Dominant Desires

Dominant Desires

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Sasha was the girl who had a perfect life, until a tragedy took place and she lost her parents. But most of all, she lost her self respect. Now living in an apartment with her friend she's living the hooker way of life, selling herself on the corner of the city. One night she comes across a man and he is not what she expected. He is handsome and everything about him draws her in. When he offers her ten thousand dollars to stay with him for three months to pose as his fiance, what will she do? And to top it all off, what will happen when he pulls her into his dark and torturous secret lifestyle of her accepting to be his Submissive while he is her Dominant?


Sasha was the girl who had a perfect life, until a tragedy took place and she lost her parents. But most of all, she lost her self respect. Now living in an apartment with her friend she's living the hooker way of life, selling herself on the corner of the city. One night she comes across a man and he is not what she expected. He is handsome and everything about him draws her in.
When he offers her ten thousand dollars to stay with him for three months to pose as his fiance, what will she do? And to top it all off, what will happen when he pulls her into his dark and torturous secret lifestyle of her accepting to be his Submissive while he is her Dominant?

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This stranger I've met out on the street grazes his lips across my neck, the heat in his breath making me cringe while he groans with pleasure. I've never been so disturbed in my life, but I know I have no other choice than to ignore it, just like I always do. Once his mouth reaches my chin in attempt to kiss me on the mouth, I press my hands against his hairy chest and push him away a few inches even though he's on top of my body. I'm repulsed by his unexpected action keeping my face far away from his, with him still heavily on top of me against the cheap uncomfortable motel sheets.

"No–" I blatantly tell him, while he looks drunkenly into my eyes. "Don't."

It's quite clear my speaking up has caught him off guard and he almost seems to be frustrated with my calm and collected statement. I shake my head and scowl at him with authority, sharply breathing out in alert. Although I'm mentally applauding myself for bringing pepper spray along with me in my purse just in case anything dangerous was to end up taking place. I've been in those kinds of situations before and I was fortunate enough to get out of them safe and sound, so from that night forward I've always brought my spray to protect me as best as I can.

Even thinking about kissing someone on the lips scares the hell out of me because of the emotion it shares, and especially considering I'm fully against it. Kissing my clients is not something I do, ever. Being a prostitute you would imagine I would be alright with anything as long as I'm getting paid, but with me that is not the case. Many hookers have the same exact rule as I do because the men we get aren't even the least bit attractive, and that's the last thing on our minds.

"I don't kiss, ever. No matter what the circumstance is."

"I'm sure I could change your mind, baby doll." His breath wreaks of alcohol and an urge to throw up overtakes me, but I keep myself as calm as I can. "How about if I pay you extra? I love to kiss, pretty girl. Ten bucks more? How's that sound? Extra cash for you to take on home."

"Absolutely not."

"Well why not?" He demands in a grunt.

"Did you hear a word I just said? I don't care about extra."

In response, this grimey man scowls. "I'm paying," He begins to say, until I stop him.

"Get off of me," I snap, shoving him. "If you want to pull this shit then I'm out of here."

"Okay... No, no, no."

"I don't kiss any of my clients on the lips and that's how this works with me. This is just business. Strictly business. Nothing personal," I carefully tell him and he eventually nods in return. "And kissing is personal. So enough. You got me?"

"Yeah. Well, guess I can't argue with that."

"Clearly." I whisper, him continuing to travel his lips anywhere else on my bare body.

But not my lips, because in the three years I have been doing this I've never mixed my life at night as a prostitute with my personal life. And to me, kissing is definitely personal, especially since I haven't been kissed since I was eighteen years old in high school. Shaking all of the upsetting and racing thoughts from my mind, I lay back and fake a moan for him, trying to make him have an enjoyable time doing whatever he prefers to do although I'm always being the one who is in charge. For me, I only accept regular sex, which means no anal or oral, along with no kissing. That's how it's always been. Having a satisfying night is just so difficult because tonight I have so much on my mind. Exactly a month from today is the day my parents were tragically taken away from me, just three years ago.

