“Really? He thinks I’m a hooker now.” She asked when she threw open the door to reveal her best friends. They shared everything in their lives, doing things that if caught, would get them sent to a nice padded room in coats they let them hug themselves.

“Did you really come back from a john and is your pimp hanging around, cause Bear doesn’t think it would be good to have a pimp running around the neighbor, mowing peoples yards and fixing their houses, you know, with the kids here.” Cash was laughing so hard was holding her side.

“Did y’all tell him otherwise? Like maybe the fact that I’m not a hooker and that Blue wasn’t my pimp?” She took from their laughter that they hadn’t.

“Don’t worry, we told him that Blue was your brother not your pimp.” Cash grinned.

“Thanks.” Paige didn’t smile back, her voice as cold as the butt of an Eskimo in the middle of an Alaska winter.

“He said you were running around in a sex mask, hooker boots, wearing only a bra under your coat.” Coda was leering at her, wiggling her eyebrows at Paige.

“I just came back from a session.” Paige groaned, “I was tried and forgot to take off my mask and I didn’t button my coat. Why was he sitting in the porch with his lights off anyway? You would think would have something better to do then to watch me all the time.”

“How else was he supposed to  know what you are doing? I guess it is better than him thinking you are a drug mule or hit woman. Oh and cheating with the mayor. Remember he watched you walk out of that bachelor party two months ago, the one for the mayor’s nephew.” Cash had picked up Paige’s work bag and was pulling out whips, testing them on her thigh.  She loved to play with all the toys in Paige’s collection. She sorted out through it pulling out the strap on that was tied in a clear plastic bag to be cleaned and then a shower curtain rod type thing with cuffs on the end. “What is this?”

“A spreader bar.” Paige answered absently. “Do you think he is going to cause me trouble or start telling people? He is your borther, I know but he is a pain in my ass. Hell, I have done my best to stay away from him since he moved back.”

“Don’t worry, sweetie, we will take care of him. Now how do you use the spreader bar?” Cash was playing with the cuffs on the end.

“You put a cuff on each ankle and or wrist spread and locks the bar to keep the sub from trying to close their legs or move their arms. If you put one end on his ankle and the other on his wrist, both sides, he is stuck spread eagle.” Paige paced the floor in front of the two sitting on the couch; they were paying her no attention as they inspected each item for her work bag. “What could he do? I’m not doing anything illegal; I don’t actually have sex with them. I dominate them, it is consensual, a whole contract is filed with the agency before payment is even collected. You have to get him off my back. I needed  this job back then to pay the house and land debt that gran left behind. You know she refinance the land to get custody of me and to pay mom off when she tried to fight it. I shouldn’t have to give up something I love, not when it pays so freakin great. I just bought that Jeep. I can’t pay for that with just the tag office check. ”

“Honey, chill. He isn’t going to press you or this. We understand why you do this and why you love it. I’m jealous that you get to fulfill your sexuality the way you do. You got the whole quiet, cute frumpy librarian going on during the day and at night you turn into this sexy Dom who butt fucks men. You are so in control of your life. You don’t fear the unknown. You aren’t afraid to be the bad girl you want to be. I want to be a bad girl, too. I want to feel powerful and sure of myself again. He took so much from me. ” Cash shoulders slumped in self-pity. She, like her sister and Paige, were consider over weight, stacked, as the grocery boy like to say, and very short, barely over five feet tall. She had never had a boyfriend, been on a few dates, but had stopped dating after a guy tried to rape. Luckily he was stopped before he could succeed, but it had shaken her up pretty badly. He had called her a worthless fat bitch as they were arresting him. The only reason he had asked her out was because she would be an easy desperate lay. He thought she would be so greatful, being fat and desperate for a man. Loser got what was coming to him when Cash and Paige had a little fun with his car when he was released on bond.

“Don’t, Coda. That asshole was an idiot with a tiny dick and no morals. That is why he had to stoop to such levels just to get laid.” Dory rubbed her sister’s shoulders hoping to comfort her.

“Paige, take me on a session. Let me see it in real life.” Coda pleaded with her and when Paige gave her a shocked look, she pressd forwarded. Coda had been wanting to ask for so long, now that she had, she wasn't stopping until she got a yes. “Listen, I’m serious. I know what you do and I have been researching it online. I want to have the power you have, the confidence. Please? You are my best friend. You know what this would mean to me.”

“I..I…,” Paige couldn’t find the words. “Coda, I fuck men with strap on’s. I use whips and crops to dominate them into submission. You have never seen me like that. You see me as sweet, a quiet girl who plays with whips and does dirty deeds in the bedroom.”

“I want you to show me how. I want it to be you who show me how to be a dominatrix. Please, Paige, show me how to regain my confidence.  You are the only one I trust.” It was the shame in her beautiful blue eyes that pulled at her heart strings. These were the only two people in the world that she loved more than herself, they only ones who she could ever depend on for anything and one of them were asking for her help. “Paige, when you were raped you lost a piece of your soul and all of your control. He took a piece of you away when he violated you. Mine is nothing compared to the pain you have suffered, yet you have overcame it.  Show me how.”

