To Embrace the Dragon

To Embrace the Dragon

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Clara survived the trip to Mount Fearfire, but she cannot deny how the meeting with Verrier has changed her.


Clara survived the trip to Mount Fearfire, but she cannot deny how the meeting with Verrier has changed her.

Chapter1 (v.1) - It Starts with a Kiss

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Clara is thrilled to see her best friend Sue traveled from the temple to find her, but Sue isn't so happy to hear about what Clara got up to in her absence.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 15, 2019

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 15, 2019



It Starts with a Kiss


Clara whooped with joy as she bounded to her feet! After two months of running and worrying, it was finally a time for triumph, and celebration. Monsford was safe. Her friends and loved ones were mostly safe. She was safe, and free, and… "We'll be Paladins!" she exulted, hugging Sue. "We..."

"Go tell your friends, then!" Sue snapped, shoving her away. And your fiancé! I'm sure they'll be happy for you!"

Stunned by the reaction, Clara stood in shock as Sue spun and raced off into the darkness. Sue had a twenty-pace head start before Clara took off after her, “Sue! Sue wait!” As they ran away from the campfire, Clara expected to lose her in the darkness, but she was able to keep track of Sue’s silhouette.

“Go away!” Sue called back, the words caught in a sob. As they ran away from the campfire, Clara expected to lose her in the darkness, but she was able to keep track of Sue’s silhouette. Eventually, Sue stopped, and Clara stopped a few steps behind her. After fretting for a moment, Clara placed a hesitant hand on Sue’s shoulder, but she turned with a burst of anger.

“I feared you dead! I came out here, into the demonlands to find you, and make sure you were okay. And, while I was worried sick, about you, you took on as many lovers as Afodisia!” Sue accused, her words choppy and sharp.

“Well, I am her avatar,” Clara explained, flashing a sheepish smile. Sue didn’t share her amusement, responding with a sound that was part scoff, part sob.

With a deep breath, Clara tried again, “Sue, I am sorry if you feel…betrayed.  I never wanted to hurt you. But I was beginning to fear that I would never return to the temple, and then I return to Monsford to find a demon army on the brink of invasion. So I did what I was supposed to do, and offer to sacrifice myself as tribute to Lord Verrier.

“I didn’t want to die without ever knowing what sex was like so I… I slept with my childhood friends, and let them show me what it felt like, to be loved. You have to believe me, Sue, I never thought I would survive, much less see you again.”

Sue stayed silent, save for a few sniffles. “So…you were with both of them? What was it like? Did you figure out how two girls...?” Her cheeks flushed scarlet

Clara smirked lasciviously at Sue, and her quest. “Well, I could tell you,” she pulled Sue closer now, until their bodies touched. “Or I could show you.” The evening was cool, with a gentle breeze blowing off the still-thawing river, but Clara suddenly felt like she was burning up.

Sue shivered, and bit her lip. "Show... me?" she breathed, shivering again. Still, she leaned a little closer, mimicking their games in their room late at night. ""


Clara cupped her face, caressing her cheeks. "Well..." she whispered, leaning closer as well. There was hardly any distance between their lips; the simple act of speaking caused them to brush together. "It starts... with a kiss..."

Sue moved the last, tiny fraction of the distance. Their lips met and, for a long moment, it was a simple, chaste kiss. Like the first one they'd ever shared, when they were barely into puberty and still unsure of boys and kissing. She hesitantly slipped her tongue against Clara's lips. It played over the surface, then slipped between them as Clara uttered a sighing little moan. Sue echoed the sound, her hands caressing Clara's face now, then sliding backwards and stroking through her hair.

"Not... not bad..." Clara managed as they parted, struggling just a little for breath. Then she smiled as Sue pulled her back, her kiss bolder and more aggressive. This time tongues dueled lazily, advancing and retreating as the two girls explored one another with their hands and bodies. Sue pressed into Clara, hands trailing over the layers of cloth between them. Clara, for her part, managed not to be jealous of Sue's slightly more feminine build. Not with the gentle swell of her breasts and her hips in her hands.

"What... what's next?" Sue asked, looking slightly dazed.

Clara shook her head, clearing it, and glanced around. "Now?" she repeated with a grin, taking Sue's hand. "Now we go find somewhere a little more... private."

Hand in hand, they made for Monsford and stole into the first house they saw, but Sue hesitated before the threshold, “Are you sure?”

“Most people retreated to Kirstad, and won’t be a back for a few more days. We won’t leave a trace that we were here,” Clara assured her, pulling her into the cottage. They were kissing again, fumbling at the belts and buckles of their armor. Despite not looking, it came off easily, from taking it off each other so often back at the temple. Never while kissing, however. Next came off the padding, until both girls just wore their tunics and breeches.

 Clara stopped kissing her for a moment, eyeing the furniture, before deciding on the bed. A half laugh left her lips. A bed, this would be a first for her. She pulled Sue over towards it, and then on it, cuddled up to one another as they sometimes did on cold nights at the temple.

Clara moved her head along Sue’s cheek and over to her neck, kissing and biting along that smooth column of muscles. Soft sighs turned into moans as Clara’s kisses deepened, teeth scraping over sensitive skin. Clara’s hands went under Sue’s shirt, trailing over her tight stomach to caress her firm breasts. Pulling back, Clara met Sue’s gave, seeking permission without words. Her response was to bite her lip, then nod, and she didn’t fight it as Clara pulled her shirt up over her head.