It will be the anniversary of their unexpected death and it's hurting me so bad to think about it. In silence I tightly close my eyes with my bottom lip between my teeth, and I allow my mind to drift me away from the world I could now care less about living in anymore. With all of the misery I happen to go through on a daily basis. . . It's just not worth it.

"Natalie." I exclaim when I get back home the next morning, deeply sighing as I close the door behind me. I walk into my apartment and place my purse down on the table, retrieving a water bottle from the fridge. Noticing the complete silence and no response from my room mate that also happens to be my best friend, I curiously make my way into her bedroom. "Nat?" 

"I'm in the bathroom!" She finally calls out, her voice filled with joy which is how she normally is. This girl is like a ray of sunshine even with the stressful lives that we live. "Just give me a second, Sasha. I just got out of the shower!"

"Alright," I call back to her, sitting down on the edge of her bed then falling onto my back. 

"I'm just getting dressed right now, but fuck, Sash!" She nearly shouts at me, peaking into the room through the cracked spot between the door as she narrows her eyes. "You had me really worried. Where have you been? Were you still with a client or something?"

"Yeah, last night I was. He was a new one, a disgusting one, to be perfectly honest with you. But he paid two hundred for just an hour which is pretty decent," I reply, watching as she closes the bathroom door and wraps her wet blonde hair in a towel.

"Yep,  that's definitely decent. Lucky you. I was all alone for the night sitting on the couch shoving spoonfulls of ice cream down my throat. I must have had two cartons. I was in a wicked terrible mood. I mean, as usual, right?"

"What're you talking about? You're always happy."

"For the past week and a half I've been a total bitch. What're you saying?" Natalie anxiously asks, rolling her eyes at me while I grin from her high pitched annoyed tone. "I really need to start dressing more provocative from now on, because nobody looks at me the way they used to anymore."

"Maybe it's time for a new corner?" I softly joke, but she never takes anything funny when it comes to the both of us living our night lives as prostitutes. It's always completely serious to her no matter what the case it. At this moment, from the hurt expression that has overtaken her face, I regret what I said. I regret treating this like it's not a big deal because she really has been acting different. "Listen, Nat. You don't need to change a single thing about yourself. You're perfect just the way you are."

But then she releases a loud groan. "I don't know, Sash. Maybe I put on a few pounds from all the junkfood I've been eating. Like what the fuck am I doing wrong, you know?"

"Natalie, you're gorgeous." I honestly compliment her, finally sitting up and taking long sips of my water hating how dry my throat is from not drinking anything except warm beer from the motel's fridge the whole night. "Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. What we do for a living is tough. Some nights we get lucky and other nights nobody comes around. That's just how it is."

"You're right. It's really difficult for me lately, though. Personally." She speaks with emotion, folding her arms across her chest. "But how come nobody has any interest in me anymore? Don't you notice it, too? I definitely do. And maybe I'm crazy, but I don't blame them."

"Why are you talking about yourself like this?" I toss the waterbottle onto the bed behind me, standing up and quickly walking towards her. "Tell me what's the matter. It can't be that you're upset you haven't been getting a lot of clients lately. So, what're you talking about-"

"You know exactly what I'm talking about!" She sadly says under her breath.

I take her face between my hands, glaring at her before exhaling a long and irritated breath. I can't stand how much she puts herself down at some points, because everything about her is absolutely incredible. She's been my best friend for three years and we've both been here for each other through thick and thin for as long as I can remember. 

"No, actually, I don't. You're beautiful and you've got a sexy banging body that any guy would kill to have for a night or for even more than that."

"You're too sweet," She replies with sarcasm.

"I'm not saying this only because you're like my sister. I always tell you the truth, so believe me when I tell you that nothing is wrong with you. It's all in your head, Nat. Now smile like you usually do because you brighten up the whole room." I encourage her as best as I can and she eventually nods, pouting out her bottom lip a few seconds later. "I'm sure when you get out of this business, the second you stop prostituting, any guy would love to take you under his arm and make you his entire world."

She stares deeply into my brown eyes and emotionally takes my hand. "I just don't know what to do anymore. My life doesn't make any damn sense lately. Does yours?"