Paige’s memories of that horrid night that her mom’s boyfriend sodomized her for hours when she was sixteen assaulted her.  Her mother had been high on coke. By the time she was able to call her grandmother they were gone and Paige ended up at the hospital for three days. Bile rose in her throat and she could smell his sweat; feel his heavy body pinning her down. She had come a long way from  that broken little girl and knew how Coda felt. “This is a bad idea. You probably ain’t going to like this as much as you think you will and I really don’t want it to ruin our friendship. You both are like my sisters, my only family. I don’t think this is something that you really want but if you want to try than I will support you in this.” Paige looked at her dejectedly sure that the puppy dog eyes would aid her. No such luck she realized when Cash spoke up, causing Paige’s jaw to drop in disbelief.

“Well, I wana try it, too.” She whined.

“Oh, for the love of Christ and His mama, Cash, you are supposed to be helping me change her mind on this crazy venture.” Paige shook her head at them both for the stupidity that was sure to ruin a lifelong friendship and drive her to drinking… more. “I don’t think this is goin’ thrill Blue to much but maybe it will force his hand and make him jump to your aid once agian. May help him get over his whole 'I don't want to scare her' phobia that he has.”

“You talked to him?” Coda came forward on her knees,  off the couch, in front of Paige. “Oh please, Domina, will he ask me out?”

“Shut up with the “domina” crap, you bitch, and yes, only if you can get over your shyness of him. Are you sure this is a good idea, I mean, Blue really ain’t goin’ like it and what if you regret it later? I don’t want you to rush into this.”

“We know you are scared that this is going to end badly and that we will look down on you, but that isn’t possible. You do what you love and though you can’t let it out into society, you are passionate about it when you answer our question. We are curious.” Coda took Paige’s hand, smiling softly. “Now, can we play with your outfits and toys?”

Paige rolled her eyes, “Yes, if you must. The strap ons are in the black dresser, top two drawers. I moved them up and the outfits are in the new black wardrobe. I am going to clean this one.” She held up the hot pink strap on.

Thirty minutes later they sat in Paige’s living room, sipping beer and snacking on apples and cheese, wearing their tiny outfits and strap on cocks. Normally they would be in the back yard around a bond fire, but Bear was out there surely trying to spy on them, not good with the way they were dressed and what they were wearing over the short shorts and miniskirts.  They had started doing this over a year ago when they discovered what Paige was doing in her spare time. Now it was too hard with tight ass Bear always nosing around after her.

“When is he going to back off my ass?” Paige asked when silence had settled for too long.

“Maybe when he nails you. You two have too much sexual tension.” Cash never failed to shock Paige with comments like that.

Paige looked around her living room. Each were laid back sipping their beers, stroking their fake phallus'. It would have been an odd moment for anyone walking into the scene, but for the three it was normal girls night out. Yeah, Bear would flip out if he could see them now. She got a small thrill with the knowledge that she had someone (two people to be exact) that may share her sexual taste. No it wasn't a man, nut it was someone to talk to. That she didn't have to hide from. It was nice.

“We need our own outfits. Where do you get yours?“ Coda asked as she popped another piece of apple in her mouth.

 “I have a woman in Wellston who makes my outfits and harness's. I'm heading over there next Saturday if y'all want to go. Be warned it is an all-day affair when I go.“ Paige warned. She always took Mrs. Lenard to eat and hung out with her while she finalized the details on the clothes. Since her husband died four years ago, Mrs. Lenard had been lonely. Her two sons lived in Texas and her only daughter lived four hours away and made more excuses to come see her then actual attempts. It was pathetic because got over there once a month weather she had an outfit waiting. Paige always took time to see the older woman. She had come to care deeply for Mrs. Lenard. She even knew what Paige did for a living and she didn't judge. Paige loved that. She had helped her come up with designs that were both feminine and hard core. 

 “How much do you normally pay for your outfits? “ Cash pondered as she smoothed her hand down the forest, admiring the beautiful fabric that covered her breast down to her hips.

“Average is $150. “ Paige started but was interrupted by the doorbell. They passed each other a panicked look. “Go roof the bedroom.”

Paige struggled to get the strap on off as the doorbell became more insistent and the sisters ran for the bedroom. She didn't have time to change, whoever was at the door was about to get an eye full. “I‘ll be right there. “

When Paige opened the door she found a very shocked Bear standing with wide eyes, eyes that had landed on her over abundant cleavage. His jaw dropped.

 It took Bear a full minute to recover, helped along with a cough from Paige. She was blushing but stood her ground against his stare. He liked how even her chest flushed red and wondered if it only happened when she was embarrassed. He woul love to spend the night making her flush all over her body. Damn, he thought, he had to get a hold of himself. She was trouble but his cock was to focused on her big breast in that tiny outfit, it seemed to be cutting off the flow of common sense he needed.“Where are my sister's? I watched them come over here after I called them and they haven't come back yet. It has been almost two hours.”  God, was that his voice. It sounded too gravelly and deep. He hoped she didn't notice but honestly how did she except a person to act when she answered the door dress in that.