Moonlight cast stark shadows over Sue’s skin, pale light highlighting her crimson flush. Clara’s stroked her thumb over Sue’s cheekbone and smiled. “You are so beautiful. I’ve, uh, been so jealous of that, in the past but…” It was Clara’s turn to blush. A small, nervous giggle left her lips, before she leaned in closer, “Well, I guess it’s honest to admit I am still a little jealous…”

Clara held Sue’s gaze as her lips once more made the journey down her jaw and neck. Then there was new territory to explore, like her long, slender collarbone, and the gentle curve of her breasts. They were a pleasant weight in her hand, and yielded to her fingers, except for the nipples that grew harder and thicker. Erect, they called to her mouth, and both women sighed together as Clara wrapped her lips around one.

Countless moments were lost as Clara worshipped Sue’s breasts. Inspired by Sue’s building cries, Clara developed a rhythm. One hand cupped one side, while she licked and sucked the other. Her remaining hand became bolder, sliding down her stomach and pushed between the leather of Sue’s breeches and her skin. Fingers moved into her pants, teasing her over her small clothes.

Sue writhed under Clara’s touch, bridging her hips to meet Clara’s touch. Heat radiated off her and drew a pinkish glow over her skin. Clara rose up over her, and took a hungry kiss from her lips.

The kiss broke with a gasp, and Sue arching her back, "Clara."

"Yes, Sue?" Clara purred, pressing her palm against her friend's mound.

"Goddess... Clara..." Her eyes rolled back into her head "I... I..."

"You...?" prompted Clara, rubbing and pressing her palm against Sue's dampening crotch. "You what?"

"I... would you..." She uttered a wordless sound of pleasure as Clara bent her head and bit at her nipple before licking it slowly.

"Would I what?" Clara prompted. "What do you want?"

"T... t... touch me..." Sue asked, face scarlet now. "Down... down there..."

Grinning, Clara let her fingers slip between Sue's smallclothes and her skin. "Down here?" she purred, tracing Sue's damp slit with a fingertip. "Touch you down here?"

Sue bucked her hips against Clara's touch. "Yes!" she cried out, still blushing but no longer caring. "Please!" Clara's mouth found hers, a slick tongue parting her lips as gentle fingers spread the lips of her sex. Sue gasped into Clara's kiss as one finger ran the length of her slit and circled the bud of her clit before stroking back.

"Tell me what feels good, Sue," Clara murmured against her lips. "I want you to enjoy this."

Clara worked one finger in and out of Sue’s slick sex, slowly caressing her silken walls. Each clench gripped her digit in molten silk, and Clara arousal mirrored Sue’s. That desire drove Clara to stroke deeper, faster, drawing more pleasure from Sue and more longing from her. “Clara, Clara…” Sue’s moans were a sweet rhapsody of ecstasy, breathy rasps in concert with the wet swish of flesh in flesh. Clara’s thumb played over Sue’s clit, and breathless cries transformed into squeals.

With both hands tangled in Clara’s hair, Sue took a needy kiss. Clara drank down her moans and savored the sounds of her pleasure, pushing a second finger in to send Sue over the edge. Trembling muscles squeezed her fingers, but she didn’t stop, prolonging Sue’s climax until she was left whimpering.

Both women were sweating and breathing hard in the aftermath. “That was…” Sue started, before breathing in deep and releasing a contented sigh, “yeah, wow. Amazing.” They shared a lighter kiss, more lips than tongue, with noses and foreheads touching.

Finally, Clara slid her fingers out of Sue, and brought them directly to her lips. Holding Sue’s gaze, she sucked the musky flavor of passion off. “You taste delicious.”

Sue bit her bottom lip, and for a moment, Clara thought she was still feeling shy. Then her hand darted forth and gripped Clara’s wrist, pulling Clara’s hand to her mouth. With a moan, she sucked what remained of her taste from Clara’s fingers. “Do you taste this good?”

Clara laughed, and pulled her shirt over her head. “Why don’t you find out?”

“I… don’t know what to do,” Sue admitted, looking down for just a moment, until Clara began tugging down her own pants. “Could you show me?”

Clara smirked as she tugged her friend’s pants and small clothes off. “Yeah, I could show you a thing or two.” Clara straddled Sue backwards, aligning their faces to each other’s slits. “Just like this…”

Clara started first, licking the length of Sue’s sex, and enjoying the way her friend shuddered beneath her. Until it was her turn to shudder, with Sue parting her lips with her thumbs and tracing her opening with her tongue. “Goddess, Clara sighed, sagging into Sue a bit more, “Just like that.”

Sue, as it turned out, was a quicker learner. The first few licks were exploratory, her hot tongue slipping deep into Clara’s soaking channel. Before long, however, she found Clara’s weakness, sucking on her throbbing clit while two long fingers pushed in and out of her cunt. Getting Sue off had left her incredibly aroused, and now pleasure consumed Clara.

If nothing else, however, Clara had learned how to give pleasure, while receiving it. So, even as her body begged for release, she savored Sue, experimenting more with fucking her tongue into Sue’s depths. The thick muscle parted her tight walls, soaking Clara’s cheeks and chin with Sue’s lust.

Clara succumbed to her orgasm first, but Sue wasn’t far behind, both women quivering around and against the other. Clara’s muscles weighed a thousand pounds and moved like jelly and she twisted to lay beside Sue, and slumped down in an exhausted heap.

“Thank you, Sue…” she murmured, not sure if she were even still awake, “Thank you for coming for me…”

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