"Is that a serious question? My life is different than yours. My parents are dead, the only family I had, and you're asking me if my life makes sense? They were taken away from me and I lost everything." I let out in a soft mutter, crossing my arms now just like she is doing.

"I shouldn't be complaining considering I'm basically just having mommy and daddy issues-" Natalie agrees with me, hesitating while I anxiously hold my breath. "I'm sorry, Sasha."

"No, don't worry about it." I say, barely any sound to my voice. "Doesn't matter anyways."

"I'm just going to stay in for the rest of the day and probably tonight too. I'll try to get some new clients tomorrow so I can pay you the rent sooner, because I might be leaving for a few weeks with my cousin down to Florida. Do you want to come with us? It will be fun to get away."

I bite my lip, finally releasing my breath.

"You're like my sister. If you want to come on a vacation with us, then just say so!"

"That sounds very appealing but I don't know," I carefully let out before leaving the room as she follows behind me. "I mean, maybe. We'll see. . . But I don't know if that's a good idea for me considering I really need to step up my game and make some more money. Um, I might have stopped and got breakfast before I got here and got a little too carried away."

"How much do you have left?" She asks and I grin weakly at her, sitting down on the couch. 

I slightly give her a guilty face before deeply exhaling. "Fifty dollars, not even."

Her eyes widen and all of a sudden out of nowhere, she starts to laugh at me. And I'm not just talking about a soft little giggle, my friend belly laughs at my response just getting me to glare at her in pure impatience. "Holy shit, babe. That's one hundred and fifty bucks. How much did you eat?"

"A lot, clearly."

"You said you were with a client last night, so where were you all this morning?"

"He left after he paid me, but I was so exhausted I ended up staying at the motel. Then I woke up and was starving so I gave in to the temptation of treating myself to a nice breakfast."

"That's it. We can't be bums today," Natalie quietly states, holding out her hands and I stare up at her with confusion. "We need to get out of the apartment, go window shopping for some fun, and then we'll go to a club tonight to have a good time before we wait out on our corner. Who knows? This could turn out to be a lucky night for the both of us."


"But nothing!"

I stare at my best friend Natalie relunctintly, glancing back and forth at her hands then her face before I decide to just give in to her tempting offer. "Ugh!" I groan, placing my hands in hers. "Fine."

We have fun for the day by walking around the city and I don't think it has ever been this beautiful outside. By the time the night arrives we eventually get back to our apartment to change, deciding that right after we leave the club we will stand on our corner. Natalie curls her shoulder length blonde hair and wears a red dress, and brown high heel boots to match. She gets real dolled up with makeup and takes her time making sure she looks like total perfection, although I don't seem to have that much interest. After skimming through my closet that barely has any dresses I like, I find a short sleeveless black one, a little black dress. It's skimpy but yet looks appropriate for a club, and I pull on my black, high heel and leather, knee high boots that I always wear.

And desperate for a nice evening, I push all of the negative thoughts out of my head and decide to be as happy as I possibly can for my friend. The air around us feels so wonderful once we leave the club, and the breeze is chilly when the wind blows, goose bumps rising on my tan skin. We walk to our corner with our arms linked as usual, to the territory that is known as ours, and once we arrive we become professional. It's obvious we're together although the way we present ourselves and look around at all of the cars speeding by, it's easy to tell that we're hookers, unless you're blind of course.

About two hours later after waiting for what felt like eternity, finally a black convertible races toward where we're waiting and it screeches to a stop when it reaches the curb. Natalie instantly glances over at me and very sheepishly grins, stepping back so I can make my way towards the car. Instead I shake my head in defiance, ready to tell her to take him instead of me doing it until this happens.

"Hey you." The man calls over to us, waving up his hand as we glance at each other, not knowing which one of us he happens to be speaking to. "You! The beautiful blonde in the red!" In response drop my gaze down to my outfit and I'm reminded that I'm wearing black, and on top of it I'm a brunette. Once I stare back over to her I can't help but smile, so happy someone noticed her first since she's been so hard on herself today, and that I can't help but feel her joy. 

"Yes! Hell yes–" Natalie gasps, staring at me with cautious silence while I smile.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Go do your thing babe. Rock his world," I tell her, and she happily giggles before walking over to the car and glancing at me one last time.