That pissed Paige off, making her get over her shyness. Coda and Cash were right, she was a dominatrix for Christ sake, she was going to stand up for herself even if this was the one man who scared her more than any other, though as pissed as she was she couldn’t remember why that was. Now he thinks I'm a kidnapper and a Hooker. Ass.  “You mean after you accused me of being a Hooker? You mean that phone call? They are in my bedroom. I'm about to sex em up all dirty like and call my pimp to come over a rough em up. Because I'm a Hooker. And by the way, all three of us are over 21. We don't need an upright cop to watch us.”  She slammed the door in his face before he could react much less answer. Wow, that felt great, like when she was pegging a guy, freeing.

Paige stormed to her bedroom fuming. What an ass. She walked in to find the sisters sitting on the bed, their eyes downcast, hands over the months to keep in the laughter. When Cash finally met her eyes none of them stop the laughter bubble up.

 “Oh my God. I didn't know you had it in you to stand up to him. No one has ever done that except daddy. Even mama backs down from his spoiled ass.“ Coda rolled off the bed she was laughing so hard.

“That was awesome. You even called him on the Hooker comment. I wish I could have seen his face.“ Cash helped her sister off the floor.

 “It was the same look he gave me when I opened the door wearing this.“ She gestured to her outfit, “Like a fish on dry land. He kept gulping for air.“

“He needed his blood stirred a little.“

 Paige's phone went off at the same time that Coda's did. She answered hers as Coda ran to the living room.

 “Hey, girlie, can you spare me a favor?“ Cinnamon, aka Christy Charles, asked in her airy sweet voice.

“Oh no, Cin, your favors always get me into trouble.“ Paige laughed.

“Don't make me beg. I know that is your game but please. I have got a show tomorrow for this rules cops bachelor party and Honey is sick. I need some who knows hard core.“ Cinnamon was a fellow coworker for the show part of the agency. Paige had done a few shows to help her out, all hard core, where she fucked her in the middle of a bunch of horny drunk men. It was nerve racking for her to have that big of an audience.

 “How much?“ She asked.

 “Two grand.“ Paige could hear Cin chewing her lip through the phone.

 “Alright. You got a  bodyguard or do I need to call Blue?“

 “Yes, it is all set. I‘ll text you the list of your needed supplies and the addy. Thanks so much.“

 “What was that about?”  Cash asked Paige when she hung up with a sigh.

 “Work, tomorrow. Cin has a gig in Tulsa, a bachelor party for some cops there. Her partner got sick and she needs someone with my particular skills.” She gave her a halfhearted smile.

 “You don't seem to want to do it. You can always tell her no.“ Cash followed her put into the living room and sat on the couch as Paige went for more beer in the kitchen.Coda's phone rang and she ran to the bedroom to answer it, mouthing to them that it was Bear on the other end.

  “I already said yes so I'm not backing down now. It's the fact that there is a crowd who is going to be watching me. When I work, it is just me and the client, sometimes their spouse or another agent. This is going to be numerous amount of horny male eyes and..... and they aren't going to be looking at me. They are going to be watching the pretty, skinny girl get her brains fucked put by a fatty with a strap on.“ Paige gulped the beer down. It landed hard in her stomach where the ball of dread lay, twisting in fear and nervousness.“ When I'm by myself with the controlled amount of eyes I feel more...... confident.“

  “Paige, you‘re being bias about yourself and your appearance. You aren't fat. You ain't no skinny Minny who lives on carrots. You are USDA choice prime rib. If any man there looks over you for that bag of bones it is because they are dogs and only dogs go after bones. Real men want something soft to hold on to, a little fat on their chicken.“ She grin her a crooked grin and a wink.“ You got it in all the right places and it looks damn good on you.“

“Ah, you know just what to say to us down in the dump hookers.“ They both laughed and hugged.

 “Well, fuck you, you tattle tale. You tell mom and I‘ll make sure everyone knows you ain't the by the books, straight lace cop that you have everyone fooled into believing you are, you fucking prev. I seen the porn sites you were on when you loan me your laptop. You ain't got no room to judge.“

 There was a silence after that as  and then a “Fine “. Bear didn't take being stood up to very well, Paige thought as they entered the living room to find a fuming Coda,but she was now curious to know what their bother liked. She would love to fulfill his every dirty fantasy, Paige shuddered at the thought of fucking and being fcked by Bear. He was damn fine and had a muscled body that begged to have maple syrup poured over it and licked off. Her indencent thoughts were cut off by Coda. 

“Why didn't he call and bug you?”  She asked pointedly to her sister. “Anyway. What was your phone call about?”

They talked about Paige‘s upcoming job and the awkward situation of a huge male audience and the fact that that it wasn't what she was going to be doing that was the problem for Paige, hell, she knew she was a pervert, and all while avoiding any talk about Bear. It was four in the morning before they said good night with plans to buy new outfits for what the sisters were referring to as their “coming out “. Thank God, Paige thought as she laid in bed later, the girls told her that Bear was going to be gone tomorrow night at a friend’s house. She wouldn't have to worry about any embarrassing ran ins with him for a while.

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