"Don't wait up for me!"

"I won't. Take your time."

She hops into the car and the man locks his arm around her shoulder, pulling her body much closer to him and she stares my way in nothing but excitement. When I really think about it, it's really sad that the highlight of our day is when we're picked up by strange men that we've never even met before. Although this is the way we live our life and at this point I don't know when or if I'll ever stop. I can't help but frown as he races down the road, and then I sit on the bench a few feet beside the payphone.

And not even a minute later, something immediately catches my attention. A sharp looking black car drives down the now suddenly quiet street and when I do a double take I realize it's a Ferrari, the newest and surely the most expensive one they have.

"Oh, fuck me." I softly curse under my breath. "What a beauty."

It slowly pulls over to the side of the curb maybe ten feet in front of where I'm sitting and my jaw drops with shock. Is this really taking place? I'm suddenly thinking in my head that maybe he stopped because he has seen me and recognized me somehow. What other reason would there possibly be? There's nothing around here that's anything special and this isn't a parking area, unless he or she doesn't mind getting a ticket. But would they really be interested in a one night stand with a hooker? All I can think about is why on earth would someone who has this much money to buy a car like this be looking for a prostitute, because it doesn't make the least bit of sense.

I quickly make my way over to his car without wasting a second, calmly releasing a deep breath as my three inch heels click against the pavement before I bend down to glance inside. It takes me by surprise when I notice the window's rolled all the way up and this man is looking down at the dashboard, not at me. Confusion courses through me. "What the hell-" I softly let out, knocking on the window and he finally notices me standing here.

He rolls it down and when I am able to look inside, the world around me stops. My face fills with unexpected heat and my stomach tighens into a knot, my jaw dropping without my control as my breathing quickens. At this moment I'm able to see how drop dead handsome this guy is. He's definitely a few years older than me from how mature he seems, and he looks like he just stepped out of a photoshoot for male models straight out of a magazine. He is the definition of perfect and I've never thought this way about any man before which throws my mind into overload.

The light is on above his head and it's brighter than the average car lighting which makes it easier to see his features, and not just a shadow. Those eyes. . . The first thing that grabs my attention and happens to hold onto it for dear life is his set of beautiful and unique eyes. Although they are light blue and absolutely breathtaking, they're nothing other than pure intiminating. I actually get a sudden feeling of fear make it's way through my body, feeling as if he is going to yell or hurt me which doesn't settle very well deep in my stomach, which I've never experienced before.

Something about him is telling me to back away. To leave. To run. And to not speak a single word to him, but it's so tempting because of how brutally masculine he is. This man's jawline is so strong, very profound and there's no stubble at all on his flawless skin. My gaze drifts down to his lips without my permission and oh, holy hell. They're full, luscious, and so inviting. In instant response from this thought I have to mentally slap and scold myself to stop thinking this way, because in all honesty it scares me. Not one word has been spoken and I already know I'm in deeper than I could ever imagine.

His hair is either a very dark brown or black color from what I'm able to make out without gazing at him like an idiot, and it has a bit of length to it so I picture me running my fingers through it. Gulping, I drop my gaze further down, looking over his outfit and suddenly realizing that he's wearing a black suit with a blue tie around his neck. Well, this happens to be a plus.

This must mean that he is a successful business man and that's so great to wrap my mind around. As my eyes roam over his arms is when I realize how bulky they are, definitely hiding some muscles beneath the fabric, but his figure also happens to be very lean. He looks as if he's as fit as can be and he's most certainly in great shape, very good shape. I have my eyes lock with his seconds later and I can't help but notice he's has some mystery hidden in them and I don't have any idea what to expect next with him, which strikes me as odd. I'm usually not like this when I approach a car and this concerns me. Why do I feel as if I don't have the power and control right now?

The moment I look deeper at his beautifully sculptured face, he almost is giving off a vibe that he's angry which sends a wave of confusion through me. As his eyes turn dark and sheltered he tilts his head to the side in silence, almost observing me in a strange way that I'm not quite sure of. It makes me feel uneasy and I don't like it. I haven't even heard his voice but I know for a fact that it must sound as husky as ever, just to match his sex appealing image he has on display.

"Uh, hi?" I quietly question, my voice slightly cracking from how dramatically this stranger has made me speechless, him slightly narrowing his eyes in return. "Can I help you?"

"Yeah, that'd be great." The moment these four words leave his mouth, I feel my stomach muscles tightening from how on point I was with my assumption. This man's tone is as husky as ever, the way the words slip easily right off his tongue giving it a seductive feel. My heart begins to pound wildly in my chest. Wow, I've never been so turned on by someone's voice in my life. 

"Alright. Well then, how long do you plan on? I'm charging a bit extra tonight." I seductively tell him back, licking my lips and the moment he looks away from me, my heart drops in rejection. And I very slightly bend down to peak further inside his vehicle, only to realize he's staring at his large cellphone. With his pointer finger he presses the touch screen to work it and since his suit sleeve very slightly slides up, I catch a glimpse of an expensive watch tight around his wrist. A Rolex, maybe? Yes, he's most definitely wealthy.

"Pardon me?" This man cautiously breathes out, turning his head to stare into my eyes with a slight smirk that has unexpectedly overtaken his still intimidating face. "You're going to charge me for directions? I highly doubt anyone in their right mind would pay for that, unless it happens to be out of pure desperation, which I unfortunately for you am not in."

"No, I just thought-" I hesitate, dumbfounded because I'm so thrown off in this situation at this point. Releasing a deep breath and gathering myself together, I frown at him. "You want directions to my place or what? Because I don't give out that personal information to anyone. No matter how much you're willing to pay, my place is always off limits."

He loudly clears his throat before shaking his head, snarling at me out of nowhere which causes me to flinch and close my mouth. "Stop talking, right now. You're babbling and it's very distracting." From the rude bold new tone he's using with me, I throw back my head and glare at him, despite his insanely attractive good looks. "I'm lost– I actually happen to be searching for a hotel I'm going to be staying at and this piece of shit navigator I have downloaded is taking me all over the damn city. Of course I had to leave my GPS in my Lamborghini."

"Oh," I whisper, raising an eyebrow. Another expensive car? "You want directions to a hotel."

"Yes, that's correct."

"Wait," I immediately cut him off, an interesting thought crossing my mind. "A stranger pulls over to the side of the road in a strikingly beautiful and expensive car and asks for directions to a hotel? Don't even tell me. Natalie," I sigh, shaking my head in annoyance. "She did this, didn't she?"

Suddenly, he gazes at me in confusion. "What on earth are you talking about?"

For a moment I hesitate before replying. "Pretty Woman."

"You're delusional, aren't you?"

I sharply exhale and gawk at this handsome, yet cocky stranger. "No, I am not delusional." I rush out in a snarl, completely taken back by his question. "So, you're telling me that Natalie didn't set this up? I mean let's be real here for a second. It seems pretty far fetched to say that this is just a crazy coincidence, especially considering that Pretty Woman is one of my top favorite movies."

"For the love of God," He breathes. "Great. This is fantastic. I truly feel as if I've gotten to know you a whole lot better. Thank you so damn much for telling me about your personal movie favorites, but I am running short on patience right about now. Do you have any knowledge of where The Pierre is, or not?"

It's impossible for me to hold back the stunned gasp that manages to escape from my lips when I hear where he is going to be staying. His charming eyes narrow right away from my reaction although it's almost as if he's used to it. I remain silent, hesitating and unable to speak. 

"Hello?" He questions, bringing me back to reality.

"The Pierre?" I question him in absurdity and he blankly nods, narrowing his fierce eyes once again that are surrounded by thick dark eyelashes that I haven't been able to make out until this very second. "You're kidding me, right? That has to be the most expensive place to stay in New York. It's a five star hotel. It must cost you a lot of–"

"Money, yeah. I'm quite aware of that."

This man keeps his focus right on my eyes nearly making my knees weak which isn't something I'm used to, and thankfully I grab onto the edge of the window which keeps me upright. The tone of his voice sounds stern and very uptight as he releases a sharp breath a few seconds later.

"Alright then." I anxiously mutter, still as confused as ever and also pretty upset. This is the most attractive man I have ever laid my eyes on before, no exaggerating at all, in my whole twenty one years of living. After meeting him now he expects me to just tell him where to go so he can drive away from me into the unknown? He's obviously rich. And I notice his left hand on the steering wheel doesn't have a ring on his finger either, which means he isn't married. I don't mess with married men.

"Answer me. Do you have any idea where this hotel is or not? I don't like to be kept waiting." He demands, clearing away all the fantasized thoughts racing through my mind when I realize how disrespectful he is. "If you don't know the location, then I can be on my way."

"Woah. Hold on a second, Sir." A second after these words come from me, I catch a sparkle in his eyes, and the new look he gives me in return I simply can't explain. "You don't have the right to speak to me that way. Nobody does. It doesn't matter how rich or good looking you are." His eyes widen in surprise as I sarcastically smirk. "Oh, but I understand. I know you're probably used to getting special treatment from women, but you won't be getting it from me."

Right away his big, intimidating, and piercing eyes widen in response while his lips part. I can't help but notice that he looks completely taken back and shocked at my straight forward and determined statement. It's almost as if he has lost his breath and train of though from what I had just said to him, and from the way he's scowling he seems to be extremely confused. Until all of a sudden the color drains from his face and his complexion becomes pale. He closes his mouth and his jaw tightly clenches, and now at this silent moment he looks as angry as I have ever seen someone before. It's almost to the point where it strikes me with nothing but fear.

Without having control of my body, I step back in response.

"Excuse me?" He breathes, his plump lips remaining parted afterwards, frightening me simply from the way he speaks to me with such authority. "What did you just say?"

"You heard exactly what I said." I state, and even though I'm anxious I try my best to not show it. After I fold my arms across my chest I get a boost of confidence. "Don't talk to me that way. I don't let other men treat me with disrespect and I won't tolerate it with you either."

His darkened eyes narrow in response and I can't catch my breath. "Don't raise your voice at me, and don't you ever even consider telling me what to do. Or I can promise you this– You will deeply regret it." He threatens me with venom filling his sharp tone and my jaw drops open. "Now I want you to close that mouth of yours and give me the directions, now."

"Are you kidding me right now?"

"Does it look like I'm joking around?" He questions, and I hesitate for a brief moment, trying to keep myself under control. "Well then, now that we've settled that. I'll be needing those directions."

"Shit." I snarl, but I have to give in to his angry order out of pure desperation, hating myself for it but I'm entirely helpless here. If there's any way he will pull out his wallet and pay me good money tonight I'll do whatever it takes. I watch him as he rubs his long lean fingers against his jawline, while he studies me without saying a word. I swallow down my pride and I whisper, "Fine. You win."

Without any pause, this mystifying stranger mumbles to me, "I always win."

I frown. "Oh, I bet."

"I don't like your tone," He groans, sharply exhaling. "And are you a hooker?"

My heart thumps hard in my chest. His coldness not only overtakes his face but claims his voice as well. It simply stuns me to realize how easily these words have slipped out of his mouth, especially when he is asking me something so serious and personal. It slightly offends me but I chose to say nothing. There's just something about him that leaves me trembling. I clear my throat and blink a few times more than normal, and my body tenses.

"Is it that obvious?" I try to grin to show some humor, but it doesn't work.

"No, it isn't." This strikingly handsome stranger tells me, barely any sound to his low voice and I frown because he now sounds genuine and friendly when he was so rude only seconds ago. Although I feel a smile hiding because of how he answered me with a no instead of a yes. "I wouldn't have realized it if you didn't tell me you had a special tonight. Get in."

A small gasp escapes from my lips, mostly due to myself being so startled with him growling out another demanding order to me. "What?"

"Get, in, now." He's as blunt as can be, staring at me blankly.

"I'll give the directions to you–" I tell him easily, puckering my lips while he continues to stare straight into my eyes, and it's shocking to feel some chemistry between us. From his attractive and formal appearance you would never guess he has mood swings that are crazy enough to leave your head spinning around in circles. "–On one condition."

Unexpectedly, he shakes his head. "Do you have a problem with listening? I get what I want. If I tell you to get in my car, then you get in my car. Now do I make myself clear?"

"No." I glare into his dark and mysterious eyes, watching his blue eyes filled with intensity widen as I glance down to notice his hands balled up into fists. "My condition is you have to stop being so harsh and demanding. I don't deal with that and you clearly have some anger issues."

"Is that so?" He asks, raising an eyebrow and pressing his lips into a hard straight line.

"Yes. And you have to give me a ride to my destination that's right across the street." I anxiously lie, him looking like he's thinking about it before he rolls up the window which forces me to step a foot back, and I stare at his car in horror and rejection. Wow, what an ass.

And then I hear the doors click as they unlock and I wait a few uneasy seconds before I grab the handle and open the door, glancing inside when he turns the light off. "Now– Get in."

His tone is challenging me to fight him but I chose to just keep my mouth closed this time, knowing I'm probably not going to win with this guy. What a control freak he is. If he told me he was bipolar I would definitely believe it. I hop inside his to die for Ferrari and have my heart pounding fast and hard in my chest, and as I buckle my seat belt I feel the car suddenly accelerating down the road. I glance around at my surroundings and cannot believe this is actually happening. I've had a dream since I was a young teenager about owning this kind of car, and now actually being in one brings me happiness and comfort. With the dark red leather seats and this sexy man sitting beside me, everything feels just like a dream, and an incredible fantasy.

"Wow, nice car." I softly say under my breath, staring over at him when he briefly stares into my stunned and widened eyes. He looks away within a second. "I'm Sasha Pierce, by the way." A moment later I mentally scold myself for letting my last name accidentally slip out of my mouth. "I'd rather not be called the girl on the corner or anything to that matter." I swallow down the lump that has built up in the back of my throat from being so anxious. His head turns and our eyes connect before he expresses a slight grin playing at his lips, then staring straight ahead of him at the road.

"I'm Jaxon." He finally reveals to me his name in a friendly yet sharp tone, offering his right hand that's not on the steering wheel as I carefully lock my eyes on it and notice how big it is. It's unbelievable how long his fingers are and how wide his palm is. The thought has me thinking naughty but before it gets to a strong point I try to clear my mind. "And I'd never call you that."

My heart drops with his last few words, because I'm feeling a lot more at ease with the sudden change of his attitude. "Thank you," I shyly mutter, not understanding why he has this huge effect on me, but he does. When he looks into my eyes it's as if he's staring straight into my soul and my world is helplessly spinning around. I gently accept his handshake and when our palms touch is when I feel this strange shock zap through my skin, an electrical spark in the air, and just by the way his eyes narrow when he shoots his gaze over at me is when I realize he felt it too.

We immediately pull away and I calmly release a deep breath, looking forward and finding my sense of direction. "Oh, right up at this street you're going to take a right."

"Alright. Now tell me something, Sasha. Are you desperate for money?" This suddenly is let out of his mouth with his tone firm but yet relaxed at the same time. I cautiously stare at him surprised with his question, although Jaxon doesn't make any more eye contact with me. I place my hands on my lap and I fidget with my fingers, glancing away to look out my window.

"Um, why?" 

"Just answer the question."

Right away I turn my head, allowing my gaze to set on his face although his attention is glued to the road before us. He's such a handsome man; yet he's so demanding and on edge. His personality is far from friendly and he surely doesn't make a good first impression, but there's just something about him that draws me to him like a magnet.

Even though it doesn't seem right, I can't help but feel like meeting him has happened for a reason. His eyes suddenly narrow as I realize I've been silent and have kept him waiting, but he chooses to not say a single word. It's almost like he is giving me the time to think this through and to answer him honestly without giving him a hard time. So I take a deep breath and his question replays in my head. Are you desperate for money?

"Yes, I am." My voice comes out soft and cautious. "I need money very badly actually."

He nods once in return, turning to briefly lock his beautiful eyes with mine. "What for?"

"It's a personal issue," I defensively state, gulping. "Why do you ask?"

"I'll pay you ten thousand dollars to stay with me for three months." With that, my heart drops into the pit of my stomach.

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